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Hook'em horns

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Steven Crowder’s views adversely affect students??? They’re called different opinions, views, ideas. They cause people to think and question things. That’s a GOOD thing. Rather than deciding for your students what they should think maybe let them think for themselves. Something this generation desperately needs to start doing if it’s not already too late.

Janna Vasilyev

J- Dub

Excellent experience! Went there for grad-school and roughly half way in landed a great career. If you pick a degree that is low in demand, don't expect miracles though. Pick your degree wisely and TCU will do the rest for you. Frog for life!!!

Mike A



Nick Valdez

Anh Nguyen

Kayla Guthrie

Michael Escardo

my favorite place to learn and study in peace

Alex McQ

Felix Hogan

TCU TCU they be my team

Nathan Roach

Great school to get an education from. Got my bachelor's from there while playing football. Small classrooms, caring teachers, and a state of the art campus, can't ask for more!

Caleb Dennis Belcha

I one day would wanna go to tcu and for even being in middle school i still think about collage and wanna play collage football

Maks gum

I love tcu. This school is my dream school. I saw tha campus and the rates on the internet. Very good academic and athletics school. FrogFam

George Romero

I couldn't have gone to a better university! Go Frogs!

JerQon Conners

I absolutely love TCU man . Im a die hard hard fan . I love you TCU . my name is JerQon to. and I like their football team too. and basketball. Go frogs. I hope youll be looking foreword in making me a pick in college for Basketball and football. im one of the best players in webster. 13 years of age.

Sstf 21

Hanson Hill

Adam Person

LOL at all the Harry Vincent Fox News trolls. This is an outstanding University, one of the best in the nation.

Will J

Bryce Roddey

horned frogs baby

Carlos Ruiz

Ben Cole

What a fantastic school. Whenever you are on campus people are happy and enjoying themselves. Yes its expensive but you get what you pay for.

Victoria Canales

Kaden Tamulevicz

They have good eggs

sriernawati wati

kiarra Townsley

i have never been but i researched it and it seems to be a good school, its on my top five colleges list.

Christopher Schaum

I love TCU. Great education. Faculty and staff generally care about students. Can't say enough good things.

tommy hale

Couldn't ask for better

Benjamin Vadder

Gip Plaster

Not just for students. There are hundreds of public events every year, including TCU Symphony concerts, great jazz and excellent plays.

Grace Anderson

The absolute best decision I have ever made. Go Frogs!

Inna Begma

GREAT SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Rodriguez

As most can agree, TCU has a beautiful campus and facilities. It is clear that improvement and maintenance of buildings and surrounding areas are a big priority. Great faculty and some really nice people populate the area.

Liam Slattery

TCU is a great place to lean. 10 out of 10!!!!!!

Cayden Brown

heard lots about it can't wait tell I go

John Story

Because go frogs

Caitlin Cummins

David Hernandez

Smallish campus with large heart.

Jessica Ines Flores Atilano

Gehan Homes

David Sanders

Allah u akbar

Bojan Gutic

Mark Kline

Beautiful Campus. Very Professional Institution

Nicholas Jones

Richard Wheeler

Very disappointing TCU. You've ignored the reason you exist. Time to go back to your roots and not be blinded by this world.

Alex Gwin

10X better than SMU

Elena Gravelloni

Eli Cummings

Kevin McNease

Beautiful Campus.

Michael Pina

Madicela Hernandez

where are you from

Robert Vogel

Landon LeJeune

TCU has a great place to go to.


Nice, dope stadium and campus, without doubt

Chasyn Royce

Josymar Vasquez

It really beautiful and beast It really good

Robert Bailey

my grandaughter received a letter from texas christian college they want her to visit.

Dusty Robinson

Kimberly Robinson, graduated 1994, school of education

Benjamin Rahman

Go Frogs!

louie morrow

Great basketball atmosphere

Marisa Ramos

Love tcu

Timothy Coles

Wonderful campus, people, and education!

Phong Le Tan


Micah Stateson

Too purple


My dad went to tcu and me and my sister went there and when I am ready to go to college I hope I get to go to tcu here and tell Meagan that she is my favorite cheerleader go horn frog

Cassi Montes

I wanna call

Dumas Luquette

Reasons for Attending TCU 1. Top School with great placement upon graduation. 2. Student Teacher Ratio is Low so Learning Result are Higher 3. Social and extra curricular programs are excellent 4. Beautiful Campus with great fitness center 5. Buffet Style Cafeteria with great food 6. Supportive Faculty, Staff, and Students 7. Go Bullfrogs!!!! 8. mGBaKy - mJBaKy

Rita I.

Just read about the Dean who silenced the young man's first amendment rights. Shame on this University. Time for new leadership.

Jack Bob

It's a great school for Christians

A. W. Fennell

There are some very nice and friendly students there. It's also a fun place to work.

Ethan Huxtable

Ontario Brown

Jimena Martinez

Aidan Palmer

T CU has some of the best history of ant college. It is by far one of my favorites.

817 Cam

Konner Boyle

i love bacon.snoopys from prison.

De'Keryon Clerkley-Garner

so amazing hope u love it as much as I do

AJ Pena

Go frogs!!!!

Tony Mendolia

Brittanie Waller

Go Frogs

zpeedogto v12

Best university ever

Skye Mitchell

Great school, great ideas. Good job! :)

Mashelle Bey

That was the best but I was looking for TCU

Jeremy Lu

Russell Goldman

Mr & Mrs Shepherd

This is a Class School. The Basball program pays for a article congratulating the Coastal Carolina team that eliminated them in CWS. To me they will forever be cheered for by me unless they are playing CCU. Way to go Horned Frog's!!!!

