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Pilates Brenda

Awful. Had to have the dental work redone within one month by another dentist. When I refused to pay the remaining balance after insurance because the work was done incorrectly, they sent my balance to state collections. I almost lost the tooth because of the dentist’s carelessness also they spilled bleach while working on my tooth-burning the corner of mouth raw. Unethical. I went to a faculty dentist, not a student.

Michael Levine

I saw Doctor Enrique Varela on October 8th to have a problem tooth removed. I found him to be pleasant, thorough,compassionate and an excellent communicator. He made me feel comfortable and at ease by explaining what he was doing, my options and what my recovery experience would be like. He even phoned the following day to check up on me and see if I had any additional questions or concerns. The experience exceeded my expectations.

Courtney Cossey

Sadly I was hoping for a better experience. The initial appt went well they pretty much just told me everything I wanted to hear and made sure my terrible teeth were a good match for their studentsand they were. So then I had to get teeth pulled the student didn’t properly use the gas because you couldn’t feel it even coming out of the tubes and didn’t even wait for the numbing shots to work and just start pulling all seven teeth i felt everything not just the pressure they tell you that you feel. Worst part the actual dentist didn’t come in and take over until she hears me kicking and scream from the next room. Then they treated me like a drug seeker for asking for a pain med to get through the pain of just having 7 teeth pulled. The very next day I woke up with two black eyes and looking like I was beaten £=They make you feel terrible and take no responsibility, worst part is I have a foundation paying through donations so there are very few places that accept that payment so I am stuck dealing terrible care. Also I’ve been waiting for months to have management call me to even submit a complaint. An now i have to go back for more work and to say I’m nervous is an understatement. Over all not recommended unless you see sandrine who has made this horrible experience a little more tolerable.

mo tao

Marissa Bergthold

Steven Foster

Un believable service. I walked in and an hour and a half later, walked out. Two bad teeth gone no pain, great price, less than the price of one extraction at a regular dentist.

Chad Mangum

Very unprofessional and catty work environment. I expected, and still expect, more from such an institution affiliated with higher education.


Rosy C.

(Translated by Google) Excellent personal attention and by telephone line too,

Michelle Fitts

PERMANENT NERVE DAMAGE IN MY TONGUE FROM THIS CLINIC. The worst dental experience of my entire life, and this is not a whiny exaggeration story. I arranged to get my wisdom teeth extracted, because I needed them removed, they wouldn't grow fully in and caused pain. At my appointment, I was stuck with an IV over an hour before the doctor bothered to show up. The dental assistants realized too far in that my consent form I had signed was outdated, and needed to be signed again. While a needle was already in my arm. They rushed me to sign it. The "doctor" was over an hour late and didn't bother to apologize for making me wait. A resident injected my gums with the anesthetic and spent an AWFULLY long time on my right side, seemingly unaware of what he was doing. Yeah, well, guess what? A year later, my right side of my tongue has PERMANENT nerve damage. They should be shut down. Besides my permanent nerve damage, I had so many bad experiences with this clinic I can never return and will never recommend anyone to come here.

Larry VanPelt

My experience was wonderful I rate them a 10+. Special thanks to student Dentist (Loren I ).Thank you so much for a new me.

Kelsey Bae

My husband went here. Absolutely horrid place. He was in extreme pain and they were only worried about taking pictures of his whole mouth, which the girl messed up in the most painful area and had to redo. They don’t even discuss how you feel or what could be wrong. After that appointment they said we would be waiting 4-6weeks! I will NEVER go back or recommend to anyone. Go to a dentist that has his/her own practice and has experience. Also one student said they want to do general so they can refer patients off they don’t want to deal with. I think that’s horrible, as a dentist you should want to help people! They care more about the students “learning” than the patient being in pain.

Alex Mailman

I have been blessed by my experience here. I was blessed to get work through a grant the floss program. Justin nybo was my dentist and is now a graduate he has been awesome and also dr. Ocano. He helped me with some surgery and it was a blessing to have both of these guys work on my teeth they are professionals

T/ T S

They are very caring and courteous. And the prices cant be beat!

Thomas Petersen

I initially went here because I thought it would potentially save me money in the long run despite the lengthy initial screening process. I only wanted to have my teeth cleaned and after a couple of screenings totaling several hours in length I was able to have my cleaning done and that went well. 7 months later, however, when I tried scheduling another cleaning they told me that after 6 months of not being seen there, I would need to start over with a new student and go through the screening process again. They told me they sent me a letter informing me of this but it was never received.

Jaren Thueson

The dental work here is top-notch. I can't think of another place that offers this much collaboration between specialties and professionals. Definitely worth the extra time appointments take.

James Moyar

I had taken my 5yr old to a pediatric dentist and had a terrible experience- I tried the clinic here and every visit has been great. The students have all done great work on his teeth, and they've been very patient, helping him to relax and feel comfortable. They were able to take him from being terrified of the dentist to being excited to go. Highly recommended.

