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REVIEWS OF Texas A&M University IN Texas

Shalonda Holloway

So much is changing in College Station. I was there to look into public housing with Bryan because College Station does not provide public housing. The office has a strange rule regarding making copies if paper work in order to submit housing application. You must provide copies on your own. I decided not to submit my application to the housing office after I was made aware that they refused to help and they have a copy machine.

Jamere Gaiter

When I come to this College I will be ready, and so will my Best Friend. Im in 5th grade so we will be in here in like 6 yrs.

jacob fridley

DeAndre Jordan went here along time ago.


I love animals and I hope i can become a vet


Your students the majority of them come into local business establishments they make a mess, pee in sinks, throw drinks on floors, they scream out loud for no reason, they bring pets in stores that aren't service animals, they get sloppy drunk, disrespectful and they act worse than small children in daycares. Management and everyone else in this community needs to set boundaries for these kids they are embarrassing. I lived in other cities in Texas and I've never witnessed this crass, horrific and ill behavior. A bunch of spoon fed kids who lack class. Some of them are kind, clean and respectful, but it's a hand full. I've met some remarkable and friendly Aggies. The drunken behavior is out of line that is the problem.

Ashley Stearns

Great college.

Jenny Bet

This university needs to shut down the Dog Lab. Is not about science is about money. It has been years and nothing has been resolved. Shame to this university.

Paul Sheppard

Tell others why you love this place: Classes, Sbiza, Bonfire, The Best college Football in Texas, Dry Bean Uni PD gets zero stars.

Andy Benavidez

My wife and I took my daughter on a campus visit this weekend. My daughter loved the school and has the school on her list along with Colorado State among others. I on the other hand was somewhat disappointed. It was just not a very welcoming experience. The students that were providing the various tours were polite enough but it wasn’t really a,” Welcome to aTm! We are so glad that you’re considering us!”. Instead it was, “Howdy, consider yourself fortunate enough if you are accepted.”. I’ve been to plenty of campuses to include CU (Boulder), UT (Austin), Baylor (Waco), UCSB (Santa Barbara), etc. Some campus visits required a fee but they also provided meals, parking and swag. They gave you the feeling of belonging and you wanted to enroll there. aTm on the other hand wanted to show how big they were, how much everything would cost and if you wanted to visit various areas of the campus, they made a profit by charging you parking at every opportunity. I was slightly surprised as you would think the 3rd largest university in the country would have the assets to provide parking waivers or a day pass for visiting parents. The amenities and facilities were very nice and what you would expect from a top tier university. The campus was clean and various construction was occurring to indicate growth. We were slightly surprised that the campus was beginning to feel cramped as it appears they had surrounding acreage to expand. With that being said, the nursing school did seem to be a good distance from the main campus. So they might be working on this type of expansion. As a helpful suggestion, offer parking passes to registered visitors (even if they have to pay for it). Along with google links to the various schools of interest for visitors. As Google maps has not been updated in some time and some of the college of study were outdated. (This might be something the computer science students could work on?)

S. T.

They experiment on dogs & if your okay with animals being tortured without pain killers or anesthesia by all mean this is a great place for you.

shashank singh

The fourth largest university in the USA based on area. A research oriented university. Great for engineering degrees in all streams.

Where's Waldo

I am a local been living here for 32 years and since I can remember Aggies been getting worse and worse no respect bad drivers think they own the place and do what ever they want well guess what this town don’t belong to you treat everyone with respect especially the locals we work hard to build this city not to let it get tear down by a bunch of self righteous drunk idiots

Becky Wells

Loved it

Farmer Joe

I was present for the Duke T.I.P award ceremony and toured the campus. The moss on the trees was somewhat disturbing. However, the campus seemed pleasing and it is on my radar.

Sebastian White

It was an awesome experience. I pet the dog.

zihaowang wang

Great day

Shalonda Holloway

So much is changing in College Station. I was there to look into public housing with Bryan because College Station does not provide public housing. The office has a strange rule regarding making copies if paper work in order to submit housing application. You must provide copies on your own. I decided not to submit my application to the housing office after I was made aware that they refused to help and they have a copy machine.

