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REVIEWS OF The College of Saint Rose IN Vermont

Idaho Wumbo

I feel like one star would be harsh, but three stars would be too nice. My experience with Saint Rose is that it is, like many colleges in this country: overpriced. That is a common complaint with all colleges, but it's more than that. I think the value of the education you get there doesn't really match what you are/will be (if you are taking loans) paying for. I feel the education at Saint Rose is not preparing the younger generation to enter the workforce or the real world. The school boasts great academics and don't get me wrong, some classes have been very objective based and informative. However, some classes made me feel like I was still in high school/the public education system. As in, 1) They aren't that challenging, 2) They don't teach me skills and knowledge that I'll need in the future and 3) It feels like some of the classes had a larger agenda to them (trying to convince students rather than teach). Besides the academics, the campus is nice. Personally, Albany, NY is not my cup of tea but for someone coming from the NYC area (which there's a lot at SR), it might be nicer to be in a much smaller city. Besides that, I think most adults see college campuses kind of deteriorating in terms of the academics and culture. I don't need to go into details about that. I think many adults and people in the workforce understand what I mean though.

Lee-Mon Ryan

Alhassan Barrie

I went to a feild trip here and I am going to college here and loved the feild trip

Lou Caruso

mark chien

My wife graduated from this college.

Alexia Wilson

b prabhaker

Md Asaduzzaman

Brandon Montanye

Alan Cabrera


One of a kind. Best four years of my life. While every school has those professors whom students aren't to fond of for the most part they really do care and want you to succeed in academics. In some cases they are more than just professors and will even be a shoulder to lean on when thins get tough outside of academics. The staff are great and the grounds guys and house keepers are pretty cool people to get to know. Its a small school but this only can benefit because you get to know the people yoiu come in contact with daily. This school is definitely worth attending

sten sten

Davika Thapa

Nerissa George

Very clean campus and everyone I met was nice and very welcoming!

Lauren Sears

When I transferred to Saint Rose, I knew that this place would become my second home. I can't stress enough how transfer friendly the college is. I had such wonderful help from Transfer Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar and the Communications department throughout the transfer process. They included my mom as well and answered any questions she had. While attending Saint Rose, I had some incredible opportunities that you can only get from Saint Rose. I was elected President for Tau Sigma National Honor Society which allowed me to go to Chicago and San Antonio for their leadership conference. I got to go on several trips including the Hearst Tower in NYC, Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo and to local media outlets such as Time Warner Cable News. I also was a staff writer/news editor for The Chronicle, the weekly student newspaper. But most importantly, Saint Rose prepared me for my two internships/part time job during my senior year and current full time job in the news industry. The professors in the Communications department helped me grow not only as a journalist but as a person. They pushed me to think outside the box and ask the tough questions. Without such a wonderful and supportive COMmunity, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am so grateful the wonderful education I received while at Saint Rose, and for all the wonderful friendships that I formed while attending.

Bryan Melnick

Roberta Peters

Victoria Dillman

Steve B

For those thinking about attending, please read carefully. I would entice you to do your research well before making a decision. In my opinion, after attending for two years and then transferring, I did not feel as though the school provided a value education. Meaning the cost was high for the instruction and education that I took away. Check the school academic ratings, this is very important to employers especially if you don't plan to stay in the area after college. The school is primarily for those that want to become teachers and for that I would say it is expensive. If you have money to waste and want to become a school teacher one day this could be the place you. Further, the school is nestled in the middle of a small city where students can get attacked, robbed, hit by a car, or even worse...just check the news over the past several years. It is even rated very unstable financially. Worst and Best Part: Don't live on campus if you do go since they are strict...I am sure you had more freedom at home. The best part for me, which I would not trade was the friends I made. Most of all I wish you good luck it is a big decision. I just wanted to provide my opinion, as I wish someone did for me. There are many options available, hopefully you choose the most valuable in the long-run.

Jason H.

Thomas Smith

Great place, amazing courses, good food


Terrible college the teaching staff isnt good they keep leaving and dont care about you. They are really only there for the money but there are some good teachers there. The financial aid has many people who don’t know what they are talking about. This school reels you in and tries to trap you there with debt or loopholes. They just want your money they are extremely political and dont care for students at all. The dorms are nasty and cheap and cost way too much for it to be in that condition. They’re just not worth it.

James Parker

Spent some time here in the early 2000s and found it challenging for transfer students.

James Kennedy

My decision to come to The College of Saint Rose was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I absolutely loved every moment of my past four years here. The small class sizes make it easy to get the "one-on-one" individualized learning from a professor who actually knows you by first name, rather than by a number. Every instructor I've had was PHENOMENAL. Each lecture is interesting, and has always provided me with actual, real-world knowledge that I am already finding myself applying every day within my professional career. Overall, I feel I have received a stellar education at a very reasonable, and affordable, cost. Thank you!

Daryl Craft

I used to work here but I can't anymore because of my seizures. I was a great staff member. The professors were so nice, so were the co-workers, and the boss. This is a great college to go, and work at.

