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REVIEWS OF Mountainland Technical College: Lehi Campus IN Utah

RG Utah

I researched most CDL schools around the vale before i went with mtech. I was amazed by their Lehi campus. They have clean, modern facility with friendly staff and a great cafeteria, that is more than any other CDL school in the Salt Lake Vale. The course price is lower than most schools too. The first person i talked about the training was Randy, who is the person who runs that program. Randy is an extremely nice man. He is sort of a father figure to his students that is genuinely interested in seeing them succeed going out of his way to insure they are learning. He is also a wealth of knowledge in the trucking industry. He had many job leads for me to pick after i passed my tests. I had other instructors too that are good family men, who made my transition into this industry much smoother than if i had been trained by a mega carrier. Today im an OTR driver, working for the best local companies pulling reefer. Thanks to these guys who helped me start my new career the right away, not attached to any company. So i would definitely recommend them. Thanks Randy and Tony!

McKenna Hess

Best college ever!

Spencer Jones

This school has been the beat experience at a college I have had. I am in the LPN program, and the teachers are amazing and get to know you personally, the class members are similarly amazing and I have made some fantastic friends, and I am SSO HAPPY I came to this program.

Glen Phipps

This is a great school. I especially like taking the evening classes so I can work full time during the day

Breanna Thompson

Love it here! Great school! The surgical technologist program is great and there’s great instruction.

Emma Dawson

Teaching me what I actually need to know! Wonderful teachers, programs, and people!


Enrollment staff is easy to work with. Instructors are great and really help you to prepare for the job market.

Lauren Tippetts

Such a great school with great programs

Dustin Roundy

Good place, great teachers!

Caleb Clayson

Really good classes and teachers are willing to help you.

Kenzie Stone

I took my EMT classes here and loved every minute of it! It was all taken very seriously but yet I still had so much fun. My friends and I met up everyday before class in the cafeteria and ate some lunch, then went to class. Then on our breaks from class we went to the bookstore and got snacks. This was like an everyday routine! There is so much variety here from class courses and schedule to cafeteria lunch menus

Meritxell De Landa

Such a good school! Love the diversity and welcoming spirit!

Trevor Phelps

Best technical school!

Ashley Doyle

I’ve taken multiple courses at this school and it only improves every year. Great school

Becky Roberts

Great place to continue education!

Bridger Evans

I'm part of the automotive maintenance and light repair class and the course is fun within the first few days of the class I learned so much more than I ever expected to learn. Thank you Larry my wonderful instructor.

Alan Bosh

Awesome school!! Love the faculty and students!!

Kayli Mia

Love this school and all the instructors, they’re amazing!! I’m in the cosmetology program!!

Kristen C

Such a great environment for everyone

Shawnee Lyman

I love this school!! I'm in the Medical Assistant course and everything is great!!(: would recommend to anyone!

Brinley Birch

i’m in the cosmetology program and i love it here! so much fun!


I’m in the IT program Here at Mtech. I’ve learned more useful information in my short time here than I have in high school. Lol

Jana Trane

Mtech is a great school!! They have great teachers!

Alyssa Mull

Best school ever!!! The Lehi campus is my favorite! Everyone is so nice and helpful!

Cortney Wilkinson

BEST school evaaaaaa

Jackson Knapp

Mtec is a great place with great people

Melody Jankowski

Love this school. It's just really changing my life for the better.

Elma Lisonbee

Great place to learn and grow and make friends! I've loved going here!!

Mary Parisi

I love their program Digital Media. My teacher Ryan is pretty great.

Joshua Carbine

Love taking the classes here. And the food they have is great

Megan Isbell

MTECH is amazing! I love all the hands on experience we get and my instructors are great!

Jack Patrick

This place is great!

Trevor Fielding

Love it! Very different from a normal class and more enjoyable. It'll be great to have a trade which will make finding jobs much easier. I'm currently taking their EMT course (Only a few weeks left) and being a certified EMT will really help with the field I'm thinking of going into (Behavioral Science, maybe a consultant for FBI or other government organizations).