Jacqueline Reyes

The worst decision I made that has haunted my credit for the past 7 years. I was set to attend this school in 2012 as a transfer student. I was assured I would receive financial aid, and scholarships were to be awarded to me from this school. However, the financial aid department did nothing to make this happen even when hassling them for months, and I believe this has to do with my background (yes, I believe I was discriminated against). I felt unwelcome by this department to say the least. I still was charged the normal tuition and was told my financial aid would cover it when it kicked, but it never did. I ended up having to leave the university because I couldn't pay. But not without them charging me the pending tuition, and when I obviously couldn't pay it they sent it to collections. I eventually paid it off the following year (in 2013). However, late payments stay on your record and take years to be erased. This has impacted me tremendously in doing anything that requires a credit check. I need to write this review to caution any low income students who are thinking about applying and are promised financial aid. They will come back and charge you, and send it to collections. It is not worth the long term impact.

Rose Shengmei Colton Police Collusion

Mistook me for an international student . Did not upload my three degrees into National Student Clearinghouse for 5 years. Suffered economic warfare . Actively looking for legal representation .


Texas A&M just might be my favorite place on the planet!

Larry Wilmot

Went to a very well organised graduation for the vet school.

Jahn Jemel Matias

I just watched disturbing video footage of dogs who are being used in muscular dystrophy (MD) experiments suffering behind closed doors at your university. It was distressing to see these animals, all part of Dr. Joseph Kornegay's golden retriever MD colony, struggling to walk and even eat. Drool dripped from the mouths of dogs whose jaw muscles had weakened. Other dogs were seen struggling to consume the thin gruel that they had to subsist on because of their atrophied esophageal muscles and enlarged tongues. These animals waste away on uncomfortable slatted floors without so much as a blanket. Non-affected dogs used for breeding frantically pace and bite at the cage bars.I understand that the MD dogs who survive long enough will develop heart problems as the disease finally attacks the cardiac muscle. I applaud TAMU's goal of helping to find a cure for MD in humans. But funding studies in dogs is a misguided effort that wastes precious time and money. Despite decades of testing, these studies have failed to produce a cure or even an effective intervention for MD in humans. There are far better ways to help MD patients. I strongly urge TAMU to stop MD experiments on dogs, stop breeding dogs, release them for adoption into good homes, and in the future, support only promising, modern, non-animal therapies, such as transplantation of healthy muscle cells into patients with MD.Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

McKenna Boyd

I got good reviews of this school, and now I want to go because my friends mom went there, and it seems like a dream come true, because I want to become a veterinarian, and BOOM! There you go you wish has been granted by Texas A&M. I also hear that it is a vet society. I want to become a Feline/ Canine Vet because I love cats and dogs. Thanks for reading my thing, I guess.

Reagan Rothenberger

I received an MPA from the Bush School and loved being a part of Texas A&M. Incredible traditions, fantastic faculty, great students and peers - definitely one of the most unique and important public institutions in the nation.

brandon stewart

Go aggies! yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet.

Samanvaya Singh Gaur

One of the best school that anyone can possibly be in. Amazing people and the environment here is just perfect for students.

Kristen Leigh

Animal cruelty alert! An online petition signed by more than 200,000 people is demanding a halt to a taxpayer-funded research project at Texas A&M University that studies muscular dystrophy’s debilitating effects in golden retrievers, arguing that it is cruel and scientifically useless. You are using dogs for science and it needs to stop.

Scout_theDoge 97

True love how they say howdy. Such friendly people

Princess Ohiagu

How can you all resume with classes when students from your university are still suffering from the Hurricane as well lost all transportation they had to get back to college station due to the Hurricane. Please be considerate as you know most of your students whom attend your school are stuck in flooded areas.

Tim Logan

Absolutely terrible school for veterans. I'm a 100% service-connected veteran that contacted this university for weeks straight without any returned calls or emails from their veterans admissions department. I finally got in touch with one of the VRC representatives and was told that I should waste my Post 9/11 GI Bill education benefits on a nearby community college. As expected, Texas A&M also doesn't support veterans pursuing technical and STEM degrees. I was encouraged to apply for a different major. Combat and military experience holds little-to-no value to this university as well. I would recommend utilizing your education benefits at a different university. Texas A&M doesn't care about the morale and welfare of its veteran students. They just want to collect another paycheck. If it was possible, I would give Texas A&M 0/5 stars.

