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REVIEWS OF Massachusetts College Of Liberal Arts IN Vermont

John Kelly

As a student of the college for 3 years now, don't believe the lies the school tells you about how great it is. The admin have no care for the students or the professors. On top of that the facilities are falling apart. When looking into this school keep in mind that the transfer rate and drop out rate really shows how bad this school is.

Kimberly murphy

Bryce Wiseman

Professors were hit or miss. Some clearly care more than others. The local life consists almost solely of campus parties and a few bars. There's some really great restaurants within walking distance. The food on campus however was consistently below standards, and despite numerous student complaints and motions it seems the administration is dead set to not make any changes. This is unfortunate, since resident students are required to pay for their meal plan for at least three years of their time at school. Should they not have a say in the quality of the food they eat?

Steve Estelle

The other reviews can be very critical of this place. Here's the experience that I had: I have graduated twice from MCLA. First with my bachelor's degree in mathematics. Second was my master's degree in education. Both times I learned a considerable amount and the professors prepared me for my profession. Aside from my education, I met a beautiful woman that is now my wife! Lastly, I graduated the school with only $18,000 in debt. I would like to see other colleges be able to do that and still provide the education I received. I'm a firm believer education is what you make out of it. What you put in is what you get. With that stated Massachusetts College of liberal arts has given me everything I could have asked out of it.

Axel Adan Castro Mejia


Sophia Capozzoli

Any school comes with the good and the bad, but MCLA is truly home. I am glad I made the decision to go to MCLA. It truly was my college right from the start.

Patrick Killeen

Hokey as it sounds, I truly became the person I am today at MCLA. The school is really a village within the city of North Adams, and everything you'd expect of a village - good, bad, and ugly - is never far from hand. If this sort of tight-knit ecosystem is your bag, MCLA rocked. I thrived in small classes that allowed students the ability to have challenging discussions, and the professors by and large recognized when to lead and when to assist. I never would have gone on to pursue a graduate degree in history had my profs at MCLA simply spoon-fed me facts; they seemed to love their jobs and they clearly loved interacting with students. Socially, the quiet town necessitates making friends on campus; rather than finding this limiting, I met amazing people, many of whom I still see regularly a decade later. Last but not least, MCLA is located smack in the middle of the Berkshires, a landscape of rolling hills, valleys, and moss-draped waterfalls that probably inspired the first nature postcard. Seriously - Google Mt. Greylock

Sarah Murphy

Amazing school, teachers and staff genuinely care about you, beautiful location, and a superb education, true bang for your buck.

Sabrina Superneau-Gilman

There's so much opportunity at this place! I was able to get a great STEM scholarship that allowed me to travel to St. John, USVI for a Marine Biology field research program, along with FREE yoga classes twice a week right on campus, Outdoors club trips each year (3+)-- such as Acadia National Park in Maine, and much more! The community is also pushing for progression in all the right places, including artist collectives that students can get highly involved in, Mass MoCA right down the street, and even local gardening initiatives. College is what you make out of it and attending MCLA has surely been one of the best decisions I've ever made!

brygandwytch .

I am supremely pleased in being a student at MCLA which gave me the opportunity to broaden my skills and knowledge in music and art. These past two years have been the best every.

Ben Dover

Leah Lumbis

Timothy Donovan

Jack Criddle

Home to the excellent college radio station WJJW, on 91.1 FM. I'm a regular listener of 'Musical Thingarium'

Jacob Hing

A great college with a great campus. I highly recomend the townhouses; just make sure you pick good roommates...but that was 10 years ago...alot could have changed since then. Mabey there is a giant inflatable T-rex statue in the center of the academic quad, or the campus center could be under water, or more likely you shouldn't base your college choice solely on a Google maps review...seriously. Check out the college website, take a campus tour, you won't regret it....or you might...but not because it's a bad college.

Nick Lauder

The new facilities were falling apart and were held together by zipties (namely the doors since that's where I got a scar from). The professors, while this doesn't apply to all of them, harass students and belittle them rather than encouraging a learning environment. Differing views and opinions were pacified rather than discussed and the overall feel of the school was very similar to a high school. The frats aren't nationally recognized, and the parties they throw were always shut down by midnight. The administrative staff tended to be more scrutinizing than helpful. There's also various large cracks in the foundation of the buildings that may or may not result in casualties in the future. Maggots and flies can be found in the produce, the chicken might be cooked rare and the sad excuse for food they feed you will make all your excrement come out the same, regardless of it being fruit or pizza or chicken or beef or vegetables, you get the point. Take me with a grain of salt because this place made me livid, but know that there is truth to what I say.

julie menard

Haidar Molls

Amanda Tomlin


Great school for any liberal arts or English majors, as they receive special treatment. Any of the sciences (which are crucial to a school's success in this day and age) are heavily discriminated against. So Biology, Physics, and even Computer Science, are treated as second class citizens. If you're an English, Art, or Liberal Arts major, come here, if not stay the hell away.


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