Nathan Wright

This is a great school. It's so much fun with great teachers. You get a great education here.

Aylin Villalobos

I love this place!! i was able to get so far into my career with the NA program

cassondra jacobson

I have learned so much from my Information Technology course! Would recommend to anyone!

Londyn Charelle

I am very disheartened with MTECH. I wasted my time, energy, and money applying to their surgical technologist program. I had to hunt down childhood vaccination records, pay for 2+ vaccines to meet their qualifying vaccine criteria. Pay for a TB test, 2 drug tests, and their application fee. I am extremely annoyed with MTECH for 3 reasons: 1) I followed up with their staff via phone about my application and was told everything looked great and that I just needed to wait for the deadline to pass and hear back. Then some time later I got in touch with the program coordinator Shauna Jackson 3 days before the application deadline (to 2x check all my ducks were in a row) and found out I was too hydrated and my urine sample for my drug test was too dilute. I was given little notice that I needed to repeat and pay for another drug test again 3 days before the program deadline. They wouldn’t have contacted and told me this! I had to follow up with them, again after I was already verbally told my application was complete and good to go. Extremely frustrating, and I had to beg my boss to give me time off work to re drug test because my heart was set on getting into the program. 2) MTECH’s student services receptionist is absolutely clueless. I had to call several times to try and reach ANYONE in the Surgical department to find out if my 2nd drug test came through in time to meet the application deadline. The receptionist had NO CLUE what staff was in the building and when, what line to transfer me to, or what email to give me to get ahold anyone. Very disorganized and clearly there is not enough useful communication between staff members. 3) I patiently waited to hear back from MTECH for 3.5 weeks after the application deadline to hear or see a simple answer: You are invited to interview, or we are not interested in you at this time. They were not interested in me and didn’t even have the common courtesy to let a prospective student know that. I had to again call the clueless receptionist at student services almost daily after the 3.5 weeks to receive the same jumbled answer of “I don’t know.” until the program coordinator FINALLY sent me an email stating I was not invited to interview. I think it’s a blessing in disguise that I didn’t gain admittance to this disorganized and chaotic program. Save your time/money and look into other programs and educational facilities in the area.

Derek Balkman

It's a great school! It has great teachers and students. It's a very organised and its well tended/clean.

Mario Alberto Garcia

If you are considering a code boot camp. This. Is. It. Full stack.

Loryn Sumner

I am currently studying dental assisting at MTECH, and I love it! The hands on learning has helped me so much in a dental office setting. I would recommend MTECH to anyone!

Shelbey Humes

This is the second time I have been to this school! I love it!

Nat Carson

Cafeteria Review. The food here is phenomenal and the price is shockingly low. I assume this is because the food is cooked by (gifted) students of the culinary school. But an average burger is roughly $5, but would easily go for twice that amount somewhere else. All food is cooked fresh while you wait. This one time I was eating there with a colleague who ordered onion rings. As he bit into the onion ring he claimed that boiling lava squirted out from the crispy, golden coating and burned his mouth, preventing him from being able to actually taste the delicacy. He gave us all his onion rings. Best day ever.

Kodi Steele

MTEC is amazing! They have helped me get to a new part of my life and I am so thankful

Leyda Martinez

I absolutely love attending this school, my instructors are amazing and super helpful and the best thing is that they have a bookstore with many yummy snacks for good prices !

Brady Mayhew

Good school loving and caring

Hunter Gappmayer

Great school. Nice campus and great teacher!

Bailey Kinard

I really enjoy how involved the instructors are in our learning experience!

danielle ryan

Currently in the LPN program. I love their teachers, and the rate of the program.

Kyson Barlow

Great school with great teachers! Concepts are awesome and has a great learning environment.

Tressa Jensen

I'm in the digital media program and I really love it. It's way cheaper than most art programs, and it's still giving me what I really wanted to learn. Mr. Davis is super chill and cool too and makes terrible jokes, but I love terrible jokes, so I'm down with it.

