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REVIEWS OF Word of Life Bible Institute IN Vermont


Great place to go no matter the field or career you plan to pursue.

Camden Michelle

I loved, LOVED my time as a student at Word of Life Bible Institute. I grew up in church and reguarly read my Bible, but studying God's Word I got to see more of a big picture of the pieces I'd been gathering all my life. I also got to see how God's Word is LIVING and changes lives. I got to be a part of that through ministry opportunities throughout the year and summer. The atmosphere is unique and the staff genuinely desire that each student grows in their own personal relationship with the Lord. I had people invest themselves in my life, they were real with me, and challenged me with truth from God's Word, not just opinion. It was a great foundation as I headed on to other things and I highly recommend it.

Emma Lundrigan

Rachel Kroupa

There is no other camp like this! God has impacted millions of people through a few people with servant's hearts. I thank God for this camp that has saved and changed many lives and given me new direction and purpose.

Phil Martin

Pros: Credits transfer to other Christian colleges; Large selection of food choices; Hands on experience in ministry opportunities. Those opportunities range from one's ministry assignment, Snow Camp, summer camps, local church involvement, and more. Opportunity to mature spiritually, physically, mentally by learning disciplines of daily bible study, initiative, hard work in one's work assignment, living with others in a dorm, time management just to name a few. Be taught by excellent bible teachers. There is more than one campus. They are in Canada, Korea, Hungry, Argentina, Germany and of course New York and Florida. Cons: Not recommended for one who is of the Reformed Theology. Though you are welcome, they teach Dispensationalism. The facilities are a work in progress as with any school. They are not luxurious, but they function for what the student needs. Personal testimony: I went here thinking I knew a lot about the Bible because of my family life. So in studying the Bible, it became clear to me that life was not about me but about God and glorifying Him in every area of my life. I would recommend going here to anyone (Christian or not, Dispensationalist or not), though I realize this school is not for everyone. The point is the spend one year of your life studying the Bible.

Sharon Brown aka Patty

Elisa Frey

Kevin Bassett

Brandy Tyler

Maya Gonzalez

Josiah & Noeru

I'm a student now, and going through a fantastic year of solid biblical teaching! The students and staff provide friendships I've not commonly found elsewhere! Definitely worth the year and $15,000!

Jesse Burnham

Ben Powell

A year here changed my life, an entire year of studying the Bible and doing ministy is somthing that will benifit anyone no matter where they are headed in life.

Robert Klinedinst

Best year of my life!

B Dawn

Word of Life should be ashamed at the living conditions at their NY campus. At a recent visit we were floored by the so-called dorms that you expect these young people to live in for 1-2 years. They look more like barracks for a work camp. You cram them in those rooms like sardines. The buildings are old, filthy, and mold infested. Clearly, the all mighty dollar is more important then the safety, health, and welfare of your students. Just in one year you probably rec'd over 6 million dollars in tuition money just from this campus alone. Instead of building a new home for the founder's family, buying more land, or erecting a new recreational hall--why not actually improve the living conditions for the young minds you are about to train to be teachers of God's word.

Jonah Brisco

Ashley Hescott

Jose Rivera

WOLBI is an amazing place, God has blessed Word of life in a huge way, my experience at WOLBI was amazing. With the professors, to the students, to the staff, just seeing how God worked in their lives encouraged me to want to grow more. The classes were outstanding, just going through each book in the Bible and breaking down every verse, opens your eyes and makes yousee how big and awesome our God is. Also with Snowcamp and Summer Camp, so many ways to do ministry is just amazing.

Kate Beese

One of the best decisions that God ever made for me. My year at Word of Life was my hardest and most beneficial. The staff really cares for you, the classes are useful and high quality, they really want you to understand how to live like a real Christian. I am so thankful for my time at WOL. I am in youth ministry now and every one of my kids knows that the ministry of Word of Life is a crucial part of who I am today. I made friends here who will last for the rest of my life.

Adam Lay

This is the Best place that I ever been at and the only bible college that I've been too. I love being a student here and it has taught me alot not just the schools system and how they teach you but things you learn from just being here and being with friends is so awesome and this definitely impacted me in such a big way I did not know it was even possible. I love God, love others, God is awesome. Didnt expect this impact on my life

Barbara Dakin

It was a wonderful, solid foundation in my life. Made many friends with students, staff and faculty that have continued throughout my life.

Charlene Slaver- Roosevelt

This is the most amazing place, God is really using the people at WOLBI

Benjamin Blair

Lot's of indoctrination and legalism, very little actual education.

CJ Jones

Loved my time at Word of Life from 2000-2003. (Impact '03) Grew in the Word of God and made many friends for life. Loved going down to Florida and participating in the Sights and Sounds of Christmas and Passion Play.

chris vick

Foundational year for me. Solid teaching, beautiful location in the mountains, caring staff. Wish I could rewind and attend again...

David Peterson

Absolutely the best year of my life. That year '74-'75 shaped the rest of my life.

Clayton Graham

My bunk bed didn't have a ladder But everything else was dope

Sarah DeVoe

Daniel Hernandez

tsmith smith

Two best years of my life, period. Not that it was easy. I faced some big challenges both personally and spiritually, but I would not trade the experience for anything. Word of Life is far from perfect... some of their rules bordered on legalistic, but nothing that could be considered against scripture. The professors and staff all seemed to have a heart for God and a love for young people. I really hope that my own kids will go someday to the BI. -Timothy Smith, Class of 1989-90

Micah Stoudt

After spending two years here as a student, it's hard to put into words how great of a place it is! The teachers are amazing, the student atmosphere is unlike any other college's, and the friends you make here are for life! So thankful for two extremely fruitful and humbling years to study the Bible here! :)

Randy Curtis

Word of Life Bible Institute is truly a great place to start! If you understand the necessity of learning HOW to live, there is no better college to attend. My experience with the school, and especially the members of the Student Life Department, has proven to me over and over again that they don't just want to cram Bible facts into your head for the sake of passing exams, but rather challenge you to TRUST that God through His Word describes the best way to live. And, they do a great job at helping you take the Word and understand how to practically live it out in every day life, no matter the circumstances, and no matter how hard it may be. Above all, God is feared at this place!

