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REVIEWS OF Stevens-Henager College IN Utah

Ashlee Nebeker

If I could give no stars I would! This "college" for profit school all they care about is the money. Once you graduate their so called "help you find a job" program is a joke all they tell you is look on job boards. even then they wont give you your hard earned diploma if you owe an kind of money whether it be their fees or loans. avoid this place at all cost. my associates degree in medical sciences is worthless. They also took out $28,000 in student loans out in my name with out my premonition. I asked for my diploma an they sent me a bill. 5 years I've been graduated an still no diploma to prove it.

Laura Flynn

Went to college there, had to drop out for financial reasons, was planning on going back but since the collections financial department wanted to bully and be rude to me, and be unwilling to work with me, I will no longer consider going back. School was okay. But the financial department are inhuman monsters. I will no longer recommend this school for anyone. They say they care about their students but obviously not.

Christianna Sisk

As a parent I cannot recommend this school. Sadly, a family member is financially crippled and unable to even finish her education at this school. They are garnishing wages - but won't allow her to finish. Young people please be cautious. Please don't sign anything without consulting with a financial professional...


I'm still currently going but they won't give me my last class, I walked back in May of 2016 (this year) and we are now to November. :/ No one at that school is talking to me, whatever anyone does, do not move and go online, they don't respond well.

Tyna Smith

So far, being a student at Stevens henegar college, I've found so much support from all the staff, instructors and students. I'm happy I chose to go here to change my career!.

Jeffrey Smith

Nuff said by the star I gave

Jessy Schilling

This is the biggest scam, worthless degrees.

Shuante Hough

This college is a SCAM!!!!! DO NOT ENROLL! YOU WILL REGRET attending! I signed up and only took 1 class, yet I'm receiving bills for $26, 353! There's a special place in hell for these people! I wouldn't recommend this school to my worst enemy!

Jose Saiz

I like this college, good professors, but I feel like it is extremely expensive. I am attending the Provo/Orem college, I also feel like they should update many of their things, they didn't warn me about their transferring rules, I would like to transfer out after my associates degree and I hope i can get into criminal justice. They warned me about their transferring rules like three weeks into class. Also, finishing a class too soon isn't a very bright idea because you miss a lot of skills. A normal university the class or classes last a whole semester which I feel it is better even though its a lot more work you learn more around your classmates and you learn more skills that will prepare you when you are out. I have finished like 4 classes already, it did feel good but I feel like I didn't learn one bit of the course. If i can't transfer out I will leave this college. I hope I can find a way to pay less because they didn't warn me about their transferring rules. Their website should have more to go on and to find out more about their college.

sayam praveen 1011

horse lover

John Thomas

Non profit really? Spend almost 30 grand for a ten dollar an hour job. This is crazy and ridiculous. Plus the teachers instead of teaching you will grade on a curve to keep grades high. Not really a good way to get a college education. I came to lean yet just got ripped off. Plus had issues with 2 teachers not grading my work properly. Had to go to president and took two months. Then with the nursing program they was not up front and withheld importand information. By the way dont let them get you with a free laptop. Probably worth $400 dollars but if you look at all the pricing they actually charge you $1000.00. Also being a graduate its not worth not being able to transfer credits. I figured thats ok because i didnt plan in attending elsewhere. Now i wanted to take my degree farther but would have to start all over at a new college.

Scott Teti

Love STevens Henager.... allowed me to work Full Time and go to class at night.... fantastic teachers and clinical instructors

ravi tej


Dustin Groves

I've been to Stevens Henager Ogden campus several times and everytime I've been greeted warmly and the people there have been helpful.

