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Paranormal Society

This place is nothing short of amazing. It is affordable and it includes textbooks at no extra cost to you. You are able to work on your own pace. They are not pushy and they let you work as it is seen fit to you. The first 45 days may seem hectic but it does get better from there. Well done to the IT instructors and my advisers for the help.

Lauren K

WGU is awesome. I have been to a community college and it's amazing the difference in organization that WGU has. Expect to work very hard at your degree but its fulfilling and is SO much better than the community college I went to BY FAR. My mentor and course instructors so far have been so helpful and that makes a huge difference. I cant say enough good things. I'm so glad that someone finally came up with competency based !

Greg Velez

I am shocked by the WGU graduation rate, but I am happy to say that I graduated. I received my bachelors degree in Marketing Management last month. I will be starting the MBA program November 1st. I honestly can not blame WGU for the graduation rate. I think the WGU graduation rate should be hire than 50 percent. I'm curious if people are starting WGU and then transferring there credits to another school to graduate from another institution because this may be one of the logical explanations why WGU graduation rate is so low.

Erica Etcheson

Aquired a Bachelor's of Arts in Elementary Education in 3 years, and it only cost $15k. Nothing but positive experiences. WGU has high expectations of it's students, but at the same time allows every opportunity for assistance with classes, tests, etc. Definitely, highly recommend to anyone who needs or wants a degree, but has to fit it in around a busy life.

Liviu Nicoara

I'm impressed with the quality of the MBA IT program. I was hesitate at first of online degrees, but now I can't imagine any other way for going to school. Half the time at my brick and mortar school was being stuck in traffic and looking for parking. What a waste of time. This schools cuts all the useless time wasters and focuses just on the education part.

Tina S

So far it has been a great experience. I like how the classes are set up. I believe it takes a lot of self confidence and time management. More so than in a brick and mortar school. I have done both. I feel like I have done more studying for these classes than I ever did for the actual sitting in a classroom type classes. It takes less time because you are on your own. I am very competitive so I like being able see my progress.

Byron Major

Loved being a student so much, that after graduation, I became an employee.

Kelly H2O

My academic advisor doesn’t reply to my emails. They didn’t consider one of my schools accredited when it clearly states on the evaluation from the international evaluation company that it’s accredited.

Kirby H.

After much debate over going back to school I though I'd give this a try. I didn't even make it past their admissions. They say gpa isn't a factor when applying and I found out that's not true. My last semester in my old school my gpa dropped due to having an emergency surgery and the teachers not excusing or allowing me to make up work. Before that I had great grades. They never asked so I could explain or defend myself. But they were all for me spending more money at another place they partner with in order to raise my gpa then get in. I'm sorry if I start anywhere else I'm staying there. The counselor was nice, but I won't waste anymore time.

Leah Fehrman

Not sure why there are some bad review on here. This is a self-driven, self-paced, computer-based university that DOES care about you graduating. I am currently in the MSN-Ed program and it is what you put into it. If you go into it thinking it's a traditional college or that you will be coddled, forget it. It's all on you. After all, you're likely a working adult and likely also raising a family and have a mortgage, WHILE going to college. You cannot beat the tuition price. You cannot beat the resources. In fact, I graduated from a brick and mortar university and have more interest and resources now than I ever did during undergrad. There is a level of professionalism that is expected, however, when you speak to the mentors and your colleagues. This is not playtime. This is furthering your degree and getting out as quick and cheaply as possible, and I feel WGU is so much better than sitting through boring lectures and being forced to listen to topics you already know. At WGU, you can skip material you already know and go straight to the test!

Eric Hansen

Between working full time, the birth of my fourth child, and all of the other responsibilities I have in life, attending WGU was the only feasible way I could earn my MBA!

Kami McCollum

I love WGU! I have been in the MAT Elementary Education program in Washington State for 1 1/2 years, and it has been a wonderful experience. This is personalized learning at its best. There are many opportunities to work with both student and course mentors. It is a great school, and it is the ideal choice for motivated learners. It is also by far the most affordable education option particularly for graduate school education.

Karen Henry

Loved my time as a student at WGU in the Master's of Education Learning and Technology program. I would recommend the school to anyone!

Dee Jacks

Love the concept, execution. Decided to attend as I am self-motivated and have always done well when pursuing my own knowledge and certification. The way the degree plan is set up allows me to go at my own pace, not be held back do to others or miscellaneous factors. Is it perfect? No, however if you are organized, a self-starter, can motivate yourself to put in the time and passionate about pursuing education, the school is great return on investment for the amount of money and accreditation it provides.

Ike Simonis

Received my MBA from WGU...great program...learned a lot


ZERO RATING - BEWARE WHEN A REVIEWER WRITES 'STAY AWAY', just stay away from this institution. Keep in mind that not everyone cares to write a review based on their experience. So DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE POSITIVE RATING. THIS INSTITUTION IS A SCAM. A FORMER EMPLOYEE HAS CONFIRMED IT. STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. 2 years into the program with all exams, test, case study, essay and assignment perfectly done and passed, WGU WILL KICK YOU OUT FOR GETTING ONE POINT BELOW THE MARK OF AN IRRELEVANT SUBJECT TEST. just like that!!! AFTER SPENDING $12,000 IN TUITION per year. They clear out their students every season. you will not get your money back. NO DEGREE. JUST TIME AND MONEY WASTED. THE CLASS YOU TOOK IN WGU CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANY OTHER UNIVERSITY. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE ADVISORS AND CHANCELLORS. IT IS ALL A SCAM. A MARKETING SCHEME. MUCH WORSE THAN TRUMP UNIVERSITY. With hundreds of applicant to a particular course-class, WGU will pick less than 25. Out of those hard working lucky 25 students, they will periodically reduce it to 13, then 9, then 7. You will never understand why because it is an online school and you do not know much about the other students. You will think the students gave up- that is why they dropped out of the program. NO. Until it happens to you. AT the end of the program about 5 people will graduate from a particular class. DO NOT TAKE THIS CHANCE You will think you found a good deal. A convenient way to advance your life with a degree form wgu. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. YOU WILL END UP IN A GREAT DEPRESSION WHEN YOU BECOME A VICTIM. STOP THIS PEOPLE BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.

Marty & Baileigh Anderson

I just graduated from WGU and was not impressed. When I first started, I was told they needed my ACT scores for my masters program. I spent $30 to have them sent only to be told I didn’t need them, but rather needed to take a PRAXIS exam. They also took months to confirm my DT placement. I had to reach out to them 3 weeks before I was to start to find out what school I’d be at. I was annoyed, but my experience was worse after I got a new student mentor. The second mentor I had was terrible. She would ignore my emails and questions and would get after me for deadlines she never told me I had (some of which wete never deadlines, but dates she made up to create urgency). Now, I am applying for my license and they have taken 3 weeks to mail me a document I needed last week. I called today after multiple ignored emails. Luckily, it’s being sent again but I’m not pleased with the service at all. If you want a reliable school, don’t choose this one!

John Kemeny

WGU was a fantastic opportunity for me and helped me graduate with a B.S in Business - Information Technology Management. I could not have had any more support from a technology support with books and webinars, to mentoring to keep me motivated to get me through the "lack of motivation" times. Scheduling 1:1 time with professors was easy and very reliable. IT was a GREAT experience for me and I recommend the school for any self-motivator and driven people who want to get a degree on their own time.

Nnaemeka Emejulu

Very good school

Gwendolyn Rudzinski

Good - but a lot of writing.

Chris R

I am currently a student at WGU and out of curiosity I have read through the majority of reviews here. I can understand some of the poor reviews in regards to the admissions process. I too had a very difficult time trying to get accepted. After graduating from high school I joined the Marine Corps, not because I wouldn't have been able to attend college, but for personal reasons. I applied to WGU, passed my entrance exams, and was told that I was not accepted as many others have mentioned. I tried to find an answer from the admissions counselor on why my entry was denied and was given the same non-answer as other here. This did bother me tremendously and I tried several times unsuccessfully to try to receive an answer. I never truly received a definitive answer but my lack of previous college experience seemed to be implied through communication with the counselor. I was applying for the business program and after leaving the Marines, I started my own business and was very successful for several years without any help from anyone else. In my mind, my military discipline and life experience should have made me an ideal candidate for WGU, but it had absolutely zero bearing. In my opinion WGU admissions standards need to be re-evaluated because I believe they have some major flaws that are causing them to miss out on a unique group of individuals that would be successful students. The admissions process should not contain a blanket policy and decisions should be made on a case by case basis. I applied to WGU again the following year and experienced the same exact result. This time I was not going to let the admissions counselor take me down the same road as before. I wasn't going to give up without a fight and I was able to discover that you can appeal the admissions decision. At this point I had made the decision that I would either be accepted by WGU or never attempt admission with them again. I had researched other institutions and had a plan in place if my attempt to appeal failed. I wrote a letter detailing my life experiences and my reasoning for attending college. I made it clear that I was determined to earn a degree, and that I would, whether it was through WGU or not. As Tom Petty said in one of his famous songs, the waiting is the hardest part, and wait I did. This time my efforts were rewarded and I was accepted. I have been a student now for about 14 months, and I have already completed 88 out of 120 units. My goal is to graduate before the end of this term, which will be my third. My experience after admissions has been great and I am glad that I became a student, although knowing that I could have been where I am now over a year ago, is for a lack of a better word.......annoying. The structure of the education at WGU is ideal for me and I have a great mentor, Mark. As with anything improvements in certain aspects of the program can and should be made, but overall I am very happy and my plan is to go into the masters program upon completion of the BA, that is, if admissions accepts me!!! If they do not accept me, please standby for another review. My advice to anyone considering WGU and those that have read through any of the negative reviews. This school, just like anything in life, is going to give you what you put back into it. It's not for everyone, and if you are not able to blaze your own trail, this school, and I would guess, any online institution is probably not for you, so don't waste your money. If you are the type of individual that doesn't give up and is determined to succeed then you will do well here. Lastly, if you are denied admission and the only reason is because you don't have college experience, appeal the decision and make them realize why they will be missing out in not having you. What's the worst that can happen? And that goes for anything, don't let someone else determine your future, it doesn't belong to them, it belongs to you.

