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REVIEWS OF The White Mountain School IN Vermont

Dennis O'Brien

White Mountain changed my perspective on the American educational system. Its unique approach to teaching allows students to excel in the classroom and learn above and beyond the nationally expected high school curriculum. Incorporating an outdoor component is key to development because it allows young individuals to experience moments that can be potentially life changing. If utilized to its full potential, White Mountain is capable of facilitating a truly unique learning experience that will prepare graduates for success in both higher education and life after education. I was a senior at White Mountain 4 years ago. Today I looking forward to graduating from Clark University (Worcester MA) in May 2015 as a 4 year member of the men's varsity lacrosse team with a bachelor's in Geography with concentrations in GIS and Landscape Ecology.

Virginia Smith

White Mountain is an amazing school, with strong teaching staff, excellent support for its students and awesome outdoor activities in the mountains of New Hampshire. If you are looking for a boarding school for your son or daughter, I would say you could do no better than WMS. We, as parents of a WMS student, have been continually delighted with what this school has given to our son.

Neill Osgood

Without question, attending The White Mountain School has had a profound, life-long impact in who I am as a person, how I view the world and what I have achieved. The school & it's incredible staff, faculty and awe inspiring location started me on an incredible journey. From flunking out of public High School, the WMS path led to my being an Honors graduate from college, successful executive level positions at two Fortune 100 companies and penultimately founding and owning my own successful business for over a decade now. Explore what the school has to offer, it could well be your road that diverges in a yellow wood...

Cardinal Bree

easily the worst two years of my life.

Mykhaylo Ignatenko

I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't gone to WMS.

Bryan Chan

As an international student that spent 2 and a half years attending WMS, I must say this school completely changed my life and I would not be where I am today if it weren't for all the support I received from the staff and administration. I graduated in 2010 and am now on my way to graduate from Drexel University, with a bright career ahead of me. WMS may not be the ideal school for everyone but it definitely changed my life and I am forever grateful.

Anderl Lara

WMS gave me the gift of a tight knit community that I can always rely on for support and look back at for great memories. I will never forget the opportunities that WMS gave me!

Anna Buic

I can't say that I spent a long time at The WMS, in fact, I was there only for my junior year. However, I can honestly say that it was the best year of my high school experience. As a foreign student I thought that fitting in would have been a problem. I am not going to lie, I was sure that I would not have been accepted right away by the community, what for my accent and what for my cultural background. I had never been so wrong n my life. The White Mountain School is the place that made me feel more at home than any other place ever. It is an amazing school, with high quality teachers that teach and pass their knowledge onto their students with passion, it's a wonderful and fun community that made me bring the best out of me. It might not be in a city centre or surrounded by malls and "traditional" places to hang out, but the nature it's situated in is astounding and makes you feel at peace. I will never forget The WMS, and I wish I could have spent more than just a year with the amazing friends I made there and the terrific teachers that made me love subjects I never thought I could love.

Tara Brooks

White Mountain made me learn so much about myself and prepare me for life in a way (for the better) that I never would've imagined. It challenged me, encouraged me to grow, and nurtured me to be totally equipped for college and beyond. I've made friends that I can confidently say I will keep with me for many more stages in my life. Shoutout to any current or future students of WMS-don't take anything for granted because those opportunities are once in a lifetime.

Patricia Lineman

My son has attended the White Mountain school for the past 2 years. In that time we have watched a quiet straight A student, attending public school, who never had much to say about school other than "it's boring, it's a waste of my time - to school is GREAT, I have homework, can I stay overnight - I'm meeting a teacher for lunch, can I go on Saturday to attend an extracurricular event!!! - Our son has grown into a very confident young man who feels accepted and has relationships with teachers who do not intimidate him and help him to "see" his strengths. Through the field course trips, students are challenged and encouraged to step outside their comfort zone, and to experience new opportunities while still learning academic skills but also life skills, and how to use them to overcome fears!! This school helps to raise leaders, and provides immense opportunities for success. We are Blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of the the White Mountain school !!

Amaro Hall

Alice Oloo

Kenneth Abbott

My daughter had a great experience there. She got lots of attention and great college counseling. Beautiful campus and dedicated staff.

Richard Mahoney

As an alumni of The White Mountain School I would gladly say that it is one of the best boarding schools in New England. The school has so much to offer and can teach so many useful life skills. The teachers taught me not only how to educate and better myself as a person but also so many things that you will need to live life to the fullest. I am extremely happy and prod to be able to consider myself part of the WMS community/family. If your looking for a place for your kids to call home with a second family then this is the school for you. Hope it helped Richard Mahoney ( class of 2014 )

bryce johnson

Andy Hirschfeld

WMS was a great place for me. It really helped develop my interest in sustainability.

Cooper Loose

Sophia Grogan


Beautiful campus, awesome people. Go Dark Blue!

Jacob Moss Media

Dylan Nightingale

Stephen Andrew

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