Livy Ranae

Preston Johnson

First as a Google Local Guide and a Potential Stevens-Henager College Student I must formally say that I am writing this review of my volition. I am not doing so to endorse the college, or verify any of the reviews. Only to provide a truthful and thorough experience of the admission process. To start. This is exclusively for the west haven location. If your review has been written for Stevens-Henager college I strongly encourage that you write it for the correct location or specify the location the review is associated with to ensure its accuracy. The admission process has been very manageable. The staff there has been more than willing to work with my incredibly busy life. They treat you like a real human, not some number to herded on to the next phase of a giant university to fend for yourself. They even went so far as to allow me to schedule time to meet with my potential associate dean, who was more than forthright when I asked about the overwhelming and abundant negative reviews associated with the transferring of credits when pursuing education amongst other colleges, or universities. The answer being: It depends on the going to university OR accredited college. infact. this is the case everywhere. There is zero guarantee that any regional universities credits will be transferable to another regional university. or for a university's credit to be transferable to an accredited college. It will depend entirely on the going to university to dictate this. Often times the going to university will ALWAYS require you take a few pre required courses with their university prior to allowing you to proceed into their master degree programs. THIS IS WORLD WIDE - no credit is seen equally. However, all degrees will be recognized as a degree. ( I hope this puts the minds of potential students in the future such as myself at ease.) The cost. To be forthright is baffling. it makes someone feel like they need a career before hand with many thousands to just pay the interest on the loans. However, at the same time. with the ledger set up that they have. & the option of testing out of course credits. You could essentially be seeing many of the credits go from $410 to $20. As well as have many scholarship options via fastweb, and in house scholarships to apply for to help reduce the overall amount of the loan. SHC does hold true to saying that they do help make paying for college manageable. (another plus is that if you were to get certified via a vender company, is that they will reimburse you for the certificate.) Classes: I had an opportunity to sit in on a class. or rather a student organized study session. Which the school was more than happy to accommodate a room for them to use with. Though the few individuals in the study session were not already well versed in the field they were studying as I was going to be, It gave me perspective on the curriculum the knowledge and tools they had access to in being able to learn, and resources for them to use outside of class time. Needless to say I am impressed. And from being able to speak with the students there, without any other staff to overlook/listen. They were able to freely say to me that they have no regrets about joining SHC. _____________________________________________________________________ Again. I wrote this post to clear up misleading reviews. I my intention is to provide the most accurate information one who is requiring it. So that they make the best decision for themselves. PJ.

Sandy Giles

Toni Hansen

I urge you to not attend this school! I was at the Ogden location 7 years ago, and it is still hurting me. I was scraping by check to check so cost was my main concern. I was told with being broke at the time with little ones to care for, I could easily qualify for grants and scholarships to cover my school costs. I was excited to be getting an education to better my life. I was constantly applying to scholarships. I had a great experience, I got awesome grades. I completed EVERY course in my program. I unfortunately was told late in the game about a required externship. My ability to complete this conflicted with my full time job. I was a single mom, no family in the state assist me, and when I talked to the dean about this He told me I needed to decide what was more important. Obviously keeping a roof over the heads of my two kids was more important. I spent 22 months working my butt off, no degree, then come to find out almost 40,000 grand in student loans!!! Grants and scholarships barely covered anything!!! I got certified in phlebotomy on my own years later for hundreds. I began applying for phlebotomist positions, and one interviewer recommended I take SHC off my resume & just stick to my certification program if I'm serious about the field.

Spencer Borup

Don't go here.

Rassias Irving

Ivy Duchein

Lied to numerous times about transferring credits, numerous unauthorized charges on my account, double loan payments taken when not authorized, lack of communication from all departments. Ridiculous costs!

CoCo Kraning

Jessika Cornett

I have been attending this school for alittle over a year and i love it, the staff is amazing and teachers are always willing to do what they have to to help you suceed

Ty will

I liked some of the instructors. I graduated with an associates in medical specialties which is basically an over priced MA certification. I don't think I learned as much as I should have. I was a straight A student and still was dumb founded when I got out in the field. I guess faster is not always better. This school did end up jerking me around in the end trying to get more money out of me. Honestly I am in a new school now going for my RN and I have to retake anatomy and physiology" I don't mind" because Stevens only had a 4 credit anatomy and physiology and you need 6 credits. I am learning so much more at my new school and someone is always available to help when needed. If you want your medical assisting go somewhere cheaper. I guess you live and learn....

