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REVIEWS OF Brigham Young University IN Utah

Jayson Carmona

If you are willing to abide by the honor code you agree to live by, you will have a great time. A small sacrifice for an extremely high quality education subsidized by the tithes and offerings of faithful saints.

Shawn Bengtson

Seems a little to religious

Pilar Holik

The most beautiful university campus I ever seen. Also the best education I could ever asked for. BYU will always be home.

Kerem Cantekin

Nice buildings, however I heard if a woman is sexually assaulted here, and decides to come out, the school doesn't allow her to take any more classes, unless she proves, that she didn't violate the honor code of the university, which forbids her to stay outside after a certain hour at night, or stay together with a male student.

Chuck King

BYU is the best place to get an education, and a very good place to grow up! It is a peculiar place, by design. The students are better, the facilities are GREAT and the memories will last more than a lifetime.

Nathan James

Finished my undergraduate at BYU starting a master's program, Incredible school, great professors and academics for a great price. Well run and clean campus, caring faculty, and very safe.

Austin Beckham

Best university for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Very good university for people of other faiths—especially Christian—that support high morals and values for themselves or their children. The Honor Code is great because it allows you or your children to participate in a great learning experience without making mistakes you’ll regret later in life. The only downside to the University could be the lack of diversity but it’s nothing to lose sleep over.

Jonathan Spencer

Fantastic education for a comparatively low price. The location is also magnificent. Mountains are just a few blocks from campus so year round fun is easily accesible

Larry Baxter

Among the most well kept campuses I know. Great education.

Benjamin Dickey

Not enough parking or seating or anything. Students are weird and general experience just so annoying and no fun

James Gordon

Great university. Great atmosphere and quality education

Shaunas Adventures

Brigham Young University has been voted 21st of the prettiest college campuses. It is a stunning campus nestled beneath the gorgeous Cascade mountains with the huge Y on it. BYU is known for their high standards in academics, integrity, and morality. The campus has beautiful landscaping, the buildings are kept up nicely and are beautifully designed. The student housing is new and nice. Great place to go for further education. #most_beautiful_University

Scott Esplin

I had a great experience here and got the best education, dollar for dollar, that is available anywhere in this country. I wasn't in love with the honor code, but I also didn't make it my personal mission to change it. I met some self righteous people, but I didn't project their attitudes onto the entire institution. I think it's safe to say that if you're not looking to be offended and are open to learning that you will grow as a human being, learn a lot and (most likely) have a great experience at this school. BYU was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Scottie C

I was at BYU for only one year but I enjoyed the time I spent here. I felt the classes were slightly easier than other universities but I did feel like the things I learned here were more applicable. Other than being really cold in the winter, I thought the social scene was great.

Maria Esotu

Terrible online services. Their more focused on failing you than passing because theres money involved.

Angus Bennion

The campus is clean and well-kept. Opportunities for undergraduate research/involvement are abundant. Can’t beat the tuition price. Some of the rules in the Honor Code are outdated (e.g. no beard, restrictions on hair length/color), I suspect it’s still around because the institution is afraid of losing donations from philanthropists who think those things matter. Very conservative student body, that can be pretty annoying at times.

Braden Castleton

Dismantle the Honor Code Office. NOW!!!

David Mecham

Good reasonably priced education.

Matthew Randall

I did my undergraduate here and I loved it. Beautiful campus with a great view of the Wasatch mountains. A lot of great research opportunities with funding for undergraduates. It is a good place to go if you want to use it as a stepping stone to graduate school.

Kendall Hall

Worst school I have ever been to and would not recommend it. Professors were awful, everyone thought they were cooler than each other, and there is a false sense of happiness. .

Luke Peet

I saw there was six hundred and sixty six reviews on here.... Definitely not the devils school.