Natalia Nati

This university keep conducting terrific experiments on dogs. For the last 35 years. Dr.Joe Kornegay has purposely bred dogs to have a severe, painful form of canine muscular dystrophy (MD)—a disease that makes it hard for them to walk, swallow, and even breathe. released undercover footage showing dogs living in slat-floor cages furnished only with buckets of water, rapidly pacing and chewing on the cage bars out of frustration. Many of the dogs have weakened jaw muscles and swollen tongues, which makes it difficult to digest anything other than mushy gruel.

Adam Paul

I love Texas A&M! The quality of the education is superb. The faculty and student body are friendly and open minded. In addition, this school's alumni network is the most comprehensive in the country! This provides students with a huge advantage when it comes to landing a career when they graduate. All in all, I would highly recommend Texas A&M University to anyone seeking top notch education.

Punjabi tyler

Best university in the world. Class of 19!

Val Sosa

A student was RAPED by a fellow classmate here and his only consequences were suspension for a semester and is now on the schools swim team, meanwhile the victim gets a “warm regards” email after voicing her concerns to the school, showing they have zero respect or interest in the well-being of victims of sexual abuse. The RAPIST tormented the victim by saying she was making things up, and doing it for attention, a classic form of gaslighting and manipulation. Judging by the way they handled this situation, I’m willing to bet there’s more victims of sexual abuse here who’s situations were swept under the rug as well. Luckily, this victim spoke up about what happened. I’m unbelievably disgusted by the morals of this school. You’re a disappointment.

Claudia Martinez

I'm an actual A&M grad and I had a wonderful experience all 4 years. The staff truly care about the students and helping them excel. The majority of the students themselves are incredibly bright, caring people. It is small town living but it is definitely not dull. It's big enough to get a real college experience but it's also very community orientated. I have to say that as an Hispanic student, I never felt disrespected or isolated. The student body is becoming more and more diverse every year. A&M attracts quality people. It's a great school.

Noble Conforti

Experiments to defensive dogs in their labs. These dogs are suffering due to their experiments. Anyone that goes to this college is supporting this cruel and extremely inhumane experiments to these dogs.

Wesam Khalaf Allah

One of the best schools in the U.S.

Me Me

Great time

Kendall Garcia

they allow their students to be raped with no consequences, i hope the worst for the administration and the rapists that attend this school.

Ashton Smith

I really enjoyed my time here at Texas A&M the fall Classic Special Olympics Texas what a great facility


I hope i get to make it in to the collage sounds good to go there.:)

Rosie Hinojosa

Howdy! What an Awesome experience! Feel so much better about my son attending school here after attending the NSC. Love the structure, pride, integrity and family oriented atmosphere. Cant wait to see him graduate. Gig em'!

Liz Byrne

Just read how this university treats any poor defenceless animal thats unlucky enough to end up here. No feelings or empthy for the poor creatures and nobody regulating these sadists either.

Independent Journalist



This place is amazing! I cannot wait to go here to become an Equine Vet. Two times, one of my mares has to visit, and they were so good to her! One time she had a growth just above her pastern and no vet could figure out what it was, when she stepped off the trailer, the vet diagnosed her within seconds! The second time, we had two ladies take care of her. Her heart was all messed up, and she had something wrong with her upper heart valve. She was there for 5 days, and when we went to bring her home, we stood and talked with the vets for a while. They had cared so much about her that they had been grooming her by choice, and they always kept her stall sparkling! I truly cannot wait to be an Aggie, and graduate in maroon.

Brian Grubbs

The rudest people that you will ever meet work at this university. Do not go here if you can't stand being treated like a child.

Tony Browne

FISHERY AT BLUE HERON BRIDGE INTENTIONALLY DESTROYED! by Moody Gardens and Texas A&M Blue Heron Bridge, is a world renowned dive site loved by locals This establishment went to collect a sizeable amount of fish and other specimens from one of the best dive sites in Florida, the Blue Heron Bridge. They have destroyed the site Shame on you Texas A&M

Cody Rice

I loved my time at A&M. There’s nothing like an Aggie football game

Kyle Morgan

Howdy! Texas A&M just might be my favorite place on the planet. My parents both attended A&M, so I have grown up going to college football games and visiting the campus. TAMU is so significant to my family that I was named after Kyle Field. My favorite part of the campus is the people. Total strangers say “Howdy,” as you walk on the side walk. Doors are often held open by people. An Aggie’s smile will always make your day. Another thing that makes A&M so great is it’s traditions. Aggie Rings, Yell leaders, and midnight yell, to name a few. When at an A&M sporting event, you are sure to see our pride and a few of these traditions. Another highlight of Texas A&M is it’s campus and dorms. There is a variety of on-campus housing options that are comfortable and amenity-heavy. Finally, of course, A&M’s academics are extraordinary. Excellent business, veterinary, architecture, and many other majors and fields are offered at A&M. These are just a few of the perks of Texas A&M University. I could go on and on about A&M, but instead, you should visit the campus to learn more, and I’m sure you will love the wonderful people, and community that make up Texas A&M.