Rhett Wilson

Great University offering in-demand degrees. I've been a student here for several years and I'm near graduation. My time here has been well spent.

Carol Hansen

Love their use of solar panels

Juan Herrera

WGU has allowed me to continue to work full time and return to school. I love how I can pass my classes on my schedule. Not some pre-set schedule that is typical with schools. I study extra, get the work done, pass my assessments and move on! I will have my degree in one year, 6 months. WGU allows you to work at your pace. Wanna take your class and dedicate 8 hours a day, you can. Only have 2 hours...take your time. Your mentor calls your one a week, then twice a week after you have proven you are on track. My mentor keeps me focused and motivated. He won't let me slack off my personal goal! You have 6 months to complete 12 credit units. More than plenty. My goal has been 40 Credit units per 6 month term. And the tuition (Around $6000 per year) is so affordable! Unlike most online universities like University of Phoenix, WGU is a non-profit school. I only pay $700 out of pocket per term, since my Pell Grants covers the great is that!? So if I complete my degree on schedule of 1 1/2 years, my degree will cost me $2100!!! WGU is awesome. I recommend them for working adults with jobs and families that need a degree to advance their careers.


Very poor course material for Graduate school causing one to spend many hours searching for outside resources just to pass the course assessment. Course Mentors are not helpful. Save your money and go to a better university that actually cares about better preparing class material that will help a student successfully learn the course. This university is cheap for a reason.

William Orders

The IT course material is a hodgepodge of crap from different sources. As far as functionality goes, working through the simulations and questions makes you feel like you're a beta-tester. Quality control is lacking, and when they do use quality sources (like CBT Nuggets), they half-*** it and you have to hunt around for the links to the "homework assignments" that are featured in other classes. For instance, CCNA Security CBT videos reference other courses, so instead of watching a video for video 5, you're instructed to go to another CBT course and watch 4 videos. You'd think the geniuses at WGU would have the course links right below the regular video course link, so it would be easy. Nope. Go dig around and find the course announcements for the links. Are you on the iOS app? Ha. Good luck. And since you don't have access to the actual CBT courses, you can't follow the instructions that the CBT instructor provides, where he details using the search function on the site.

Kathryn Overton

I'm early in my program (RN to MSN) and am so pleased with WGU. This is the third school I've taken classes with in a many year academic career, and this has been the most organized and reasonable experience I've had. The admissions process was simple. The program and course mentors are wonderful, and the level of support and options to connect with mentors and fellow students have not left me feeling "on my own" despite taking all classes online. The mentors and administration all can be reached by Web or phone, with clearly communicated hours, and any questions I've had have been answered quickly and with a minimum of stress and aggravation (not the case at my previous colleges). The potential problems I anticipated with distance learning have not materialized, and even time zone differences are accounted for. These programs are intended to be self paced. If you don't have previous college experience, this will be extremely challenging. You need to be aware of your learning style, and have practice in the fundamentals of note taking and translating textbook information. If you don't have these, you may want to take a few community college classes before you try online classes so you'll be better equipped. If you aren't comfortable with technology, you'll want some practice before you try online learning. In short, set yourself up for success before you sign up. If you're comfortable learning fairly independently, ambitious and focused, this may be a great school for you. Personally, I feel so fortunate to have found WGU, and am taking advantage of the opportunity to work quickly and not waste time with pointless busy work. So far, I couldn't be more pleased and expect to finish much earlier than projected!

Alicia Martinez

DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES! They say you can take as many classes as you want in the term, unless of course you move faster than they would like you too. I am currently being forced to waste three months of my term because I finished all my courses but two, and they will not allow me to finish. Their excuse? I am required to do my internship during a six month period. The reality? The rule is not written anywhere from the handbook to the syllabus, or any other materials provided to me. There is a minimum amount of hours but not time length - the just want me to have to pay for another semester. Don't bother coming! Oh, and the courses have readings and assignments that are not aligned so I spent more time Googling than anything else. This "university" is complete bs.

Humble Guru

I am a student in Washington state enrolled at WGU. I love the competency based learning model and the mentor program is well done. I am looking forward to completing the degree that I was not able to do the first time. Thanks WGU!

Riley Blanchard

I am in the middle of my Junior year at WGU and I am very pleased with the flexibility this school has with my erratic schedule. It's also very nice that I don't have to take certain classes (can test out) if I possess the knowledge of the subject. Great school!

Catherine Mendenhall

WGU, the informal name of the greatest school on earth, second to the home I hope to provide for my children. I came to WGU last year as a last shot, a make it or forget it kind of deal. The admissions counselors took a shot on me and I will never forget them for it. My GPA was really bad. I'm halfway through my bachelors degree with WGU, and I'm already interested in continuing my education with them for my masters. The price, the people, the education, and the atmosphere at WGU couldn't be better. And you know, maybe I'm no one yet, so why should you take my word for it... but you can ask me again once I have my MEd. Thanks WGU!

Daniel Damianov

I was enrolled at WGU for 4 terms only to find out they are not accredited by the CDE. They make promises they cannot keep and will give you the run around. I gave them two stars because the professors running the courses are amazing. I do NOT recommend WGU.

Chevalier Hafen

I'm a student here. I've had to do a lot of hard work and studying but this college is amazing because the price cannot be beat. If you know enough or study hard enough you can quickly go through your whole degree in a two semesters. One down fall I have is my mentor I feel doesn't get me and sometimes feels like a road block but a lot of other people mentors are amazing so I will still give them five stars. Larissa Schafer was extremely helpful when I was getting signed up. Have since graduated with my Bachelor and Master degree. My next mentor LynnAnn Day was amazing. She was constantly encouraging and helpful. Her years in HR and other experiences made her the best mentor. I honestly envy all the mentors here. They get to help people succeed and change their lives. Wish I had their job.

Beatrice Abraham

How long does it take to get results back from the readiness test? I finished all my test on August 27th and still haven't heard anything back? Thank you!

Only 30sec'

I love there hospitality

Courtney Mathews

I am 6 months away from graduating with my Bachelor's in Special Education and overall my experience at WGU has been fulfilling and positive. I definitely feel like I've learned a lot. I've taken my teacher content exams for licensure in the state of Ohio and have scored above average on each exam without studying too much outside of regular coursework I completed at WGU. Online classes are not meant for everyone. I've had my moments where I slacked off more than I should have and could have probably finished things quicker but being a single working parent and juggling college has been a lot to handle. I'm thankful for my course mentor for always being a positive influence and helping me get back on track those few times I got distracted with life in the beginning. But once I got a good schedule worked out, I have been successful and happy with my progress. If everything continues to go well throughout my demonstration teaching, I will definitely be considering their graduate programs.

Daniel Mortensen

I was happy with tuition costs and am happy to know alumnus status gives access to new and up to date material. Including CPA exam prep materials. I was very skeptical as the MAcc doesn't require the GMAT. I checked with the CPA board for the state and they said this program would qualify me to sit for the exam. I learned alot and was also able to test out of a few courses that I had gained knowledge from work experience. I didnt like that they have a student mentor to babysit through the program. Many of the course mentors or "teachers" would usually respond to my questions about what the book was saying by saying read the book, instead of helping understand the unclear information in the book more clearly. Luckily I had coworkers and youtube to fill in where the professors lacked. I would say if I were to do things over again, I'd go to a brick and mortar or a more formalized online program.

Julie Wrieden

The Enrollment Counselor Nichelle Miller is very snobby and rude! I did not even begin classes due to her being so hateful. First impressions mean a lot. The course work seemed reasonable, the tuition was reasonable and the web site was informative. However, no way would I want to pay $ for an education to be treated so rudely.

DAWN Boike

I was super excited to Join WGU and begin my courses. It started out to be a great experience. Now I my enrollment counselor is not responding to my emails or phone call. I have done everything needed but still sitting in applicant status for about 3 weeks now. She said last week Monday that she expedited the request and we would have a decision within 24 hours and its week later with no decision.

Sonali Bhattacharya

I am currently completing a math education degree with Western Governors. This is an excellent school that is truly focused on student success, with a wonderful team of mentors who help you understand subject matter and facilitate navigation through classes.

Shelly Druzbicki

Able to get my degree at my pace. Every one I have spoken to have been helpful and polite.

Nice One

Receiver my BSN at WGU and now almost done with my MBA. Excellent education at an affordable price! The student and course mentors are awesome. Highly recommend this school!


I had an extraordinary involvement with their Computer Science program. I totally adored my understudy tutor Michelle Vore who was there for me from the very first moment. I sincerely don't think I would've been fruitful without her recommendation and consolation. I exceptionally suggest this school. You truly must be submitted and trained to succeed. Couldn't commend it enough!! Hard work pays!

Larry Banks

I called there to get information about a program and I talked to a operator and I asked her to switch me Admission or enrollment advisor and she asked me a whole bunch of questions instead of switching me to the right department. I will never contact this school ever again.

