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REVIEWS OF American Public University IN Virginia

Bearded Kemosabe

The school itself is fine but I have issues every single semester with finance. I am not saying that out of anger or hurt feelings. I have it documented that every semester there is an issue with something related to finance and I have to call in and talk to 3 or four people.

Anthony Lewis

Classes are horribly organized. They make you take an orientation class at the beginning, and it is poorly put together. Would not recommend for anyone with at least half of a brain.

Jorge Alakawa

I am about to start my first class for the MSA program. So far my experience has been a solid 5 stars. I got all my emails responded within an hour. I even emailed to my "future" professor asking him a question regarding a textbook and he replied within 12 hours. I was never phone called to "sell me an education". So far so good.

Joshua Mauldin

AMU was one of the better online Universities available when I attended. However, although I'm an alumni of AMU in today's online University marketplace I recommend shopping around to places like Liberty Online University and the many others. Since graduating I've found better more recognized universities that offer military discounts which comes out being cheaper than AMU courses for military members and their family. AMU is not a bad school by any means, but you can now attend a more respected University for less money.

Colm Smith

I'm still taking classes, and there's a paper due almost ever week, but I like that you cannot just skate through the coursework and that you actually have to understand the material. One negative is that I find myself using the APA format on Facebook posts...

Michael Peter

AMU/APUS is extremely beneficial if you work a full time job and wish to pursue higher education. Every class has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I would highly recommend AMU/APUS to anyone seeking higher education at an affordable price. Also, I have never encountered any issues with the financial aid department.

Maylin Hernandez

Sylvia Elizabeth

R.K. Pope

Great school, if you want an education and to learn, but if you are a "snowflake" and want someone to hold your hand, this is not the school for you. The professors and doctors that I have the privilege to learn from have been tough but fair. I see a lot negative postings concerning the Financial Aid Department but I have never had any trouble. I believe that is because I follow their directions to the letter and I do not try to circumvent the system. You will get out this college what you put into it if you do your assignments half-ass, your grades will suffer for your lackadaisical approach. Roby


FSA department is unorganized, never answer the phones, and unreliable. But other than a poor noneffective financial aid department the school is wonderful. And the online chat is a waste of time, they cannot help you with anything because they are never authorized to view students financial aid information, so they are not helpful at all, just a decoy to make the school look professional, which they are not! Then they force you to use their Higherone Bank that gives you a credit card with high interest rates and fees. If you choose to have it deposited in your bank, they still send it to Higherone bank, who deposit it into your account for a fee. The school is good but they are running a scam with Higherone bank.

Elizabeth Jenkins

I just graduated from AMU; well, technically the conferral date of 15 February, but basically I’m done and just waiting for the finalization of everything. It’s really unfortunate to see all of the negative reviews as I simply did not have this experience, so I felt particularly moved to write something regarding my experiences. To start, I had taken a transferable class with ODNI and, as the class would be transferable to AMU, I promptly sent over the forms and everything was processed by AMU fabulously! It was such a painless process. Further, the tuition for all of my classes were paid for by my employer and my interaction with the finance process was also incredibly painless! I then proceeded to take the Intelligence Studies program and had nothing but amazing professors leading up to the capstone class! The professors were knowledgeable and had significant experience in the field they were teaching. Out of all of my interactions, I had only one instances that were truly a struggle. The first was the first attempt at the capstone in which my professor was apparently also teaching at another school, which shouldn’t have been a problem, but, while he and I were video chatting, after attempting to schedule a conversation for me to receive better guidance regarding the project, he abruptly ended the conversation as one of his other students needed him. Maybe this other student had an emergency situation, but this was after weeks after not being able to get into contact with him or receiving any proper guidance on how to proceed with my research. If you have a chance to take the Intelligence studied capstone, I’d highly recommend Professor Fellman and Professor Hess, who were the professors I had after this mishap. They were incredibly responsive, truly people I enjoyed learning under, and demonstrated a care and understanding for their students. Some of the reviews have noted that a degree from this school is worthless and I’ve heard very negative things regarding for-profit schools, but I have yet to see this play out. I found that the students who tried did well and those who didn’t try did not not. I found the expectations set by each professor to be very clear and I appreciated the layout of the areas to be covered in each class. Each of my classes were a challenge and I appreciated how much I was pushed by my instructors. I learned so much and I have a deeper understanding of the United States and the field of intelligence than I had before. I recommend this school and everything I learned in the program.