Madeline Avalo

Small class sizes, great educators

Ana Sanchez

Katie Kierstead

Erica Cawthon

I have had many of positive experinces while attending Saint Rose. I am now in my senior year and am saddened by my approaching graduation date knowing that I will end my college career. I do know that my relationship with Saint Rose will go beyond next May. The college staff and professors have taken an invested interest in me and my well being. They go above and beyond to ensure that I am doing well in and outside of the classroom. I truly enjoy going to my classes and being a part of campus events and clubs. There is a great sense of community on campus. I know I made the right decision when choosing my college.

Quavair Banks

Saint rose has sacaraty

Kurticiah Thompson

I had the opportunity to attend Saint Rose with a scholarship from the YMCA through the Black and Latino Achievers program. I believe I had a very unique experience in my four years at Saint Rose. There was an abundance of students my freshman year so I had to live in a transfer dorm which left me limited in the students I met. I frequently visited the freshman dorm and everyone there was so friendly. We were all new and about to begin a journey together. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I got to college because I wanted to do everything, but through the explorations program, I was able to narrow my choices down. I fell in love with the Communications building. I knew I was on the right path when I was placed with my adviser Professor Conti! He is amazing!!! I had a daughter the summer before my junior year began and I felt like my professors really cared about me. They were all very accommodating and they pushed me to do my best. Spectrum is one of the best clubs to join as well as the ALANA Steppers. They give you a place to meet new people and be social on campus and talk about things that matter. I do believe that recent grads should be considered for entry level positions especially when they graduate from the school, they are applying to. The campus is becoming more diverse every year which I see as a very positive thing.

Bharathi Chandra Nekkalapudi

Anthony Bruno

Overpriced and cliquey, but nice school with great faculty. Great for students who need smaller class sizes. Graduated with BA in Sociology in 2010. Pros- very small class sizes. Around 25 for core liberal arts education courses, 10-15 for more focused courses in your major. I feel like straight out of high school, this is what I needed. Most of the faculty is great. The school is small so there is definitely a sense of community and you will see the same classmates in many different courses. The facilities like the auditorium, gym, cafeteria, library, bookstore, laboratories, etc- are awesome and were just recently renovated. The school is in a fairly convenient location (walking distance to downtown Albany). You can get by without a car- but might not be a bad idea to get a beater for weekend outings and running errands as the Capital Region is not super accessible. Freshman arent allowed a parking pass but it’s a city anyway so just park in a neighborhood several blocks away. A parking pass does not guarantee you a spot anyway. Cons- For what it is, its very expensive. Saint Rose has many great programs, but it is essentially a "teacher factory". Most teachers in New York are going to be paying their loans forever (if they can find a job). Id steer away unless you are getting a decent scholarship package, or a student who really needs the small class sizes. The dorm/ housing situation is horrible. Theirs two nice dorm halls (Lima, Alumni Hall) which are decent and right on campus but do not have central air conditioning- then a hodge podge of private houses scattered around- then Brubacher Hall- a late 1800s sanitarium style dump that should be condemned about a half mile away. My advice would be to put up with dorm life your freshman year so you can make friends and form cliques- then rent an apartment together from then on. Its cheaper than staying in a dorm actually. Despite becoming coed in the 70s, its still about a 2/1 female to male ratio if not higher. The campus is nestled right in the middle of downtown Albany, and spread out crossed multiple blocks so lots of random people cut through the campus- creating a security risk. Overall mixed opinions but Im glad I went.

Jermaine Brookshire Jr.

Since I arrived in Albany to attend The College of Saint Rose in 2009 I have witnessed my college constantly transforming, expanding, and developing to become better than it was the year before and I am grateful that the same commitment that Saint Rose has championed, one to not be complacent and to continue reaching for that next level of greatness has been imbued within me. I can honestly say that going to Saint Rose was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The level of support and encouragement that I received was unexpected and led me to be able to capitalize on a plethora of opportunities such as starting my very own non-profit personal development and motivational organization entitled the Great Expectations Movement (GEM) to upon graduating in 2013 receiving a great job opportunity at the New York State Assembly. As for life on campus, Saint Rose grounds is one of the most beautiful sights in Albany in the spring and I found myself never at loss for things to do whether it was an event held by one of our many student clubs or I was busy putting on an event myself. Trust me, if you choose Saint Rose and especially if you go with an understanding of what you want out of your college experience, this college won't disappoint for there will always be someone available to help you accomplish your goals.


Las Vegas Golden knights

T and N

Ian Benjamin

Superb school for a decent price (for private schools). Especially good faculty in English, Music, and Graphic Design departments. Compared to most of the colleges I attended they are very willing to work with students to finance their education.

Ricky Chatell

someone stole my webkinz code very displeased

Cpl Kyle

Jarvis if you are reading this, send me more coffee

Humberto Soto

Joe Odoms


good private school

Tess Snyder

Shanicesliver 2200


Steven Levine

Edumucation be good here done well for me.