Emma E

The animal cruelty occurring at this university to so many different species is disgusting. Dogs, horses and who knows what else... what an embarrassing place to have to say you went to school.

tunde ednut channel

Because am planning to come school there...and I love their traditions.... And most especially becoming an AGGIE is part of my dream....

Michael Green

From the first foot you step on campus, you will feel the "Aggie Spirit". Texas A&M is one of the finest universities anywhere in the world for just about anything. And more than just your classroom education, the "other" education you get here sets A&M apart from the rest. As a former student, my Aggie ring has opened so many doors for me. Aggieland always will have a special place in my heart.

Friendly Towers Projects

Great law library open late and to the public. Call first for rules, respect library staff and resources, and all will be good experience. Free parking after 6pm at street.

Blake Martin

The best university in the State of Texas! Happy to be attending Texas A&M!

Stormy Cheek

I wan to be a zoo keeperor a gymnastics teacher

Robbie Jansky


Kevin Harkay

Arrived at this campus to talk to an advisor and look at on-campus housing. Great staff and wait times were not horrible. TAMU is an amazing campus, can’t wait to start school here!

Nicholas Gangloff

A&M is a very pretty campus, very large, and diverse. All the students I met were incredibly friendly and well mannered. The campus is really stunning and unique. However, during my campus visit. I went through an area where the gate opened for my vehicle to go through. I needed to go back through that gate to exit, but the gate wouldn't open. When I asked the assistant to help me out after telling him my situation through the intercom, he called me a liar and wouldn't let me through. It took me a while to find an alternate way back out. Also, I was crossing at a crosswalk and a Texas A&M vehicle honked at me and sped towards me. He parked and I took a photo of his license and him. He then came up and got in my face and called me a mother F for taking his photo. His act of aggression was very violent. There were no police nor cameras around. Felt very unsafe by the A&M staff.

Rosie Hinojosa

Howdy! What an Awesome experience! Feel so much better about my son attending school here after attending the NSC. Love the structure, pride, integrity and family oriented atmosphere. Cant wait to see him graduate. Gig em'!

XxAshThe WolfxX

I want to go to A&M because my brothers go to college there and I'm 9 years old so I miss them very much

A ZinQ

Horrible horrible experiments on animals. Please stand up. Check Peta's website to see how you can help.

David Pearce

Outstanding school with some of the best traditions of any University in the United States.

Miranda L

This school is the finest institution I could ever hope to attend. Gig'em!!!

Jashanjeet Baath

No better place

Saif Iqbal

So my buddy Mr. Stephens, he kind of went their and hes lit so ... I guess its Lit. And my review is based off of the food. W Sincerely The legend Beast kool kid HBCK S.I

H Marie

Before you consider going to school here, take a look at their “dog labs”.

Brian Bingham

Nicest people on the face of the earth work and go to school here. A pleasure to visit or live.

Ashish S

The university itself and it's people are great. This review is specifically for their International Student Services. For a university with 1000s of international students, the ISS absolutely sucks. They don't reply to e-mails or calls, even when it's urgent and they know it. They are just waiting to be sued by a student who ends up losing his visa and right to stay in US due to these careless m*rons.

Linda Boatner

Really nice area And college

John Costanza

This school scks full of snobby ppl

Whitney Griffith

I’ve not been to this university but I’m in 8th grade and a year ago I had no idea about my furture until I came across this school and know I have my future planned out at Texas A&M.

Richa Barua

The first public institution of higher education, this flagship university provides the best return-on-investment among Texas's public schools, with almost 400 degrees.


My grandson visited and is a Jr in high school and is very hopeful to apply. He lives outside of Dallas and is so well rounded!!!! Love for him to see his dreams come true! So deserving of the BEST life can give him! His Nannie and Pop-E are so very proud of him !!!!