Scott Trades

Stay away from here from this college. I finished my degree and started to apply for jobs. its a business degree... let that sink in. I also have experience in my field been in middle management 5 years experience. Now when i went in for my interviews and the interviewer would ask "How did you preform at.... (as they flip the page and look at where i went) Steven Henager's college? (as they were holding in laughter)." I had the opportunity of asking a friend of mine who is a CEO of a pretty large company if he would hire someone like me just by looking at my degree/ resume and he said "No, not when i can get someone else with a different college level. i'd prefer if you went to WGU or even Rosemont but Steven Henager is a absolute joke". So if you stay away from here it is in your best interest. This place is still in business just because they market to those who have less than stellar academia accolades, and their "national accreditation" doesn't mean you can transfer to any school or that its held in high regard. its strait up garbage and go somewhere else.

jasmine hall

It's a scam you can't do anything with it they just getting money out of you to just mess up your credit

Jessica Patton

The school and its teachers, advisors and the dean of course, are so helpful and have our backs!! thank you stevens henager!

Alta Edwards

I was doing the online classes at Steven-Henager when my uncle who was sick with cancer was put on Hospice and my aunt need help to care for him till he passed. I asked to be withdrawal until after he passed. No one there knew how to with draw you. After multiple phone call to different department they never did withdrawal me but they could drop me which left me with thousands of dollars worth of student loans. So not only did I not end up with a college education I also ended up with the large sums of money owed to them in the federal government.

Snowflower Shaner

Sabino Garcia

So, this place says that you can get an associates degree in less than two years, in fact, 20 months. Y’all are stupid. You might as well say it’s 2 years. Same with a bachelors degree in 36 months. I might as well go to an actual university and get a real degree than this baby degree certifications that I can get online


Stevens Henager College is THE BEST SCHOOL!!! :)

Cody Spell

SHC Ogden Campus is extremely knowledgable in the people they hire and the accredited, relevant subjects they offer degrees in. You can get all the way up to a Master's degree and they sincerely want to help their students succeed, every step of the way!

Sherry Abarca

Tyler Anderson

RUN AWAY! This place is a total scam, they will charge way more than what the degree is worth. You will quickly feel trapped. Even after withdrawing, we were still charged 10,000 dollars in tuition for months after I wasn't even going to school there. Very hard to work with when figuring out finances. SCAM!!!! Update: not only have they added tuition fees while I wasn't going, they have taken my money without paying down my balance. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE WITH YOUR FUTURE.

A Arc

they pretty much lie to you and its so easy to sign up you start next week and the education is not worth the money! I would not recommend going there!

Christine Ruiz

Viktoriya Khadzko

I was interested in the nursing program. I went in and met with the admissions consultant. He went thru all the information with me, what i need to do to get into the program. I was given a timed riddle quiz, which i took and left. The next day i got an email from the admissions consultant saying that i did not get a high score to proceed into the nursing program. I was very confused when i was told that i need to take the TEAS test and pass it to be eligible to proceed to the program not a riddle quiz. I emailed Brian back and asked him if i can take another quiz or if i can start and studying for my TEAS test and come in and take it. I have not heard back from him and it has been over a week. This is the weirdest thing i have heard that if you do not pass the riddle quiz you are not able to proceed. Very weird. UPDATE Got an email from Brian the next day after i have posted this review. Brian said i can come in and retake the quiz no later than Monday. He emailed me on Thursday around 11AM. It was the last minute and i work. I am so glad i chose not to go to this school. Unprofessional!

