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REVIEWS OF American Academy of Innovation IN Utah

Mr. Meeseeks

To many customers want help from here. They want me to help them with and i quote Ghost slaying, Snakes, Clowns, And Club Penguin Cheat Codes.Why do you have the first 3.

school hot

honestly this is not the place for me mainly because all they just use Microsoft stuff witch is too hard for me to use i'm more accustomed to google.

Carmen Hernandez

A very technology oriented school. It is open minded (for those who are very conservative it is not going to be easy)but my kids are happy. Small classes and for that reason I enjoy the attention to each student.

Braden Hughes

This school is ok it is still better than copper mountain but there are still some people here that I personally don't like also some days at this school can sometimes be frustrating but there are some good days too.

gdøg 518

hunter bingham

would rate 5 stars but there are like ghosts all over the place distracting me


this school made me actually want to die. many of the teachers ignored my 504 plan, and the school ignored my requests to switch one of my teachers for personal comfort. i was also bullied by a huge amount of the students there. when i originally wanted to attend this school, the claims on the website made me think it would be perfect for me. it ended up being something i regret- it never seems like the school has anything correctly planned or figured out and it's really stressful. i didn't feel safe at this school and i used to figure out ways to avoid going because i didn't want to deal with the people there. also, i received lots of threats from other students. one student attempted to pull a knife on me and some of my friends, another tried to attack me in a hallway after school, and i had many verbal threats thrown my way. when i would inform the staff they would do absolutely NOTHING about it. my mom had no idea until i told her about it myself.

Colin Quinn

Mrs. Rice is the best teacher here YEET

Mia Prazen

AAI is the first school that I am aware of that provides Project Time where students are allowed a period to engage in their own pursuits or to collaborate with a team in a group project. The success or failure of these projects can teach valuable lessons. Students are encouraged to think for themselves, and for many that can be far more impactful than being told what to think.

Skyler Jones

I like it

Ryan Hagge

The school is moving toward lofty educational goals and carries an air of hope. That alone would be enough for the five stars, but the school has already presented at the Planetary Science Symposium despite only being open seven months. They are moving in their marketed direction.

Cayden Hanson

nod dgs


Justin Haskins

Considering it's the first year of AAI I would say it has gone very good. A few bumps along the way but it was a good year over all for my 8th grade son, he will be attending AAI for 9th grade. I'm sure there is going to be improvements each year. They have a great staff with some big goals, I'm excited for the future and expect to see great things from AAI.

Cayenne D.

The first year of a charter school is always a little bumpy, but I have been so impressed with how well AAI's first year has gone. The teachers and administration worked serious overtime to get this awesome school accredited in one year. I am thrilled to be a part of such a good school and we are looking forward to many great years to come

Ronan Tucker

Good teachers, but there are voices coming out of the walls. Ghosts, maybe.

Don Rushing

Finally, an environment that is preparing my child for the future and not the past. What a relief to drop my child off every day, and know they won't be bullied or labelled by teachers or administrators because they don't fit the assembly line. Here they teach my child how to think, not what to think. Real learning actually happens, and creativity is encouraged, not squashed out. I look forward to a future when every child has a school like this in their neighborhood.

Gavin Chronicles

Astrid Arias

I am giving them 1 star based on the owner’s answers to the reviews. It seems like they are more worried about how others see them, instead of being worried about the well being of the students. I read all of the reviews and this page feels like a business page not an school. A note to the owner (or person replying to the reviews): If children post about how they almost killed themselves because of the bullying they went through at your school, the right answer is to apologize and be sympathetic. Instead, you offer a sad excuse saying how every issue has been addressed and start talking about your awesome policies, and blah blah blah. Where’s your common sense? You showed NO SYMPATHY for these students! All you care about is looking good, getting good reviews and questioning the negative ones. You paid more attention to lunch’s reviews than to those of students crying out loud for HELP. Awful!

Caynet 12

I dont like this school its a bad learning dont come here

Julie G

Second year public school making significant progress in unique and individualized education. Engaging teachers, small class size, STEM with arts, incredible building and convenient location. The staff is very responsive, open to feedback, and creative in identifying solutions.

The Zarian Island

Would not eat here again. This restaurant has no taste in decor or quality. They didn’t even serve food for the first few months. I got bad service and was yelled at to stop asking where the food was. Please increase the amount of food options and train your employees to not yell at me and I might come back.

emilia majers

i mean the school is great it can be stressful but it is the fullest form of education

Ugandan Knuckles Memeio

I'm a student but the cafeteria isn't up yet and i'm mad

Elisa A

So today at school my child was playing chair soccer for lunch. He got a kid out during the game. The kid got irate, folded up the chair he was sitting on and swung it at my sons head. Thank God my son ducked down. No call from the school to tell me about the situation... The kid was sent to the office and the office spoke with him briefly and sent him to continue on with lunch. How is this even acceptable??? At the beginning of the year my child had a knife pulled out on him and the child jabbed the knife towards him three times. The child was not expelled. Thanks AAI, great way to keep the kids safe! So yeah this is some real examples of what your child can experience at AAI, where the staff and principal do nothing to protect these kids. There has been multiple people that have said their kids have been bullied. When my son was punched in the face for arguing with a child, they basically said my son shouldn’t have pushed the child the hit him. This is a scary time we live in and for a school to do nothing about these incidents other than maybe send the kid to in school suspension is not acceptable. When there are no real consequences of the course the kids are going to do whatever they feel like. Truly feels like there’s no adults running this school.