Justin Baron

Mormons are rude and I have a hard time believing that they are Christian. If you don’t look exactly like them, they will walk right past you and not even say hello (not very Christian). They immediately want to know if you are Mormon. They have an agenda, and that is getting you baptized into their religion- I assume to raise their numbers-it’s all about numbers, just watch their General Conference and you’ll see what their all about(they always mention how many new members they have). The religion reminds me of an old fashioned pyramid scheme. Hey, don’t forget about what they did at the “mountain meadow massacre”. Don’t believe me?? Look it up. Shameful . Mormons whine about how they kept getting kicked out of all these states because of their religious “beliefs”. Dude! You are practicing polygamy!!!!!! Of course you are getting kicked out. I recently read that Joseph Smith started his own bank in Kirtland Ohio and was selling his own people bonds that failed within a month and he fled to Missouri and while in Missouri he started some more problems there and was charged with treason for attacking his own country. He escaped from a local jail and fled again to Illinois and after several of his own members of his church turned against him there, he tried to flee again. Joseph smith declared Marshall law in Nauvoo after he had his mob vandalize a newspaper that stated their opinion about him (which was probably factual). This man was no martyr, he was a fraud, a phony, a treasure hunter that NEVER found treasure and a coward , plus a fleeing felon. Oh and he also married over 40 women (some were already married). Sounds like a wonderful man. If Jesus did all these things, would people follow and trust Him?? ....don’t even get me started on Brigham young

Tyler Leber

Fantastic professors, professional environment. Great place to study and learn!

Lucas Handy

I love the mountains next to this university. When I had time off studies, I biked to Bridal Veil Falls on the smooth Provo Canyon Trail.

Debra Francis

Great school. Love the campus and the great atmosphere. The teachers are great. Makes me love to come to class to learn!

Jon Pratt

Had a great education. Got an academic scholarship when accepted...however, lost it after my first semester! Way different league than my junior college experience--the classes were difficult. But I really learned things as I was forced to work harder. I am grateful for a well centered education based on goodness and morality.

Dawson Richman

As an active member of the LDS church, l was absolutely appalled at the behavior and atmosphere that took place on BYU campus. I love the LDS church, and this review is by no means a review towards the church. The atmosphere is full of 'survival of the fittest'. If you have any questions, you instantly become a social outcast. It's as if you not understanding the material will somehow bring down anyone who associates with you. I was also appalled at how little the church's doctrine was enforced, mainly the law of chastity. Members of the church are not supposed to arouse sexual feelings before marriage. As l would walk across campus, l would constantly see people full on making out, sometimes even lying on top of each other on the lawn. Yeah, not too impressed.

Michaila Pettit

My husband and I attended BUU and loved it! It is a fantastic school.

Charlotte Fowers

Such a beautiful campus.

Chia-Chen Buck

We came to the MOA for date night. It had some really cool exhibits. Really great experience again.

Family Lin

We're not the student here, but we love the view there! So lovely! Also we love the building and the environment there.

Austin Alpeter

BYU is the "dream job" of most professors here. They are passionate about the vision of the University. Great competitive education with a deep connection to the gospel. My wife and I will finish school with no debt. What a bargain!

Sam Roberts

Great Private Christian University. Terrific value! After 20 years I appreciate my 4 year BS degree in Statistics more each year. I love talking about the school, being a fan of the sports and attending the games and supporting my cougs, sending my kids to camps and attending BYU scouting powwows to learn alongside my boys for those merit badges. I support this university and am very content to continue to do so.

Kyle Jeffrey Young

The fact is that the school and it's leaders stand for what is good. The ideal message that would be promoted at BYU if everybody kept the standards they agreed to keep would be one that is accepting and enjoyable for all students. People should not have their image of BYU tarnished because a select few students or professors don't know how to conduct themselves. When you have a huge population of students and teachers, there is a lot of trust put on everybody to behave themselves. Lots of people choose not to do so. Don't blame a good school for having not as good people in it. You absolutely do not need to be a perfect member of the Church or even a member of the Church at all to have a good and successful time at BYU. I have plenty of friends that I love very much and had a great time at BYU, despite being far from being strong members themselves or having strong families. Great place to go to school, where faculty cares about you and will help you succeed if you put forth the effort. It is tough to work hard, keep the rules of the University, and not have a positive experience, unless you choose to be negative. It is a great school full of quality people, waiting for quality experiences to be had, without needing to do anything immoral.

Joshua Hall

Go Cougs.

Jacob Condie

Seriously good bang for your buck. conservative culture not for everyone. the best thing about my experience was the networking. you can go anywhere in the world and connect with byu alumni.

Mark Nielson

I went to school here for my bachelor's of science in electrical engineering. I love the campus! It's so clean and beautiful. The rankings change and speak for themselves but I've realized that often it's even better than the national rankings. This is because this school is a undergrad teaching focused school. We don't have the large state funds of other schools for research but we have some of the finest education in the world!

Jordan Tucker

Beautiful campus with a lot of history and diversity. The quality of education is incredible. Note worthy places: The library, life science building, MOA, Bean (natural history) museum, and of course the creamery.