LaDonia Frierson

I have not attended this on-line university but I have read every review and looked up the notable alumni-impressive. My thoughts... Cons: The 1st lines of communication are not good. The personal counselor/mentor is "hit or miss". The assumption that anyone without college experience won't do well is ridiculous. This can be discouraging. Pros: Low tuition, SELF-PACED. The overall trend for education material is very positive. Most reviews are positive for their counselors/mentors but again, "hit or miss". There are far more positive reviews than negative and many students return. You can finish in less time than a traditional university. About me, Im a psyche nurse/LPN. My experience is complex chronic peds, geriatrics and psyche. Ultimate goal: psyche nurse practitioner (the sooner the better). Im 47 and do not care to sit in class with mostly young adults. I work nights. Scheduling school & sitting in a classroom would be difficult. I have combed the web for an online school that can work with my life. I have ample time to focus & self-study. I have a side business that my husband & I started from scratch- wine making & tasting parties. So, self-paced and self-teaching/studying is not a problem. I do not feel online study is a problem for me. It's preferred. After all my searching and review reading, along comes WGU. This seems to be the first university out of many that come close to what I need. I look forward to speaking with someone to find out if this is truly the right fit for me. If not here, some university somewhere will see me enrolled-period. Hopefully, my next review will be after enrollment and extremely positive.

Loyce Hall

I have had a great experience with WGU, the staff were always supportive. The price is set allowing students to avoid large amounts of student loan debt after obtaining their degree.

Jonathan Emerson

Great way to get a degree on your time.


It's politicaly bias . Make sure when asked during a test " what news org is less factual " , that you choose Fox News , or you will get it wrong. Regardless if you're right. Oh, and the professor has data to back up the claim. Just one's own opinion.

Marlene Marlene

Update # 2: I was all ready to start on Oct. 1st. However, after seeing the published results of the Inspector General audit of the university just last week; I decided to withdraw from WGU. It made me a bit nervous that they might lose their financial aid eligibility. I depend entirely on federal financial aid, and the uncertainty of waiting to see if the Dept. of Education rules on their favor was a bit too unnerving for me. I still give them 4 stars because I got great customer service, their curriculum is very thorough and their price per semester is unbeatable! I hope the Dept. of Education does rule in their favor and they keep being thriving innovators in the educational field. Update: When I called to request my transcripts to apply to another school, I found myself talking to a great customer service rep,. Kaylee Peterson. She then transferred me to Cara Rowley who took the time to explain the whole re-enrollment process. It was so refreshing having talked to two people who really seemed to care about my goal to finish my degree. You can't beat the price per semester at WGU. And when I went to look for jobs in Linkedin, I got to see just how many alumni from WGU were working in several companies around my area--that is what sold it for me! I wanted to make sure I got a degree that employers would accept. I would recommend giving WGU a try. I will update this once I start my semester. Hope this helps! Previous Review: l had really high hopes to re-enroll in this university. I was a student a while back and had to drop out mainly due to my personal financial situation. I called last week to see what I had to do to re-enroll. I was told that it would take THREE months for me to get re-enrolled. I had to wait until October to start back again. When I asked why, the counselor just said "That's how long it takes." I couldn't believe it! The counselor did not offer any other information or explanation of their policies.. WGU is a great school from what I remember. I remembered being very pleased with them when I was a student and this is why I wanted to re-enroll. But to make someone wait 3 months before they are accepted is ridiculous! WGU please re-evaluate your re-enrollment policies and re-train your staff to be better prepared to answer questions and give better customer service.

Christina Godoy

DO NOT DO IT!! WASTE OF TIME!! I applied for entry in June 2014, after taking their entrance exam and passing it, I was told that my entrance had to be reviewed because I did not have any prior college experience. I had an over the phone interview with the enrollment counselor, and I was asked what field of work I was in and what position I held. I explained that I am the Administrator of a law firm and handle: HR duties, payroll, case management, paralegal training, and manage the schedules of four attorneys. After 5 days I was denied entry and told to reapply in six months. What a joke! I have 15 years of on the job training and experience. Thank goodness I didn't take it personal and applied to a higher rated school Grantham University. Needless to say I am on schedule to receive my AA in Business Management on March 15, 2016 and I have a 3.9 GPA. The cost is also much less at Grantham.

angela michelle

READ the 5 STAR REVIEWS. PLEASE just read the huge difference between their 5 star reviews (a few 4s) AND the 1 star reviews. You will notice how VERY similar the 5 and couple 4 star reviews are written. ..words like self-motivating, great mentors, competency-based program, etc. No real person without an agenda talks like that. No review has any specific job/company/authenticity. One of them even said I'm on my fourth house and leasing a Maserati thanks to WGU. HAH! PLEASE just read on here and/or Grad Report (that's all I could take, I suspect the high reviews are written the same on the other school rating sites, you'll see what I mean). If you read enough, it is SO obvious they are a scam! I am SO glad I did not end up going here. I was already wary when the person I talked to on the phone was. ..let's just say not so bright and answered a lot of questions with "I don't know". Yeah and their affiliate "college" Straighterline is an obvious scam too. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I am not just going off these HUNDREDS of fake reviews I read, which should be proof enough, the staff is incompetent and full of it as well. Oh and you'll also notice how ILLITERATE a lot of the 5 star reviews are. Hmm dumb staff. .dumb 5 star reviews. Also, fake alumni that NEVER mention a single company that they have been hired by. Most don't even mention jobs. They just talk about the school and how great it works. If you don't want to take it from me. ..just look for yourself!

Gabe Shahrouzi

The fact you have to result to bombarding me with ads all over my personal accounts on youtube and hulu is incredibly lame.

Alicia Flynt

I am a current student at WGU still in my first semester. I can honestly say that I have absolutely no idea where these bad reviews come from. I transferred with an AA already completed from a community college. My enrollment counselor was the absolute best: super attentive, very involved with following up on whether or not I needed anything, and she never missed a call from me. All of my questions were answered up-front and there was no beating around the bush. My student mentor, another lady, is also super awesome. I have had the need to ask for additional help on a few different occasions and my dealings with individual course mentors have been stellar. While I openly admit that sometimes the material is difficult, if you can push yourself and you do relatively well learning on your own, you will do well overall. I started this past February and I have already completed the material for 12 courses of the 18 I still needed to complete my BS degree. I can't help but wonder how these negative reviews came about and that if they come from people who expected a degree to just be handed to them. You have to do the foot work. I encourage anyone reading these to apply and find out for yourself. Everything is self-driven and your hand will not be held, but help is available to those who ask. WGU is insanely affordable and a very good way to go in my book. I would also like to point out that this school would not be accredited by so many different organizations if it were a complete scam, like some of these reviews say. My opinion: a lot of those reviewers were not cut out for the online atmosphere. Not everyone is.

Hayley Ireland

This is the perfect university experience for adult students with previous college experience and work experience. It's extremely affordable, particularly when you consider the number of courses that can theoretically be completed in 1 term for those who are able to accelerate.

Dave Smith

So Far Ia m not thrilled with the rudness of the enrollement Councelor. He seemed short fused and treatd my questions as if they were stupid. I am registering becuase I got the fee waived, but I am niot sure I like the attitude he projected. I am going to continue to look elsewhere. Do these enrolledment councelors get bonuses for people who register> He sounded like he was working on commision and annoyed becuase I wasnt sure of some things. Frustrating.

Jonathan Reddoch

I am getting my MBA from WGU. I love the DIY method of education. I can go as fast as I want, spend extra time studying as I need. The learning resources are great and there is lots of help available if you need it. My mentor is great and I am learning as well as the four year university I received my BA from. And the tuition is so low!

Austin Beck

I learned about WGU thru a friend. Unfortunately WGU is not a school who actually cares about advancing your education. I took their online assessment and was later told I did not pass just one section and that's why they would not accept me. So I took the test again 3 weeks later and made sure I aced it. I was told I passed the test but that I didn't have enough credits from my prior college and they would prefer I have more credits. That makes no sense. I have a 3.7 GPA and some college courses from high school and I have 1 year prior college experience. I was then directed to pay for classes thru some 3rd party they use called Straighterline. So much for WGUs reputation. I'm an ideal candidate for most schools, and yet they make me feel like a high school drop out

Buesh Mecham

The second I gave them my email address I stared receiving junk emails like crazy. I have been very careful about giving out this email and have not received junk until the hour I gave them my email address. Isn't this a college I should be able to trust with my private information? I decided not to pursue my degree here because of this. Ridiculous!

DJ Rambo

I have been a student of WGU for 2.5 years in the Teaching portion, and about to graduate next month. Looking back through the whole time, I would recommend this college for any person who feels that online college is the best option for them. It was not a walk in the park, and there were about three classes that I wasn't sure if I could make it through. It is possible to do the classes if you make sure you spend time each week (15 hours a week minimum) on your classes. You do one class at a time, which really makes WGU a great option for people who are busy. I have two jobs which take a lot of my time throughout the week, and if I had to do classes like any other college and do all classes at the same time, I would not have made it. I'm about to be hired as a teacher at the school that I work at, and WGU was a great way of working on certification. The staff is EXTREMELY helpful and will help you through every step of the way. Overall, I do not regret going to WGU and had a great experience with them. I am looking at doing my Masters through WGU as well in the future.

Kelly Campbell

So far, my experience has been exactly what I had expected. Admissions counselor was forthcoming with what I needed to do. I set my start dateI; I contacted the other 2 schools in which transcripts we're transferred within 3 weeks (24 credits transferred from a completely different program); I applied for financial aid via FAFSA and was notified within 3 weeks of my financial aid status; I completed the admissions process and just completed orientation to start coursework on March 1st, the date I intended on starting. I didn't have to mail in any paperwork or send any $. All was done electronically via email or phone. So far a good experience. 4 star for potential better rating at graduation.