Kayden O.

its ok

Team Canada - Funny Videos

Joe's a furry and their's ghost that eat homework.

Liz Williams

Ron Morris

Experiential learning is where it's at! Great school!

gavin griott

Reviews seem nice plus my frieend attends this school

Mrs T

BULLYING - there is a lot of people experiencing bullying at this school. Teachers and admins don't do anything about the bullying they hardly even let parents know about incidents. I've had to call the school on several occasions after my child came home and told me what happened. Several kids have left the school over bullying and other reasons as well. The teacher firing/turn over is high. Definitely pulling my child out of this school. The curriculum isn't even challenging.

Lauren Wise

I love the school and it's program. I haven't had alot of trouble with alot of students or teachers so far and I've really grown a love for this school. After a year of waiting (for me) they finally got the lunch program up and thats what I'm here to talk about, the first month or so was amazing!! We had delicious food and so much to choose from is what it felt like. The two month mark rolled around and things were still doing pretty good, I didn't think much of it. But eventually I've grown a very strong disliking to the school lunches and feel like the lunch program isn't much of an option for me at least anymore. The food for me is usually terrible and it doesn't seem like much effort is put into it anymore. My friend threw up today at school because she drank very expired milk and had a bad reaction to it as you'd assume. I can understand what the employees must go through making all the food and such but if you're going to frame it as "gourme" at least have gourme food and not the stuff I put in my mouth today.

jimmy newtron

Kirā Kanjō

I loved this school, but my parents pulled me out because of the ghost issues, I've begged and begged for them to let me go back, but they won't let me go back, they thought I was possessed, well I was possessed, but that's a story for another day. The scariest ghost is the one that distracts the people in the math rooms which makes the math scores plummet. Many teachers have already left due to the ghosts, such as Mr Morris, Mr cool guy ellermeier, and Ms Rogers. The worst ghost of all was M R H U T T E R, aka: Satan himself, instead of teaching he talks about Captain marvel and my Little pony, he also closes all his assignments without warning. The only hope in the whole school was Mr ellermeier, (the exorcist) but the dumb school fired him because they thought he was crazy!


This school is very good. It challenges me as well as helps me learn. This school does have some students that aren't always disciplined though.

Wyatt Philipp

Mrs Rice is great.


I really do like this school don't get me wrong however the problem with it is that there do seem to be some issues with punishment that really need to be addressed. By that I mean most kids just get let off with a warning and then get sent back up stairs...about 95% of the time

Jaime Brown

Love this school, my daughter is doing so much better!!!

Weston Oler


Mark DaBell

There are 3 things I really like about AAI. The class sizes are small. The teachers are invested in the students and the school. The project-based STEM curriculum is teaching my children real-life problem-solving skills that they wouldn't learn anywhere else. Learning how to work with and motivate others while interacting with cohorts to produce a quality product are skills that will help them through life not just school.


too many ghosts otherwise would be 5

Kyler Hathorne

Pretty good mate

Emma Steuart

AAI Utah


the bathrooms are supper clean but apparently paper towels are a privilege

Eileen Nagle

Banana The Dragon

Good Restraunt

Tgb Fusion

I Think that school is okay. But some of my favorite classes got changed randomly and on of the teachers has no clue what he is doing. Some of the teachers can also be very stressful and take there anger out on the students I like this school and I’m coming next year but if it gets worse then I’m not going to be here for high school. Also feels bad Mr Morris was my favorite teacher. Also the ghosts are spooky.

Leslie Ayllon

in all 11 of my son's school years, and this being the first year at AAI, I have never been more satisfied with his progress and self identity than at AAI...I love this school and so does my son. I've met some of the teachers and they are outstanding, my son is very fond of them and I am just glad I found this school to withstand his argumentative curiosity and out of this world ideas, but I am also glad he's finally making friends. I LOVE AAI

Tactical Gecko

Smaller class sizes and very technology based schooling. Grades 6-12.


Bad food and the ghosts yell hurtful things at you while you eat.

Daniel Flanders

Kelley Ritter

I've been so impressed with the teachers and classes available and curriculum, my 7th grader LOVES to go to school here, every day he doesn't want to miss anything. He's made good friends and has had a great experience so far, we love it! I love the project based, real world skills they are teaching.


I really liked the food, good hot cocoa and delicious waffles 10/10 would eat again


1.Is the reason i am now friendly instead of a closed down wanna-be 2. TEKNOLAJEE GAHLOR 3. Gud frendz! 4.Little to know hoemwurk

Richard Mace

Why don't you answer the front desk phone???

Emily REY

One of the worst schools I’ve ever been to no cappp

Shawn Perkins

I have three children attending AAI, and I've been very pleased with their experience, and excited about the way they're being challenged to take ownership of their education. AAI is the only junior high/high school I'm aware of that implements a project-based/experiential learning approach school-wide — which is a very difficult thing to do. It's not perfect, but getting better all the time, and I've been so impressed by the resilience of the staff and administration to be true to the vision of the school. It would certainly be less painful to take the easier road and just operate like all the other schools out there, but they are determined to succeed with their innovative model, and it's working. Apparently the word is getting out, so I'm glad my children are already in!


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