Megan Jensen

I love the atmosphere of the campus and the community within it!

Shawn Howell

A truly unique and uplifting place to get higher education. "Enter to learn, go forth to serve"!

Warner K

Awesome time here. All my professors love their jobs and enjoy teaching. I look forward to lectures. Beautiful campus, with everything you need within walking distance.

Brady Morris

I attended school here for 2 years of my undergraduate degree. It is a good education for the money. It is a safe environment. It is also very cold here in the winter time. The culture is very different here. I remember when i went to register for classes i was denied entry because i was not wearing socks with my shoes. It was so frustrating. That was a little extreme IMO.

jaxson richins

An absolutely amazing University where the spirit can be felt and recognized as a key part of your education! It is a very beautiful campus as well! It is an all around wonderful school to attend!


Fantastic school with great standards of excellence.

G Moon

Great school, if you are a Mormon. Good quality education for the price, if you're Mormon. The campus is not as big as I'd imagined and beautiful in its own way. The people are nice and friendly. However, beware of the culture. It is extremely conservative. Mormons can be proud people. For a religion that promotes the freedom to choose it doesn't leave room for mistakes. Basically, you have to choose their way. This kind of rhetoric does not allow for personal growth. You just have to be good all the time, strive for perfection. Their honor code is over the top and interviews get extremely personal. The school's policy to get into their students' private lives seems inappropriate. Furthermore, it encourages dishonesty. I knew of students that felt absolutely no remorse for lying. Free thinkers are not welcome. You must look and act a certain way to fit in. They look down on anyone who isn't like the rest of them. There is a lot of backstabbing in the Mormon culture. A lot is said behind people's backs. I never met a Mormon who was willing to tell it like it is. I never met a true open-minded individual there. Their Mormon religious beliefs take over their rational thinking. Moreover, analytical thinking isn't something you will find at BYU because this kind of deliberation is not good for their religion and for the church to stay strong. But, if you are willing to live the Mormon life then BYU is for you.

Alex Theobald

Incredible education, faculty, peers, and environment. Strong alumni communities and plenty of employment opportunities post-graduation. I've been incredibly grateful for my experience there.

Sgt. Peterson

How can anybody go to this school? Worst school ever! The school is a joke. Please choose another school over BYU. It's so controlling that you have people from the Honor Code Dept come to apartments to check for porn, beer and pot! LMAO!

Kim Gilbert

Love this school! Great enviornment, great people, great programs!

Taylor Jamison

Deeply grateful for the opportunity to go to BYU. I grew so much there and figured out what I'm passionate about. Excellent launchpad for my career. Only negative is I'm still single.

Joseph Dewey

This is a strange and weird school. It's pretty nice and clean, but all of the buildings look the same. They sometimes have good plays here, but you have to wade through a lot of bad plays, and usually the sporting events are pretty good. The Daily Universe is a pretty good paper, and it's distributed for free all over the campus. It's really hard to get anything good to eat on campus unless you use BYU Catering.

Megan Jones

BYU is truly an amazing school. The School of Communications is awesome. They have some of the best teachers around.

Dan Herrera

Biked around here recently. The place is clean from leftist degeneracy that's plaguing so many universities and colleges. (Unless the Molly Mormon professors are closeted Marxists) Anyways friendly staff though. Preach the Gospel Comrades!! I mean Brothers and Sisters!

Jayce Alvey

Such a great school. The environment is just a 10 overall

Rob Williams

Amazing hopefully I can transfer next year.

Joe Worrell

Can never get ahold of kbyutv.... always not available

Ben V

Hard classes and some dumb rules and culture can drive you crazy but also SO many incredible people and I realized there were so many more people than the culture stereotypes. I am honored to have gone here.

Ryan Egbert

I really enjoyed my time here. Made amazing friends and gained a great education that prepared me well for my career.

Carlow Lorrie

Beautiful campus with a great library. Faculty members who will take time to meet with students and even help them. It is easily the best university in the state and one of the better ones in the world.

William Hunt

As a student there 30 years ago, I absolutely loved everything about BYU and the surrounding community. As a parent of a young woman who is going there, I can't be more pleased knowing that she is in perhaps the safest university environment in the United States, and one that will provide her with one of the best educations available today.

Taylor BECK

The best!

Jeffrey Smith

Great school and had a great time attending!