Yvette C

I am very disgusted with the treatment I received at APUS. I experienced a medical emergency a few days before Christmas. I went through a miscarriage and lost my two twins and fell behind on a few assignments. As soon as I was home I caught up and submitted a 30 day extension request. I needed time to recuperate physically and emotionally. I thought for sure my extension would be approved. Well, professor Isom refused to approve my request because she stated that I did not submit all of my assignments. WRONG...every single assignment was turned in up to that point. I just needed three more weeks to finish my class. I appealed the case and they said I had to work with my professor. The appeals department seems to be run by people who hate women because they had absolutely zero compassion. I kept messaging my professor letting her know that I turned in assignments for week 1-4 plus the forum posts. She still would not budge. It's like she was purposely withholding grading my assignments. I finally decided to withdraw from the class as suggested by the appeals department. I cannot understand why APUS would want me to withdraw instead of giving me an extension. They know it will look bad with financial aid. I guess they really don't care about the well being of their students. It's all about the money. I will also be reporting this incidence to the Financial Department and hopefully this diploma mill will be shut down for good.


My experience at this online school was terrible. They accused me of not being myself, I even sent my birth certificate my driver's license my utility bill , every and anything you can name to verify my identification, and they dropped me for no apparent reason. The appeals department used the excuse that I did not submit a 250 word essay and stated that I should have submitted that along with everything else, but they never mentioned an essay not once!! This school has staff that are ignorant and unprofessional. They also seemed a bit prejudice to me. I will NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL TO ANYONE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL WHO HAS STOLEN SOMEONE ELSE'S IDENTITY, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS CROOKED SCHOOL AND THEIR STAFF! THEY GIVE YOU A HARD TIME RECEIVING YOUR FINANCIAL AID AFTER THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE GOTTEN THEIR TUITION MONEY. GOING TO THIS SCHOOL WOULD DEFINITELY NOT BE A WISE CHOICE. AFTER GOING TO THIS SCHOOL, I AM AFRAID TO EVER TRY GOING TO SCHOOL ONLINE AGAIN.

Mary Serrano

I am currently working on getting my MBA from this University and so far they've been great! The professors are very knowledgeable and I have had no problems. I do the work as assigned and it's worked for me.....hopefully I will be done in two more short classes! Yeah!

Nicholas Kozlik

It is what you make it. They have low staffing levels, so don't go here if you anticipate using financial aid. I just finished my first course and while its not as difficult as I anticipated, the teacher I had was great and always gave me prompt and accurate feedback.

Kathy Marie

I really enjoyed my time at this school.

Chris M

Adam Sapp

Steven Kenning

Sudhanshu Shastri

I love American Public University online education because It's lot of work that the student must study and finish plus more the student study, more the student learn. Isn't that the point of college education. I recommend American Public University online education to everyone over traditional education. If you are one of those students who like to be given curriculum, study your books and materials, learn and execute in the real world then Online Education is the way to go and is the future. The reason I know I will be successful in real world jobs because I am becoming self STARTER, confident of starting and finishing projects and MEETING deadlines and making successful decisions without being babysit like traditional colleges. The environment is very good for social and business networking with other students and professors. Hooah to American Public University Online Education!

Tx Lyn

The degrees here are worthless so please find another school, preferably a community college. This school is full of incompetent teachers and staff. I am so disgusted with their unprofessional behavior. The only way to reach anyone is via email which takes them 1 million light years to respond. It is much worse if you call them. They sound like they just woke up out of bed when you call which leads me to believe they all work from home. They placed me on hold for the longest time and kept transferring me around for over 30 minutes only to be told they need to research my account and will hear back from them later on. I know what later on really means I will NEVER hear back. I literally have sent in over 20 emails regarding my financial aid and degree plan which has been completely massacred by the under-educated people that work here. I am well into my second semester and have not received any funding even though it is sitting in my student account. Oh, and let me tell you about the teachers. They are non-existent. They could care less about your education and care much less about you as a student. All they are after is your money and government funding. From the time I started attending in 2016, there has only been one teacher that went out of his way to communicate with the students via video messaging. The rest just upload the materials for the semester and disappear. I do not know how APUS has managed to stay open this long. This university should be investigated immediately.

