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REVIEWS OF Odessa College IN Texas

Pete Avalos

jorge quezadas

I only use the library and I LOVE IT. Computers labs have everthing u need. Not to mention computers work better than my old laptop and speed internet is awesome ! U guys have better and nicer accommodations than UTPB.

Kristal Ayala

Whitney Farley

This is my second attempt at college with 12 years in between. The college staff went out of their way to help me enroll, and receive financial aid. They have continued to work around my schedule for anything I've needed to complete to keep me enrolled and achieving. The Student advisers for your field of study are usually knowledgeable in their jobs and can assist you in planning your degree however due to being understaffed you might have to make an appt. Overall the school is amazing.

Kari T

Dallis Gomez

The people that work there in continuing ED are complete idiots. They all seem to have their head stuck up their ass. Not to mention RUDE!! I feel like if we're paying money to get a certificate of some sort they should at least be nice! They couldn't PAY me to have another class there. I would rather drive to Dallas everyday then go to this place ever again!

Aurora Rich

valentina a

(Translated by Google) Terrible service ... they should be clear about their policies ... their staff is a staff not ready to serve their clients, without manners and education ... their service to access the building is very bad to belong to a school, and Safety in regard to activities for children is not appropriate ... (Original) Pésimo servicio... deberían tener claras sus politicas... su personal es un personal para nada preparado para servir a sus clientes, sin modales y educación... su servicio para accesar al edifico es muy malo para pertenecer a un colegio, y la seguridad en cuanto a las actividades para niños no son apropiadas...

Sayra Rojo

Lamont Harris

Was shot here in 1988 while running track but, it's a great place.....1


Odessa College before its recent change was a steal when it came to education, and I found the experience to be enjoyable, loved being able to directly interact with the teachers there, getting the help I needed. But as of late, the experience has been ruined by the college's new "GOTTA GO FAST" 8 week program. It sounds ideal being able to cover more classes in less time, but this sadly has had its PAINFULLY obvious drawbacks. Lets start with signing up. The staff were not use to the sudden time shift and having to process students twice (one for each half semester), this has greatly deteriorated the quality of their work. When I was signing up for my 4th semester there, the atmosphere had completely changed. Before they would take their time doing their best to make sure your classes weren't going to conflict with other things and were understanding of your situation, but when I signed up this semester it felt like they were trying to rush you out the door when you were registering. This was the first time they messed up my schedule, and I ultimately had to correct a majority of what they did, a great waste time for both sides. Now for the teaching, some courses had little trouble readjusting, however this isn't true for a lot of the courses. How would you like to sit for about nearly 6 hours listening to history lectures? Or trying to complete essays in less time? How about finals near the beginning of October? With the new program, what it ultimately does is just squishes the classes down and forces it to fit within an 8 week period. Not really ideal, as the personal experience is removed and students are basically being shoved in and out of classes like if it were some type of processing factory. This college has failed to see that there is a limit to the human attention span and by simply trying to push-out more graduates/ transferees at a faster pace they are deteriorating the quality of their product, that product being YOU. This has the potential to create a shaky foundation when it comes to transferring or applying for your career. Sure you might have the credits, but when facilities see the students coming out from OC are in less-than-ideal condition, they will think that you really haven't learned anything and might force you to retake the course(s) you already went through. A great waste of your time, energy and money. TL;DR: This college was once ideal, before the new 8-week semester program was applied to nearly all classes on campus and online. This program is horrendous to both staff and students, as stress has deteriorated the quality of service and the long lecture hours slowly ruins your chances for retaining whatever you learned during that sitting (lectures can be as long as 6 hours). On top of that, finals occur twice, one near the beginning of October and another near the beginning of December for each half semester. At one point I would have recommended this school due to my positive experience there. But with the current state the college is in, I would not recommend it unless you are good at cramming, jobless and are good at time management.

Ma443n Gucci GAMING

If your like me 13 years old and can’t go in even with an adult worst expirence ever in my life suck so much

Haylee McBride

I have never had so many people help me to become successful in what I wanted to do. A lot of people have complained about staff in the comments and reviews, but honestly if you need help n certain areas if you ask you will be directed to who can help you. Just like any other human response if you want into this school with cockiness and arrogance, the level of respect is reduced. I wasn't the best at math and dreaded having 3 higher up math classes in order to graduate. The STEM lab there is free and open almost all day. The tutors in the STEM lab helped me understand my math homework and helped me work through hard problems. My success coaches were awesome too! You just have to ask questions. NEVER STOP ASKING QUESTIONS. If you don't have clarity about something, seriously ask. Everyone on staff is human and you can tell they may have their days, but really every professor I have had has made an effort to learn my name, hold a conversation with me, and extended help when needed. They all knew what they were talking about and taught with understanding and confidence. Much respect for Odessa College and thankful to be graduating from here on May 12th, 2018. :D



If I could I would not even give a star for this college. The Success Coaches are a joke! They only help you when they fell like it. You will be ignored as well. Don't try to call because they will never call you back. I had to get help from the director (success coach), there needs to be more coaches like her! You've been warned! UTPB sounds pretty good right about now.

Rodolfo Rodriguez

Best ever

Balla Plumeria

This college is unorganized and small especially the library. You get no privacy & library is not quiet. The financial aid lady leslie was not friendly and made it hard for me to get an income reduction.. Their books are overpriced and the advisors dont care about your future but throw in whatever class they think you need and you end up taking classes you didnt really need. Waste of time and money and I asked to get a plan to transfer and was told to go to the universitys page to find out what classes i need and to return to plan it out myself. Some teachers dont grade assignments on time so youll have no idea if youre doing well or not. You will be pretty much on your own here.

Gretell Suarez

(Translated by Google) When they are going to put at what time they close to not come for pleasure, it is 1:11 and they are closed it is Friday, not Saturday, they go by. (Original) Cuando van a poner a que hora cierran para no venir por gusto, son las 1:11 y están cerrados es viernes no sábado omg se pasan.

Glorietta Bueno

Katrina Maldonado

If you like to be ignored, chaos, and wasting your time Odessa College is the perfect fit for you!!! Don’t waste your money on this terrible college. Piss poor customer service. Carolyn your customer service was awful throughout the chat message. You gave me false information, misled me to apply at Apply Texas for a course the you are not offering. On top of this when I asked questions regarding payment and any additional fees besides the course fee (which wasn’t even offered spring 2018) you ignored me. After 15 minutes of being ignored I had to create a new chat just to speak to you again! Then when I asked for your management contact information because I was not only disrespected, lied to, and ignored you gave me the wrong email address! I would’ve never found this out, had I not taken time out of my day to do research and call Odessa College. Who is responsible for hiring an unprofessional staff member? You definitely were hard to work with and if your aim is to cause chaos, will keep the terrific job up Carolyn! To the dean of this college and all the hard working professors, and staff members you need to ensure quality customer service is being met from staff members like Carolyn, before you lose more students.

Daniel Trevino

I've been told different things by 2 different advisors. Be careful when registering for school. They will make you take classes you don't need!

Rebecca swink

Best college ever

Jay Symon

Bianca Aranda

So inconvenient, any questions you have the staff never answer directly and beat around it instead. When you sign into advising expect to see people who came after you get called first and have you wait an hour. Professors get paid to pretty much read off powerpoints and you're forced to meet face to face when you can easily do it all online. Awful disorganized college.

tony fuentes

saul moncada

Hilderwulf Hilderwulf

I go there for the pool, and pool only. The pool is way better than any other in Odessa due to lack of people and cost. I just wish they'd clean the windows. It's so pretty when they do.

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