McKay Christensen

One of the cleanest campuses I have been on. Nice to just walk around (during summer or after peak class time).

Simon Roundy

Welcome to BYU dis be som pics

Brandon der Blätter

I liked BYU at first, but over time the poor culture and excessive rules got to me. If you fail a class, you can't replace the grade if you retake it. Ironic coming from a school sponsored by a church that preaches repentance. Once I was not allowed to renew my ID card because I had hair that was long enough to be combed over my ears (even though it was not combed over my ears). Apparently my appearance was not perfect enough to be acceptable at the Lord's school. The price is cheap compared to other schools, but the entire higher education system is a mess and BYU has done little to be a leader in revolutionizing the school system. They're just as content with letting privileged children with rich parents who can afford to pay tuition and tutors and such graduate while denying the chance to children from humbler backgrounds. Or, they're totally okay with students accumulating thousands of dollars of debt with little hope of ever paying it off. So much can be improved, but management is too set in its ways. Prove me wrong.

Dacy Nottingham

Wonderful school to attend. I have many family members who got their education here. It's safe, clean and has beautiful surroundings.

Ian Horrocks

Can't say enough negative things about this school.

Alex Larson

All of my family has gone to BYU and has come out with a quality eduacation. It’s a good place to be around good people that are morally clean and just want a strong education. It is a great place to have an awesome social life and strong friendship building place.

Kara Keatley

Mike Hill was my Bishop in Orem, Senior Director at BYU. Two women in my church group had the same negative experience with him that I did. He did marriage counseling as Bishop, and was so ignorant that one women told me that when her husband got physical with her in a fight, he turned to her and asked her what she did to provoke him to do that. The culture at BYU reflects this, Mike Hill fits right in.

Tyillere Hansen

Love the BYU campus. Fun things do to include various concerts, plays and shows. They are quality fine art events at a fraction of the full price.


Justin Baron. Have you actually learned anything about Joseph Smith, OF COURSE NOT! Because people like you are to dumb to learn anything about the topic you are arguing about. Sorry about the rudeness I don't like people who criticize, just because they don't like a religion.

Thomas mack

I was here for national landscaping competition in March 2017. The campus is beautiful. the students, teachers, and landscape maintenance staff were wonderful and very helpful. Thank you to all of them and congratulations to byu horticulture for winning the completion. They were wonderful hosts for the event.

John Bench

Lovely campus. Very competitive school. Make sure you know how to learn on your own.

Bryce Spencer

BYU is one of the best experiences someone can have. I've been going to school there and I love the people, the campus and the environment here.

Chris Bozer

Love going to school here!

Matthew Tolson

Certain things about this place really bother me, but the price is absolutely unbeatable for the quality of education you receive. Totally worth putting up with certain attitudes and mindsets.

Stevens Dallin

BEST SCHOOL EVER! Great environment for learning both secular and spiritual things. In my opinion you cannot have one without the other.

Greg Sadler

I loved it and had great experiences here, and no the honor code office does not patrol around trying to bust people, and no I never experienced a tattle tale culture.

Adrián Herrera

Beauty :3

Annie Nielson

Studying civil engineering here. I'm convinced it's one of the best programs out there. My professors know me and my classmates are my friends. Big spirit of teamwork in this program. Not cutthroat, but definitely challenging. The campus is beautiful and I love the culture here.


Clean campus, friendly students and faculty, beautiful grounds. Lots of family friendly shows and exhibits as well.

Marie Anne Cheung

Most beautiful and clean campus I've ever visited. The community seems to appreciate the spirit of the student body and its many services projects. A piece of heaven.

Richard C. Shipp

Brigham Young University is an exceptional school to get your university education. Many advanced degrees. Nationally recognized colleges/departments. Great faculty and staff. Principled students. The campus is immaculate and beautiful!

Bradley Platt

Best University in the area. Nicest students.

John Tallent

amazing education at a an unbeatable price. Students are happy, friendly, and helpful. The university does a lot for the surrounding community and holds world class entertainment.

Tre Harris

Not being from Utah, it is hard sometimes falling into this culture. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. There are lots of great people here from professors to students. The parking is atrocious and some of the staff is irrational and quite frankly rude, but the overall experience is amazing. Education and life cannot be any better than here in Provo at BYU

Elijah Tarkington

My mom went here in collage I want to go there too. They have a good creamery I went to the creamery It has delicious food.