Jett Vitez

Love this school autmotive program is awesome!

Madison Riggs

Very professional school!! Holy cow so glad I get to go here!

Erza Scarlet

The culinary program is amazing and I love my instructors. It’s a really pretty campus too.

K Forsgren

This school is amazing! The teachers a fantastic! The setup of the facilities are incredible. The classes they offer are very helpful and practical! I recommend this school to everyone! I have taken the CNA class and would recommend it to anyone even if they don't have any interest in the medical field. It's a good starting point for a career anywhere you choose and this pays well.


Amazing school , love in the invironment I’ll miss it

Connor Bliss

This school is very good

Colton Townes

This place is awesome. It’s close and teaches me how to be a mechanic

Andrew Ward

This school has a broad range of subjects that gives you very hands-on experience. The campus is very nice, the teachers are really good, and parking is actually pretty good. The staff is very friendly (especially the lady in the bookstore). The cafeteria food is phenomenal, especially for the price. It's a great breakfast option for students. Overall a highly recommended school to attend.

Amannda Ashby

Such a great school! Great instructors and great learning.

Weston Scow

I really recommend the commercial truck driving program here in Lehi Utah. Most affordable and best instruction in Utah. I passed everything and even got all my endorsements. Was instructed on a 10 speed truck. I am now getting calls right and left for job opportunities. Just comes down to choosing the right one. There are a ton of jobs in the trucking industry both local and OTR. $3000 for a 50K-100k+ job is an awesome deal.

Alice Flores

I am currently enrolled in the Digital Media program and LOVING it! They have the best equipment and not instructors are beyond helpful and cool! I've spent years in and out of programs at universities and am just excited about all I'm learning !

Shelley Colton

Pros: Great way to save money if you attend during highschool. Provides preparation for state boards and and hours needed for a cosmetology license. They offer an additional lash-extension course, hands-on experience on real clients, talented instructors, and provide good education in business practices as well. Cons: Needs a more effective system in place for the cosmetology students to get the required hours/stamps in a timely or streamlined manner. Dishonesty among students with reporting hours (this is being worked on, however, and is probably not partial to this school). If attending during high school, students are charged for the full 40 hours each week and subsidized only for the hours they actually are able to attend. Crowded, and students may not always have a station to work at. Conclusion: Students should be highly self-motivated and on top of their game to succeed and get the needed clients.

Dilzia Villarreal

I love the cosmetology program! Great instructors and over all great school!

Sara Edwards

They have amazing instructors who are willing to help me w/ flexible hours!

m m

Not enrolled and already have called Lorie many times and left messages every time and she won't get back to me. Office gave me her number and said I needed to talk with her. Wow. I've called and left other messages at the apprentice department and NOTHING. That's fine I'll just take my money elsewhere

cole vanAusdal

Great school, lots of free stuff!

Tessa Lee

Fun and has a good atmosphere!!

Naomi C

Love MTech’s dental Assisting program!

Alyxis Mitchell

Absolutely love this school! Love the environment and instructors. 10/10 would recommend.

Ammon Shelley

I find it to be a good school of all ages.

Austin Donadel

This school is so much fun and you learn so much at the same time definitely recommend!

Jaxton Driggs

I Am in the MA program here at Mtech and I’ve had such a great experience learning about everything the school has to teach

Andrew Vawdrey

Been taking an IT class here for the last year or so. Great program and the campus is very clean and great. Would highly suggest to anyone.

Bret Ericksen

I was half way through with my first year of their Electrical Apprenticeship program when they just cancel it. They told me that they will offer it again next year and I can re-enroll in it then. They just didn't care what this would do to me. A whole year wasted not to mention a year of missed raises from my company. I should of just gone to SLCC.

Ingrid Meneghin

Shauna, Steven, Christine, and Taylor are awesome teaches!