Melissa De Jesus Lebron

Its an amazing univesity i jope yo agree

Kate Knoeller

Best college ever!!! 10/10 would recommend! Go frogs!

Connor Widder

Awesome place, but Hook E'm

Gerritas 58

004 777

Pretty good

Seth Reese

ok poop

Greg Noeninckx

An Pham

Austin James

Come here and get smarter than your average Baylor bear

Keyon Mcmillian

TCU is the best collage ever.

zoe klumpp

google is my favorite site.

Huge Fan

Abraham Zuah

Because it's a really nice College it looks beautiful I meant want to go there too

Gray Whitman

Exceptional student-faculty ratio, unmatched Career Services for the Neeley School of Business, and one of the most beautiful campuses you'll find. Students that go to TCU receive a top-tier education and stand out among their peers.

PeytondatGOAT GOD

I like the math I can learn.

Ksnsnsksjsbsnsnwkj janwnababja

I love it it's great

Troy South


Patricia Wright-Ozen

Awesome...close2home...close2heart #

Jurene Mitchell


Gerardo Dominguez

TCU football is on the verge of another National Championship!!! Shawn Robinson!!! Omar Manning!! Jalen Reagor!!!!

Briar Gorrell

Great environment. Love the scenery. Enjoy the study halls and the library. Overall, a great university to attend.

Haylee Gomez

Austin Whirley

Really want to go here but only in 8th grade. Love that it is a Christian college. Definitely deserves 5 stars.

Emajai Horton

I love TCU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marty Boy

Save your money. I went to school at TCU and it's not all that. Instructors are rude...not Christian.

Ben Karalkavheafuhbahubaeuhdf

Good luck finding a decent job after graduating from this place. What a mistake.

Kylie Brinkley

omg I'm only 12and already know that I wanna go to TCU when I'm. old enough

Keghan Tallent

i love tcu

Miry Mendez

Taylor Baker

Go frogs

David Rhoades

Go Horned Frogs! Great university in the best city in Texas!

Bryan Walker

Al, from home improvement, or Richard Karn’s Wife, graduated from here.

marcus cannon

Best school in the nation by far! Love my frogs Love my purple!!!! Go Frogs!!!!!

shangwe kisake

i am very excited with the status of the University, thanks


best collage ever


I love the horned frogs

Billy Jones

Best University in America... Best Football team in America...! GO FROGS...!

Isaac gamerftp

Oscar Ferreira

One of the best Christian colleges in the United States.

Maranda D

What a great day to be a horned frog!



Christian Yeager

Ashton Danora

This has been my dream school for as long as I can remember. However, I've been awaiting on the status of my admission for almost two months now. I call and email the admissions office and transfer advisors but no responses.

Christopher Nanni

Great professors, very modern coursework, need improvements for parking and more library space.

Cẩm Thu Nguyễn

Salehe Mohamed


Dawson Dumitrescu

Everyone there is so nice and welcoming and they really made me feel like family.

Chris Sanchez

Awesome and amazing

Krys Miley

I guess tolerance only counts if you conform to the progressive thinking administrations' interpretation of values. I just wonder when TCU will add Saida Grundy to their staff? It seems she may have mentored Glory Z Robinson. Or perhaps TCU will invite some terrorists to celebrate and speak at their university? One thing is for sure, they won't have a constitutional expert speak on the 1st amendment there. It is sad that the alumni donors aren't more aware of what they are supporting.

alex Okafor


Andre O'Neal

trent blackwell

Hassan Barzani

What y’all did to Kolby Listenbee the former TCU Hornfrogs Player is screwed by. Y’all should be dissapointed! PERIOD!!!!!!

antonio carreno

Is nice place.

Alberto Alaniz Alegria

Love this University !!!

Gregorio Barrientos

Shun Polk

A great place to get an education!!

Silent Magician

Well i attended the university for 8 years straight and i learned to how babies are born. They also offered me a free contract to join their terrorist organization, I highly recommend joining the organization

Latoya Brooks


Jared Smith

Clear and obvious left leaning political bias here amongst professors and administration. A popular conservative news host went to this campus to talk to people about polarizing political issues. His name was Steven Crowder and he was very polite even though others were very very rude to him. He never yelled or swore or name called, Crowder simply wanted to have some one on one discussions to help shed some light on issues that the left and right disagree on. You can see it all on YouTube. The following day, the school’s vice chancellor for student affairs, Kathy Cavins, issued a statement that called the event “a day of disappointment that the university failed to remove the source of their pain from the public sidewalk,”... Apparently the school doesn't believe in free speech or in anyone expressing views or beliefs the dont align with theirs. Steven has this to say in response “I was stating in the affirmative that the United States, and particularly campus’ in general do not perpetuate a ‘rape culture,’ TCU went out of their way to strongly disagree with me. What does that say about the TCU culture?”

Wesley Ellett

Lauren Roberts

Nice campus. Parking was easy once I found the visitors garage.

Liberty Lasley

JS Williams

Amazing school, staff, and students. Go Bullfrogs

Lamond Alexander

Ian Conery

Very nice campus.

Rajendra Silwal

C. Patrick McCarty

Ivette M.


Madison Garcia

I love it there


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