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REVIEWS OF Texas A&M College of Dentistry IN Texas

Ashley Power

I went to have my screening done 3 weeks ago and still have not received a phone call to meet with the person to give me pricing on my work needed. Let alone have an appt to have the actual work done because that has to be a separate appt!!!! I was worried about a tooth was hurting me on and off and now I’m pretty sure I have an abscess. I called the school and they aren’t MAKING appts until June 3rd for the week of the 10th!!! What is that??? But y’all sure are holding my $200!!! That I could use toward a real dentist office visit right now. This is ridiculous!

jamaica johnson

Debs Hall

Awesome care and work! Had implants, deep cleaning, and lots of other work at a fraction of the cost.

Ayesha Wilson

I tell any if you need your tooth pull this is the best place in town got here at 9am gone before noon

Monica A

When u 1st arrive the lady at the table to the right very rude.Told me that I needed to wait her computer was not up and that I needed to read the sighn.All I wanted to know was that I was in the right place..Bad attitude...Then later tried to be nice..Should have been nice at first.Now having to get 1 tooth pulled I had no assistant ..So how was the student to do all of this with the suctioning and all? I look up I see others with 2 or 3 people.Yes the student was pulling my tooth with nobody else...Later comes an assistant cause she can't get the tooth out ..Then the assistant couldn't get it out...Frustrated...If need help ask rather then leaving me in pain..Pushing tugging my lip stuck to the instrument...THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER...I will go to a real denist .Good luck if you go here..Needless to save finally the denist came so 3 people to take 1 tooth out...Sometimes you get what you pay for....In this case ...I don't even think that..Denist was to nice as well.Open your mouth ..That was all ..No name no NOTHING.Want have to worry about me again...

carmen Rosa

Very nice staff. I will be coming again to get my other 3 wisdom teeth taken out. Got here at 7:50 am and got out at 9:40 am. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought.

Lulu Alonso


Awsome place lovely people!

feras ghazy

Ayah Al Rubaye

My sister extracted her 4 wisdom teeth here.. the doctors and the students are soooo great! The nurses and the help desk are amazing.. thank you soooo much for everything.

ramajean marquez

Ethel Flowers

Kasheva Wilson

I’ve been calling this clinic since Monday morning at 5 til today nobody answer there’s no voicemail or nothing... so I ended up calling another part of the school left a voicemail she called me back and told me exactly what the manager said.. she said that the manager told her don’t return calls we shut our phone off for the week once we receive enough patient which I think is wrong because the school should have a answer machine to take voicemail instead of having us call back to back knowing you’re not gone answer.. this is a horrible way of handling business...

Isoken Henry

Nice and affordable dental care

Marilyn Washington

Robert Yockey

Not sure why people expect a dental school to be like a private practice & fully understand it can be dependent on the student who’s assigned to you. Fact is this isn’t a quick in and out and can be a long process. But having been to a private practice dentist & finding they missed a cavity on a tooth that had a bridge done years ago this is a relief. I had found a better dentist but with the poor insurance from my employer I was forced to find alternatives. Love my new dentist but a $20,000 estimate was not happening. Luckily I was assigned a girl who loves what she does & does the work she would want done on her. The estimate I’ve gotten is 75% LESS, than a practice with insurance. I do have to pay upfront but your teeth is one of the most important parts of your body. I somewhat put myself in this situation but the alternative is false teeth or gum disease. Would recommend to anyone & everyone.


Jay Fox

This place is a big fat zero..It a dental zoo...They tell you to be in time but the the students are late They tell you don't miss an appointment but students miss them.And not all students or teachers are even friendly.And the student l had was in a bad mood most of the time.And her teachers were always saying how great she was.And the money!!! They were always asking about it!! I had a credit balance and two months later they still have my money.This place is a complete joke!! And a big rip off...They should be out lawed..

fcch car

Spencer Hoyl

Pay only the exact amount. Best place. Best prices. Got all 4 wisdom teeth removed 2 hours ~$150x2 bottom, $75x2 top, $200 anesthesia, $150 x-ray. Very professional

Noor Layth

Great team! Very good service. I had my wisdom teeth surgery removal before two days ago.. they did amazing job by removing my 4 wisdom teeth. The doctors where very caring and accurate. the nurse was so nice and sweet. Thank u!!

juan aguilar

I read all reviews and was a little scared I'll explain my own experience first I parked and paid streetmeter for five hours I got there at 8am . I did my appointment she answered at first ring I was shock and my appointment was scheduled to 8.30am I filled all paper work by 10am they will call your name for surgery and by 11.15am they were done with my extraction wonderful job she perform . she was very polite and student was very helpful to her and me. By 11.50am i was driving back home Let me add this my tooth was broken in two pieces. I understand they are not perfect but what I saw they are under lots of pressure lots of people in and out and so and so. Bottom line they treated me with professional manners . Forgive my writing and mistakes I did Thanks Texas a&m and all the staff My cost was $77.00+ parking I just don't remember how much I put in the meter cause I was trying to get 5hrs

Country Girl Ducharme

Antonio Valero

darla sierra

Very easy to talk to answered all my questions, I am so happy that I can come here.