Dark Nes

I applied for the Healthcare Information Management degree program. Passed the assessments and had everything lined up to start. The requirements for this program was IT or healthcare experience. I was told my 14 years of IT experience, My lifetime A+ certification, My lifetime MCSA, and MCP certifications, and my current position at a major healthcare provider (working directly with doctors and clinical staff) wasnt enough to meet the requirements for this program. Seemed like a great school but like the other reviews state its pretty much hit or miss with admissions. They did advise that I could go and earn another Microsoft certification to be accepted. At this time im not interested in spending more time and money on another certification when other schools are ready and willing to accept me right now (for the same program). The tuition seems very fair but sometimes you have to pay to play. If it takes me spending more to futher my education so be it. My advice is to have a back up plan ready when applying to WGU. Thanks for reading my review and best of luck with your education!

Sonali Camacho

This school actually helps you succeed and earn your education while balancing daily life! I transferred here a year ago due to financial difficulty and have been able to work through classes at an accelerated rate and afford tuition. My mentor, Alicia Rumans, is wonderful as well! My husband is in the military and she is helping me to navigate upcoming demonstration teaching and relocating with the military.

Allison Sloan

I was excited to attend classes online. I had my initial phone conversation and was asked if I had any college credits to transfer. I replied no and asked if that would be a problem. I was told no, it would be no problem. Took their admissions test and got my finances in order to pay. I finally received a phone call from the admissions counselour, after calling twice and being unable to get ahold of her and was informed that I would have to attend another school in order to have credits to transfer because it is a requirement to enroll. I was completely mislead in previous conversations, 3 to be exact. If it was an issue, they should have stated so when I had asked initially. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't invest any more time in this school.

Anna J

The staff is EXTREMELY helpful and pleasant.

Sanoya Amienyi

There’s some obvious shadiness to who they choose to interview/hire. I have applied to multiple jobs here, with not so much as consideration for an interview. Most recently I applied to a job the SAME DAY it was POSTED. The job is EXACTLY what I currently do. I get an email the VERY SAME DAY, stating that ‘they decided to move on with other candidates’. Hopefully what’s in the dark will come to light with what blatantly seems like continued discrimination with this ‘university’.

Susan Welch

I just finished my RN-BSN program. My mentor Dana was encouraging and extremely helpful when I felt overwhelmed. This program required studying had for exams, research and writing, along with community health field experience. As a student, I was dedicated, utilized all the resources WGU has to offer (which is everything you can imagine) and I achieved my goals. I never once felt alone in my journey. I would highly recommend this program to anyone persuing their BSN or MSN. You get out of it what you put into it. I'm taking a well deserved break and hope to return for my MSN.

Azzu Zere

The Best and Affordable Online university in the whole wide Galaxy -- for sure. I have one more term to go. No complain what so every. You really have to work hard, but it's worthy at the end. Great system! student mentor and course mentor are very help. The only complain I have is why in the world did I not know about WGU when I was studying at Brick and Mortal university (which I left in middle of the degree). I would have saved 7 years of my time.

M Robinson

Highly recommend!

Adrian Krantz

Graduated MS. Information Security and Assurance. Great program. Security certifications that are part of the program are definitely a plus. The ongoing support from mentors and faculty members is definitely a part of the students' success. Good affordable education.

Dhani Giri

All I gotta say is that WGU is the best online university. I am almost done with my Business Management degree. I will be starting my MBA very soon.

ابو وليد

Applying for scholarships is such a pain. I spent an hour on the general form applying for one, made sure I was signed in and when I finally submit it, it asked me to sign in again, only to find out I have to start all over....

jenise cooper

They are not worth the energy nor time. They sent me on a wild goose chase to ultimately not be accepted. I requested why, they gave me a very vague anwser. I never received my compass test score and they talked so much about why statistically they do not accept students without college experience to the point where I'm 100% sure that that is illegal due to discrimination and goes against the fact that on their website it clearly States some college experience or work experience. I've been working in the field of Business since 2012. So I'm sure they already had their minds made up about me since I have never been to college. I thought this would be the best school for me since the experience with Nashville states online schooling wasn't ideal for me. I now see that I am Wrong about WGU. I do not which to continue wasting my time to get an honest answer on why they do not want me there. Beware of this school. I will do my research on another school to further my education.

Jerry Godsey

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and my Masters in Business Administration from WGU. I love the school! It allowed me to do classes on my schedule, in my home (or wherever I could find a place to study) and at my pace. I didn't have to do daily check-ins or other mundane tasks. The emphasis was on learning. I cannot endorse WGU high enough.

Elizabeth Hocking

Practicing teachers be warned. They apparently have never heard of people having to conform to a schedule or teach units in an order. Was fine up until my capstone course (got through 12 courses in 1.5 months). I passed my prospectus for the capstone easily. But due to my district course resequencing I suddenly realized I would need to teach the unit I'd picked for my capstone study in only one week and my IRB approval was not in First my instructor bullied me into attempting to finish the Irb in a matter of hours while ill, even though I said I wasn't feeling well and had no prep and thus would probably make mistakes, and basically begged not to try that. I did everything else correctly but because I was so woozy I didn't scan my consent form double sided and thus failed the IRB making it outright impossible to do the study at the time my job requires me to do the unit. well almost two weeks later and assessment services is beginning to "assemble a team of specialists to look at the case". The case being me "appealing" me *passing* grade on the prospectus to get it vacated so I can write a prospectus on my actual topic. Or alterntively get permission to write an irb for the new topic and move on. Admins and instructors talk to each other but not to me. The course instructor (who talks over me) keeps giving advice and then denying it, for example he told me to go on submitting things which would vacate the appeal. On top of all this everyone keeps saying they've never heard of a school with such "rigid" requirements. Really? From a school that makes more money if it takes you longer this is super shady

Claudine Navales

So far, my experiences with my Admission Counselor Vanessa Hernandez has been wonderful. She is young, compassionate and driven to help and make my life easier. Vanessa guides me and inspires me to push myself in making my educational venture possible. I believe in Western Governors University in providing working adults who plan for a career ladder possible. Thank you! And thank you for all the support. I feel like I am part of the institution already. God bless you all!

Robert Seybold

This university is a joke at best. It sounds great on paper: flat fee every 6 months and you can take as many classes as you would like. But what they don't tell you is the lack of resources you'll have. And when you get stuck on a problem, it can sometimes take them a week or two to finally respond. And even then, most likely they didn't answer your questions entirely, which means you'll have follow-up emails with more questions and will need to wait another week or two for answers. They say you can schedule an appointment to talk with the course instructor anytime you'd like. But what they don't tell you is that the instructors are usually booked out two to three weeks in advance. And if you have a job, good luck finding a time that works around your schedule. I found it nearly impossible to schedule a call on the weekends because the course instructors would be booked out for over a month. Long story short, I finished half of my masters program with them and have finally decided to go elsewhere. This place should not be allowed to operate as an accredited university.

Chase Palmer

I have been a student with WGU for the last 3 years and have enjoyed every aspect of it. My student mentors have been great people to work with and have helped me through everything. All of the student mentors I have worked with have been very knowledgeable and have been quick to respond to my questions. I love that WGU is a not-for-profit organization, unlike most other institutions. This means that their primary focus is your eduction, not your money.

Cory Anne Sigoda

I got charged for a term I never even attended. I had no idea and was contacted by a collections agency before I ever heard from WGU. I wish WGU had contacted me in any sort of way to let me know before they sent the balance to collections. I definitely won’t be returning after this experience.

Tara Raychelle

Though I’m sad with the time frame it has taken,I’m Hoping that soon I will get to start, I’ve had to reset my day twice due to the admissions process. Just so ready to start hopefully I will get to start for 11/1

Michael L

Absolutely terrible. I was told that at least one higher level networking class was needed. I sent them my transcripts and they said that my Cisco class I took was "met". After that, I get a call stating that I didn't get in, lol. Why did they tell me a minimum requirement would be a higher level networking class, the transcript request people said that my Cisco class met the requirements, and after that tell me that I didn't get in?

rather not disclose

SUPER UNHAPPY about the 2am texting and emails...

philip ganci

Is a lot of work but very satisfying.

Breanna Osbourne

I just competed my first term. I completed 18 CU but could have easily completed more. I moved in the middle of my term so I didnt do any work for about 2 months. I will be competing my degree ahead of schedule. My mentor is awesome and if I have any questions a course mentor for the class emails me back very quickly.

Tunde Oladugbagbe

Having read a number of reviews here about WGU , I decided to add mine because it might help someone out there making a decision. I have just been offered a provisional admission and I owe it a duty to let others know that I am receiving a timely attention, amazing support, guidance, encouragement and commitment from my awesome enrollment counselor ( Kiera Williams) who keeps me in tow about steps of the process. The relationship from the time of application, documentation to acceptance has been very cordial and effective.I look forward to having a good mentor like her.I also have the feeling that WGU is going to be a great place for my academic pursuit.I surely will recommend this Institution to other colleagues of mine.So far, so brilliantly great.

Ethan Hardman

I am a person with a disability under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) and the administration here is truly awful. I requested some simple accommodations for my courses in the College of IT and was laughed out the door. My student mentor was highly unprofessional, calling me at strange hours of the day when we did not have an appointment, and nobody was willing to help me work through my issues when I called several different departments for help. (Yes, I escalated, and the supervisors at Student Services are just as bad!) They KNEW I was struggling with my disability and I was mocked, lied to, misdirected, and put on the back burner. While they may cost you less money, they provide much less value. Western Governor's is an unprofessional and hostile environment for anyone covered by ADA. I have told every single family member and friend to AVOID this place. They want your money, but if you need access to normal learning resources and help (like those found at any serious public University), they will shame you and blame you and make your life hell on Earth. Save yourself some heartbreak and run as far and fast from WGU as you can. If you don't believe me, go read their surprise audit from the Department of Education. You won't believe what they have been getting away with. Shame on WGU. College students, disabled or not, deserve better than this.

