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REVIEWS OF SOCAPA VT - Teen Summer Camps IN Vermont

Katherine Downs

Jenni Freidman

My daughter loves her time at SOCAPA! She will be going for her third year of film in 2019, and is so thrilled to go back to Burlington. With no film program locally to speak of, SOCAPA's faculty and program offer something really special, she has made work she is proud of and excited about. I recommend this for anyone interested in a complete, fun, immersive and amazing experience!

Cassidy McNamara

I had a wonderful experience in the acting boot camp! The instructors were wonderful, the food and dorms were outstanding! the staff really connected with the students- can’t wait to go back next year!

Debbie Liberman

There are not words to describe this program. I went first two years ago; the summer was great, the people were amazing, and the food was sooooo good. Two years ago I went to Saint Johnsbury, but that does not nearly compare with the summer I had this past year in Burlington. The people were absolutely amazing; there was always support and I had never laughed so much in my life. The rooms are beautiful each person has a bed, a desk, and burue; in some rooms eveveryone has a closet as well. Though in Burlington there is not a pool on campus, the lake is frequently visited, and the gym is open to all students. Micheal Kaplan is one of the most gifted teachers I have ever met. I don't think anyone in both my years did not improve immensely even just through two weeks of work. The class is boiled down into two (or three) weeks of what a freshman in college would experience in one year. Every actor is apart of at least six movies (some up to ten depending on how many actors and filmmakers there are). Also each actor works on a monologue which they perform at the final showcase. In addition each actor and dancer walks away with headshots shot and edited by the very talented photographers. Though I was not apart of the dance program, it was very clear that they were working very hard, they learned I believe four dances in two weeks, some choreographed by the students and some by the dance teacher. I would have to say hearing from my friends that the photography program was better in Burlington then it was in Saint J, just from how much more students seemed to do in Burlington. Filmmaking has got to be the most complicated stressful course at the camp. In the first week, the students have to learn how to use Final Cut Pro, they need to write a script, learn how to opporate the boom and camera, and they need to be directors to the acting students, and they need to edit their films. I would definatly bring a computer no matter what program you're in but especially the film students. Each filmmaker creates three projects. One is a one scene shot, then they get into making movies that people more regularly see in movies, then they create an even longer version of that one. All of the programs are fantastic and all of them offer college credit if you are over a certain age. The food is fantastic, there is a lot of diversity, and there's always ice cream. The teachers are funny, young, and super sweet. The friends I made there are some of the best friends I have, I talk to them most everyday. I can't imagine a better place to spend my summer. No other program can compare. I miss SOCAPA everyday, and I can't wait to go back next year.-Debbie


Such an amazing experience, best summer of my life by far. Everyone is extremely talented and share a common passion for the arts that is hard to find in an everyday environment. Highly recommend!

Angus Betts

I've been to SOCAPA 3 summers in a row and I'm greatly looking forward to returning this year as an intern. The atmosphere is friendly and encouraging, and the students and staff are passionate and inspiring!

Laura Moran

Our daughter had the best experience at camp in Vermont this summer. She spent two weeks at the film camp writing, directing, helping other kids on their projects and receiving professional guidance from the camp staff. Her confidence in film making has grown exponentially as has her confidence in her SELF. The experience of being around other like-minded teens while also being exposed to other talents like dance, photography and acting were priceless. The showcase at the end highlighted all the students projects and we were blown away by the talent and creativity. What a show! Thank you SOCAPA for such a positive, confidence building experience. We will see you at the 48 hour Tap into Film event, and next year at summer camp!

Audrey Smith

My Daughter had a great experience in Burlington. She is looking forward to going back. Thanks.

Liam Pickard

I had such an awesome at time at SOCAPA. It was great to be surrounded by so many amazing people who shared my passion for acting. At first I was a bit unsure as I'm not a particularly social person but the moment I arrived all my doubts vanished. I highly recommend it to everyone. I learned so much from the experience and it was easily one of the highlights of my summer.

Lynn Valentin

My son attended the two week film making camp in Burlington Vermont and he absolutely loved it. He loved his instructors and learned so much. The other campers were great and he really enjoyed making new friends and continues to stay in touch with several of the kids. His experience at the Socapa camp was the best summer camp experience of his life.