Anwar AL karaizi

It’s one of the worst experiences all my life it’s take 1 year just to change root canal with the filling and it’s not done yet with spend about $750 they change appointments every time please don’t try it

Roshunda Hill

Elizabeth Hernandez

Teresa Johnson

Awesome experience check in, fill out paperwork, go to cashier, ex-rays and next see the dentist. Very compassionate employees and students. Discounted prices.

Isbell Design

Wonderful, lovely people..

Davie Bradley

Went in for complete extractions and dentures on April 14 2007. I have bone still stuck in jaw 21 days later and now they are telling me I can't get my new teeth until end of summer. I will not be waiting that damn long. The student dentist that I used is a liar Ashley Dawson .6/5/17 buyer beware 6 months is now what we have been told

Maricela Velaskez Velaskez

Claudia Perez

The only downside is the parking $7.00 but if you take change with $1.75 on the meters it will give you 4 hours. Other than that they charged me $92 the consultation , Xrays $40 , Removal of Impacted tooth $213 , Sedation $213, and Single tooth implant $961....And I just had to go twice , the first visit was consult and second surgery . .... And doctors and staff were nice... Hope this helps you guys.

Phillip Davenport

A blessing to have and a life saver for me as i ovetcome diabetes

Ishyona Berryman

Do not answer the phone . i called at 8 am and still no answer. To me thats vad customer service because cant no body get a hold of them . and thats not cool frfr .

Rochelle Starling

Daniel OBryan

Expert, supervised dentistry for half the cost. I feel very confident and comfortable seeing the dentists here because of attention to detail, professional patient care and taking extra time to help. I had 11 implants and full upper and lower restorations done here. The dental college is like a dental hospital with retired dentists, practicing dentists, college professors, medical doctors, intern dentists. The labs here are fully equipped and up to date. Also the most recent research and techniques.

Maria Pelgueros

Shamika GLOVER

Mike Horn

Lucinda Marquez

Thanks George and Jorge , great job for the tooth extraction.

Mandy Dorris

All the students and faculty are very friendly and professional. I would refer anyone needing dental work to this facility!

charles keller

From top to bottom and everything in between, it was top shelf. Couldn't be happier, you need more Student Dentist like Jenny Dang. Who worked very hard and paid attention to the small details to get it right. She nailed it spot on. On that note you need more Supervising Dentist like Dr. Allen (hope I spelled that right). All around superb Supervisor, who is very into what she does. Both of these individuals have great personalities. I would do it again anytime. A shout out to Mary who answered the phone and set appointments, along with answers to any questions I had. A outstanding individual to work with, a keeper.

Zach Jacobs

I guess these people believe getting a tooth pulled is a breeze. My mother went in to have a tooth pulled, waited 4 hours, and was laughed at when asked if she could have a cold cloth for her face. Not cool. My mother is sensitive to needles in her mouth and I don't find it funny that she was nervous. They also refused to give her a drink of water and simply ignored her requests. I guess this doesn't pride themselves on making their patients comfortable.

Nikoletta Keller

One of the worst experiences I've ever had. My mom was getting a root canal. She was one appointment away from being done. Her tooth became extremely infected after the 2nd appointment. She took the pain medicine as prescribed but it didn't help. I called her student doctor to ask for advice and all she said to take her pain meds until the next appointment. I explained how severe the pain has become but she didn't take it seriously. That night we had to go to the emergency room because my mom was going into shock and they finally prescribed her antibiotics and she had to get an emergency extraction. The actual dentist said they should've given her antibiotics to begin with! When I called to get reimbursed I explained all of this, and all the lady told me was she needs to ask the professor and will give me a call back in a week. It's been 3 months and still nothing. They don't even have the courtesy to call you back and try to keep you as a customer. We will never come back to this place again.

Aaron Homan

Awesome affordable and full of hot dental students :)

Rhonda Strong


SphinXThe Games

Came here at 8 and now its 12 and still not being helped

Amit Gupta

Elexis Spencer

I had this girl to do mine she did amazing they have bright future's

Ronnie Potts

I gave them 3 stars because I cannot get them to ever return my phone callls.....I leave message after message....


The school is great, the students are learning so be patient with them. I always ask questions on what ever procedures they are going to do. -- One thing to keep in mind when dealing with the ladies who set up appointments.....they are not the best trained in dealing with the public,and could use some help in dealing with people.