Lara Lawson

Sierra Riley

I LOVE my school! Everything about the school is great and the faculty/staff are all great!

corey jordan

I'm a current student and all I have to say is you get back what you put in. I've never gad a problem with the Financial Aid office and don't foresee one. If you do have a problem, the like any other school, you work through it and get back to what you are there for....learning.

Steph Steph

Software Development courses need a better curriculum with visual aids and software development modules. Took same course at UOP received an A came to APU couldn't transfer credit and enterprise software development program curriculum was a sub par learning experience. A ridiculous amount of work compared to other classes in my current class. Which is a total curve ball for how I planned to take my classes around work and everything else I have going on in my life. This current classes is about triple the workload.

Daniel Sobirov

I've earned my AA in General Studies in 2014 from AMU (while I was in service). I'm not going to lie that classes are very time consuming (especially forums). I've learned a lot and thankful to school. However, I personally think that those forums were just annoying, especially if you are in Armed Forces and working all day, and you come back home not only you need to read but also need to comment to at least 2 if not 3 peers with minimum of 300 or 500 words. This was my biggest complaint about this school. Besides that, everything is nicely set up and Professors are very lenient and willing to work with you if you encounter to any difficulties. Another good thing is that now I'm a senior and expect to graduate in next semester with my BS in Computer Science and Information Security from other University and thanks to AMU degree I was able to avoid every gen ed classes in my current University, so all I had to take was just major courses! Thanks AMU!!!


I'm giving American military university four stars because it is a good university regardless of certain issues (every school has issues). This was my first term with AMU and I have ran into issues with one of professors with course work.At first American military university seems like it's not for active duty service members or adults who work full time, however you just really have to apply yourself (every online school functions differently). I choose this university because I thought it would be geared towards those who work full time and a school that understands military workloads. One major thing I noticed after taking classes here is that they're out to make a statement about not being a diploma mill (AMU IS NOT A DIPLOMA MILL), it's a good but also not so thing how they ensure you receive a top notch education, I just don't believe that somethings that their requiring is necessary and may cause a student not to continue to attend here. I am not a first time college student nor am I new too online learning. They make every student take a online learning college course regardless if you have already taken courses at other online universities. At this university a student will surly earn their diploma there's no question about that (Expectations are very high for their students more then any online or brick and mortar school I encountered). I like that they make their students actually earn their diplomas. However, I don't like how the classes are setup regarding academic work. I was in the middle of a class and my book was just taken away from me and other students, however the books were replaced and students were notified. I don't agree with having to respond four times a week to my peers per forum's or I won't get full points (not including responses you make to your own forum). Also a outline for our first written assignment was posted but it would not load so I got major points deducted from my first written assignment and because the professor claims I missed major concepts inside my paper which I know are there and I mentioned, maybe not to the extent she wanted me too. The work load is heavy for working adults and the classes have deadlines that students have to meet. Overall if you get good professors and have a ample amount of time available than I'm sure you'll like taking classes here. I don't believe that anyone is supervising the instructors at all because how their grading students I feel is unequal and just opinion based. For example, my written assignment and my forum postings from one professor was graded horribly because of her personal opinions. She states that I'm just showing her a basic understanding of the information that she wants us to learn regarding the example. I was honestly just considering switching back to a brick and mortar, Thomas Edison state or Grand Canyon, however I decided that I'm not going to let one bad instructor ruin my experience here at American military university and I am determined to complete my undergraduate studies here and mostly like complete my graduate studies here as well. American military university is truly a great school for active duty even with . I have a large amount of work professionally (active duty service) and obligation committing time to my family, however if you're able to manage your time then AMU is for you.

misti boyle

I really did not understand the curriculum here. I mean if I wanted to do it all by myself, I would.