Richard Briggs

This is not a real college. its more of a scam then anything. The teachers are all grads of this school. Real college will not except there credits. The degrees are not accredited. The teachers don't show up when they should. The medical assisting degree is a joke. Any place that has to advertise as much and as long as they have should send a red flag. Go to a real college and save your self from this mess. I watched my women go through alot for nothing.

Cody Patino

Don’t do it. Their credits don’t transfer to a regular college. Employers will hire people that graduated from a regionally accredited college or university over a nationally accredited college or university like this one.

Heather Hughes

My experience so far at this school has been great. I go to the Murray campus, when I needed a break, they worked with me and encouraged me to take a mental health break and I was welcomed back with open arms. Everyone is super nice and all my instructors so far have had nothing but the best interest for me. When they couldn't contact me through email or phone, the dean messaged me through Facebook to make sure I was okay. I dont know where all these one stars went but they got the school dead wrong. This school and there staff are amazing and caring people.


PROS: The Graphic Arts program at this school moves at a great pace and you cover quite a bit to prepare you for the Graphic Arts Design industry. Don't let the pace intimidate you, because they give you all the outside resources you need to get through at your own ability. If you are dedicated and persevere, you WILL succeed. Also, this school is focused.. so if you are the personality that desires an education in a certain area without all the traditional requirements of a 4-year, then this the place for you! BTW, there is NOTHING wrong with this type of personality... CONS: It's a little expensive. THE MANAGEMENT: I think they do a great job of helping students stay on task. They are borderline "pushy", but I think the type of personality that attends this genre of school/education needs the push...

It's Huntly

I would highly recommend not stepping one foot into this college under any circumstance. Community College credit's are real and accredited. Unlike S-HC which are fake, non-transferable and not worth one cent in the real world. I got scammed out $10,000 and they refused to let me opt out within my legal right of one month. BEWARE!!!

saikiran bureddy

Jackie Graves

cobra bose

Absolutely terrible school. They're finance office is crooked and you can receive a far better, more reliable education going to a community college or trade school before considering this mess of a program. I wish I had not been so naive to the amount of programs that were actually available to me. Steven henegar takes advantage of the young and weary. I have yet to make in a year what I have paid and still currently owe in loans, working 100% in the field of my "career". For 5 yes FIVE YEARS. Don't be fooled by the nice cover ups, the aftermath is not pretty. If you are considering Stevens Henegar please ask ANYONE in the field you are considering what other routes there are to get to where you want to be because this route will reck your life. There is a reason the turn over is so ridiculously high, the people working there could only stomach the system they use to screw students for so long themselves.

Jocelyn Petersen

If there was a button for no stars, id be clicking that button. This school is a SCAM. Absolutely no compassion for students situations, they ignore your phone calls when you try to get in contact with them, and they steal your financial aide money after you apply for it, so that you can't get it back and you have to pay for THEM stealing YOUR money. I went there for TWO months and now I owe over $20,000 in loans because they can't pay back the money that they apparently "used"??? What a pile of bull. If you have ANY common sense, you would go to any other school in the nation. I strongly suggest keeping away from these snakes.

Irshad Ali Khan

Kassandra Castillo

Everyone here is super kind and helpful, they explain the overall plan and how everything works. Classes are helpful and I feel like I'm learning

GamSen Media

Matthew Cox

This college was horrible. I had a bad experience in 2012.

Kaela Johnson

Not worth the money. They make it so easy to "afford" it by signing you up for loans but the actual degree programs don't actually prepare you for a career. I actually finished and got my bachelor's degree and even though it's technically accredited, many employers don't think it's good enough. Every 4 weeks you have a new class (or two) , each week you'll do a discussion post, assignment (usually a 2 page paper) and test. If you think this small workload doesn't actually get concepts to stick or even cover everything necessary, you would be right.

Mercy Mata

If I could give it no stars I would this school is a joke. They have no idea what there teaching at all.