Lighthouse Mission

Can’t say enough great things about this place. Great Bible college & amazing place for a family vacation to relax. It is jewel in the Woods.

John Cottier

There is literally no place like WOLBI. I was a student here for two years, and absolutely loved it. You spend your week learning about the Word of God, and then your weekends using it in practical ministry. You are pushed to your physical, mental, and spiritual limits, and come out refined and completely changed. The friends you make here become closer to you than family in less than a year, and remain your friends for life. If you want an environment that will give you an opportunity to grow closer to God, and learn His Word, go here. Your age does not matter, your background does not matter. Note: WOLBI does take a dispensational stance on the Word of God (fine for me, I was a dispensationalist before attending) and takes the Bible in it's plainest meaning, not allegorically unless obviously so. I could not even begin to write the change God worked in me here. My pride had to be checked at the door, and I had to learn humility. I had to realize I knew next to nothing of the Bible and God, in order to begin to grow in grace and in the knowledge of God. I recommend WOLBI to anyone who wants to grow in those ways as well.

Kinga V

One of the best years of my life! Great professors, teachers, caring staff, lifelong friendships, and foundational Bible knowledge. I would go again!

Kathy Roughton

I graduated Word of Life in 1984, I attend the second year program and greaduated from there in 1985. Word of life gave me direction for my life. They taught me how the christian life is not a list of rules but a relationship with Jesus Christ My relationship with Jesus must be solid before I try to have any other relationships or try to "fix" and broken relations. So once just was my life and main focus God gave me a husband. He also graduated Word of Life but we never knew each other in school. We met on a Tour Word of Life use to do. It was a multi media drama of the book of Genesis. We where married January 1986. Our best vacations are when we are at Word of Life. Our 30th renunion is coming up and I hope they are planning a great get together. My oldest son attended Word of Life it enpacted his life for time and eternity. He attend 2 years at Scroon Lake and one in Argentina he is a full time missionary in Mexico. He is going on his 4th year. Word of Life taught he so much for his ministry. Our 3rd born will be attending Word of Life in Florida this coming year. We are so excited to have our children get a running start in life by giving God a year and letting Him guide them into what His plan is for their lives. Word Of Life is an awesome tool God uses in the lives of many. I would recomend Word of Life for everyone regardless of age. Giving God a year to just focus on His word is something everyone can do. Kathy Howland Roughton

Deb Frisbey

Word of Life changed my life forever! The staff showed Jesus to me and that is why I'm not only still walking with God BUT in ministry. Word Of Life were the best 2 years of my life. I hope I can be half of what the Word of Life staff are.

Samuel Wesner

Darrell Lacks

Hi, my name is Darrell Lacks... I can not begin to tell you how much WOLBI impacted my life. It was amazing!!!! Went to 1st and 2nd year from '95-'97. Then amazingly, I went on staff there (NY campus) as Athletic Director and Men's Basketball coach.....gladly and thankfully I coached the women's Basketball team as well. In God's Sovereignty, He brought me my beautiful wife.....started my 2nd yr on staff and wah-lah, my motorcycle was introduced to a tree....left me in a coma for 6 plus weeks, and PRAISE to my living GOD, the intial prognosis was 1) be in a coma the rest of my life 2) if i came out , would be a vegetable or 3) DIE.......not very good!! WEll, He resurrected me (my favorite and only father-in-law calls me Lazarus) and now we have 4 beautiful children, 2 boys and 2 girls. WOLBI is amazing!!! Teaches you thru knowledge of God's Word , the Bible and teaches you thru real life ministry applications. Yes, there are rules to OBEYas a student but if you are being obedient to our heavenly father...rules are no problem at all....the rules help show where your heart is....kinda like the Ten commandments do....and may show you where you are at and show you issues of your heart that may need attention.....and reminder, GOD has rules, rules that make you more like Christ but we follow them out of a devotion and not duty (remember that from one of the best, Wendall Calder) . Thanks to MR. Davis,Mr. Wicks, Mr. Dray, Mr Schenke and all the staff and wonderful men of GOD that instructed me and my wonderful wife. Our hope and prayer is that all our children will want to attend WOLBI which will give them a great jump-start in their adult life. Thanks JACK and HARRY for being obedient to GOD and founding WOL. Darrell Lacks 02/21/2013

Sophia Boltin

A.J. Sims

Keely Butts

I can't even put it in words how much this place has helped me get closer to God.

Kristen Baker

Paige Carver

a wonderful place to learn and grow in God. the best teachers and wonderful dorms! what an amazing place!!

Stephen Gledhill

I've met hundreds of graduates from the Word of life Bible Institute. I'm impressed with their evaluation of their year there. Most always indicate that it was a significant part of their life. Some even say it was the best year of their life.

Tracy Gnann

My year at WOLBI was unlike any other. It was a place for me to grow up and grow in the Lord. I had excellent teachers who were sound on the gospel. I had amazing ministry opportunities and met amazing people. My year at WOLBI prepared me for adult life. It is on the banks of Schroon lake in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. It was a year I shall never forget!


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