William S

One, I thought it was quality education for the price. I am getting a degree in Criminology. My local University is twice the cost and only a bit better. The professors are comparable. I specifically went and took a three upper level class at the University so I could use their job placement and to see if I was missing out on much by going to AMU/APU. $750 for a upper level class is awesome and there not so much more better at the University than AMU/APU to justify the cost, drive and time. My advice, go to the local community college for the first couple of semester. It saves you money. I would give the academics and learning a solid 3 and half. The rest of the university a 1/2 star! The bad part: Financial aid, registration and the IT portion of the "campus". I do work 25-30 hours a week and desperately want to move on from waiting tables, retail. I will be honest, the grants, scholarship and loan money I need and BUDGET into my plans. I would not make it otherwise and have to move in with my parents. There no way I am going to do that at 27! I will agree with most others, STAY ON TOP of the Financial Aid dept. I know, I have 9 semesters taking anywhere from 6 to 15 credits. I have had "only" 4 no problem semesters with my aid check or asking for more proof that I am poor or who I say I am. In fact, I am now a week over due on the last aid check. It should drop on the third week after classes start. Usually the 21-22nd. One month it was not till the third month, four weeks before the end of the semester!...two were a month late....I had them put a hold on me for identity verification. I have had them ask for IRS transcripts.....ask why my income is so low, like saying I am a student and waiter is not enough?!?!! semester they sent loan money back and credited me with grants.....of course this was like three semester ago. It was in my favor since grants are free and loans are not BUT it gave a bill of 700. They told me it was my fault and I needed to pay for it immediately because I went from 12 credits to 9 credits that semester......The kicker in the nuts is I called that semester and TOLD them since they were late on my check I had to work more, so I needed to drop a class...their response! Don't worry, the computer automatically will adjust the awards!!!!!!!! If I was not so old and like 20, I would pay for each class out of pocket and NOT deal with aid while taking my time. My buddy is in the reserves and has NO problem at all with his VA and military aid. It does make suspect it either incompetence or worse......THE UNIVERSITY is financially unstable and is using our aid funds to prop the university up from month to month....that my biggest fear is that my degree will be from a defunct university......

Rick Hudkins

I'm not the type to write a review unless I feel like my opinion might actually give meaningful perspective. From what I've read thus far, the negative reviews about AMU/APUS are full of falsehoods. Earning an education at the collegiate level should be challenging and require a somewhat high degree of motivation. This is exactly what I got from this institution. No part of my degree plan was handed to me, I had to put forth the effort and it was worth it. The staff have always been wonderful to communicate with and always accommodating for my individual needs. If you read a review here that suggests this institution doesn't uphold their responsibilities, assume the person making the claim failed to uphold their own obligations instead. I would recommend this institution to working adults and active-duty service members who are looking for the challenge needed to bring them to the next level. If you're looking for a place that churns out degrees, look elsewhere.

Denver Holder

AMU is a great school. The responsibility is greater on the student to actuality learn the content, to turn in assignments on-time, and be prepared for the post testing. This school is not a free ride. I suspect a lot of the negative feedback is from students that would be far better in-class and not online. I have found the on-line college classes to be more work with far less guidance. So, if you are a self starter and want to learn the material, and an on-line college is better for you, then AMU is your school.

Beshoy Botros

Thank you!

Darren Blagburn

A great experience that has made a positive difference in my life. For the most part, the professors had a great deal of experience, contributed to my success, and provided me with valuable feedback. The cost was comparable with brick and mortar local universities. I highly recommend giving it a try. Online learning may not be for everyone!

Daniel Meredith

Awful school. First class we signed up for had a terrible professor who could not figure out which class she was teaching (listed at least three different classes in the introduction) and had numerous typos. Admin did nothing so dropped that class. Second professor, who seems nice and intelligent at least, keeps posting 'clarifications' half way through the week that change the assignment. The class already takes 20-25 hours a week, which is apparently normal for this school, so these changes make it so basically I am spending 3-4 nights a week and then 10-15 hours on the weekend studying. This week's assignment changed so much that I will have to dump all my work on my five page paper and start from scratch. I did the work early so that I could spend more time with out of town family over the long weekend. Now I will either have to take a failing grade on this project (and thus basically fail the class) or not spend time with my family.

oscar alvarez

I had a smooth transition and never experienced an issue with my VA funding. I would recommend APUS to current and former Military. I took a Project Management course and the Introduction to Online Learning and am looking forward to enrolling in my next classes. Keep up the great work APUS staff.

