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REVIEWS OF New England Culinary Institute IN Vermont

Julie's bites

NEC restaurant is closed for renovations according to the sign on the door as of September 9th 2019

Shane Gaumond

Just ate here. Burger was plain and undercooked. Raw. I told them it was dine and I didn't want another one and they still charged me full price. Also charhed me for desert and coffee. Nice atmosphere nice wait staff food was not upscale

Felipe Pipe

J Ah Ching

Eileen Cinque

Jerica Overmyer

Monkey Bone

Finances made it a major hastle for everyone to graduate so expect to deal with them throughout the year with backed grants and randomly oweing thousands of dollars at short notice. Other than that the instructors that are left are quite commited to their jobs. What made me stay was a choice few chefs that I learned a lot from. You get what you put into this school effort wise. Take advantage of the outlets and practice new stuff to fill in time and you'll teach yourself alot of new things.

Ashton Sanders

Jason McKnight

Jacob McGrew

Just ate at the Montpelier restaurant and it was terrible! They were pushing the apps and cheap cocktails from the get-go which was not surprising as the food was totally bland and uninspired so I can't imagine they do too much return business. Really disappointing for a culinary school. Would have gotten 2 stars but was overpriced ($15 for a really basic burger and fries).

Charles Gruss

09' grad even though I was done in 08' that's how the neci universe works. They banned me from the alumni facebook group because I stood up to a cyber bully ??? This school is such a joke, when I was there they did a business re-launch and never honored the curriculum they sold me. 75K tuition. Sure, I have been successful cooking, but I attribute 90 percent of that to my willingness to work hard, my willingness to sacrifice, and most importantly my willingness to keep learning. I hope these clowns go under.

Rich Kretzschmar

NICE! I got the call from Cali Lewis of Geekbeat TV just now. Seems that the icey cold has inspired us to attend college and learn a thing or two about the Bakers man cobbler traded. Happy Thanksgiving time New England Culinary Institute.

Ang Marie

I attended for an AOS in baking. Year 1 was a bit slow/boring since I'd already worked in a few restaurants, but year 2 offered a nice array of new and challenging classes. I feel like it gave me a clearer picture on where I really wanted to focus myself.

Jen Grady

I go to school here, food is all cooked by students. Chefs are always by our side helping us through every step. Good place to eat and in a very cute, quaint location in the capitol city of Vermont.

charles chaney

Carlo Fusco

They have a restaurant you must eat in when travelling through Vermont.

J perception

I have culinart art degree but I really want to get BA .I'm thinking about taking BA Culinary art online here, What on yall mind any suggestion ?

Elizabeth The Baker

This is the WORST school! Please do not go, they are basically already going under. I loved the school at first, but then they screwed all of its students over. They up'd my tuition without telling me, then they randomly emailed me saying I owed 6000 dollars and that they were going to expel me from school if I didn't pay by the end of the week. So now I am trying to transfer schools and slowly pay back NECI, but they are refusing to send my transcripts. The president of the school literally told my mom that they can barely afford to pay their electric bills, and staff and they are blaming the students and so they won't let me transfer schools. The staff is impossible to talk too, and the curriculum is not good. PLEASE TRY TO APPLY TO ANY SCHOOL BEFORE APPLYING TO THIS ONE> THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER.

mauricio parent

fred ziems

Son Ed had excellent training & skills learned! Was Executive Chef 2003 at the Pierhouse Key West! Great lunch review from Emeril L!


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