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REVIEWS OF Jarvis Christian College IN Texas

Calescia Wiley

School Tution is expensive, and it’s not worth It.. They are very persuasive, but 11,900 for just a semester ? You will eventually be stuck with them for life .. housing is horrible we have mold , air condition is poor quality .. eventually you won’t be staying in the newest dorms .. but it’s what you make it and what we young adults want to pay for

Isiah Skief,Jr

Bobby Austin

Miranda Sallis

jaylon myers

The pictures or not real campus is in terrible shape staff or just as irresponsible as students

Aniya Sterling

Courtney Woods

Weren't they sued for that?They were doing that when I went and it doesn't stop just because you advanced.

Khalil Collins

The school is not a bad college if you want to just get a degree and make a couple connections in the process. But As far as the facilities go they are not up to par with the money that is being paid. There are teachers and staff who really care but there are also staff members who are not straight forward. There is a lot of bias towards certain students and the higher ups pick and choose who they target. Staff members know who participates in illicit activities and they allow some of them to maintain such activities but crack down on others. Punishments are not handed out equally and are not just. There is also a lack of organization.

Alexandria Dunagin

Markeira Mosley

I can make a difference in my life

MaChelle Collier

Horrible!!! If I could rate this no stars, I would... The tuition fees are too high for this school.. Some of the staff membes the front office is rude.. they do not communicate well with each other, nobody knows anything, I keep getting transferred from one person to the next, or they are " out the office" . They only thing I got from Jarvis college is added stress and more student loan debt! Never again!!!

l m

This school is so horrible , the food quality is bad !!!! I think people in prison eat better than the students here. They change staff every semester because they don't last. The amount of money you are going to pay for is not worth it. Dont let them brain wash you. They don't even try to help you out all they want is your money

Sandra Jones

I attended Jarvis Christian College. Jarvis is truly an Institution were the staff do care about the individual. The Professors and Instructors encourage their students to do their best. When staff members of JCC give out their personal phone number and you can call anytime, that says a lot. I consider the Jarvis Christian College staff caring, nurturing, and very concern about each individual. It's left up to the Individual to put forth an effort and achieve the most out of their education. May God continue to bless Jarvis Christian College faulty, staff and students.

David Turner Smith

My girl

Darrien Ruth Henderson

jabari kamau

Can't wait till I can get my official transcript. So I can leave this hell of a school.

Josephine Collins

Stacey Jackson

Instructors that work here are allowed to have bad moral character and still work here. One instructor stole money from someone and administration knows about it. Nothing was done. Just horrible.

mark rainey

Greatest College on Earth

Stefon V

Lenette Maiben

Paul Scott

Excellent college with a personal touch.

Bree Bergbower

Phoebe Bluitt

Angela Rose

Darryl Reedy


This is a terrible school. Another failing HBCU with great Google reviews. Students can't speak proper English, the computer lab has ONE printer, the food is terrible...and only a 13% graduation rate! Read reviews on legitimate college sites.

Dreshjon Williams

Worst college channel 4, 5, 8 need to investigate this college and the programs they have to offer

George L. Jones

Alexis Coleman

Dorena Anderson

Amazingly Awesome!!!! Hospitality of Faculty is outstanding!!! Campus roads need MAJOR WORK & Dorms need renovating badly and the smell in the dorms is MARIJUANA-- OMG!!

grace mendoza

Hydra 070797

Jarvis Christian College I rate Jarvis four stars (approximately a full rating). Despite the conflicting boundaries within its premises, I respect its nature; coming from a busy urban area. I speculate a lot of contradicting reviews from returning/transferring/graduate students in regard to its poor-aspects. A lot of students/reviewers are lacking the appreciation of its nature, thus, not considering the larger drama. Jarvis Christian College is an HBCU (Historically Black College University) located within the grounds of a predominantly white rural town/city. From my observation, I receive a lot of common stereotypes that reflect the multitude of myths many pre-transitioning and returning-students bring on the campus. This pattern can negatively impact the reputation of Jarvis Christian College. Other negative reviews dive deep into specifications such as, poor-student life, poor-renovation, low-quality/basic academic placement in education, lack of available resources, atmosphere, etc. Jarvis Christian College is earnestly seeking the essential feedback needed to assemble, and persist a healthy-college life for its incoming and returning students. Its student-activities, interns, clubs, job-fairs, work shops, and other programs are designed to keep students occupied (in the workplace, outside campus, etc.). Its not a matter of pressuring students, but rather implementing the fundamentals needed to enlighten their understanding, and enhance their reputation. Therefore, all advantages will increase the likeliness of a scholarship.

Stephanie Johnson

Please dont send your kids to this place, this is no real school. They're only about the financial aid, there is criminal activity on this campus. And is being protected by the administration,my son was accused of committing a crime and kicked off the campus. The school is engaged in fraud and claims my son owes 8,000 dollars to the school. Well he attended only 2months. How is it possible to owe that type of financial aid in that short length of time. The president and his administration refuses to speak with me or my son. Jarvis has cheated and robbed a black child out of 8,000 dollars. Yet, claiming to be for the cause of black kids to excel. Jarvis needs closing permanently. Do not send your kids there, parents be ware.

isaac hall

Dorms smell like weed and security staff is terrible

Hbcu Trek

Enjoyed the campus, larger than I expected, was warm and welcoming, students seemed comfortable and connected in the local community.

Tiny Des

Z.D.T Squaad

They take all your money your freshmen year , then leave you with an outstanding balance so you wont transfer. They wont even release my paperwork so i can transfer. Worst decision of my life!

Ice. M.


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