Edison Netter

sorry , great school. Its perfect for people that have an IQ lower than 1000

Daniel Kunstman

I graduated from AMU with my MBA last year. Professional instructors, challenging curriculum, and a great pace of study. Those who are on here complaining and attempting to demean the institution are simply wrong. Follow instructions, meet deadlines, stay on top of your work, have a time management plan, and be ready to bring your A-game and you will graduate on-time with no issues. Drag your feet or procrastinate and you will fail. Highly recommend this school. Best of luck!

Ryan D.

I'm on my last two semesters of my Bachelors in Marketing. I love the online school atmosphere compared to the two other brick and mortar universities that screwed me over in the past. Although other people had trouble with financial aid, mine went through easily. For those who have a problem with the work load and typing, imagine having to drive and walk through a physical campus each day. The time you save by not having to go to campus easily translates to an essay a week. This school is much cheaper than the other physical location institutes I attended. My only problem with this school is the online library. I ended up getting most of my sources from other locations because the library doesn't give many accurate results.

John D

david holliday

One Star because there isn't an option for negative. Worst people! They are relentless and rude.

Juan Martinez

JL Rinck

Wilman Gonzales

Excellent school. Great Information Technology Program. Thank You AMU.

Dana Reese

Do anyone have another contact number for them besides the ones listed on there site because I can NEVER get through just the same message for every department?

stevenson johnson

P Nunez

Diana Hamburg

Like this other person that wrote a review, I have been having the same issues. I swear ever since I have started going to this school from last year until now they can never get the financial aid paperwork right. Then they say its my fault for not checking in the web site. Except not only do I check, but I also call and verify every little thing and when they say everything is fine, then to only tell me that there is something missing in my paperwork. Like recently I have to re submit my 2011 tax transcripts in order to receive assistance. 2011 people, we are in 2013 you think that an almost straight A student would not have her paper work submitted correctly, really? So before attending this school look around there are other online classes that are better. Also not only is there customer service not that great but they always tell you we understand what your going through.... ummmmmmm no I'm sorry but you guys don't! I'm a stay at home mother, in the middle of my classes and on top of everything I have to deal with Financial aid, which by the way I went all summer without getting any checks. Oh and you can never get through to financial aid, So if you have the time and patience to deal with these people then by all means welcome to APUS.

Kristina Volkert

Sarah Dray

This is a great school but please be aware of 2 things If you are taking your MA you will work for 2 hard years writing papers and reading to get to the end (the capstone) portion and find out that it is something that you never done before. You will not learn from your classes how to write one so be aware. Also you will NEVER be able to talk to anyone via the phone so if you need help or need to talk to the professor its highly unlikely that you will ever get to by phone its all done by email.

Wanda Walker-Carrasquillo

As a veteran and student for three years I have to say that the curriculum for students and learning tools has work for me; and using Sasaki program forum interaction has been wonderful. The issues falls on the instructors; how their agenda is going to be productive or not for their classes. I have had excellent instructors while a few I question their tactics; but in overall I grade AMU/APU five stars...

Will W

It is a decent school but they need to work on their financial aid department. That is one of the only issues I had. The financial aid representatives were not as knowledgeable as they should be, and sometimes I had to go through multiple people to resolve my issue. A few times, my funds would be disbursed in portions, which caused greater confusion and extra time to resolve. With that said, the quality of education was pretty good. I received fair grades and learned a lot. If you can bear with the frustrations of the financial aid department, it is a good school to go to with very affordable tuition.

ashley Nowak

My husband has been trying to get ahold of this school for MONTHS for taking money he doesn't owe! We call damn near everyday and leave voicemails and have yet to receive a call back! Please beware if you use TA with this school u may be charged for stuff u don't owe! Will be filing a grievance against this school!

bzg145 G

Best University ever, allows you to work and go to school. Great teachers, challenging classes but I learned more at this university than any other.

emily batucan

hi,hello am looking my fiance MR.MORGAN URSITTI,I hope am getting married with my INTERNATIONAL WOMAN,AM PILIPINA THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS TO ALL OF YOU..

El Rocka

Just finished my MS in Env Science. Got me a job with EPA as Scientists. Excellent Professors!

Elizete Silva Soares

Listra Telesford

Bethany Quales

Financial aid department was a joke and I transferred out because the professors were rude and thought they knew everything. They are a pain in the butt to get your transcripts. Plus, they charge an outrageous price of 20$ and not to mention to download your UNOFFICIAL transcripts it costs $5! This college is a bizarre circus and really unorganized!