Bryson Stuart


Dan Hansen

Jimmy and his staff have helped so many people that are looking for a different avenue other than a 4 year college. They are great to work with. And want to get you out and working and making Money.

Brittney Bell

worthless school... they never help at all. I hope this school gets shut down.

Xanette Pacheco


Don't Do it. I beg anyone reading this, do not do it. This school is a huge scam. There's a reason they're under investigation right now. I went for 8 or 9 months and now owe close to 20,000 dollars. State universities aren't that expensive.

charles jones

Jayson Stark


I am a student at Stevens- Henager Independence University right now I started a week after I was accepted and have had classes consistantly ever since. I love this school and I am doing very well. I am happy I chose this college. On top of it upon acceptance I got a free lap top!

Sheshu Kumar

Ricca Stock

I wish I would have started here when I first went back to college. Everyone you first meet walking in the door up, and all the instructors are amazing!

Brittany Imada

Don't do it. Go to a good college where credits actually transfer, and employers take your degree serious.

Korry Johnston

This school is an absolute joke. When deciding what school to attend, I made the mistake of meeting with this school. I was attending USU at the time and should have stayed there. I was assured many times that my credits and degree would transfer to Weber state and USU if I wanted to continue my schooling. Absolutely not true at all. I am now trying to continue my education and I had my transcripts sent to both Weber State and USU. Both of them will not accept the credits and I will have to start completely over. I would never recommend going to this school unless you only want to be in an entry level position the rest of your life. Please just put in the extra effort and go through a real school that gives you a quality education. This school is also way more expensive than a local university.

Colton Fallows

Great school

Cristian Lird

S Clark

Scam, they lie! Please read and discuss before you sign anything or you’ll end being stuck with a $20,000 debt and no education!

Ashlee Giffin

This place is a scam never ever go here. They make everything sounds so amazing and then you start going and their programs are absolute jokes. They have instructors quit in the middle of classes and you go weeks without a teacher. Learn from my mistakes and do not go here!! Do not believe a single word they say ever!! and forget getting in contact with them once you stop going. I have called on multiple occasions trying to ask questions about the finances, leaving countless messages and never receive a call back. What they are doing can't be legal and they should seriously have someone look into this place. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING GOING TO THIS PLACE HEED MY ADVICE AND GO ANYWHERE BUT HERE.

Michaun Torgersen

My son graduated from the Orem location about 3 years ago. He loved the class sizes and going there. He has ADD and smaller class sizes were perfect for him. That's the main reason we chose this school. The reason for only 2 stars is because they promise in their ads that they will help you find a job while working there and after you graduate. Here it's been 3 years and still no job in Graphic Design. They did absolutely nothing to help him find a job. Now my son is stuck making the monthly payments which are horribly high.

Lauren Garcia

I loved going to school here. I earned an Associates degree in Medical Specialties and I have certifications as a Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. The teachers and faculty were very helpful and friendly. The class numbers were small but it was definitely a better learning environment than being in a class with 100+ people.


I am currently enrolled at this school, and currently am regretting. Yes you get a free laptop, yes they get you the necessary funds. But if you remove the clean cover it's filthy, the school is no longer accredited (which they still claim to be), your degree will be worth nothing, and you will be in financial debt for a VERY LONG TIME. I went bankrupt after one week! Yeah my funds for the college got exhausted that quick! I was doing amazing with my grades at the time too! So they withdrew more money and got me more you guessed, YOU MUST PAY FOR. Additionally, most of the staff don't seem to interested, and easily forget things such as important documents, and assignments. I submitted something two weeks ago and still the teacher claims I never submitted it. Some teachers do know their classes, don't get me wrong I loved a few of my teachers because they knew the material. But most don't! Not to mention the multiple reviews of the college which do it no justice. In my own personal Opinion, I would go back in time and stop myself from enrolling. This college is not worth it, you will be in trouble for a long time with debt, and there is not even a chance you will get your degree.

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