Raschelle R

I needed two extractions and had no choice but to go to this school for it to be done. I expected the worst, but was incredibly surprised. I got there at 6:20 am, to make sure I was among the 20 people who would be able to make it in, and the doors opened at 7 promptly. We filled out paper work and the students arrived at 7 am and immediately we were taken to meet our student dentist. Went back to the front to pay our fees which were about 1/7 of what it would have cost me to pull two teeth. We were then sent to have x rays taken. And directly after the X-rays, we were sent in for Oral surgery. Ken and Charles were absolutely amazing. They were very careful, warm, attentive and friendly. They also made me laugh, which took my mind off of the fear and pain. I am terrified of needles and I was terrified to have this process done, but I have to say this was the best experience I have ever had at a dentist office. Keep your passion, I know you both will make awesome dentists. As far as the wait, I was out of the building by 11 am. Considering having two teeth pulled, that was incredible time. Great place. I kind of wish this was my regular dentist. Lol!

Aileen Martinez

{PWS} Comanche

These kids are great. Very fast and efficient service at a significant discount. The facility is very nice. I got referred here by an ER doctor after I got a lot of swelling. Turned out to be a nasty back upper abscess in two teeth. It cost $41 up front for imagery, and I got billed $88 for the procedure.

Kelly Moore

Great experience. Two things: 1 - cost; 2 - doctors. 1 - The estimate from our dentist WITH INSURANCE was going to be over $10K! My husband got in, got scheduled, his student was amazing! He got full top dentures and partial bottom for less than $1600 (before the insurance paid their 40%). So, we ended up paying less than $1000. Yes, he had to wait a bit. Yes, it took longer than a normal dentist. But he went from non-functioning teeth in October to full, beautiful teeth in February. So, I look at it as we got paid $1800 per month to wait. It's all in how you look at it and what you expect. 2 - He had two to four doctors who teach every day, all day the same thing. These professors have doctorates in these areas of dentistry. If your student doesn't do it right, they don't pass and they do it again. We couldn't have asked for better attention or expertise. I'm needing a crown and I'm about to register myself to get it done there as opposed to my dentist as I can buy a nice used car for the same amount they want to charge me.

Mrs. Corey E. L. Gates

I visted the Baylor of Irving community clinic on Lane street and had a excellent Dental care. Thanks Dr. Williams, resident Ryan, and Rosa. Very professional staff, found problem, they gave the correct dental resolution. Excellent, excellent.

The Engineer

Was able to see me immediately for consult and scheduled extraction following day. Follow up was a breeze and Docs were very informative as to procedure and kind with understanding my financial position in relation to compensation for pain relief. Meaning they helped me relax and made it very sucessful turning a horrible experience with a tooth with other practices, become the needed relief. God send these people truly are

ultimate chesse puff

Tonya Walker

They took my hard earn money just too tell me they couldn't take me when I have a hole in my teeth plus front tooth missing

Rebecca Mason

The experience was good, the staff was thorough and the service was professional.

Jay Shun

Very professional and ethical. Takes some time to get works done, but quality can't be beaten

suzzi q


Tanisha Taylor

I've been calling this clinic literally since Monday, today is Friday!! How am I supposed to get an appt if they never want to answer the phone! People just get paid to do nothing while people is in pain!!!

Emmanuel Pérez


Prices are at least HALF of usual practice charges! Caveats: no insurance accepted (although their itemized bills can be submitted to your dental insurance co.) & it's pay-as-you-go fees. Also, this is a SCHOOL, so everything takes longer because the students have to check with &/or get instructor approval (which I like - everything is thoroughly checked/discussed with profs & explained to the patient).

Crystal H

It would've been a 5 star but the wait was horrible.. Good news first: The price is great. In all I payed a total of $80 plus $7 for parking. l think they're very affordable and the students who handled me were knowledgeable, nice and comforting. The down side is my appointment was at 8:45 am and I was not scene until 1:00 pm. When I got there they stated that the clinic would start calling us back around 10 am. Once 10 came around the nurse came out and informed us that there would be no one available to do extractions until 1 pm. So either come back at 1 pm, wait or reschedule. Ehh, I didn't end up leaving until almost 3 pm. All in all, I would only really recommend this clinic if your looking for something that fits your budget. Just be aware of the possibility of waiting all day.

Michelle Jimenez

Can't even reach the extraction clinic through the phone at all and I've tried for days. I even tried calling right when they open.

BW Bridger


Javier Caro

Excellent people

Could of Been Famous

1 star because the security guard Mrs Rhodes is so rude and unprofessional, while speaking with her face to face she put us on hold to answer a personal phone call, she is not helpful at all when explaining info, let alone very rude. It almost seems as she’s abusing her authority and is to hostile.