David S

Right after high school I attended Penn State University for two years. Then, I joined the army and put my education on hold. Many years later, I decided to complete my bachelor's degree in criminal justice at American Military University. The classwork that I experienced was structured similarly across the board. You are assigned reading assignments for the week and are expected 2 make one or two initial posts in a message board and also respond two two or three other students posts also. However, opinion-based posts are not acceptable and won't argue credit. You are posts must reference material from the reading and be properly formatted. You also have a couple papers that you are responsible for throughout the semester and, based on the class, some quizzes or tests online. Honestly, because of the nature of Message Board posting and quoting and siding academic material, I found myself learning a lot more at AMU than I did at Penn State. I do not have any problems with my degree and where or by whom it is accepted. I can even attest to the fact that Temple Law school accepts an AMU degree. I am very pleased with my education from AMU.

Emelyn Otañez Estevez

Deaunna George

This Institutions Financial Aid Department was the worst experience! EVERY day I received a notification about something different being needed. EVERY day I completed the requirement and then called the Financial Aid Department only to receive a new person and to be told that I was clear. The next day it was the same thing. Mind you I started interacting with this Department the beginning of December for preparation to begin classes on the 4th of January, and they still did not get it right until the 6th of January when the 5th or so HOLD was released. When I spoke with Addie on the 5th of January, he explained that once the HOLD was released that I would then gain access to the classrooms to complete my work, and that I would have time from the Instructor to get work in since I didn't have access at the beginning like everyone else, I received the Financial Aid Award notification on the 6th and the HOLD was released. Today 11 January I sit down to complete the work, and learn that I have been dropped from the classes and moved back to February because I missed a deadline. It appears that there is a MAJOR lack of communication on their behalf and definitely a lack of a persons time. This school is in place to assist Non Traditional Students complete their course work for their desired degree. However, the back and forth negates everything they say their mission is. I have been in school for the past 3 years with another institution who has online and in class coursework and NEVER have I experienced the level of unprofessionalism as I have with this Institution. It appears to be a FLUKE in it's own right!

Jamie & Jake Castle

Jeff C

About to complete my 6th class in my masters program at American Military University (APUS) and I have loved every second of it. The classes have been challenging and rewarding and the teachers have always been helpful. Nothing but positive things from my end here.

James Lucas

I currently attend APUS working on a degree in Real Estate Studies which I have been since December 2013. I have 2 big huge and major issues with this college. First is the financial Aid Department they keep incorrect records and the slowest school in the united states to process people aid. The Fall 2014 Semester Started December 1st - March 29th 2015 and I told via FSA department my aid would be processed on the 8th with disbursements taking place by the 12th. On the 16th I called back they said my aid had not come in and that they would manually pull the in funds in it should take a day so on 17th now no changes, and I was told to check back on by 22nd.(today) so I did and they told me it would be January 1st hopefully but no promises, they should lie and mislead students Secondly, I was born with physical and mental disabilities specifically Cerebral Palsy and FASD on Dec. 10th I got really sick and had to be rushed to ER where I live and provided proof to the school of my near DEATH experiences and informed that I needed to recover from my seriously health issues in order to stay alive 2 of 3 instructors called me liars and one of them said if I still didn't have all coursework in by in of the week he would fail me even though I was so sick, and then I tried to ask for a special extension for the history class I'm in and it was denied . I am so mad and angry with this school I recommend it to NO other person, and I don't even know if I want to finish out the semester because of these issues. Which is truly sad completing 42/61 credits needed to graduate already.. My student Id:4489334

Kofi Boateng

Carla James

Great curriculum. Appropriate to today's educational demands.

Ray Jahzun

Great school. I have had no trouble so far attending my classes, completing my assignments or getting in touch in with school for any issues I may have had. My experience thus far has been great!

Brandon McDonough

Dont wast your time and money, go to a real college. These people drag their ass when it comes to paperwork and releasing your tuition assistance. Yes tuition is lower but you can have a much better experience at a brick and mortar school. Not worth the headache.