Kelly Michaud

My son loved the core film making camp and is so excited to attend the advanced program this summer! I highly recommend this camp.

Sylvia Nagy

My son went to acting workshop and had a blast would reccomend to anyone

Tamara Fellows

The counselors set the tone for a positive vibe throughout the week. Our daughter will definitely be back at Socapa Mountain Bike/Film Camp next year.

gretchen menzies

My son has been attending SOCAPA since the summer before his 9th grade year and he will be attending again this year going into his senior year. He has gained incredible skills, met life-long friends, and loved every minute of the independence and education he has received.

ktjukic4 .

Excellent program! Our daughter learned so much during her time there and made many wonderful connections which continue today. She participated for three summers during high school and was recently accepted to her dream college for film production. This program is well worth the money, and I can not recommend it enough!! Thank you SOCAPA!!!

orry benhanoh

Very expensive, but great experience for your teen!! lots of learning as well. Warm and welcome camp, enrichment atmosphere in college setting.

Lizzie Putelo

Jody Fried

Our son attended the acting session at Champlain College and it was a transformational experience for him... he found his clan and passion and it has guided his high school experience.

Julia Cook

SOCAPA, especially Ms. Hudson, shaped me as an artist, actor, and friend. The relationships that I formed at SOCAPA are still integral parts of my life, and I am so grateful for the program and to everyone that it allowed me to meet.

Ruby Yerkes

Tommy McCabe

I have made some of my greatest friends at this camp. Not only are the teachers absolutely incredible, but everyone is overwhelmingly supportive. Everyone here wants the best for you, and sees potential in every last person. Last summer, I learned more about acting than I have in my entire life. Maddy, my instructor, became one of my best friends. I looked up to her like she was my older, wiser, more knowledgable sister. Not only was she insanely talented, but also very down to earth. She helped me find myself, which allowed me to tap into emotions that I didn't even know I possessed. I strongly recommend this summer camp. The Vermont environment is quite peaceful and relaxing, which allowed me the ability to be able to concentrate on the art I was studying. Especially in the advanced programs, everyone is serious about their work. If you are looking for a summer camp in which you can further a craft that you are truly passionate about, this is the place for you. As an Eagle Scout, on my honor, you can trust me when I say that going here will having a profound impact on you for the rest of your life. Go.

Aniyah Wilton

SOCAPA was an amazing experience and I would even say it is the best programs I have went to in order to further my dancing skills. I highly recommend going !

Maya Finkman

SOCAPA is the greatest arts experience that a teenager can have! They provide a welcoming and fun environment for all students. For anyone who has an interest in the arts, SOCAPA has the perfect program for you! Taking classes and learning more about photography really taught me who I am as a photographer and how to be even better. The teachers are all amazingly supportive and provide all the tools for you to be the best you can and think creatively. Making friends here is an extraordinary experience because everyone thats here are creative arts students from all over the world who help to build each other up and create a place to thrive. I will never regret my experience at SOCAPA, and there is nothing that can compare to it. If you are on the edge about whether or not to go, know that the greatest summer of your life is waiting for you here.

David Meyer

MLE DeJaco

Honestly such an incredible experience. I've gone to SOCAPA for about 5 years and it is one of the most welcoming places. It's a place were you can get away from any problems you have and just be yourself. I've made some of my best friends at this camp and still keep in touch with most of them today. I've learned an extreme amount at this camp. I found my style at this camp. I've been given opportunity at this camp. I found my dream at this camp. Anytime someone asks me about any good film programs I send them in the direction of SOCAPA because I honestly can't think of a bad experience, from the 5 years that I have, had at the camp. This past summer I interned at the camp and even as an intern I managed to make a film and help other students on theirs. This camp taught me about film festivals and how to get my name out there. All my success in the film industry I owe to SOCAPA and all the wonderful people that come out from it. If you are considering if SOCAPA is worth it? Take my word for it, IT IS.

Victoria Paterson

This has been transformative for my son, Dylan, who is 13 years old, and wants to be a movie director. He did one week in 2018 and was so sad to see it end, so he is doing 2-3 weeks in 2019 !

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