Crystal Dosser

Excellent discounted dental services for the community! About 50-70% cheaper than going to a fully licensed dentist. They do all services except orthodontics. But it is a process of a few appointments which is the trade off of reduced cost services. Good mentorship from licensed dental to train students. Have confidence you are getting quality dental care here!!

Suzanne Laforett

I had a great experience here and I get so nervous for the dentist. Jaren always is so sweet and precise and professional he performed my dental work with Cameron. Even the actual dentist was so nice. Great experience!! Polite professional and understanding. I'm impressed.they are amazing I'm grateful

Utah SOD

David Hunsaker

We were very happy with the care. However, they were not transparent about pricing. When we scheduled the exam we were told that it would be $28-$30 per child for a cleaning. When we went to pay we were surprised to see different amounts for each child and only one bill was actually $30. We asked why and found that we were billed additional fees for every procedure that was done. So if you go, just know that it is a $30 fee for a child to be seen (that is what our 2 year old was charged for sitting in the seat and having them barely look in her mouth), and then there are additional costs (not sure what they are) for x-rays, fluoride, and routine cleaning??? totaling $60, $70 or $96 depending on the doctor entering the codes. The front desk wasn’t even able to tell us why the prices were different for each child, even when all of them came in for the same “routine check-up.”

Lance McGavin

McCall McCord

Motto Maximum

I having severe anxiety about going to the dentist, and that being said, it is a challenge for me, although that nervousness has greatly diminished since becoming a patient at the University of Utah school of dentistry, and thus receiving adequate and gental care by a person whos name of Alex Piedra, an exspert already it seems being a student dr. His knowledge and expertise is well defined, and exemplify by the very pleasing end results. The doctor's standing by to assist, along with other students all emulate a very professional, and always courteous and friendly vibe , along with an intellutal compassion they possess. I wish to convey my gratitude for a smile I have worth smiling at. Thank you for the dedication and continuation in great care for me to obtain the perfect smile I so greatly desire.

Laron Robinson

I know it's only my first appointment but I was very impressed I will have to comment later but they did ton of things right in beginning to help me with my dental problem from validation my right to understand my options my right to choose understanding cost. I was so stressed about my mouth which had started to hurt weeks ago they really eased my stress

Donna Lewis


Student has bad bed side manner, doctor was only a little better. Would never return, even if it is less expensive. No pain killers for a triple tooth extraction, and neither the doctor nor student seemed care. Horrible, and I'm mad as hell.

Sergio Cobian

Tim Skoglund

I had preliminary work for a root canal on July 22, 2015. I did not return to have the work completed. I had a digital recorder running in my pocket but I turned it off before treatment began. I thought it would be rude or 'creepy' to record the proceedings. I sorely regret my decision to turn off the recorder... I was routinely screened for illicit drugs while at work in the construction industry, including the drugs cocaine, marijuana, meth-amphetamine, LSD, PCP and opioids. I always tested negative, no illegal drug metabolites were detected. I am curious about the drug screening protocols in the health care professions.

Diana Lopera

La atención es excelente , son buenos estudiantes y atienden las prioridades de una excelente manera

Christina Wolfsfeld

I'm so thankful that U of U is contracted with Medicaid so I'm not worried that I won't habe coverage to protect my teeth. With that being said. I love my student dentist Nick. He has always treated me wonderful. He makes sure I understand whats going on and what we can do.

Alexandrea Clark

George Likai

David Drake

Hey Michelle Fitts-- we don't do IV sedations at the dental school. Please be careful before you post scathing complaints in the wrong forum.

Andy L

Julie Pullan

Vicky Pettey

Tate is great This school is cool. I get super service and lots of reassurance from the supervising teachers. I am retired so the lower costs here are so appreciated.

Juan Diaz de Leon

Halie Bahr

Best dental experience I have had. Each professional explained their work and what they were seeing throughly and took the time to educate me as the patient. Would absolutely recommend!

Bryan Henrie

If you don't mind longer appointments with students who are learning under licensed dentists, the dental services here are very inexpensive and generally extremely well-done. Would recommend.

Miriam Hyde

Tate and Cliff just did an extraction. Anticipation worse than procedure! As good as any dentist I’ve been to! My dental student, Lincoln, is great too!

Melissa Noonchester

I have been a patient for a couple years now, I needed a lot of work done and it was about half what you would pay at a normal dentist. $30ish for cleaning $20ish for x rays, $500ish for a root canal. Yes the appointments are about 4 hrs long but I don’t have dental insurance and needed a lot of work. The screening process can make it hard to get in if you need work done urgently but it was totally worth it. These are students who are working towards good grades and use the most modern equipment. A couple times my student dentist messed up but unlike my mother in laws normal dentist who denied any wrong doing, these student dentists don’t have the egos of private practice dentists and will admit to and fix things when they mess up. Be patient with the students and you will have a good experience.