Satya Seshadri

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay here for over 5 years

Uma Rao

Texas A&M University is awesome. We had a very good experience visiting it. Parking is paid parking only. There is a lot of walking to do between buildings.

Jakob Navarro

My favorite NFL player Von Miller went to this college, it's the best

Isaias Pacheco

What an awesome experience. Texas A&M fans know how to have a good time. Tailgating at it's best. The stadium is beautiful and the fans Awesome. Great view at any seat. A must for the bucket list!

Emily Figueroa

thats great i just want to go there for there marching band

Travis Preston

Too school for cool, this school. Learning is a must, and fun also manifests.The memories linger currently and I expect them to continue to do that. Regarding the student life; it is good and true. I found that I could make fun easily wherever I happened to be. There we sticks and rocks not everywhere but enough where they could be found with general ease.

Turker Ayar

The welcoming people and the spirit of the students is amazing. Life changing experience.

Corrin Winter

Amazing Wildlife and Bio program but the people here tend to be closed minded and despite the “howdy” additude if you don’t fit in or act identical to everyone else you’re excluded and called a 2%er. The university pretty much condones the shunning of people who aren’t like the bulk here and i’ve seen a lot of kids lie about what they like and do just to fit in. It creates a lot of passive aggressive kids who only experience a conformist society. Now that said. The university itself is beautiful and the classes are difficult but understandibly so. I have no issues whatsoever witg the education side of the university and only with the social aspect that even the university seems to endorse.

Landon Carl

It is great to visit this if you're considering attendance here

Aisha Sep

One of best universities in The world and my soulmate graduated from there ❤️

aLeXIz Martinez

I was a student here class 2018 really amazing school the best of the best

Lyn Legge


Bill Darnall

Graduated 1984, wife graduated 1987 whoop!

cassie Garcia

It's the best u can play golf go to school. Not just one thin to do it is great!!!!

George Marshall

University and campus of Aggieland. A great place to be. The place is really taken care off. The greenery, the buildings all speak of the American value system that is preserved so well. This University is serious for both academics and sports. College Station is a place to see.

Shannon Stockwell

Very nice people at this university

Julio Munero

Dog killers

Kori Keeling

Everyone is so friendly and wants to help one another! I love A&M and I recommend everyone to send their children here!

Tadesse Fikre Teferra

One of the best Universities in the world! I like and am proud to be part of the Aggie Family! Whoop!


I love Texas A&M! I plan on going there for college someday!

Kayli Robins

What this school does to animals is disturbing and unethical. I'd be ashamed if I was a student or an employee of such a horrific place.

Barry Dutton

This "university" hires and supports QUACKS like Dr. Ivan Rusyn who supports the new EPA science advisor Mike Honeycutt who doesn't believe more pollution is bad for health and always acts as a prostitute for polluting industries. Why anyone would go to school there is a mystery to me unless they want to get a degree in FAKE SCIENCE. Tell A&M to clean up their act and teach truth not propaganda!

asghar sameti

one of the best universities in the world


At this university you can see first hand what forms of experiments they use on dogs. I thought fighting Yulin in China was bad. But these guys "Texas A&M University, experimenters led by Joe Kornegay" breed golden retrievers to develop canine muscular dystrophy (MD). Are you kidding. STOP THIS NASTY FORM OF TORTURE ON DOGS. I WILL ASK EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW TO POST ABOUT THE UNSPOKEN EXPERIMENTS YOU CARRY AT YOUR SCHOOLS.

Julian Elizondo

This college will help you get really rich . and be a baller 4 aint even gotta pay child support cOOl right lol

Vanessa Adriana Sanchez Lima

Texas A&M University (TAMU), experimenters led by Joe Kornegay breed golden retrievers to develop canine muscular dystrophy (MD). This disease ravages their bodies, causing progressive muscle wasting and weakness. Studies using these animals haven't led to a cure or even a treatment to reverse disease symptoms. Video footage shows that the appallingly thin dogs in Kornegay's laboratory were caged, sometimes alone, in barren metal cells and struggled to swallow thin gruel—the only food that they could eat, given how easily they could choke. Long ropes of saliva hung from the mouths of those whose jaw muscles had weakened. Even balancing was difficult. Dogs with this condition are also at great risk for contracting pneumonia because they can easily inhale liquid into their lungs. Dogs who didn't have the disease but carried the MD gene were used for breeding. Deprived of loving homes, they frantically paced across the slatted floors and bit the bars of the small cages in frustration. They didn't even have the comfort of a blanket. To gauge just how much a dog's muscles have deteriorated, Kornegay has invented a crude technique that could pass for medieval torture: He repeatedly stretches them with a motorized lever in order to cause muscle tears. Kornegay has been at this for more than 35 years. Puppies in his laboratory who are born with MD are so weak at birth that they require extra nutrition. By 6 weeks of age, their hind limbs have shifted forward, making walking difficult, and some are unable to open their mouths or jaws.