Tor San

I had a great experience with WGU. They allowed me to transfer the majority of my freshman and sophomore credits from the community college I attended. You spend about $3,000 per semester. You have to take 4 classes, a full-time course load. However, if you finish with those 4 you can take on another classes, and another, and another without paying extra. If you have time to devote to earning a degree you can take 6 or 7 classes in one semester without spending more than $3,000. You do have to understand that it is a University. They expect quality essays, presentations, and administer rigorous tests. If you don't have the ability to teach yourself through the use of their online resources then you would be better off at a non-online school. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and I am now a teacher in Texas earning $55,000 working for one of the largest school districts in Houston, TX. I have known of a handful of people to earn their degree at WGU and go on to work as a teacher in the same school district I work for. Their degrees certainly mean something to my employer.

Stacy Ziglear

So, you can read the below and that was before I found out that I could not attend the teacher's program without quitting my job. I was told AFTER I enrolled that I was unable to do the teaching program unless I could go 3 months without a job after I finished the program due to the 12 weeks of student teaching you have to do. The person I spoke with who is to be my mentor was nice about it but at the same time it seemed as if she was trying to talk me out of getting this degree because of the lack of being able to take off 3 months of work (basically, quit my job, no one could take 3 months off work). This is ridiculous, as I am already enrolled and all and I now cannot pursue this degree due to the fact that I have a daughter I have to raise and financially support. Ridiculous! I was VERY pleased with my enrollment counselor, but the fact that I cannot pursue this degree due to the fact that I work when it is supposed to be a college for WORKING adults, is heart-wrenching. This is my review before I actually spoke with the mentor and found out I couldn't work during this degree: So far, so good! I am enrolling in the BS Teachers Program and I have had nothing but good experiences, thus far. I am waiting for my financial aid to be OK'd then I will start on April 1st. I did pass the admissions exam, though I know that's not for everybody. I did waste 3-4 years at DeVry University and have almost exhausted my financial aid due to their high tuition. So far, I would definitely recommend it. I will post another review once I get completely enrolled (financial aid)! My enrollment counselor has been very proactive in helping me get all the information I have needed, thus far. :) Can't beat the low tuition rates compared to other schools!

Jonathan Yates

Attended on line will find another "institution." As a retired disabled veteran, I was attending WGU, online. In Feb 18, i worked a full time job, took 18 hours of classes enrolled thru the VA GI Bill. I had to stop classes and bury my mother, after her death 3 Mar 18, and burial 11 Mar 18, I withdrew from this term because things got a little stressed. in under a month WGU sent me a bill saying i owed them $645.90, and a week later an email send the bill to collections. Not to mention the $8k burial and $1500 headstone, the IRS $1k, and $1100 in roof repairs, the immediate demand for money from WGU and then the daily calls from their attack collection agency really have destroyed any confidence in WGU. I'll NEVER attend this "university," again and if there're any Veterans, or military considering this as a institution of higher education, i say look some place else. I believe that WGU is more about your money than caring if your human.


Filled out application, sent transcripts, took assessment tests, filled out FAFSA and never heard from my admissions counselor. He would always call during the middle of the day when I was at work and then would never answer when I called him back. Tried emailing the admissions people to ask for a new counselor who could possibly do their job but never got a response from them either. I’m not competing for your business, you should be competing for mine.

Elizabeth Thurston

You can count on being helped well by all staff! Visitors to the building-waiting area is always clean, cool, and quiet. The bathrooms always smell clean and very well kept. Future students- mentors and staff follow up and are helpful during your progress. Convenient for those with families, full time jobs, and unique circumstances. Future employees- HR is wonderful! Great benefits include bonuses, parties, flexible hours, opportunities to move up in the company, travel opportunities, and significant tuition discounts! PokémonGo users: the building is a gym. Always lots of spinning, catching, and battling.

Ginette Louis

I had a great experience with their RN to BSN program. I absolutely loved my student mentor Cherilyn who was there for me from day one. I honestly don't think I would've been successful without her advice and encouragement. I highly recommend this school, but online nursing classes are not for everyone. You really have to be committed and disciplined in order to succeed.

Irish Stagepoet

I hope that I will be able to update this post and add a few stars to the review, but as of right now I'm very disappointed in my experience with WGU. I have my BA in English Ed, and a number of courses at the MAT level. I was interested in completing my MAT in secondary ed with WGU - I loved their education structure in theory, and it sounded perfect for me as a working professional with a history in alternative, self-motivated learning communities. Let me be clear - I am not a student. My experience is with their front line of communication and enrollment counselors, and it has been very disappointing. From the get go, the CSR (Jeff) who answered my first inquiry actually used the word "retarded" to describe other colleges and universities, which was a bit shocking, and completely unprofessional and inappropriate. While surprised, I didn't want to judge the entire university based on one young, inexperienced rep, so I continued on and was connected with an enrollment counselor. I had two scheduled meetings with this counselor - lets call her Jane for the sake of this post. Jane was over 30 minutes late for our first scheduled meeting, even though I received an automated text earlier in the day reminding me to be on time for it (with an attached incentive for an application fee waiver if I was not late). I was on a lunch break for the meeting, so it was frustrating to have my time abused, but hey, sometimes things happen that we can't always plan for, such is life, and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Jane's information during our meeting was pretty good, and by the end of our conversation I was excited about WGU's MAT program! I was also happy to hear that Jane would be my main point of contact throughout the admissions/enrollment process; it meant a lot to know that I would not be shuffled around from person to person. I had a few specific questions that would determine whether or not WGU was in fact a workable program for me, so Jane arranged a follow up meeting for a few days later so she could research my inquiries in depth. I received a couple of helpful emails from her in between the meetings. But come time for our second appointment, Jane wasn't only late, she never called! After 40 minutes, I called her (just in case there was some confusion) and got an automated message informing me she was on the phone. I left a message, and did not hear back. Eventually, I called WGU's toll-free number and was connected with another enrollment counselor (let's call her Bev) who verified that my follow up appointment with Jane was, indeed, on the books and in her calendar. Since they track communication (many employees work from home), Bev could also see that Jane had not even attempted to call me. I was so let down. Jane and I had a wonderful report, and I truly believed that she was invested in my progress at WGU. I guess I was wrong? Bev did attempt to answer some of my questions, but not only was it difficult to start from square one with a different person - as Jane and I had taken about 90 minutes to work through things during our initial meeting - but I was disheartened when Bev's responses were completely contrary to the information I had been given during my meeting with Jane. At this point, after being given the run around, I just don't know if I trust WGU and their employees to manage my master's program. If the communication breakdown with their enrollment counselors is at all indicative of the rest of the program, it does not bode well... Education degrees that lead to initial certification are tricky beasts, with lots of logistics and hurtles to jump through, a number of required state-based tests and very specific check lists that vary from state to state. At this point, I have a hard time believing that a school that cannot get their ducks in a row to give me preliminary advice could handle all the important requirements needed to effectively certify their teachers.

shibu lekshman

I have done both my undergrad and graduate degree from WGU. I am pleased with my experience at the university. There may be minor concerns about the way things are done, but overall the university represents unprecedented value. WGU is not for everyone, and there is very little interaction between fellow students. Mentors are available for each subject, and are usually helpful. The university is fully accredited as far as I know and is surely something that you should checkout before enrolling in one of the other universities.

Beth McLeod

I truly wish that I had something positive to say about WGU, but I don't. I completed my masters degree here in a program that wasn't even available a few months after I had graduated. I was charged for an entire term even though I finished my degree within the first week of a new term, which in my opinion is very misleading. I also interviewed for a faculty job here recently with Tyler Merrill, a recruiter, and was given no follow up whatsoever regarding the position. He didn't even bother to notify me that they had moved in another direction with the position until I reached out weeks later. I see that customer service isnt really the forte here for assisting students or faculty. They had also told me that faculty are expected to work at least 45 hours each week, while being available during the weekends as well. I'm relieved that I didn't get the teaching position, seeings as follow up and customer service apparently aren't the focus here.

Paulo Maldonado

The material provided and the support is great at WGU. I recently finished a Bacherlor in B.A., and I am about to start their Master program. If you are about to start studying at this university, expect to read and master the information provided. If you have experience, you will be very familiarized with the courses. But if you experience is limited, study really hard, and set mile stones to get through your courses. I thank my mentor and support staff for their flexibility and adjustment to my crazy life and work schedule.

Liana Ashbrook

I just looked up reviews of WGU because I was curious, and I was surprised by the number of negative reviews! I did my research before applying and so far WGU has been exactly what I expected. My mentor and course instructors (and in the past, my enrollment advisor) email me back when I email them, call me when I set an appointment, and leave me alone the rest of the time. Perfect. My program (MSCIN) requires only one proctored exam and while the process was a little annoying, it only took about 20 minutes to get set up. As someone who got two undergrad degrees at a brick and mortar school, I think people just need to understand that some employees (student services, advisors, professors, or what have you) are just going to be unhelpful at any school, and that WGU requires more initiative from the student than a brick and mortar school. Overall, WGU is a great value but maybe not a great fit for everyone.

Andrew Juan Cano

Great place to work and get an education.


