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REVIEWS OF Huden Dining Hall IN Vermont

Liam Bury

Huden has been serving the same foods weekly since I've started at the university. Half the day the only available food is cookies, ice cream and pizza. Meat is always hideously overcooked and nearly everything is smothered in cheese. I wouldn't mind eating the vegetables if they weren't sauteed to a paste and drenched in soy sauce.

dark love

Evan Keegan

James Marx

Quinn Fleming

Aliza Bogner

Noah Goldberg-Bohr

D Aranov

Rowan Wilson

Staff was good but bad quality food.

Helen Sawyer

Cursed experience. No variety. Have fun eating pasta that’s been cooked to mush every day for 4 years. I’ve cried here because the food is so bad. If I could give negative stars I would

Jay Marcy

The combo of Huden's terrible food and the lack of regular kitchen access in the dorms are two of the biggest reasons I moved off campus. No one wants to live off pizza, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese. Also if you're vegetarian or vegan you either are forced to buy other food outside of your meal plan or you have to live with the fact that you'll be eating the exact same rice and quinoa several times a day. You'd think that if the grill station is serving burgers, the vegetarian section would have veggie burgers or black bean burgers, and you would be wrong. The lack of labels on food is also a nightmare. Sometimes they just serve cookies with bacon in them, and you have no way of knowing until you accidentally eat one and learn to identify them based on appearance. If you ask whether or not there's meat or nuts (or other allergens) in the food when the signs aren't up or accurate, often staff will respond negatively, or say they're "pretty sure there isn't any." Long story short, Huden is a nightmare and I'm sorry for anyone who's still stuck eating there. Godspeed, and may your stomach aches be gentle.

Andrew Austin

The food here when eaten on one visit may seem like decent cafeteria college food. Eating it for 2 1/2 plus years its akin to prison food. Q is the only employee worth giving any credit

mike e

Trevor MacAloney

The food sucks

Caleb Rogers


James Stott

Casey Powers

Mainebob OConnor

O College campus food. Pretty good.

Suzanne Young

Jack Loring

HUDEN is trash, if I could leave ZERO stars I would! And dont think this is just one bad experience, I’ve gone to school there and had to eat it and its awful basically jail food. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME

Tyler Burg

Ice cream machine broke :/

Constantin Amilea

My place that I

Ryan Boeke

Drew Ristaino

Osvaldo Flores Garcia

Rachel Manuel

Not as good as it used to be.

Morgan Newland

M Reeves

William Chmielewski

Lyss Eaton

Huden is my least favorite thing about Castleton University. Thanks for serving me the same food every day for 4 years. Maybe appealing for a one-time visit, but not food anyone should live off from. Also, I'm a vegetarian, and knowing how limited my options already are (I eat rice and quinoa every night of my life and drown it in soy sauce for flavor, please save me), I would starve to death if I were vegan. Vegetarian options at huden include: rice, quinoa, salad bar, more salad, ice cream, cookies (but occasionally with bacon inside), pasta, cheese pizza, bagels, and muffins. Some of the staff are very kind, while some of them are very rude and don't appreciate when I ask them if there is meat in the food. Have fun eating your grilled cheese and discovering ham inside, and have fun eating a cookie only to discover there are nuts inside! Huden doesn't label any of their food. My experience here would be eons better if I knew what the food even was that I am eating. On top of everything, have fun paying $3,000+ per year for this food.

Sports Blaze

A little surprised that I pay $39,000 to not have lunch meals ready by 2:00 on the weekend. Go to Poultney to get real food.

Ethan I


Samantha Hoke

I wasn't impressed with a few meals but overall clean and pleasant staff

Brandon Diaz

Pretty good food. Above my expectations for "cafeteria food" and a good variety as well

Mzz Songz



Justin Connor

Overall mediocre but can surprise me with a somewhat decent meal occasionally

Rebecca Dydo

Jennifer DuPrey

Great place for something quick to eat on campus.

Thomas Keith

Great food fast and freindly

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