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REVIEWS OF Weatherford College IN Texas

Sharrell Hinson

Great college! I attended the dental assistant program with Krista Oberlin and she is by far the best instructor that I’ve ever had.

Kate Eaton

Unknown #bodyofchrist

Abby Piercy

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Travis Stom

shelby hunt

Probably one of the worst schools to deal with. They have no idea what they're doing, and that includes the teachers as well.

Mercy Fabumuyi

Hanson Hill

Jennifer S

I went here for a visit one time and it was boring

Patel Jaydeep

It’s a great college

Timothy L. Dawson

With Jim Wright as an alumni and involvement by people like Arnold Pitchford, how good it be anything but good?

Raag Desai


Jeff Hansen

Scheduled for a certification exam. Showed up and was greeted very professionally. Yakima the exam in minutes. No lines. Now wait. Just friendly helpful people.

Никита Холмогоров

Bishal BK

Phillip C

I graduated from WJC. Loved my time there

Wonseok Go

Great place to study. Campus is tiny but there are not many people so it's really quite and cozy. Facilities are maintained well. Administration staffs their work is really quick and accurate. Teachers were all kind :)

Jerry O'Quinn

I attended college Spring of 2013 and my experience was terrible. I have never had so much problems with school in my life. I graduated high school in 2008 with a 4.236 GPA because I took college classes. At my previous college i had a GPA 3.00 and ended up with 40 hours of college credit. Everything changed at weatherford. They signed me up for their level two developmental math, and it was harder than college algebra. I looked at one of my friends who is taking College Algebra and it was easier than my Developmental math. I don't know about you but i don't think developmental classes should be half online. With the developmental math, you have to take 12 hours of tutoring in the tutoring room. It wouldn't had been so bad if they all taught the right math. I had a teacher show me the wrong way in their and i ended missing the problem. The Online computer homework teaches you a way, the Class Instructor teaches you a different way,and with the tutoring instructors, it's a fifty fifty chance they teach you right. The other class i had a serious problem with was the Health and Fitness. The class is a hybrid class so it ends up starting after spring break. My deal is, i was told it was PE class. When i start the class he, then informs us that is is half online. I have never had any physical activity class that was half online. The program they use looses your homework. I got a zero on my nutrition project, that I had submitted a week before it was do. The program said that it was a draft and that i supposedly never sent it. I know i did because i sent one with only half of the work, and then i had to resend it again because i actually read the instructions and it wanted my sources. I am all for online classes if; a) it is not a developmental class that is supposed to have more teacher help than a regular and if the online part of class is reliable. I have moved back to Terrell so that i can get back on track. If Weatherford Community College is your last resort, i will offer you some good tips. Weatherford probably has the best History 1301-1302 teacher i have ever or even heard of. Her name is Mrs. Endsley and she is a must have when it comes to History. I absolutly hate History and yet i looked forward to her class. She is probably the only reason i would want to attend this school for another semester. I fear history anywhere else. If they put you in Developmental Math 303, Try to go up one more step, or try to avoid Mrs. Brown. I'm not sure if its her teaching method, or if thats really the curriculum but her class is insane. I have talked to several students who had that class before me, and they all said the same thing...Drop it and take the math that is one level higher. I hope my experience will help to prepare you for what you might face. It was a huge mistake transferring, my GPA has suffered a huge blow because i failed the PE class and the Developmental Math. I passed History 1302 and Business SPeech with an "A."

brittney wright

if you're thinking about attending the Law Enforcement program through Weatherford College you might as well just look somewhere else. They don't give a study guide to cadets (even though past cadets have gotten them). They will tell you to study one thing for the test and then it will never appear on the test. The assistant secretary is VERY unorganized and lost some of my important documents and lost my PID number even though she had sent it to me, she will also inform prior military that they cannot use there GI bill even though you can. She also had me under a different last name! I gave her updated documents about 3 months or more prior to the academy saying what my last name is and she still sent in wrong information. Thus, I have to go through TCOLE to change it because of her mistake. I wasted about $1,800 (not including uniforms) for this academy. It kinda of seems like a scam if you ask me.

Muneeb Benjamin

Donald Housman

Computer Sloth

Nahid Parvez

mohiudden babor

Best college ever :)

little troublr

I’ve been going here for a couple of years, teachers are really kind and helpful and lots of times easygoing and funny. the people at the bookstore are always kind, as well as the counselors they’re very helpful. everyone here seems to genuinely care about the students and that’s something i appreciate.