Utah Lites

Really cool campus and great place to watch the Mountain Cougars

James Jones

Amazing campus. A great school for members of the church or not. Go cougars!

Cayman Cardiff

I'm a student here! Best decision I've made yet! Amazing teachers and classes, rigorous classwork and programs, super fun student life! Beautiful people! Haha, can't beat the Mormons in looks!

Derek Blad

There's a reason why BYU received high academic and value marks by nationally reputable sources. And I'm convinced it deserves even better! I absolutely loved my experience as a student here.

Ryan Bjornberg

By is one of the best colleges in the world. The atmosphere and people are so nice and welcoming is was almost breathtaking. So many buildings and places to go all in one big University. Lots of amazing food choices too very close to the university. Always well taken care of and pretty all year.


A couple things bother me about this school, but I mean it’s a private university and rules are rules. But the campus is clean and well kept and tuition is unbeatable than anywhere else.

Spencer Nelson

I loved going here for my undergraduate. Great atmosphere. A lot of different kinds of people. Great education.

Brianna Selph

I love this University. I've grown so much as a person and as a student while I've attended BYU. I love the campus and the people there.

Aaron Johnson

Going on to higher education while not having to put your religious beliefs on hold is pretty amazing. And though there are a few weird people, most students and faculty are solid. And the classes CAN be very difficult, but it's a university so...yeah. I'm surprised that's an actual complaint.

Michael Bunn

Such a beautiful campus it was very clean and everyone around the campus seemed nice. The buildings seemed new and state-of-the-art. The campus is nestled up against a beautiful mountain range.

Nathan Tanner

Exceptional school. One of the best value universities out there. I really enjoyed my college experience at BYU.

yellowstreetlamps !

BYU is an elitist organization, regardless of any preaching against pride. Atmosphere is nice and clean. It is a pleasure to walk around campus without any cigarette smoke stench. Tuesday devotionals are always a pleasant break from collegiate rigors. The primary reason BYU is not a great school is because it exists to test and not to teach. The general construct of their education is challenging students to "weed"them out instead of teaching students to help them advance in their desired career goals. Classes are always big and TAs do more teaching than professors do. Primarily because professors are more invested in research than in teaching. You only get one shot at a degree at BYU. They don't let you get two majors. If you really want an education in Utah county, then go to UVU.

Ethan Doller

Love this school and it's atmosphere. The fans here are super loyal and loud. GO COUGS!

Dalin Russell

Great. Great. Great. Great. Go cougars! Smallish classes. Great student body. Lots of things to do. Builds education and character. Safe campus. Known for being good at sports you don't watch, lacrosse, rugby, cross country, etc.

Zak Kandare

I'm in the finance program and the education is unbeatable. The BYU network is great and they really prep you for the real world.

David Jones

Although it's been 25 years since I was in school at BYU I love and cherish the time I was there the friends and experiences made.

Brian Kay

Beautiful campus with kind people and family friendly activities.

Brittany Calkins

Wish I would have never gone to BYU. Emotional torture. I can’t give it 1 star. Only because I met some wonderful people there and I’m grateful I made it through with a degree. I’m however embarrassed to tell people I graduated from BYU. It’s only a good place if you are the perfect mormon from the perfect mormon family and look perfect.

Benjamin Perkins

I love BYU! It has everything that a college student could ask for and need plus a safe environment filled with happy and driven people. I don't know what more you could ask for in a college!

Michael Worley

Incredible school. You'll attend with brilliant people and enjoy learning from them. Deep thinkers can exist and do exist within the honor code.

Quinn Pitcher

I transferred from Utah State University. Bless USU but their professors don't care as much as the professors at BYU. I am currently in the Marriott School of Business studying Marketing. I am amazed by the work put into every lecture by my business professors. The preparation of these elite professors has qualified me to become an elite professional in the business industry. Thanks BYU!


BYU has one of the best educations you can find in a wonderful environment. I loved attending here!

Joshua Larson

I’ve had a fantastic experience going to school here. There’s tons of fun activities, the campus is always clean, and the education is incredible!

Marshall Robinson

Got a great education here for a really low price. You're experience depends on the attitude you come in with. It's not perfect there by any means, but come willing to learn and you will.


A great campus just to visit and walk around. Very clean. Also a great university to attend for a quality education.

Ethan Ancell

No decent places to get coffee. :(

Sam Sieber

I've had a really good experience here. There's a good, upright and fun atmosphere here. The professors for the most part are helpful. I also love how cheap the tuition is. If you looking for a good university, this should definitely be in your 'to-consider' list.