Linda McKnight

The Somatology Dept. has been wonderful. Solved my problem of Lichen Planus. I would recommend this teaching college to everyone, especially for regular dental problems but also unusual problems of teeth or mouth.

Nicholas Hall


Steven Bull

New dentures been difficult. "IMPLANTS" cost $30,000! Why not make IMPLANTS standard equipment? God bless em all. Good luck, & thanks for all the intensive work!

kamieo gissler

With my Aunt keep her in ur prayers

Doreen Jones

Svarr Chanston

So far they've been good for me, I'll keep this updated the more I come. Pros: They offer delicate dentists, some are kind of silly but they're also carefree students, not that it's a problem. The desk employees are usually polite. Good atmosphere and the seats are not terrible in waiting rooms. Cons: It's really busy. I hope you don't mind waiting an extra 30 minutes to an hour for your dentist, then have them rush you for their next appointment. The inside courtyard has never been completely fixed, the fountains are broken as well. Parking can be really difficult in this area if you don't know the place well, be prepared to bring 6 dollars for parking in cash as well. Parking is really cramped.

Marie Nuchols

Shannon Dyer

I went in during mid-November to see if they could get me in for a corrective jaw surgery before the new year. I was referred there by a friend who had the same surgery and was able to meet with Dr. Gonzales and her team and was amazed by how professional they were! I was scheduled for surgery December 16, 2015. During the surgery, they took great care of me and was able to keep my family updated. I had minimal pain when I woke up and they took great care of me during my overnight stay. Only thing that is frustrating, yet I completely understand, is that it is a school so keeping the appointments running at the correct time can be difficult and they can run behind so as long as you're not completely pressed for time, everything is great!

Danielle lewis

None Ofya

* You have to wait for a certain date and time to call and set up an appointment to be considered as a patient. It can take several weeks. Once you get the appointment, they examine you to determine if you’re a good fit for a student.** My student dentist is Kelani is always super attentive and friendly. However you must remember that they are students and one simple filling will take up your whole appointment. Be ready to go multiple times a month if you need several fillings or need a lot of work.

Conner Destron

My wife needed to get a tooth extracted in a bad way, partially because our regular dentist insisted it should be saved but his treatment that was to take care of the problem for 6-9 months when a root canal would be needed to complete the job only worked for three weeks, so we opted to try Baylor's dentistry school's emergency extraction clinic. After driving an hour and a half to be here by 6:30am since they open at 7am and only take the first 15-20 in line each day, my wife was today's patient #20. As of 11am, she's paid her $73, been orally diagnosed, had xrays taken, and now expects to finally meet the dentist & dental student who will perform the actual extraction sometime between now and 3pm, with 17 other patients still waiting ahead of her. So far the staff here has been mostly really friendly, though a few were a bit gruff, and the cafeteria seems to offer some nice looking food. The facility itself is very sterile, particularly the waiting areas, especially as far as our kids are concerned. My wife reports the staff she's dealt with so far have been really good and very professional. The wait time, though, leaves a LOT to be desired. Parking here is a challenge and will cost us $4 despite handicap plates.

Kelsey B

I’m trying to make an appointment but I can’t get through to anybody and the voice recording tells me to keep trying because they are busy. I need an appointment ASAP. Can somebody please direct me and tell me how I can get into this place! Please and thank you

Billie Meusel

Very good long wait but worth it Very officiant in the way things are run

Jonathan Delarosa

lucretia holmes

Fidel Gomez

Lia Sanchez

Katy Weeden

Her braces took my daughter from being embarrassed about her teeth, to the most gorgeous smile! Thank you Dr. Hsu (student) and Dr. Tadlock (supervisor)! Being a teenager/young adult herself, she enjoyed the comradery of the students. All the staff was friendly and professional. Karen, the receptionist, was especially stellar. Great experience! (The only negative was parking. Awful and expensive. I saw a woman who had paid, but parked in the wrong slot, get booted.)

kayla talley


Timothy Hertenstein

Worst ever! Run for your life!

zombie crush

The people are very nice and you don't have a long wait(for walk ins that's wonderful)I'm going in the a.m.! They talk to you to keep your mind off the... procedure! And inexpensive as well! I agree...wish this was my regular dentist!!!

Jeffery Hurst

anita Pardo

Tina Garcia

I have been calling for two days and no one answers the phone for you to set a appt. The message doesnt let you leave a voicemail so how can you set a appt.

Jessica Ramos

Christy Lee

reiko danyeur

John Travis

I had dentures made here and was very, very unhappy with them. They also revolve their priorities around the student and his,or her time frame. They care more about if the student can handle the time slots than if the patients can. I had to visit for almost 10 months, just to get very bad dentures. Having to take off work dozens of times....Don't go here.

Horacio Favela

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