I was super excited to start this program due to the way I could take as many classes as I wanted in a semester for a flat fee. I am going back to school for my job, it was a requirement in order to get my promotion and move forward with the company. Starting out it seemed like a very easy experience and like everything would go well. I had multiple emails and a phone call with my enrollment counselor. My enrollment counselor left me a voicemail stating that my "readiness exam" needed to be completed by Monday and if it wasn't my start date would then be pushed back. I completed all tasks and emailed my counselor and even acknowledged her voicemail stating that all tasks needed to be turned in by Monday and confirming my start date. She emailed me back and said she'd be in touch after she received the scores. Days go by so I log into my WGU portal to see that I have a new counselor. I emailed him and get no response. I set up a meeting and he calls me. I say what has happened and tell him about how my last counselor said I needed everything turned in by a certain date in order to start. He informs me that I can not start that date and must now start at a later date (He was very rude and abrasive and offered zero help). He informs me that me emailing is not good enough I need to call them. So now my employer thinks I no longer want this promotion and are now looking at other candidates. My new enrollment counselor said multiple times how they will NOT respond to an email (not sure why an online school does not respond to emails). Overall this has been a terrible experience and I am upset that I have signed up. You are better off with a traditional school that offers online learning/ evening programs. This is nothing but a gimmick. I do not recommend.

Sidney R.

I've been at why 2 1/2 years. Which means I've had to do a ton of objective exams. They do it through proctoru. That place is a mess, useless, and horrible. Over 10 test taken always takes me a minimum 30 minutes. Wish I could transfer somewhere else. Eta: turns out you can transfer to examity. Be sure to transfer to them because they are so much better!

diane chiocchi

I received my BA in Education from WGU. I loved the ability to finish classes on my schedule. I was, also, able to take many classes at the same time. The classes were cost friendly, difficult but made me work hard and learn more. I was happy with WGU until I received my BA. I was told by my mentor if I did my student teaching in any grade up to 3rd I would have a dual certification ( ECE and ID studies). I started out working in ECE and was denied a cert and a $1200.00 bonus because WGU claimed I did not have the required classes. I was voted Outstanding Teacher that year and 5 years later. When I tried to fix this issue, I was told the requirements changed before I graduated. I then had a difficult time moving to EL ED. I was told my mentor had left and I could not prove this was the info I was given. My advice is always send EMs with specific questions. Save all responses. Ask more questions if the answer isn' t clear and ask for a more accurate answer. Do not trust the first person with whom you speak , keeping questioning so all answers are clear and in writing. Take the classes-good teachers who will always help you understand your subject and aid you in finding your way. Just never trust the mentor (they may leave anytime during the year), or the admin unless it is in clear, understandable written statements. Good luck, be smart, and do it!

James Kazanci

I attended their ACP program which is a online program. There was no support a guy used to call me from Boston and when I ask questions to get help he didn’t have answers. I dropped out and joined Texas Teachers ACP program and I was a teacher in 8 months.

Natalie Breinholt

I have just finished my first term with WGU and could not be happier with my experience so far. I love that I am able to focus on one class at a time and that my student mentor is always around to help when I need as well as being a great cheerleader for me so far. The course mentors have been a huge help as well. I have never felt like I was left to fend for myself, or that I did not have all the information I need while working through my classes. When my WGU issued webcam broke right before a final I was able to reach a live person at student services to help me and had a new webcam within the week. I would recommend this school for any student who, like me, has to work full time while trying to obtain a degree. It takes a lot of hard work and self discipline but it is completely worth it!! Thank you WGU for providing the perfect learning environment for so many people.

Skim Shank

Ugh... Don't bother. In my experience they give you the run-around and play games. It sounded to me that they have a bunch if twenty something's in charge. This means to me either poor judgement or ageism really runs through the company. Also, I think they are failing which explains the lack of professionalism I experienced. I'm thankful for not going any further with them.

David Voelker

I have twice now attempted to take one class. I kept struggling and am only told chapters to re-review. Not specific areas that I am not understanding. Well the course materials were. It helping but making my abilities to remember worse. So in the second time around I literally spent three months re-learning from external means and took my preassessment and passed! When I requested the ability to take my final again I was denied and told I must use the college supplied materials. So more or less keep failing. For two months I have been fighting with my student mentor to bypass this and to no avail. Now I am suspended from school because I didn't maintain weekly calls (mind you out of the three I have missed one once did I skip the call the next two I received no calls!). This university is a joke when it comes to really helping a student. If I could give less then a 1 star I would!

Sheyann Bair

My husband completed all course work and was told he could graduate July 2011, however, his "advisor," Tom Dooley, notified him that he'd accidentally submitted my husband's senior project late. So, he was not allowed to walk at graduation. At that time, he WAS told that he would still receive his degree in the mail and was given an apology for the error. It is now 2013. We have called about every two to three weeks since 2011 and have been told by Jessica in the Records Department that he did, in fact, graduate, his course work is completed, and that his actual degree diploma was mailed. They've promised this over and over and over and over. Still nothing. We are now in default on our education loans, as we do not feel it is fair that we should have to pay for an education through this university when the university refuses to honor their statements. We have nothing good to say about Western Governor's University. They are all liars... take your money, promise an education, give the education (not even a quality education), then screw you over for two full years. AVOID THIS UNIVERSITY!!! Oh, and yesterday, when he made his normal call to check if progress had been made, he was told they're now dealing with many more students in a similar position. Get your act together, WGU!!

may ronci

I have had an amazing experience with my BSN program. I just completed my first term with the support of an amazing mentor michelle gower. She calls me every week to make sure i am staying on track. This is a computer based program so for those of us working it is convenient but also easy to not stay disciplined and completinf thw mentor makes me this program and school and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to move forward and upward in their career..

Miguel Madaris delavega

this online collage is very rude to its students just like Jersey collage no respect very rude against the students calling all hours of the night so disrespectful this isn't online dating asking if they are single so unprofessional they try to make students fail courses the instructors and mentors they are not helpful watch ur personal files in ur computer they will go thru ur personal pictures and emails videos don't give them permission having personal conversations asking personal questions that have nothing to do with the program giving the wrong study material for test lying about material forcing u to take test when u aint ready making u take classes they have nothing to do with the degree u are going for interupting timed test to make students fail so they would have to pay to retake it many people I know have fell victim to this online college mess I wouldn't recommend anyone to this college save your money so I feel I needed to update u guys my girl just went thru hell to take her proctor they made her wait wait a hour to take her proctor u can't get up or use the bathroom then her exam cut out 45mins 7 times during the Procter and each time this happen she lost time so unfair how can u focus to pass like this and it counted as her first time for her assessment and I only get so many for free then u have to pay she then rescheduled for the assessment and they gave the wrong address she almost missed it since she had no time to waste this is so unfair her education means the world to me this collage is a joke the mentors aren't any help they lie so much we looking for other collages

Karren Williams

Proud to be a WGU graduate with an MSN in Nursing Leadership and Management. My experience was great. I had Nursing Instructors who challenged me to learn and succeed in the program, as well as supported me in all areas of my course work.

Joseph Ponzio

An amazing and supportive school, wonderful education!!

Samantha Fisher

It's a scam. Stay away from this school. They make it impossible to schedule tests. When you do finally schedule a test the testing site does not know anything about your registration. And this happened three times. After months of going back and forth with them it is inevitable you have lost much of the information from your memory. Two classes and one test from their "graduation" my husband has given up. So much money wasted. Wish he would have finished his degree at a real university.

Thomas Wolfe

Like many things in life -- WGU is what you make of it. If you are self-motivated and driven to success, WGU can give you the tools you need to transform your life. For me, as an Information Technology leader, I had the skills, technical certifications, and experience -- but lacked the 'credibility' that a degree conveys. I enrolled (and completed) my undergraduate degree there, in record time, as a result of their 'competency'-based approach. I then re-enrolled and completed my Master's degree. Looking back, I was able to cram 6 years of school into ~ 4, on my own schedule, while otherwise working and balancing a family, at an incredible price. In return, WGU absolutely delivered the credibility I needed to propel my career and improve my income. What other institutions provide that flexibility, opportunity, and value? None, because there aren't any. As an institution of higher learning, WGU is absolutely fantastic -- it is everything higher education should be. Best & Respectfully-- Tom

Shency Francis

MY experience with WGU was very rewarding and successful. It truly is competency based, and the student is able to accelerate according to the capacity of the student. Very pleased, the student mentors and course mentors are readily available to help. Great University, Great team.


Take away any insightful input from any PhD or ANY PROFESSOR AT ALL in the classroom. THERE ARE NO PROFESSORS AND NO CLASSROOM. Take away the input of any other students in the classroom which is part of most classroom education (other opinions and points of view). Take away academic excellence added by a published teacher or teachers assistant in the classroom. Add a book that you can get anywhere, add any unusual hour that you want to study on your own and contemplate your navel, add an entrance test where they do not tell you what your scores are - and the subject matter of the test is about third-grade level math and english - for a college degree, for gods sake! - add a staff comprised of judgmental, undereducated mormon men (not clear if the CEO Mendenhall even has a college degree... (and I do state that not all mormons are in this category) and undereducated bimbo women most of whom have a degree from WGU if any at all (the lead trainer for the school repeated states that "she hates smart people"), add an "accelerated" program where they do not tell you that your "acceleration" (and, consequently, your tuition) is controlled by a "mentor" (a person you never see who can hold you back from finishing more quickly and add to your tuition spent) add an enrollment counselor who has access to your personal information without HIPAA, ADA or EEOC training (one of the counselors in my training program had three chapter seven bankruptcies and three attempts at chapter 13 bankruptcies with a slew of collection accounts listed on beenverified (in other words, a deadbeat advising you, never showed up to training on time, but was never terminated for time card theft (from an institution where her salary was paid out of federal funds) and a main SLC trainer directly related to a forger with prison time - talk about personal standards!) and you have an institution that claims pride in distance learning on the cheap...what the hell else can they claim??? Do you hear DELIVERANCE banjo music playing in the background yet? I spent a few weeks as an enrollment counselor before I bailed for their lack of ethics. Spend the time, spend the money for other choices. There are plenty of online university programs where you at least have access to a professor. Or think about it this way...Would you ever want to be on an operating room table, knocked out and at the mercy of an MD who learned his/her craft because he/she read a book and took a multiple choice test ON THE INTERNET? This is just another scam perpetrated by a Utah politician (smacks of the Utah Olympics scandal where Mitt Romney had to travel to Utah to bail them out, or the little man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz)...all to make a "few good mormon men" some money...RUN FROM IT. There are plenty of other distance learning schools out there that are decent. The most unfortunate aspect of this setup, is the fact that students without any prior college experience buy into this bunk as an acceptable college degree program (it is if you live your life in a paper bag).