Nikole Bergren

I don't know about their actual programs, but the customer service was seriously lacking today. I asked a question on their website in their "Ask us a Question!" section. This was their reply: "Please plan to tour with the Salon Manager at the campus where you plan to attend. They will answer all questions you have related to the training." I wanted to ask some really basic questions BEFORE I decided to schedule a tour. I sent her one more email and received a very short response. So, I called the phone number. They were not able to give me a list of which classes were included in the program I was interested in. The class I really wanted was an additional $300 fee for lash extensions- a very common service for cosmetologists to provide, and the receptionist said "mmmmbye" when she was ready to get off the phone. I was extremely kind on the phone, and genuinely curious about their program, but now I'm put off. Not very professional in my opinion.


Job training at its' finest!

Anna Elmer

I love being an MTECH student!! The teachers are super helpful and care about each individual student

Brenan Gillies

This is an awesome school! I am in the EMT program and absolutely would recommend it to anyone! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are very willing to work with you!

Samantha Johnson

Im going for pharmacy tech, and our teachers make it so understandable and enjoyable! I fully recommend it, they make you feel confident in your practice

Gabriela Mendoza

Amazing school to go too

Anuhea Moors

MTECH is such a great school! They have amazing programs and the faculty are so friendly and helpful! Definitely recommend enrolling in this awesome school to further your education!

Keegan Doyle

This place is amazing and the teachers are great.

mercedes h

I love this school! The instructors are willing to go above and beyond to make sure you understand what you’re learning.

Jarid Jessica Love

Love this campus and surgical tech program. Wonderful instructors and friendly staff.

Aubrie Christensen

Mtech has been such a great experience for me! i’m in the medical assisting program and the set up is so different but I have learned so much from it. I 100% recommend this school !

Zach Smith

This school lacks in the trades skills. I feel like I waste my time and money

Ivy Dunn

Thus is a great school! All the instructors are great and I learned a lot.

Emily Parker

I am currently in dental assisting! My class is amazing, we have been learning a lot and it is a hands on experience. Julie Francis is my teacher she know how to reach because she has been teaching for so long. It's nice to be in this course because I am still in high school getting college credit and learning so much information about what I want to go into. I would consider coming to mtech unlike other schools this one is hands on.

Kirsten Paige

I am one of the lucky students to receive a scholarship from this school. And if I could give a less than one star review I would. My scholarship was for full tuition and I have been fighting them since day one to own up to their word. I finally was able to get the full tuition scholarship that they gave me after fighting with them for a month. If you do go to this less than qualified school make sure to ask for a student ID and Parking pass. Even if you turned in a form for them both they will make up excuses and fine you for not having them. Oh, and don’t bother talking to any of the student services employees because all they will do is lead you in a circle and belittle you. That goes for both the Lehi and Orem campus.

Mike N

This is an excellent college with a beautiful campus. They have programs for everything, from diesel mechanic to nursing. They have a lot of different medical classes, technology classes, electrician, mechanics and many more classes. Their curriculum is industry driven so when you graduate, you're job ready and employers are ready to hire you. Job placement is high, nearly 100% of adult students get placed in their chosen career. The college is heavily invested in the community and to making the college experience what it should be.

Jacob Pierpont

Love this school. Instructors are knowledgeable and answer all your questions.

Cameron Meiners

I learned a lot and the instructors are great.


Great program and cafeteria!

Johnathan Lindsay

Great school with great Teachers, It's so good I've done two programs offered (Information Technology and Digital Media) From my experience the classes are basically an online class with a professional, in that department, in a classroom setting.

Kim Westra

I’m just about done with the Medical Assistant program and it has been a great year. All the teachers are helpful and they want you to succeed!!! I would recommend MTECH to everyone.

Mitchell Hedrick

Great way to learn about digital media and get into the work force!