Ben Stoneking

I love it! This degree will make me more employable. Everybody has been negative about me getting my masters, but I will keep going for the PHD, and laugh at their tiny salaries, and how they get ordered around their whole life. AMU has helped me grow in writing ability, and challenged my discipline and organizational skills. It has tested my patience. Some teachers are great, others tried to challenge me too much. This degree is for those who want to cultivate their own views in their profession, and a couple male professors thought they needed to influence my thoughts too much. But I got A minuses in both so, who cares? Some people need to go to Harvard, and maybe I will later too. This school is for those who want to get the accredited degree for a bargain price. Classmates tend to be military people, but also come from every part of society. I have no military background. We will build the reputation of our school with our attitudes, and creativity in the field. I will be proud to graduate in 4 months with my masters in sports management. Cheapest tuition in the free world! Thanks APUS!

Dr. Larry Frisby

Please please please if you don't have the time to do the Quizzes and forums don't waste your time. The teacher's don't tske the yime to teach, but complain about the smallest things. Not patience is what APU has. They don't even have Dean's to govern the teachers that's why they are rude and refusr to teach. APU doesn't have an orientation so you will know what's the timeline for dropping classes so they can rip you off. I would rather pay more for class to get quality education. Respect is everything, APU works for the students not the other way around. Don't take this class or instructor: COLL100 Foundations of Online Learning Sep 05, 2016 - Oct 30, 2016 Classroom opens Sep 05, 2016 Yolanda Benoit : Instructor

Daniella Golubinko

Noreen Nziramasanga

FINANCIAL AID If they have a 0 star I would put zero. Financial aid is the worst department to deal with, classes are good, but if you are relying on Financial aid BEWARE...If I could help another person I would because I have been trying to get my funding from last September 2013 and to make it worse, I had to miss out several sessions because they had some issues with their system and those issues have caused me to reapply for aid for another semester. I agree with some of the students the professors are good, but the Financial Aid department has given this school a bad name. Rude, Lie, insufficient information, unhelpful, slow and more words I shall refrain from using all sum up some individuals from that department, but you may be lucky to find some helpful individuals. I just wish someone from the department of education can evaluate the Financial Aid department. People are not supposed to deal with such inefficiency especially when that particular department is meant to assist students. People have jobs, kids and a lot to take care of and the last thing anyone needs to deal with is a department that is so disorganized. For a school the services students from all walks of life especially our services members, I feel they need to do better and do a swift clean up in the Financial Aid and bring people who are willing to help students and they need to know how to do the job as well. Classes are good but be ready for a fight with the Financial Aid department, I feel if that issue is resolved many students will be happy overall.

Krystal K

Great school. My academic adviser was helpful, the financial aid process was a breeze, and most of the professors and classes were great! I learned a lot at AMU and i'm glad I attended this school. This school is definitely not for people that can't follow directions or work independently.

Camilia e

KC Travel

I just recently earned my MA in International Relations: Security Issues. Overall, I enjoyed APUS as my Master's school. They didn't require a GRE to get in (several Master's schools do not, now) and the admission was seamless. I felt like I had ample time to do my assignments and only had one time were I needed a quick one day extension (that I ended up not needing). The majority pf professors were very supportive and provided constructive feedback. I only had one professor who was unsupportive and overall just ridiculous to deal with. I do agree that some of the syllabus' dates are wrong or the information is out of date (several classes were obviously copy and paste from a former year). I also agree that the student services were a joke. I attempted to contact them about contesting a midterm grade (I'm an A student and received a D in my midterm), but they provided little help other than "talk it out with the professor". In our handbook it does say that we have to utilize communications with the professor first, but I was looking for more guidance. I was sweating bullets about the Capstone project; our track had a 50+ page thesis. The majority of the class time was put toward creating the big chunks of the thesis and the last few weeks were well scheduled to get it all done. My entire program helped me prepare for this, from teaching us Turabian format to writing thematic Lit Reviews. You get what you put into this school. I've attended another online school and was absolutely disgusted with its practice. APUS/AMU was awesome and the dedication I put into my degree was reflected in my grades. Also, be aware of their grading system. I could've graduated with a 3.75, but instead graduated with a 3.6673 because the weights they put with A-/+ final grades make the GPAs come out to 0.000, instead of 0.00.