Luke Henwood

Trying to get enrolled now. The first admissions counselor sent an email telling me to call and get enrolled. So I emailed him and dialed his number, left messages. No response. So I called the main number and got someone else to talk to. He was nice and enthusiastic about the school and very helpful. I have been trying to get ahold of him again. I have sent him 3 emails and nothing back. If I hear nothing back by tomorrow I am moving on. A school that is about to get thousands of $$$ from me better be willing to email me back!

Candi Controulis

It is okay. It’s nice to be able to do everything from home and not have to buy books. The mobile app is great because you can study on the go. The format is easy to use. That being said, for a “go at your own pace” program there is a lot of contact with instructors and mentors that is expected of you. I’m expected to be available during normal business hours once a week to chat with my mentor which is difficult when you work full-time, which is the entire reason I opted for this program. I’m constantly having to rearrange lunches and meetings and it’s very frustrating. Someone is constantly contacting you to find out how your work is going. I’m sure this is nice for some people, but I am an autonomous learner and the hand-holding irritates me. I do what I can, when my schedule allows it and don’t need someone bugging me about it. It defeats the purpose of me picking this program that is marketed towards working professionals. It would have been nice if the admissions advisors had been candid about these requirements before signing up.

Joshi Chen

School is a scam. I did everything required to apply for admissions and then I was denied because I don't have enough "college experience." No, not all of my credits were applicable to the program I applied to. I was told I need one more class or credit and i was then referred to a third-party service that allegedly give college credit in a month. I can understand being denied because i don't have enough credits, but being told i need to pay a non-accredited third party service is shady and possibly illegal. I will be reporting this school to their accreditation association and also to other higher education organizations. I suggest you stay away from this school and the scammers that run it.

Angela Davis

Recent WGU graduate earned my MBA Healthcare Management '19. I personally feel the quality of education is a great value for the price. No issues.

Lauren Salvador

Honestly I only have "provisional acceptance" to the school and yet have been officially accepted but I have to put my review in. Give credit where credit is due, and by that I must mention, Ms. Carly Eggett who is the Admissions Counselor is truly an amazing person to guide you on how to go about the admissions process. She is easy to talk to and her voice is welcoming and on the phone it sounds like shes always smiling because its pleasant. There are always people in customer service who just sound irritated and they hate their job and ms Carly is not one of them. If she misses your call, She gets back to you immediately. I think WGU is seriously fortunate to have her on their team.

christina ostertag

I just finished my Bachelor's at WGU, completing about 30+ courses in 1.5 years while balancing a demanding full time job and my three children. The flexibility is amazing and having 15+ years of business experience allowed me to accelerate my courses.

t t

Fantastic job, awesome people and very cultured with an emphasis on helping others

Cierra Michelle

The graduate enrollment counselors have made this process much harder than it is. The first one I had (Carlos) felt like he was interrogating me regarding my admission into the program. When he called harassing me, I asked to be connected to a new enrollment counseling and now the second counselor (Ellie) never responds to emails. I was told I would have a degree plan by the MTA representative which I still don’t have. The admission rep (Kelly) sent me an admission letter and that’s was all I’ve heard from her. It’s as though they don’t care. My enrollment date has, had to be moved twice and I’m really thinking about going to another school. The lack of communication is ridiculous.

Tējh Johnson

The entire process of this organization (WGU) is comparable to a bottle of confusion and a barrel of discombobulation.

Kris Heslop

A Place of Learning: WGU provides an excellent resource for those that have a varied schedule. It is not for those who think they will not have to work. If you work at this you can complete over 20 units per term. If you have knowledge in a topic, the pre-testing helps identify where to focus, saving valuable time and energy. If you are interested in taking advantage of a great learning experience shared by over 30,000 students-learn more about WGU. The school is supportive of all people and types, putting you in control of your success. Do not let others keep you away from the best educational value around.

Erica Ficarrotta

I was having a great experience in the program until I got to my MSN capstone courses. Their offices were so behind that it took months to approve my preceptor and location. I never once was able to have someone answer the phone or return my calls. Now I have been unable to complete my capstone because my preceptor has not been responding to emails. (I’m not allowed to select my own topic. The preceptor has to provide data from their school so I’m just stuck waiting). This is not an evaluation of me or my knowledge. This should be an assignment that I am able to complete independently. I am unable to start it until a preceptor decides my topic and provides information I am unable to access without them. Incredibly frustrating.

Andy Salazar

Their enrollment team was very unorganized and no help at all. I was hoping to attend the school. Each week was a new request and it looked like they didn't want anyone to attend the college. Best price, but guessing not available for everyone. What a shame.

Khoi Nguyen

Thanks to WGU I was able to obtain my Professional in Human Resource certification while studying for my undergraduate degree. This certification was built into the tuition so I didn't have to pay a dime. Working at a full-time job and attending school full-time was quite stressful, but WGU's model made it possible for me to graduate. I would recommend this school to anyone who has the initiative to do the work on their own without instructions from anyone. However, since everything is self-driven, this school is NOT for everyone. But if you are self-driven, consider WGU. This school is regionally accredited (which is the best), non-profit, and continually growing.

Brit A.

My name is Brittney but for some reason WGU can't get that right. On documents from the school I've been everything from Britny to Christopher. Christopher? Really? They don't care about their students. Just the $$$

Mark Cumings

Signed up for business classes. Made it as far as the sign in portal then I was assigned an advisor. I already have a BS in Education and wanted to expand my education to another field. I needed information about the course so I may use my GI bill for tuition assistance. Two weeks and no communication from my advisor. I have sent multiple emails requesting the information and still nothing. I won't to beg WGU to take classes. Moving on to another establishment.

Ernest Nelson

Unfortunately western governor university has misled me and falsified their program greatly. So continuing with WGU is problematic because lied directly to me. I was lied to by college and they commuted fraud ageist me. There IT program is a complete wast of money and time.

Caleb Chandler

Bachelors for cheap and faster than traditional schools.

Jonathan Hughes

Great place to work and to go to school.

Justin Clarke

I too found that I do not like the arrangement of the WGU courses. They where not consistant from description of assignment to the 2nd instruction and to the rubric of the assignment. Then the grading is done by another person that did not write the instruction of the lesson. There is an overall feeling of disconnect, impersonal, rush to move on to next customer, most communication by discussion makers are surrounded (hidden) behind emails. Once discussing with an individual about the conflict your are then referred to email. I feel that my last semester and the course I completed was stolen from me by technicalities and lack of communication. I will not be attempting a return to WGU.

Matt Labronte

Great place to work

Sonya Nold

This program is a ridiculous coaster of caios to follow. The courses and information can change at anytime. The "mentors are just paid to answer the phone but lack any knowledge or assistance. It is in my opinion that the way assignments are worded they are purposely made to be confusing so doing assignments will take longer ultimately earning them more money. There is no flow in the course work or class selection. There is a WEB of call centers that you need to contact if "there's an issue", which there usually is. Tests are through another online service, they usually start 20-30 mins late and can be interrupted if the person needs a break or to leave. They were VERY prompt when it came to the financials, oh except applying my discount contracted through my employer... that took 9 months. I have discouraged many of my colleagues from attempting this program as the frustration out weighs the value. Save your money on this one.

kayla cooper

I've been doing the enrollment process for this school since August of 2018 with my original start date November 1st. I had mailed the notarized paper for financial aid back in September. They never received according to my enrollment counselor. Had to push my start date back to December. Resent the paper in October never received. Resent the paper 2 more times in November. Still the form was never received. I know the mail did not loose the paper that many times. You guys are wasting my time and are very unprofessional. My start date is pushed to January and I am not mailing you guys another paper. You need to get it together I did so much research picking a school mailing transcripts just for you guys to not do your jobs. I am beyond frustrated.

Arrit Gashi

I read all the professional reviews and people that wanted to earn something they gave a 5 star review and so will I.

Nikki McElroy

Nobody had any idea what they are doing. When you call for help with something, all they do is shuffle you between departments endlessly. I've been on the phone for over an hour just trying to get 2 documents. I'm still being bounced between departments and I still don't have the documents. This is ridiculous.

k m

I am in my second term at WGU getting my MBA. I have been incredibly impressed so far. My husband recently got a degree online through another school (Thomas Edison State College) and we have both commented on many occasions how much better WGU's program is. Everything from the online classroom interface, to the helpfulness and availability of the mentors and professors to the speed of work being graded. Regarding the MBA program specifically, I am very pleased. The professors (or course mentors as WGU calls them) have all been excellent. I have never had a problem getting help from or reaching them. Each course has many options available to help you - everything from group study sessions to open office hours to Q&A times with the professors. I find with online learning, what you get out is based on what you put in. WGU is challenging - I find the difficulty of the material in my program to be *just* challenging enough that I'm working really hard but also constantly learning new things and grasping the concepts. I have never had anything but positive experiences with my student mentor (like a cheerleader who keeps you on track during the program), and the administration like financial aid, etc. All in all, I highly recommend WGU if you're looking for great value, flexibility and you have the ability to self-motivate.