Laurie Hughes

Weatherford college is a amazing place. Wonderful caring person where you are a person not just another student. As a alum in 2002 I can definitely say only nice comments about Weatherford college. I went to American University after WC and was very well prepared.

Niquel Barnett

I have a lot to say about Weatherford College. The price is amazing. I got my Associate degree and working part time, I was able to pay for it on my own. I did a lot of theatre/performance stuff at WC and it was fantastic. Mr. Brownlee is an incredible theatre director, and likewise Mr. Laney is a fantastic choir director. Joe is amazing if you do children's show (totally recommend) and the choreographers for the musicals are phenomenally creative. All of the people I've encountered in the art department have been just lovely to me. I love looking at the seasonal art galleries UNT has. Now, in financial aide or the student center, it's really a hit or a miss. If you're trying to get help in the student center, I totally recommend Adam Finley. He knows his stuff and he'll really coach you on making a schedule you want. Some of the other people just get frustrated and upset when you don't choose the class that's easiest for them to input into the system. I had one lady hand me this huge binder of classes at WC and every time I mentioned one I thought I would enjoy, she would tell me they no longer offered it. The people in the bookstore are nothing but friendly to me and everyone else. If some people are upset in reviews about the bookstore, I can assure you, it's not the staff. It's probably the prices which--for christ's sake it's a college bookstore. 'Nuff said. Really, the worst stuff was some of the professors I had. I had one professor that would CONSTANTLY make sexist little jips or homophobic comments and just make a big fuss of his personal views in class. And he wouldn't leave it open-ended, as if it was a debatable idea. He said things as if they were solid facts. Some of my other professors belittled me so much, I didn't even want to go to class at all. One professor called me "messed up in the head". I really adored some of my professors, but some were just awful. So, yeah, good and bad stuff. I hope WC starts investing more into the arts. There's a lot of gold to be found there.

Jordon Berkley

I have been a student, work study, and full time employee at Weatherford College in the past. As a student, I found the teachers great to work with because they actually care about your questions. When I had questions that needed fast responses off campus, a few teachers SOUGHT ME out on Facebook to help me better. Some teachers will even give you their personal cell phone numbers. Administration on the other hand was a pain in the ass to deal with. You always get the runaround of everyone referring you to someone else who sends you back to the person who sent you to them. The hybrid classes can be a great boon depending on the class. Obviously classes that require you to do things outside of paperwork, like PE or music, are ones that you want to find as full in class. As a work study, I loved that while I worked in the library, I was able to get working experience, but still have time to study and get much needed income all at the same time. As an employee, I can't say enough good about the college. You get paid well, and can be secure in that you don't have to worry about someone taking your place at any second like with most jobs. As long as you do your job well, your job security is solid. I unfortunately had to give up my position for reasons that are not directly related to the college, but I would love to return to work at Weatherford College if my old position opens back up.

Paul Sliffe

Brandon Ash

Fantastic facilities, professional staff/professors...all surrounded by a warm and welcoming community. I got my college education started at WC and could not be prouder to be an alumni and a Coyote forever! Going to encourage my children to attend.

Trevor Smith

horrible the messed me out of all kinds of money and are rude

Elizabeth Canales

Amazing school and helpful friendly people!

Sandra Kate

Bibhooti Tiwari

Joshua Taylor


David Cano

Roman Rodriguez


Lauren Mayfield

This was my first step in my college journey, and it was the best choice! The Weatherford College staff helps guide you, and they help understated how to maneuver on a college campus. The cost of the tuition is also a great plus as it helps when you are on a limited budget.

Daemeon Abdi

nver ever ever ever ever b33n thar man im 122222 years old

Clara Kirby

Sierra Roberts

It’s a good college the only problem I Had was the online; I always get kicked off or it doesn’t work; and had to wait hours and hours before I finally could get on. Needs to work with the online so that people don’t get kick off or can’t get on because theirs a limit of who’s all on. But other then that it’s a great college and theirs great Professors.

Aaron Jefferies

The answering machine is unhelpful, and nobody answers the phone.

Arif Hossain Joy


Anamarija Žnidaršič


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