Don Shell

An amazing campus. The tour staff of the University were so nice and kind to us!

Tamara Brock

You will not find a better education anywhere, especially for the price! It's a beautiful campus, with a great environment and captivating professors. What more could you want??

Ivan Lee

I love Mormon girls.


I went to ByU and have fond memories of a great first year. A busy, fun, campus with dozens of fun events to choose from each weekend. Got me into medical school and residency.

Eva Jones

Great time on campus!!

Tyson Poppleton

Wonderful faculty and great education experience. Take advantage of all BYU has to offer for things to do. Some of our favorite things were seeing the exhibits in the art center (visit some of the classroom halls for some hidden art!), seeing a production, visiting the creamery for some ice cream, Bean museum, and much more!

Katrina Lantz

I always feel an uplifting spirit when I walk on campus. The grounds are beautifully kept by student employees and the historical buildings always make me feel at home.

Michael Nelson

Wonderful university with a beautiful camps! Nowhere can you gain such an amazing education for such an affordable tuition. Great academics and an awesome environment. Religion classes are a requirement to graduate but are absolutely worth it. I spent 4 years there and going to graduate school I felt so much more prepared than other graduate classmates who went to other big name schools. Once you get out of General Education courses with 300 people in them the classes are much smaller and you get to know and work with the faculty. Most students work part-time to help pay for school.

Dave Smiley

Definitely not a party university but a great place to learn and better prepare for the future. The campus is not the most appealing but the people sure are. There are tons of great students, professors, and faculty. If visiting make sure to check out the MOA, the BYU store, and enjoy a bit of good ole PDA.

Jared Bruton

I have spent 5 years here and have enjoyed it and felt lie it was a great place to get an education free of a lot of distractions that exist in the world. Honest, caring professors, rigorous but worthwhile classes, and a good feeling all over campus. Very friendly people, beautifully kept grounds, and a positive spirit exist here. Come visit even if you don't come as a student, get a campus tour, and enjoy your time here! Great library as well.

The_OG_ Wompus

Its gooood.

Dani H

BYU has quality faculty and staff and a great, positive environment. Overall, a wonderful place to attend for an undergrad.

James Schwab

World class education with a very low price tag. Yes, most of the student body and staff are LDS, and they expect you to do abide by some standards which most people should find acceptable. It's not for everyone, but its better than the detractors make it out to be.

Payton Grover

I love BYU! Incredible staff and great environment. The education is the highest quality at the most reasonable price. Absolutely love this school.

Swiss Utah

Most well organized campus in the state. This campus is also recognized around the world as being one of the best landscaped and has one several awards. Parking here is not as bad as the u or u.v.u,the wilk is a great place to hang out and chill with your homies. I would recommend attending here to anyone looking to go to college were they can simply learn how to get around and get a feel for the campus. Down town Provo also has a unique university city vibe.

Justin Roedel

Great University! I'm happy that I spent my time there as a student and will forever love the various faculty and students that were there with me. GO COUGS!

Austin Story

Best 4 years of my life. I wouldn't change a thing. The business and advertising programs are top notch. My classmates and I did not struggle finding great jobs post graduation. To get a Ivy type education for a few thousand dollars a semester doesn't exist anywhere else in the nation. Plenty of nice and fun people, great professors, beautiful campus, great athletics and lots of beautiful women. what more can I say?

Josh Coleman

The quality of education here is great! I feel very well prepared for medical school after graduating from BYU. The campus is beautiful, professors are understanding, and there are plenty of opportunities to gain experience and serve.

Austin Benesh

I loved my experience at BYU. Dating culture is a little weird, but the school itself is second to none. Whoever said that there is "No academic freedom" is either lying, or didn't actually spend any time there. There is plenty of academic freedom, and even more so than many other schools because you are not required to believe the lies that most institutions shove down your throat. I had a non-Mormon professor who loved it there and said he would never leave.

Sean Wilkinson

If you want to feel out of place for a day, take a stroll through BYU campus with 1 or more of the following. 1. Long Hair 2. Facial Hair 3. More than one ear piercing 4. Utah Utes gear 5. Tank Top

Andy Bassett

Hey super cool

Accilien jacques

Nice place,you can see some view of the valley when you up there


Great University, but their firearms policy is concerning.

Bunny Carol Dunn

I loved my time at BYU. It offers so much more than education. The fellowship of the social aspects make it a loving and fun place to be.