Deborah Lafana

Challenging professors and excellent resources. Like most online schools, what you will get out of the education will likely match the effort you put into it. I found the online library resources to be helpful and professional, with access to legal, business and science journals and publications, as well as a wealth of other materials. I majored in Business Administration, and found the upper level courses to be insightful and difficult. I felt that I graduated with a thorough understanding of management and accounting principles, as well as statistical and operational studies. The skills development using management software and graphing and functional operations within Excel and various database programs has been very useful, and I use those new skills on a daily basis in my employment. The federal student aid process was always simple; I think this process may be more difficult for those who are looking to use financial aid to paid their cost of living expenses. However, you simply needs funds to assist in payment of tuition, it is quite simple and user friendly. All of my credits from my Associates Degree which I obtained at a state school transferred as well. I have graduated and am now employed full time making approximately $35,000.00 annually, and I am considering pursuing a Masters Degree. I will be returning to American Public University System.

robert lake

Outstanding performance and leadership

ZIN Admin

Excellent university. Coming with a bachelors from the University of Toronto, I find this university a bit harder because it is online. Yet, If you dedicate around 15 hours a week, you will be able to succeed. If you have no foundation and if you are not committed to work reasonably hard, do not expect a pass mark.

Just Do

Having been a student here for quite some time, AMU is the standard bearer for providing one of the most frustrating educational experiences. The 'Student Services' are absolutely worthless. It takes them a week of back and forth in a pseudo-attempt to answer the simplest of questions. Artificial Intelligence has more promise. The class syllabuses are dated having not been revamped in probably a decade. This is a money pit, a pseudo-college and a pain. Recommend looking elsewhere.

J R Sage

I begin the last two classes of my junior year and will be a senior in DEC (AMU). The professors are great, if any issue is encountered with financial aid, the staff there has always been quick to respond and is helpful on the phone and in email. Transfer credit was excellent. My employer is amazed by the course offerings. Forum discussions give all students a voice and opinion on the weekly topics (not just the extroverts at brick and mortar) and responses are respectful. As a for-profit university, they are very affordable and accept PELL, GI Bill, etc. Working full time and attending university full time would be impossible if not for distance learning. This is a wonderful option for active duty military on deployment. I would say that you reap what you put into your studies. All of the professors I have had the pleasure to learn from are industry members actively practicing what they teach. I cannot even think of how I would accomplish my goals with full time employment and a large family without distance learning as an option. Thanks to AMU/APUS for the current experience.

Selena Rose

Thats hela cool im defintly want to go there to exiting going there in 2018 or 2022

Lorna Urbano

I am currently taking my last class for my BA in Transportation and Logistics. I have no negative comments at all. I guess I have been blessed to always get help and/or get guided to the right place to get help. So far I've had a great experience with AMU and they are even helping me build my resume for life after the Army in April 2015.

jolene louderback

The school is good, but the financial aid department needs work.

Gisela Monterrosa

Tara Batts

Christopher Little

So far so good, started my BA in Transportation and Logistics in October. Didn't receive my first portion of grant money until 90 days after starting, when promised 30-45. I guess this would be on the back of the financial aid office. Other than that, no complaints. Currently taking 2 classes per semester, enjoying it and looking forward to graduating!

Putra Harimas Nagara

Military friendly University, I'm going to enroll with AMU soon.

Eric Little

Don't waste your time!

Susanna Pierce

The only problem that I have with this school right now is that every assignment, every quiz and every exam is essay based. On top of all that writing, you also have your discussion forums, which is also a lot of writing. It is just way too much writing to keep up with. I see that many people have a problem with the financial aid department. I had a problem with them my first semester when they switched to a new system. I have not had any more problems with them since then. Over all, it is a good school if you have time to write, write write.

Ben Carter

Great school, however always an issue with the Financial Aid department. One hand does not know what the other hand is doing. Takes emails, phone calls and help from a supervisor to get issues resolved. This occurs every year with out fail. I did my BS with AMU and am now doing my MBA and same issues.

meredith carpenter

I love AMU classes even though they were tough. The professors are professionals in their fields and really bring the courses to life. The forum discussions are great for getting to know classmates and professors as well. The first two years I attended I did not have any financial aid issues however there must have been a change in command, or some other change because I would fill my paperwork out to attend 3/4 time but was only allowed to register for 1/2 time, which made a difference in my funding. The financial aid department also became slower at getting me my funding the last couple of years. The great part is the classes! However, they are no joke :).

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