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REVIEWS OF Siena College IN Vermont

Laurie Itskov

This place is a scam. They say they have small class sizes and my daughter had 40 in her class. She left and I was told everything was paid and 6 months later we get a bill which they were charging late fees since she left. We had never even sent a bill. Save yourself money and go to SUNY!

Tara Hennessy

2001 graduate of Siena College - I have to say I loved my experience while there. Now that i live in Boston it is great to keep in touch and meet other Siena alum who also enjoyed their experience there. I met some of my best friends there and could not imagine having gone anywhere else.

Julie Clancy

My heart is warm and glad when I think of my alma mater, Siena College. As a 2007 graduate, my memories are vibrant and fresh, and the skills, knowledge, and character I honed at Siena serve me each and every day. I'm grateful to have had those four years to explore, to learn, and to cultivate my ever-evolving best self. A Siena education gives you confidence, empathy, and the nimbleness to be socially and culturally aware in our constantly changing world. And, those are skill sets learned both inside and outside the classroom- that connective tissue to oneself and others- that's the real stuff that makes Siena graduates stand apart from others. Then, of course, is the meat of the educational experience- the wide variety of classes and opportunities- the development of the mind. It's all there at Siena, just waiting to be tapped in to. Step foot on campus and soak it in. It is the education of a lifetime.

Topace 103

Cheri and Danny

Amazing school!

Jeff Briand

Adriel clark

Johnathan Wright

Andy Heck

I can not say enough about Siena College. It has become a family tradition with my father, my sister, my wife, my brother in law and an uncle all alumni. My daughter and son are both students there now. The education I received there prepared me so well for the business world first as a CPA at Ernst & Young and then in my family business. 25 years later all who I encounter from Siena share the same pride and are always willing to help. Siena teaches you through their liberal arts and Franciscan education how to be a great person and not just skilled in your major. The size of the college always makes it a very intimate experience whereby you get very close with both classmates and the Siena professors and staff. Go Saints!

Mahbubur Rahman

Alexander Zicaro

Has a High School feel

Brian Button

Firmin Alexander

Well...I go to school here

Thomas Rossi

Harry Pullen

Nice college clean

Paul Dreyer

Susan Woods

Students that affirm catholic teachings are discriminated against.

Jeff Ju

don't go to siena...i went there and its over priced for what they have...its just another party school...if you want that just go to UAlbany...much better investment!

Natasha Adams

Andrew Chan Way

Helena Zem

Nadia Kasianczuk

sajid afridi305


Jeremy Abel

Having the opportunity to present research at 3 national conferences (Chicago and Las Vegas) as an undergraduate at Siena College not only prepared me to become a great public speaker; it also helped me figure out my passion while strengthening my communication skills. I was blessed to have a fantastic mentor from the marketing department, whose guidance and support over the years made it possible to get our work published in well-respected academic journals. With the support of great professors and ample learning resources at your disposal (from the library to the career center to your colleagues and alumni), what you're capable of accomplishing as an undergraduate at Siena College can be nothing short of awe-inspiring. The job market is growing increasingly more competitive and the importance of building up your skills, value, and network is hardly ever overstated. Fortunately, the course curriculum, academic resources, and the healthy business environment surrounding the campus provide the ingredients for a successful college experience. What I accomplished as a student at Siena College, the many skills I learned to hone-in on, and the life-long connections that I had made have- to this day- dramatically increased my marketability.

Patrick Barber

Sherry Branch

Siena College is a great school because my Girls experienced the program there and they find the college a great one.

Monica Cortez

(Translated by Google) Hello, I'm jeison zelaya (Original) Ola soy jeison zelaya

Juana Arichavala

Will Hayes

I enjoy playing cello in the Chamber Orchestra and working sectionals with the cello section at Siena College. Dr Paul Konye is a true gentleman doing a lot of good at the college and in the community. All the best, Will Hayes, cellist

Allen Stein

Zachary Giarraffa

Jack grande wants to got there

Camilla Sanchez

It is cool that girls are playing backetball

Aaron Parker

My children will not go here.

Patrick Madden

michelle annese

I graduated from Siena in 1985 & had the time of my life ! Amazing professors...enlightening classes ..a postive ...kind loving environment ..wonderful friends & roomates .. My Siena education ..BS in Marketing/Management ..has taken me many places ...sales and Marketing jobs where when they knew I was Siena grad ...and knew the business programs reputation they were happy to have me on board ...As great as all that was love for Siena was multiplied when my daughter decided to attend and graduated last year with her degree in Psychogy minor in health services ..which set her up perfectly to pursue her masters in recreational therapy ..As a division 1 athlete she not only got an excellent education ..but spent 4 years with a wonderful team and teammates that are friends for life ! I highly recommend Siena ...a place that even when you graduate always stays in your heart !

King Raj

Siena rejected my friend of an accounting major because she had a poor grade in her 1st quarter senior year math course. This is an IB Math studies course designed to be difficult and the type of math taught has nothing to with simple accounting math. Her other math scores throught out hs were great with a 97 in algebra. But based on 1 quarter of 1 year they denied her the major. 1 quarter out of 16 total quarters stopped her from going to a college she really wanted to attend. The admissions at siena are horrible. If apply dont get your hopes up. They might rob you of your acceptance because of one small irrelevant issue. Note that she did not have to take math that year due to the fact she already had enough math credits to graduate. So If she didnt take math that year would she have gotten accepted? The system is flawed and is stupid.

Robin Carney

Lucius Laurie Jeffers

Kevin Michalski

Edge Law

Siena is a good school to go to. I enjoy my four years' study at Siena.

carlos bibiloni

Mary Staudt

paul dicaprio

Siena is a great college. I went there and my son is graduating (Finance Major) in May of 2014. He already has a job at Suntrust Bank in Atlanta in their investment banking training program. The skills he learned utilizing Siena's trading room and the finance courses he has taken were instrumental in getting his job at Suntrust. Siena has a very strong alumni support network in the Capital Region and around the country. Siena alumni look to hire Siena grads. A Siena grad (working at GE) hired me when I graduated.

Gone Comment

Jason Farmer

Teence Davies

Aya . Qari

Rachel Monson

joel gibson

love this school

Monty Buggs

Rob George

Wanda Rusiecki

Ashley Hughes

What a fantastic institution with amazing instructors!

Michael Winston

My daughter loves it here! Great campus and very great women’s basketball team! Fun to watch!!!

Tina TWD

After getting accepted and visiting colleges like Loyola Maryland, providence college, Fairfield and few more my daughter fell in love with Siena. It’s campus, small classes, students and faculty seemed very nice and down to earth and the Siena has a very good program that she is interested in studying. I’m glad my daughter will be attending Siena this fall.

Travis Brodbeck

This is a great school that provides a welcoming community in all aspects of student life whether it is inside the dining hall, residence hall, classroom, and anywhere on campus. You are always part of the Siena community and have your rightful place on campus. Great school to attend if you can afford the tuition.

William Adamczak

ابو. احمدين

Johnny Lopez

Funny place, i enjoyed going here for basketball. I used to live right in front of this college. There is nothing much around but used to be my town

Steven Gibson

Hieu Le

Im currently a student here and I've yet to meet a teacher or student that I didn't like. Everyone here is friendly and it's a welcoming community

Carol Testo

Francis Prediletto

Xavier Acevedo

Josh Iddings

Nicholas Franck

Adam Elias

Marlee Trajlinek

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