Lesli Sosa

I actually don't go to college yet, and I'm not close of going to college right now. But I really look forward to go to Texas A&M. It has been my dream since I moved to Texas.

Isaias Pacheco

What an awesome experience. Texas A&M fans know how to have a good time. Tailgating at it's best. The stadium is beautiful and the fans Awesome. Great view at any seat. A must for the bucket list!

Hannah Wallace

I so can't wait till I'm old enough to go to college this place is nice...


Soooooooooo freaking good and wen I got my ring it was so cute

Emily Figueroa

thats great i just want to go there for there marching band

Muthafknyo TCB

Beautiful Campus .. Gig'em

Jim Stanford

This is a great school and marvelous campus

Nathan Harris

Friendliest people and the best education in Texas!


Howdy! Great Institution, Great faculty, Superb Alumni network. Thanks and Gig'em

Yume Chan

Get out while you still can

Melissa Brown Rowell

Great school. Love being an Aggie and having Aggies in the family! Beautiful campus and great traditions.

Trae Brannon

Super nice people. Great experience, except our team lost. Wife is in a wheelchair and everyone was extremely helpful.

Hannah Harp

I have wanted to go here since 2nd grade and I am overjoyed to be going to a football game there, this October. It is an amazing place with an amazing quality and spirit about it. I want to become a small animal veterinarian and this is the only place I want to go.

brittany Mcvaugh

I am a new transfer student and I was eager to be accepted into a&m. I was thrilled to be involved in the community but now I am not sure about the a&m team. The academic advisor I spoke with made it clear she was not interested in helping me by referring me to look at my degree evaluation when I requested to meet with her in person due to my stress and confusion. I feel completely helpless and greatly unwelcomed by texas a&m.

Alexa Sandford

I love this pretty campus. I like how it has a lot of history related to it. I love going to this university for sports or just to visit the university .


great wifi for looking at dogs if you know what I mean

SneakersWith Sam

I believe this college is a very important and amazing college.I cannot wait to go here in the future! I believe that 4 years of education would be great here and is awesome knowing that it will soon come!

jennifer pesak

The tail gate party and the football game I attended was one of the most awewsome experiences ever.

stri900 stri900

This place uses Webex.

Aswin Mathew

I like Texas beef and also JC is my boi. I think this school is great for smart kids and also I LOVE their food. I think this school would be best for undergrad students

DoktorHarlyn Sianturi

I graduated from this great university. I love it. The heart and spirit of Aggie Land is truly inspiring. Cheers. Harlyn S

Trae Brannon

Super nice people. Great experience, except our team lost. Wife is in a wheelchair and everyone was extremely helpful.

Sharon Bell

Wonderful campus to tour the library, gift shop, museum and Lady Barbara Bush gravesite.

arjun parameswaran

One of the best universities in Texas... Has a sprawling campus with amazing facilities...

Clayton Kristiansen

Best school in Texas! Gig 'Em!

Hannah Harp

I have wanted to go here since 2nd grade and I am overjoyed to be going to a football game there, this October. It is an amazing place with an amazing quality and spirit about it. I want to become a small animal veterinarian and this is the only place I want to go.