Jason Faga

Love this institution and it’s vision for students seeking education and skills for any industry

Bailey Montague

I love diesel mechanics

Melissa Wiggins

Best school ever. The culinary school has the freaking best pancakes ever

ethan keeler

always fun to be around people as nerdy as you

camille erickson

I love it here! Best place ever!

Ukulele Ryan

I love Mtech. It has so much diversity in classes that you could learn anything. Not only that, but once you finish a class, you could find a job almost immediately after. Come to MTech!

Jenna Harding

This school is so good for every student I love the environment and the drive that the teachers give you.

Samantha Taylor

I go to school here and let me tell you, the education, the people and everything is so great!

Julews ZW

I love mtec! A great start to my future careers! 10/10 The teachers and staff are amazing!

Liliana Valenzuela

This school is amazing place to go to and meet an amazing group of teachers and classmates. Lots of hands on activities

Marissa Snyder

This school is awesome and I love it so much! I would recommend anyone to take a course here. It’s a great place to learn.

Thaisha Cruz

It a great school.


Awesome college very flexible and cheaper than other programs

Videographer Jones

It’s a great school great staff I’m having a great time.

Zoe Perrett

I love it here, the instructors are the best!!

Lindsay Camp

SuAnn bird is the best EMT instructer ever!!!

Natalia Rosas

Everyone is so nice. Best school ever!!

ʙᴏʀᴇᴅ sɪɴᴄᴇ 1999

I don't understand how this school wanted a tax income verification if I already applied to FAFSA. I asked the lady from Financial Aid office if I can upload my FAFSA information or at least send a physcial copy of my parent's tax income. She said "no" and I have to visit to fill it out. When I told her to guide me how to create one because I don't know how, her response was "It can't let me open the page...Sorry." So how on earth want me to verify it if nobody knows how? I even call to schedule an appointment on Lehi to help me with the verification problem. When I got there, the consuler responded she barely know stuff about the Federal Financial Aid and said to call the Financial Aid office. I specifically told her I already call them multiple times and they don't know either. I was frustrated, I decided to cancel my FAFSA today. So I'm supposed to be helped with the money or complex my Financial Aid more?

Taylor Tatton

I enjoyed this school alot, the teachers are great and all the staff is very friendly. Overall it's a great learning environment

Catie Lindelof

Their nursing department was an absolute disaster when I attended. The learning outcomes were very unclear; since enrolling in Weber's RN completion program, I see that not all nursing programs have to be absolute chaos. My last semester a teacher quit mid-semester and another teacher we had would never prepare for class, and we all did poorly on her tests because what she taught us was not what was on the predetermined exams (which she wouldn't look at). Many of my emails have gone unanswered as to actually obtain my post-license IV certification, and I've been promised by the department that it will be emailed and mailed to me. However, upon contacting student services directly, they informed me that the nursing department cannot actually release that to me, and I must come in and do a formal request and PAY to get a certificate. So, the IV certification course is required as part of the program hours, but I have to pay to get proof of completion? I wish that the nursing department would have actually told me that when I initially contacted me instead of ignoring my email and phone voicemail. Very unprofessional. I'm glad I attended MTECH's (MATC's) nursing program, but I don't think I would do it again if I had to.

Sara Jensen

Terrible place. Everyone is very judgemental. Not a grear place to go. If you are looking for a school go ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!!!! The worst experience of my life. I felt attacked and bullied. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!! I went for cosmetology.

amanda dubois

I really love my program at mtech! It has been super fun and I’ve met amazing people. Instructors are great and it’s an all around great atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Samuel Sollars

Oh my gosh! This place is amazing! Not only is the food you can get from the Mtech grill delicious, but all of the hands on experiences that you get in the many different programs they offer is so helpful. They prepare you to get a job by offering internships and the teachers/staff/counselors are so kind and patient.

