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REVIEWS OF Clayton Middle School IN Utah

Hailey Agnew

This school is okay. I'm a seventh grader entering eighth grade and this year had a lot of ups and downs. If you have good teachers who you can learn from you should do just great! I think the education part of Clayton is great! I think they should get rid of the CCA program but overall the education is pretty good. As for socially, the kids who go there could be nicer but it is middle school so... If you're getting bullied you definitely need to let someone know because the school is really good about no bullying. The arts at our school are great!! Orchestra and band could be way better, so if you're into that look into Hillside because that program is amazing!! Play, dance, P.E. is great to. Socials and parties are great!! Language program is good! Seventh grade teachers I recommend(if your teacher you have isn't working out talk to your counselor and they will switch you!) Hazelwood-health Schaefer-math Myers-science (I can't recommend a language arts because from what I know they all are bad) Overall this school is okay. I think it could have improvements but its good.

Rachel Hacker

Amy Palleson

Teachers were amazing, especially Mr. Carlston. My daughter has told me on multiple occasions of his quirky type of teaching, which results in knowledge and fun at the same time. According to her and her daily school stories, there are some interesting substitute teachers as well. Mr. Nevers was mentioned, and it seems as if he's a good (or at least an adequate) teacher. Good subs, good teachers, good activities, good school.

Tarek Hafza

I am going to this school and im so far injoying it but my scince teacher is one of my favorite teacher

Sufyan Sirdah

The best school ever. The best staff and teachers to work with, teachers are very polite and helpfull and by the end of third term i learned alot

Ian Andersen


Karenn Mirandaa

ITS DA BEST!!! i love my friends and its a great place

Sneff Jefferson

The librarian tried to snap my neck, but otherwise a pretty good experience.

Lily Murakami

Dr Thompson w i l l snatch your weave

Lars Torgersen

I like Trains


This was the best middle school you could go to! :3

Jena Brown

Violet Baddley

The atmosphere in my time there (2005-07) was oppressive and soul-crushing, though I had more than a few brilliant teachers who made the experience somewhat tolerable overall. Educational standards were medium-high. The bright spot to the school, that kept me from total heartbreak, was the illustrious, brilliant mid-century building. This building is now gone.

lorien Elison

Worst teachers, worst classes. Worst two years of my life. Dr Thompson should be fired.

Brianna Coco

This school was one of the worst experiences. The only teachers I liked were my ceramics, language arts, and science. It's racist at this school and the caucasian kids are very annoying and rude towards non-caucasian kids. If you get in trouble and you are non-caucasian, the punishment is worse for you. I don't reccomend this school.

Kyle Lonschoten

I'm currently in 8th grade here, and I LOVE IT! The teachers are great, and the activities are fun, after all, what other schools have a Just Dance intramural? Being a part of the show choir is really fun!

Lyam Genovesi

It was really fun being around your friends but then when it started getting closer to the end of the year all the friends you have made with the 7th graders you knew you were going to be separated from them. That was the sad part about it.

Hand lawngarden

if your reading this bring me more cheddar RUN also there is a lot of immigrants which is good

Dani Park

I attended Clayton 2015-2017 and let me say it is terrible. I had problems with one teacher and went to the (then) principal to get help. She did not take me seriously and instead accused me of harassment and gave me in school suspension. To be noted other girls came forward and were also punished, beside one Caucasian girl. This school is quite racist and became way worse in my 8th grade year. I do not recommend.

Alexander Drums and Guitar

Bryan cline2001

They took care of everyone

Mohamed Ali

Sheyla Warrick

Anesa Mujic

Riley Liston

dr kent Thompson kicked me out of his classroom for hi fiving my friend because of his rule kyfooty keep your hands feet and other objects to yourself, that's pathetic

Matthew Reynolds

Marvel Addicts

sarah duncan

Hmmm.. this school.. Well, some teachers are good, others are great, and some are so clueless they would probably fail their own class under their own teaching methods. The building feels like a hospital, its too small for so many students, and the students are a bunch of hell raising rumor spreaders that show up every year expecting to be the badass of the school, and always fail miserably. All in all, its a good school I guess, and if you have the right teachers, you'll do well. (2010-12)

Tobias Zickmund

i am new here :D

Andrew Manzano

This school is absolutely astonishing. I am an 8th grader at Clayton and my science teacher is AMAZING. All of my other teacher are categorized as GREAT but some teachers don't know how to be fun yet are able to teach and keep control of a classroom. My English teacher is cool. He is very strict but he teaches us about reading, writing, and identifying the text so well. I hope that any student that is considering going to this school goes to this school.

Mae Ling Lewis

This school was the best school I could possibly ever go to. I loved my 2 years there and i wish i could stay longer. Gonna miss all my friends, and even some teachers. 5/5


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Troy Velazquez

Belen Alvarez

Antonio M.

Pj Kavapalu

Netflix & Chill

Leo Reo

Swahy Gerd

swag swag swag, this school is bad

Deylah Hernandez

Great school

Lucas Johnson


jeffrey roy


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