Three years an Aggie, and I can tell you that I will NOT let my kids come here for college. I grew up wanting to be an Aggie; I was the loudest and proudest member of the class of 2020 ever since I heard the War Hymn. My parents both went to TAMU. My dad is a mechanical engineer and my mom is a journalist. It breaks my heart to write this review; A&M broke my heart and has been scouring my back ever since my first semester. As a freshman (right after my first ever midterm grades came out), I was told that I would never get into medical school unless I went to "Universidad Guadalajara," according to the Transition Academic Programs academic advisers. I was also told that I was "too dumb" to be an engineer, or even to graduate from A&M with a degree in anything other than liberal arts. It does my heart good to prove the people whose job it is to facilitate my success wrong. Aside from my personal experiences, it is abundantly clear that TAMU does not treat students in the same way that wealthy alumni are treated. If you need proof, just look at the hotel next to Kyle Field. As a student here, you will become a cog in a money-making machine, another piggy bank that the University can pilfer and use to finance $75 million coaching contracts and provide more resources for the engineering college. The only friends you have as a Texan walking into this place are your state representatives and senators; otherwise, TAMU would immediately assume its place (a place its desperately wanted) among the Ivy League schools and all the snobbery that comes with them. I have witnessed professors intentionally flunk kids out just to make themselves feel good; I have witnessed intellectually disabled students being kicked out the University because of academic "underperformance;" I have endured inept and unreliable academic advice; and, like most students, have repeatedly gone head-to-head with the Parking Service. The idea that I pay $480 a year to have a garage permit that is worthless on football weekends is both morally wrong and a ripoff. TAMU finds every tiny excuse to slap parking fines on students' accounts, whether it be because you backed into a parking space or because you were running late to class and parked close by. I can honestly say that the only good thing I will have coming out of this place is an Aggie Ring, because the Aggie Network is the only thing about TAMU that isn't fake. This is NOT the school your grandparents or parents went to; however, it can be for the generous donation of $1 million+. The only thing saving TAMU from getting a 1 star review is the general student body. You won't find nicer people anywhere, but you can chalk that up to Texans being Texans. I hope this helps for anyone who is surfing these reviews for whatever reason... think LONG AND HARD before you come here.

Khang Nguyen

This university is the best in Texas! Its engineering program is rigorous but will prepare you well. Also the school spirit is just amazing!

Tyler Be

World-class education.

Joey Dean

Texas A&M is an amazing place! The friendliest place I have ever been. More than just a solid academic university, they really focus on what they call the "5 phases of development"- mind, body, spiritual attainment, emotional poise, and integrity of character.

E Golden

Exceptional! The new track is incredible!

Lane McDonald

Great school

Zack Stark

Best University in Texas and arguably the best alumni network around.

andres alvarez cadavid

Let the dogs out


i never been to the school before cuz im only 12 but its a great enginering school

Pete Berrens

Best School. Gig'em!

Search of Abroad

Texas a and M university is the biggest university in the world engineering and profession. Texas a and M University is the biggest University and oldest University in North Texas University in the world ranking 20 number and 6 asaur State University KD campus facilities and students.

Cheyenne Stephens

Okay, if you haven't noticed a lot of the 1 and 2 star reviews are by people who didn't even ATTEND this university. I'm a transfer student (class of '18) and I can promise you that everyone here is inclusive and friendly. They make an effort to help you in every way possible, including job and internship opportunities. We all love one another here! "Hate is not an Aggie value" is something you'll hear a lot here. Gig em Aggies!

Kyle Rogerson

Texas A&M is a great University with wonderful traditions! One of the places that makes Texas as great as it is.

Mihira Chandrasoma

My oldest daughter graduate from there and my son will graduate in December!! They both love it!!

Dimas Permana

One of the best university that I ever visited


Overall I had a good experience at this university. Just felt the country culture wasn’t for me. The school is one of the best education wise 10/10. Just wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is from a major city.

Jonathan Mecham

I love the school spirit and pride. Great place to be.

Justin Reeves

Great school!

Mark Douglass

I hate it here

Hudson Hanrattie

Great atmosphere and great food I love going to Aggie stadium

Lance Badoni

Bottom Line Up Front: Family atmosphere, historic setting, superior education, welcoming student body and faculty, perpetual construction, ignorant board of regents. I am a proud member of the Aggie family. I love this school and the quality and value of the education I receive here. Sometimes ill be walking down the tree-covered paths and marvel at the beauty of the campus. There are plenty of progressive moves this university has taken to make them more relevant to the modern age. The construction is never ending and can be very intrusive. Also, the Board of Regents doesn't give a damn what the student body thinks. They make binding decisions for the campus and University without even so much as consulting with the 60,000 people who will be most affected. They advertise how in love with tradition we are and then toss away the REAL SEAL of the university like it doesn't even matter!