Karl Taylor

Love their testing facility at the Lehi location. I choose their school over SLCC and others for I.T. certifications. However, I haven't been here in years, no current need. My wife was here to take her CNA skills exam. I decided to write a review as the campus needs to be aware of an issue in the parking lot. Students who participate in higher education should be able to read and be capable of figuring things out and capable of more. With that said, signs that say 1 hour or car/van pools should be observed and enforced. I read a few reviews about student stickers and issues, why are students coming from class allowed to park in these spots? In the hour we were here, I saw multiple driving students in the van/car pools solo (no passengers). Another student in the 1 hour parking coming out of class with dozens of others, she was talking to them for a few minutes first. Just as I was about to leave, another obvious student, books and bag in tote, parked in the same spot for class. Obviously some rules are strictly enforced or forbidden but these are optional. What next handicapped to be ignored too? I get it, close parking is desired. My issue is that higher education is for the motivated not the lazy. Park and walk folks. It won't kill you like obesity will. Great place to learn. No issues with staff. Would recommend them to motivated people looking for an edge in the world to get more by putting in more.

Kenia Anderson

MTECH is a great school. I am attending there for culinary arts 1, and it a very productive and fun class to be in! The teacher are amazing and make you want to be there, and the students that attend always seem so happy to be there! I highly recommend signing up for a class that interests you!

Cristina Granados

I am in the digital media program and I really like how you can go your own pace. The course layout is great and so is the teacher. Thanks MTech!

chriz ruzzell

I am in the MA program at MTech, great learning experience and even better community!

kennadi davis

I love Mtech! I’m a student in the MA program and it has helped so much! I’ve learned so much and I love getting such an early start to my career!

Kaitlin Blocker

I love that an education is made affordable and easily accessible here. I admit I came to Mountainland Technical College from a four year college with zero expectations of what I would find. I have been very impressed with every experience I have had here. I like that it is very structured and organized with clear expectations while being a go at your own pace program. The Digital Media class at the Thanksgiving Point campus is really great. As one who has struggled academically in the past, I have found the success and confidence that I was looking for. If I could I would love to work my way through the multiple programs learning and acquiring new skills.

Aurie Gatherum

I love mtech! I’ve been able to develop so many skills and progress my education!

Parker Krynen

I really enjoy working here and can tell you that the administration and faculty do their best to ensure the best educational experience possible.

Luke Blain

This place is educating people

Audrey Wangsgard

An amazing school. Always takes care of us

Kessa Newey

Mtech is the best! Fast and affordable

Brooke Enfield

This school is so great!! Teachers are amazing! Might have been the best decision I've ever made!

Ashley Stock

I highly recommend this school, I am a single mom and the schedule is fantastic. Love the teachers and do it at my own pace!

Tayler Presti

A really fun experience, and a great way to get a future job in your career.

Carlos Jensen

This school is totally awesome. The staff and teachers are awesome. The curriculum is very accommodating for those who have busy lives.


It's awesome here!! All the staff and teachers are the best! I've done 2 programs at MTECH

Karina Avila

best school ever, great programs!

Seth Bird

This place is baller. I'm taking the IT Technician course and Chase is the man. Would recommend it

Hayley Monson

They are so many fun programs to choose from and the teachers are so nice and caring towards everyone!

Nizaia C

I went there for the medical assisting program and i am now certified. It was a really good experince overall.

Joseph Watts

The nice thing about MATC is that is hands on and you can go out into the field right after and don't have to waste more time on other schooling. The experience is ound overall

Lauren Holmstead

Great school! The instructor's teach well and the staff is friendly. Great opportunity to further education in a specific area of interest.

Michael Lanoy

Mtec is a great place to learn new skills and learn how some professions work and develop personal skills

Adam Russell

Medical assisting at Lehi is freakin awesome. Teachers are amazing. Best ever

Nicole Heddens

I love MTECH! It is super affordable, has plenty of programs to choose from, and the faculty is great. I would recommend it to anyone!

Michael Parra

Great school and great staff here at Mountainland Tech...

Rebby Duncan

This school is awesome. Im in Culinary Arts 2 year and I love it!

tony ruelas

Its a great school and i love going there it. Food is also good

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