The Race

I love this University! Rated #13 by recruiters for career-ready graduates. Low tuition. Emphasis on undergraduate mentored research (like no other I know). #1 "Stone Cold Sober" university, and the students still have fun! A great place to work.

Bryce Berrett

Great school! The environment is absolutely wonderful and inspiring. Students live by the honor code and there is no drinking, premarital sex, drugs, etc. Great programs and professors.


best place ever

Ken and Alicia Lund

Outstanding university with a talented pool of students. Situated in one of the most breathtakingly scenic locations for a university campus, with stunning mountains on the doorstep of the school, your walks to class will be often awe-inspiring. There has been a lot of updating on the campus. Make no mistake, this is a unique environment that won't be for everyone. But for active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or those who like the clean-cut environment, it is a great place to get an education. Though it has a well-deserved reputation as being very conservative, you will find a lot more political diversity here than you expect on many issues. And with the majority of students from outside the state of Utah, in many ways, it is more diverse than any other school in Utah, and less in the "bubble" than critics often claim. Great place to get an education. And the cost for the value is incredible!

Kurt Benson

This University has a great athletic tradition, and is in my opinion , the best university in the U.S, Go cougars

Jon Butler

Went to a conference there ... the students are so polite - clean campus - even if you just look lost, people help.

clayton goodin

Amazing school. Phenomenal. After all, the famous violinist, Lindsey Stirling went here.

Iam MrFredRogersFan

BYU-Provo,Utah; Amazing College Campus; Truly when I visited there were milk cartons on professors and admin's desks without a sign of caffeinated drinks. Sat in the lecture of "How to not take no for an answers" persuasive class was informative in showing how hard at work and dedicated missionaries are educated as well as tough academic curriculum. Most of all amazingly warm and open and inclusive community living in Provo,Utah too. Met Julia's parents' and went over the Thanksgiving. Very kind and open.

Kurt Ellis

Love this place! Inexpensive tuition, clean atmosphere, and great professors. World class education at a fraction of the price!

Louis Kim

I absolutely have enjoyed coming to school and participate in rigorous academia. It seems like many people are into medicine, business management, or law- regardless, which areas they are into, many of students are wonderful. I will miss the school, professors, and the environment so much!

Ethan Unklesbay

I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and I enjoyed having the Honor Code. I learned a lot and grew a lot. My only problem was with the bureaucracy in the teaching department. Not many counselors were interested in me or my needs/wants, but if you are looking to just get told what to do, not a problem.

Trevon Galbraith

The students that go here are unbelievably kind and dedicated. Great place to get an excellent education.

Henrique Saucedo

It's a strict school, but it is also subsidizing half of your costs. I think it's at least fair. Very strong programs, and a great network for employment after graduation

Nelson Chung

Great university. Clean and breathtaking campus and quality education, strong football team. I met some of the best people ever there. Made some lifelong friends. I live on the East Coast now but we still get together. I get nostalgic frequently. I hope to move back to the area when I retire. Right now I'm chasing dreams.

Cody Simonsen

The attendants on the phone are always friendly. I appreciate the lack of hold times.

Cameron Spencer

Justin Baron, I don't know what you've been reading, or if you've even been here. This place is amazing. Also, the events that happened 150+ years ago with the Mormons cannot define the religion now.

Ben M

Always wanted to come here. The tuition doesn't cost an arm and a leg which is a plus. Also I have had a chance to see the administration on almost a daily basis bring a custodian and all. They are for the most part nice, hard-working and considerate of the students and of us custodians. Can't say that about other universities that I'm familiar with. The grounds are also well kept too. I do have my gripes (beards/shaving, etc) but overall I am glad I attend here.


Best school in the whole world. Great passion, great students, great standards, just the best University! The sports are fun to attend, the school is amazing and has great people in it. I can't wait to attend in the future! I look forward to attending the best school!

Shirley Paredes

It's spiritually uplifting, and you can feel the spirit strongly here.

Maria K

As a visitor and even non-LDS, I fell in love with this place!

He Ronal

I HATE this school so so much. I feel like I made the worst decision by coming to this school. When I wake up every morning, the first thing come up in my mind is whatever homework is due, and the last thing I do everyday is to finish typing all the essays I have from the classes. I feel like I can not breath from those pressures. I encourage everyone please DO NOT come to BYU, it is worse than going to hell!!!!


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