Palak Patel

@Crimson Madaris , it's "college"

Kind Kd

I'm surprised this school only has 3 stars. I would give it Gazillions of them. You work full time, and don't know how to get your Masters degree. Western Governors University got your back. They got mine, and I couldn't express more happiness and delight with everything. Excellent school with multiple degrees options. Working from home, while doing school, too is just amazing. Teachers work with you directly - on a one on one basis, too! Just reach out to them, and they will be there for you. They are just phenomenal! All of them!!!! Doing labs together with other new colleagues while telecommuting is just awesome. The final Capstone was just the best experience in school. REALLY Affordable; and noooo - I'm not kidding! I finished my MBA in 3 semesters, and I didn't have to pay for the 4th semester, so flexibility is a given from WGU. I got a large pay increase post graduating! Well done, WGU, and thank you for supporting me from the beginning til the end, and never giving up to me and my noisy questioning sometimes (haha; I am that kind of type of person who asks a lot of questions)! Now, a drawback is that WGU offers no PhD programs today (July 2019)! I would have attended one PhD program w/out any questions, even from New Zealand where I relocated to be with my family.

Katia leahy

The school gives students objective and subjective testes. If you study hard you can pass your objective tests and move to another class quicker. However the subjective testes(essays and assignments) are totally up to an evaluator' S opinion and they will not passed you until the semester is almost done. I sent an assignment and got returned with some requests for correction. After recorrectiom I resent and got returned again with another request for correction. At the fourth time and have correct and correct...I was told it was the wrong research paper. In another words got to do it all over. The more time a student stay the more they pay, for me that is what this school is all about and most of the tests are subjective.

Joseph Martinez

Just finished my degree. Everyone who works for WGU is so helpful to help me accomplish my goals. Great school, especially if attending a local "traditional" college is not possible at this time. WGU is a great investment in your future.

Shanna Jean

Worst school to go to they keep calling u everytime you email them they want you to schedule an appoitment instead .they only give you a passing score even if you miss 5 question you still cant pass make you pay 60$ for a retest and have those camera test where people make you zoom ur room before u test and sit there watching you .you need to be in a room alone (what if I have a roomate make them sit outside while Im taking a test no sense)

Jesus rodriguez

I just graduated from WGU MSISA program. I really recommend it; it was easy and my mentor really helped me along in the way. Now if they only had a PHD program. This is my second online degree and this school was the best by far..Thanks WGU!!

Grace Robinson

so far I am giving this school a 3 star rating because I am currently not enrolled and searching for a school to attend. However I will say that the person I spoke with during my phone interview was Alyx Webster she was very knowledgeable and never once said "I DONT KNOW" or "I'm NOT SURE" on any of my questions. She made me feel comfortable and seriously consider enrolling. Although I have a few more questions in regards to some things I have seen on reviews as well as searching the web. But I must say that for this time at this particular time WGU seems like a pretty good fit for me. For those of you downing the school to each their own and don't wait to the last minute to speak up. The school is out there for everyone even when its not meant for EVERYBODY. Be Blessed, Grace

Robert Neil

Thank you Western Governors University (WGU). I recently graduated from the MBA program (Concentration in Healthcare Management). What a tremendous experience it has been. Completing this program helped me to develop, strengthen and solidify my skills and to further develop my overall business acumen. For those considering WGU: If you are looking for an easy, run-of-the-mill, just pay your fees and get your degree kind of school…WGU is NOT for you. However, if you are interested in attending a REGIONALLY ACCREDITED NONPROFIT University (be aware of those schools that are only nationally accredited and are for-profit) AND you are willing to: - Spend countless hours (nights and weekends) studying, - Participate in dozens of (if not a hundred or more) weekly sessions with a student mentor, - Complete upwards of 40 or more challenging projects (some group/team based), - Develop and record a 45-minute Video Presentation (or just write another report), - Compete in a nationwide Capsim Business Simulation, and - Write (in my case) 697 pages worth of essays, reports and presentations You should give WGU a call as you would likely find it to be a great fit for what you are looking for. I cannot say enough great things about the challenging and rewarding experience WGU offers its students. Thank you WGU. As mentioned above, WGU is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, which is the same accrediting commission responsible for the accreditation of University of Washington, University of Oregon, University of Utah, and Brigham Young University, to name just a few.

Aaron Hoosier, SHRM-CP, PHR

As an alumni, I can tell you that you will get out of the program what you put into your program. If this type of self guided model works for you as a student, you will do well. WGU regionally accredited and affordable. They are like an all you can learn academic buffet. You pay a flat rate per term and take as many classes as you can handle. The disconnection from peers is a real issue for WGU that as of date they have not been able to correct. Most of what they have done to try to fix this issue has not been very appropriate or suited for working professionals that make up the core of the student population. While skill building is the major goal of higher learning being able to gain value based personal networks is also very critical to one's long term professional success. It's sad to know that there are things that could be done that WGU is over looking. We need an Alumni Association not Alumni Services. The Alumni Services provide little to no meaningful value to the WGU Alumni population. Alumni services over look Alumni, like myself, who are seeking ways to give back to the university through involvement and donations.

D Es

Didn't go to this school but I called for more information on the RN to BSN program. Their phone communication was choppy, the recruiter seemed more annoyed than helpful. If the recruiter is in bad shape, imagine once you give them your money. I wouldn't go here. Three words: Ghetto 4$$ hell

Kendall Bonkowski

Very disappointed with WGU. I was told from the beginning that my work history would get me into the B.S. program for health information. Passed the assessments. Then was told they would not accept me because my credits expired from my previous college and only one credit was still good. I felt lied to and very disgusted with how they handled things there. If they offer the courses that expired why would they not let you try? Its your money. Who are they to judge because a person waited "too long" to go back and finish school.

Alex Draper

This school is AMAZING. Nearly everyone I have encountered at the college are all very helpful and willing to go above and beyond. I love attending WGU and absolutely love my education. I recommend WGU to seriously everyone. I can't talk enough about how much I love it here.

Raven Ocara

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to the building itself, I have only my experiences to tell about my degree and online schooling. I am currently enrolled with their Bachelors in Cyber Security. WGU is a self paced school- you can go as slow or as quickly as you can. This means either saving a lot of money, or spending the average amount. Speaking of money- this school is affordable. If you can’t afford to pay the just over $3000 per semester (every 6 months)- they have a payment plan that requires no additional credit checks, scholarships, etc. where they break that amount down to payments of 4 months. This plan right right has kept me out of debt while also being able to pay for my schooling one month at a time. Also- everything is included in this price: that includes books, classes, etc. My mentor has been amazingly helpful. Her name is Sonya Freeman and she deserves accommodation for the awesome work she puts in to make sure I am taken care of! Never misses a call, always upbeat and communicating with me. Gives me recommendations for what to do next, and is willing to work with me. I have heard people getting both good and bad mentors- mine has been awesome and just know that if you don’t like your mentor- you can request for a new one! Last thing I’d like to say about WGU before turning this review into a novel: any of the IT programs you do are highly valuable. I can’t speak for the other parts of the school such as medical and teaching degrees go... but the IT degrees come with you earning IT certs- which are industry standard- along the way. These come included at the cost of your semester, don’t cost anything extra, and will make you look all that much better when applying for jobs when you can say you have a degree plus certifications!

Quantum Audio

This university has the best education system, i think other school need to copy WGU model.

Shellywithersphotographyandvideography withers

If you have time to go to school full-time and want a flexible schedule, WGU is reasonably priced. But, if you aren't able to finish 4 classes per term (FT), then it becomes very expensive. I would suggest a traditional school where you can pay per class in that case and NOT WGU.

Gina Lemus

My husbands mentor sends personal messages about not being happy in her marriage and links to her Main job - work out queen! Are you kidding me!!!! You

Alejandro Martinez

So I applied to get a job at this place and I was very disappointed about my in person interview, the manager Brett i believe is his name, was jawing and gazing outside the office getting distracted while he was interviewing me. I mean I get it, it was 4 pm he was tired or whatever, but I find this behavior very rude and unprofessional. He was asking the same question many times, it was clear that he was not paying attention to me, and i tried to keep my answers short to keep his attention. Of course I didn't get the job at the end of the interview he knew less about me than in the beginning since he was tired, falling asleep. I don't think i am boring at all but man i put this guy to sleep. anyway if i was the interviewer i would definitely not hire this lazy, not motivated, unrespectful, manager. I guess i am glad i didn't get the job anyway because he as a manager was definitely making a statement about the way they treat their "not important/ low priority" employees.


Anything from UTAH is a scam bunch of FRAUDS and LIES! I use to work for these FRAUDS they LAIRS AND THIEVES scamming students!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Student BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Michael Christianson JUD

Worst experience EVER. Their testing is stressful and so demanding that it will engulf your entire life - sapping your weekends and your family time. Their online classrooms are mind-boggling complex with hundreds of small-lettered links, buttons, and text. They have a proctoring system that requires students to jump through way too many hurdles. I transferred to IWU's online program 6 months ago and now I am much, MUCH happier.

Justin Hudspeth

I love WGU, as an IT student and professional I am constantly adding skills to my "tool belt". I wish I would have known about WGU 10 years ago.

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