Tia Walsh

The scientific fraud being committed on this campus is a black stain on the credibility of this university. I am referring to the gruesome experiments conducted on animals including dogs. No cure for muscular dystrophy has been discovered by torturing dogs, just more research papers to keep these pathetic researchers' flailing careers in academe seem relevant. To add insult to injury, us hard working stiffs have to pay for these despicable experiments with our tax dollars. Wasted lives and tax dollars.

Max Nowroozi

Best University in the state of Texas- the one star reviews are from UT bots- A&M is an amazing place to go to school.

roger doger

i love the school it the best one! there a dog amd when it barked you leave class

Cihan Barnett

Recent Graduate of Texas A&M, Whoop!

Marco Quintero

For what it's worth. I didnt attend rhis university, but I had a professor who had studied at Texas A& M . He moved to NYC and was teaching microbiology to us nursing students. He made our class enjoyable and the material easy to comprehend. This is a testament of what a wonderful university it is.

Ceil Constante


brittany Mcvaugh

I am a new transfer student and I was eager to be accepted into a&m. I was thrilled to be involved in the community but now I am not sure about the a&m team. The academic advisor I spoke with made it clear she was not interested in helping me by referring me to look at my degree evaluation when I requested to meet with her in person due to my stress and confusion. I feel completely helpless and greatly unwelcomed by texas a&m.

Yucheng Guo

One of the best Universities of US! I obtained both Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Master degree in Computer Engineering here. 5 years of education is truly worthy!

Cierra Santee

I really want to go here but i dont know the plans of this college will you get in quick


I need help on my paper of you


This school is VERY cruel to the animals that they conduct experiments on. If you want to research the disease find dogs who have it NATURALLY !! Dont breed dogs to have this disease, if you want to research it try to find a cure instead of making animals suffer.

Jason C

It's 2 hours away from my location and if traffic is bad, then maybe the drive would be longer. It's worth it though.


This ain't it chief get your kids outta here if you don't want to see them join the aggie cult.

carlos mendoza

Greatest time of my life! Continues to pay me back each and every day. World class education in a down home Texas environment...Gig'em!

Jillian Owens

They will not release their DOG TESTING PROGRAM! DOGS ARE SUFFERING! No one at this facility will do anything!! i wish i could give it 0

Shawn Denton

Good game

Alexa Sandford

I love this pretty campus. I like how it has a lot of history related to it. I love going to this university for sports or just to visit the university .

Price Johnson

Awesome university. Great programs. Ignore all the one star reviews from PETA fanatics who have no idea what they're talking about.

Alexis Juarez

i have to be here this will be legendary for me i would be very proud for myself

Chris Isaac

Texas A&M University, referred to as TAMU. Founded in 1876, the school is located in Card City, Texas, USA, a member of the top 100 universities in the world, and the American Association of Universities (AAU), the leading research university alliance in North America. The sixth largest public university in the United States has a high academic achievement and teaching standards. Texas A&M University has the nation's top engineering school and is known worldwide. 2018 USNEWS National Engineering Institute ranked 12th among them: 2nd in petroleum engineering, 3rd in biological and agricultural engineering, 3rd in nuclear engineering, 7th in aerospace engineering, 13th in industrial and systems engineering, civil engineering 15th, mechanical engineering 16th, computer science 17th, the rest of the engineering profession is also among the best. Texas A&M University's research in basic sciences is also particularly remarkable. Many Nobel laureates have worked or studied here: organic chemistry master Derek Barton has worked here for twelve years and has become a conformational analysis and The main founder of free radical chemistry; Jack Kirby, the father of integrated circuits, is a Distinguished Professor of the School of Electrical Engineering. The famous JK proactor is named after him; Dudley Herschbach et al. The chemical element reaction system won the 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. In addition, TAMU is known for its cutting-edge scientific cloning technology. The first cloned cat and cloned dog in human history are the results of the school. The school is not only strong in engineering and basic science, but also in the leading position in the emerging fields of accounting, management, and art: 13 in architecture, 15 in accounting, and 20 in urban planning. In 2018, Texas A&M University ranked 57th in the ARWU North American University of Shanghai Jiaotong University [1], USNEWS ranked 16th in North American universities, ranked 42nd in LeagueTables global universities , CWUR World University ranked 78, North American universities 45 people.

Ron Kennedy

Great tradition. Best school spirit. Unbelievably friendly. Fabulous education.


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