Jessica Thatcher

The wait time between screening/being assigned a student was a little long, but it’s easy to see why. Between the great pricing and the great care, I’m surprised the wait isn’t a little longer. The students seem very well prepared and the attendings are always roaming and making sure things run smoothly. I’m assigned to Romeo and he’s the best! He’s very knowledgeable, explains things thoroughly, and really makes an effort to get to know you AND your teeth. I trust him and feel confident and safe in the chair. This is the first time it’s felt like I was going to MY dentist, rather than just THE dentist.

Boogey Man

don't mess with office personnel or adminoistrators, they'll have your balls on a platter

Tim Johnson

While it does take a little bit longer to get work done here, I love how thorough and comprehensive the exams are. It makes me feel like they really care about me as a whole person, and I feel like they are not going to miss anything. The student dentists are very bright and friendly, and the attending dentists are wonderful as well!

Kevin Major

Maria Coria

Por qué atienden muy bien asen que uno se cienta cómo en familia

Hal Svien

This clinic does not care what is going on with their patients. When I was accepted, I was told my dentist only sees patients for half a day one day of the week, which does not work for me at all. When I asked for a different one, I was told I am too healthy (even though I can't eat with half my mouth) to be assigned to a different dentist. After communicating this, I was given stern words that they have attempted to make an appointment and I essentially refused to cooperate. So, essentially the clinic will not work with their patients who live in the real world. Do not ever come to this clinic. Save your dignity and seek other options.

Corbin Allen

If you are looking for comprehensive dental work for the right price you have found it. I have been visiting dentist offices regularly since I was a boy due to some trauma experienced in 4th grade and never before have a felt so well attended to as I do when I'm in the care of the students at the School of Dentistry. They have done very well in all of the work they have done for me. Shout out to Steve and Sandrine for doing such a great job and about caring about my well being and oral health.


Give Kids A Smile 2019. This was a great event to help promote good oral hygiene within our community. Many families attended this event from our surrounding areas, children were treated to exceptional care. This is an annual event that takes place during the month of February.

john h

The student dentist ( Alex ) that I have had the pleasure of working with is simply great. He seems to have a genuine concern for the success of my dental plan. He explains everything to me in terms I can understand. He is professional in his work and always makes sure I am comfortable.

Kelly Hughes

I’m really bummed about my experience here. I️ had a cavity filled and ended up needing a root canal on that tooth within a year. I️ expressed concern to the Dentist on staff who had overseen and approved my dental work, but was polite and respectful. We agreed I️ would be discharged to receive the root canal elsewhere and the dentist said I️ wouldn’t be charged for the X-rays that were taken the day of the appointment and went our separate ways. I️ just received a bill for the X-rays for $40 and received a letter that I️ was discharged from the school for behavioral issues and inappropriate language which was completely false and quite vengeful. I️ am certain it was because I️ politely expressed my disappointment and asked to be discharged. I️ definitely do not recommend receiving dental care at this school.

Aster Gill

Brett Hoopes

Appointments take a little longer than normal but overall the care I was given was excellent and comprehensive!!

George N

School of Dentistry on Wakara Way has extremely low professionalism, with very questionable integrity. It took nearly 3 months to place dental crown, outrageous service. There are several good attending doctors with high integrity like Dr. Matsuura, Dr. Martinez, Dr. Liddell and few others. But If you go there be prepared to meet students with skills level next to nothing. Do not harm yourself, you can find little more expensive service with professionalism you deserve.

Alec Gettinger Kowalski

My experience here has been fantastic! I’ve had everything from basic cleanings to tooth extractions, and I’ve always left feeling quite a bit better and fresher than before. As a college student from out of town, they’ve also been very understanding with payments and are very reasonably priced. Even when some problems arose, they have always been really helpful and polite about fixing those issues. I’ve always felt that the student dentists and their professors have been very caring about my dental welfare every time I’ve visited, and that they have done everything they could to make sure I’m comfortable throughout the duration of my appointment. I would also like to give a special thanks to Sandrine, my student dentist, for doing such a great job every time I come in! I know I’m not always perfect about taking care of my teeth, but unlike some dentists I’ve had in the past, I really appreciate how she explains everything that’s going on and how she gives me some tips to help improve my dental hygiene. You’re the best Sandrine! Keep up the great work! As far as dental care goes, the U of U School of Dentistry has been by far and away the best dental care I have ever received, and I would highly recommend checking them out next time you need any dental work done!


I called just to see what my options were and the lady wasn't very kind. I don't know about others but no one likes to be treated by people with a negative tone.

Marsha Craven

Yusuf Jameel

Ben Lloyd

Peeps were nice to me here.

Sindy C

Dallin Gomez

Sandrine Couldwell

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