Omar Lowe

Ivandra Felix

Keith Stone

Literally learned more watching my dog then I did attending this school.

Vatsal Limbachiya

Brooklyn Torres

Courtney Carr

Although I never imagined that I would end up going to Saint Rose, like with anything in life, you get what you put into it and I can honestly say that Saint Rose was a very favorable part of my life. The small school gave me a chance to make a name for myself and to make some of my best friends. From the first day I felt welcomed by the clubs that I joined, my work supervisors, and the other resident students that I lived with. Being from out of state it was nice to feel that I was part of the community and with all the on campus activities I never had to worry about being bored. In terms of academics I had a double concentration in the comm department and even with a double concentration I was eligible to graduate early. Instead of cutting my time short I opted for an internship my senior year to gain more experience. In short: My time at Saint Rose was pretty rad and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get involved, make memories, and do more than just go to class.

Nahl Mahmood

funny blog

Gerald Moore

The College of Saint Rose is an amazing institute. I have grown and learned so much from the Saint Rose community. The professors are very knowledgeable and care about your education. They will work with you to ensure that you understand what is being taught. The relationship that I have built with my professors was one of the factors that helped me to decide to finish up with my Bachelors and return for my Masters degree. The faculty are generally nice and the college atmosphere is very positive. If anyone has ever had a bad experience, it's because they were a negative person, or didn't take hold of all of the opportunities that the college had to offer.

Firoz Chowdhury

Be careful international student. This is just a trap. They won't allow you to transfer your sevis unless you study one semister. This is really wiard. They has lots of hidden charges. **Be aware of Colleen. She won't help you. Always try to contact with Agent for her commission.**

Teence Davies

lerida bruce

Miles Mu

Faculty were very kind


Cathy Felix

Mo7ammd Ghudaf

Preet Patel

How to get transfer. And after how many semister i would get transfer.

Adriana Jarvis

Najat Aourid

Rajeev Pahuja, MBA

I enjoyed my visit to the College of Saint Rose. Care about students and alumni from foreign countries. National Origin, Race, and Creed is a top priority to the College of Saint Rose. Quinnipiac University hate students, faulty, staff, and alumni from India.

M Saifullah

Best for grad students.

Dr. Fleischkanu

I have to give it two because I think I can confirm what everyone else is noticing. (I now changed it to one after my edit below). If you want to be a school teacher and if you want an extremely easy going relaxed environment, this is the place for you. Then there's the major problem, the cultural marxists. If you're taking a more analytical class, don't worry about it but if you're taking any societal base classes I have one piece of advice. DON'T BE WHITE Yes, if you're anything but white you're fine but if you're white in a class that has anything to do with history or society you'll be consistently shamed for the color of your skin. Everything you've done collectively, because of the color of your skin has specifically been done to attack and oppress black people. You bare the crimes of any white person who's done any wrong in history ever. You could be swedish and lived there your entire life as a pacifist, if you're white, you're the enemy here. White people be warned, everyone else you're fine. EDIT: DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS, I JUST MOVED ON RECENTLY. THE TECHNO FASCIST DON'T THINK I KNOW BUT THEY HAVE A BACKDOOR EXPLOIT ON MY COMPUTER. BE WARNED THEY WATCH AND CENSOR YOUR EVERY MOVE THEY DON'T LIKE.

Mgyemen Yemen

Huichu Hsu

I love this super friendly campus. In addition, compare to most private schools, its tuition is decent.

Priti Pachpande

Shannon Gorman

ernesto sarabia

Scott Malin

Alex Bordeaux

Yomaris Toro


John Micheal

Nano Lancet

Beautiful school campus.

Kajanna McKenzie

Simply put, the 4 years I spent at The College of Saint Rose were the best 4 years of my life. I attended the Accepted Students Day the Spring before I matriculated and fell in love. The campus was beautiful, everyone was friendly and helpful. I left with every question answered and very at ease about where I would be spending the next 4 years. Saint Rose provided me with an opportunity to come out of my shell. I was the typical shy student. I had my group of friends and I stuck to them. I didn't participate in any campus activities, my days consisted of going to class and back to my room. At the beginning of my second year, I knew I wanted to make a change, I wanted to experience all Saint Rose had to offer. I became a mentor, and then a resistant assistant, joined clubs, and volunteered. I did it all. I became a leader on campus all while balancing my school work and employment. The resources are unlimited at Saint Rose, you just have to reach out. Class sizes are small which is perfect for those of us who like to get to know our professors. As a biology major, I found my classes to be challenging but not impossible and learning was fun. When you have professors who are passionate about their field it makes you passionate to learn and that is what you will find when you come to Saint Rose. With the help of one of my professors, I was able to secure a summer research internship at Albany Medical College. My time spent here was very productive. I was able to do things I never envisioned myself doing and really break out of my comfort zone. The College of Saint Rose helped me develop friendships and skills of a lifetime.

rajiv ahuja

Kim Sheckell

I’ve never been here before, but I may attend school here in the future.

Aaron Voegele

Parking is crap.

Daniel Nester


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