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REVIEWS OF NCTC North Central Texas College - Gainesville Campus IN Texas

Jerrelyn Gaines

brian reynolds

Blame it on the new system is all they ever say. You play russian roulette when you call they will transfer you multiple times and no one can tell you anything but the new system is not working with the old system. took 2 months to get refunds at the first of the year took 6 weeks at mid semester. Now I need an official transcript 2 weeks now. The new system has it on hold we have to review the application before it will be off hold.?????? I cant go in person because the system has it on hold and we have to review it before it can be taken off hold. Stay away from this place if you can!!!!!!!!


It has taken me 2 months to try and pay off a pell overpayment (no one knows what it is) and I still have not been able to. One thing this school should work on is giving some thought to situations instead of transferring multiple times to the same department.

Mali Martinez

People are really nice and helpful and place really clean

Nicole Davis

Sean Chaney

Transferred. Good memories.

Sunni Fullen

Started off at the Corinth campus which was okay for most of my prereq basics, but dealing with any or most of their administration department is horrible, they don't know what's going on half the time! NOW I am in the LVN program in Gainesville and absolutely LOVE it! The administration actually know and care about what is going on and will take the time to really help you. If you are looking for a nursing degree and want to go an "easier" faster route definitely try to get into the LVN program, it's a year long and I absolutely love the staff and have had no problems with the department in a whole at all. They offer a bridge program from LVN to RN so you don't have to do as many prereqs as you would just going straight into the RN program, you also won't get turned down when applying to the program if you're doing their bridge program!

Maria Barrera

Spencer Bloom

Reannon West

Great Aesthetics program. I'm graduating in May.

Charles A

Good luck signing up with this college. Not only do they not know their own tuition costs for classes, they constantly have mis-communication on the campuses, transfer you nonstop when you call them, their website is garbage (who ever designed the HTML code should rethink their ability on web design) they have no idea what is going on most of the time it seems. I came to the point where I just thought to myself "Am I really going to pay for a college with my debit card on file with a bunch of idiots that can't even communicate like a grown adult?". That being said, I am waiting another year to go by or at least a few months until the college I wanted to go to in the first place has classes going on again for the major I wanted which North Central Texas College had no idea they had to begin with even though it says they offer it on their website.

Kevin Madsen

This is by far the WORST! experience I have ever had. DO NOT expect any kind of help with financial aid or registration. I have been waiting to receive my financial aid for over a month from when it was promised and no one will help me! Just trust me and pick another school!

Talon Byrnes


Transfer to oblivion

Julie Dibley

Shelby Cunningham

Campus is big but not too big, staff are (mostly) knowledgeable and friendly! Definitely suggest going here.

clifton wilson

Bolaji Dominic


Awesome new health lab.

Leo Sun

Ania Turos

This past semester was my first and last at this school. It was aweful experience. First of all had really bad advisor. Not helpful, rushed, judgemental, rude! I took 4 classes. All online. Actually enjoyed two out of 4. Rest was just terrible. Teachers were unhelpful, short not clear and technically challenged! Final stated to have two attempts and after one it locked me out and I couldn't retake it. Grades would not sync correctly to their gradebooks. Emailing repeatedly about it didn't fix it! Awful! Stay away from this school!


Oscar Talley

Maria Guadalupe Cisneros Hernandez

Martha Ondiala

Awesome people at NCTC

Robert dc

Brittney Vigil

David Patterson

I am so glad I took my science courses at another school. I have a few friends who took their A&P’s at NCTC and the experiences they described to me were such that they would infuriate anyone. I’m actually surprised no one has sued them as yet, but I imagine it’s coming by the talk I hear. I was told that at NCTC if you had to retake any of the prerequisites to improve your grade they actually hold those against in the form of deduction of a point from the application. I was told that it didn’t matter when that repeat had happened even if it was before they instituted this policy last year. So everyone that advising and the program told to retake it or them as it were not only spent extra time and money and resources going to school that they didn’t need to they also lowered their chance of acceptance even lower. I was also told by another student that their online instructor for A&P would open her major exams on Sunday night at 8 pm and if you weren’t available or had the ability to log in at that time you got a zero and if by some way you were able to log in during that hour she left the Test window open you were graded on what you could finish by 9pm and the exam cut off. I have always had a problem with those instructors that made you Test on a Sunday and , but this instructor is even worse with a ONE hour window on a Sunday to complete exams. I saw for my own eyes this instructors syllabus and she didn’t care what the reason she gave no make up or drop any kind of lower scores. Let me say to that female A&P instructor she knows who she is and I’m sure your institution does as well. Hey lady they are taking your course Online for a reason. Some people are single moms, and Dads some have to work, and any other host of things that brought them to your horrible course such as limited instructors to teach and limited opportunity to take it in seat due to the lack of available classes. I really hope some attorney reads this review and finds fault and that those students who had the unfortunate experience to have to take their science prerequisites for the nursing program are taken care of. And especially those who failed because of a instructor that seems to enjoy people not passing her class due to her rigid test policy on a day the school isn’t even open.


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