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Simone Tar

I don't know about other departments but the AAS in Business Management program is the best. The professors use real life situations as examples. I enjoyed my time in this college. Thanks to all the Business Management professors in this school for making my life so much easier.

alfredo medel

Nadine Ehab

Courage website is the worst, very very crowded and very confusing. I CANT SEE THE CLASSES THAT I WANT TO SIGN UP FOR. I transferred from Tcc to Collin and they have the worst staff. They put me as out of state, and they told me I have to pay for my classes as out of state if I want the class and the credit. the advisors are another story, they’re very sarcastic and very rude. I told my adviser that I would like to improve my gpa from last year but I don’t know from where to start and all what I got was “ AAWWWW :(“ .

Hannah H


The registrar's office is absolutely terrible, they have zero communication skills. Good luck to you if you want to take classes here because you will find yourself constantly chasing after them. Every time I try there's always something wrong. I tried registering for the weekend college and was not told about the deadline to send in some paperwork so I was unable to. I tried registering for summer and was not told I needed to reapply. I was told I did not need to send my transcripts because they already have them yet there is a hold on my account for transcripts. I had similar issues last year and the year before when trying to take classes. It's absolutely exhausting. Now the classes that I wanted are full and two weeks later I still can't register. I have registered for classes at multiple universities and have never had nearly as much trouble as I do at Collin.

Bill Gates

Laptops are not the best here if you are planning on buying one at the college. Don't be fooled by the brand's there, they're refurbished trash. They also won't fix the messed up computer they sold you, exchange or refund you.

mariela marquez

(Translated by Google) Bns days I am from Venezuela I really need information for my son that next year he graduated from high school for that reason what I need is information from the university how to do to enter this institution and what careers they have. Information is appreciated (Original) bns dias soy de venezuela realmente necesito informacion para mi hijo que el ano que viene se gradua de secundaria por tal motivo lo que necesito es informacion de la universidad como se debe hacer para ingresar en dicha institucion y que carreras tienen. se les agradece informacion

appattuvilai samivilai

Writing center in Spring Creek Campus is useless, the guy Cooper is a real racist. He didn't even say hi , did not clarify the doubts, asked odd, unwanted, silly questions. His attitude is obvious on colored people. Stay away from him.

John Fournace

On the 23rd history professor gave extra credit if his students would show up for this Communist Manifesto against the liberty and freedom of our country what a pathetic history teacher and this school wants your students to become non-american and hateful and become communist

Vicious Beauty

I'm having worst experience applying for this college. They request so much information... repeatedly. It's ridiculous. Worst application process ever and my tuition amount is still wrong!!! They are now requesting 12 months proof of employment along with a lengthy form. This is crazy. The admissions rep was very nice explaining how to complete the form yet, I'm upset because my address is in the county and has been for 10+ years. Now they want 12 check stubs or bank statements with direct deposit info. NO other college has EVER requested this. Who are these people and why do they need this?? I don't feel comfortable giving them this info. I've already given them so much info that I've never had to submit to any other college. I already provided my tax statement which includes my TX address. I've been trying to enroll for quite some time therefore they have at least 2 years of tax docs that should verify residency... This is absurd!!!

Rose Daquila

Allison Gillies

D S.

Horrible. Having dealt with them through dual credit HS courses, I would not advise anyone to spend their hard earned money with them. Was told we could buy book and return if we dropped(as long as wrapped), then we do and told they would not accept as a return. Their instructors seem disinterested as well. Waste of money.

Daisey White

5 stars all the way!! I LOVED this school! It was a great school, good feeling atmosphere, great professors, convenient, great price, ETC. I could go on and on but I can't tell you how financially beneficial this school is. It was a great blessing in my life and one of the best decisions I have ever made <3

Cindy Pokrywa

dain waggoner

Dont know why this college is getting all the hate? I have had nothing but great experiences here and they have taught me so much. All negative reviews are probably those that are looking for an easy path to get through without all the hard work involved. If you put time in and do your studies like you are suppose to do, then you will he fine. Its college, its not a free ride like high school. They dont baby you here. All the negative nancys need to grow up.

Grahamiam 1992

sofia moreno etcheverry

brigitte mulengwa

Graceanna Robertson

Jeannie Freeman

Their website says their offices are open until 5:00 on Fridays. I left work early to show up by 4:45 and there were only two police cars in the parking lot. Doors were locked. They've not only wasted part of my day, but left me with few options on when to reach them. I realize they're only a community college, but I was hoping for at least some bit of customer service.

Rusty Shackleford

Jamie Avey

haider khan

I took a class and had to drop one of them due to some reason, i checked my syllabus to see last date to withdraw. On syllabus it was writen February 6 and i drop the course on January 20. I have “W” on my transcript and got only 25% refund. All this happen because of thier administration mistake that they mention wrong date on syllabus. This is pathetic college cuz they just care about money and due this “W” on my transcript i am facing lot of problems transferring into good schools.

Faith Atkinson

I’d give them negative stars if I could. DO not got here. They are money hungry. I had my full semester paid for. After the semester was over they told me I owed 1100 dollars. I’ve been trying to work with them for months now, just to be told multiple different things. I haven’t received a straight answer once and they continue to lie. You are better off going to a real university, don’t waste your time.

roddriauna waites

A Really Bad Goy

Ok, so everyone here spies on what you say and reports your every single behavior to the administration if you start being outspoken. I can tell you that none of the behaviors that I portrayed were illegal nor completely out of norm. They asked my background story and I gave it to them. Then they turned that story around and made me sound like some form of extremely cantankerous outlaw. If you are going to freak out at my honest background information, which has nothing to do with any criminal organization or activities, why would you ask in the first place? Yes I had abusive dad and negligent mom. So you took that as an excuse to get rid of me? And apparently "being offensive to fat people" is against the school code. Yes I did say being fat is unacceptable and how my ex fiancee dumped me after her deployment because I became fat. Fat acceptance is what causes the growth of obesity in our country. Another case was it took them almost 3 weeks to process my document so I gave them an email "Do your god damn jobs properly." and they considered this to be a threatening and alarming email. This college is also liberal. And we all know that liberals hate freedom. I am a libertarian. That's why I was removed from this college.

Trúc Phan Nguyễn Thanh

Vera Andrews

Liana Feliciano

Sasha S.

This school is a great community college to prepare for a university.



-rep 9/11 trade bot

yaseen tariq

Kris Juric

The lady with the glasses that works in admissions should be fired!!!! Not helpful at all!!

Conor Campbell

It’s really what you make of it. I enjoyed my time at the McKinney campus. Staff are more relaxed here than at the other campuses and usually don’t have as many qualifications academically. Most usually make up for that in work experience. It’s the easiest campus to get around and has lots of parking. If you’re fresh outta high school, I’d go to one of the other campuses because they’re better practice for university. If you’re in a different situation, are working full time, etc, this campus is probably better for you than the other two.

Carmen Davis

Say No Less Productions

horrible lines and stuff, too much going on, need to fix registration issues

Jamie Murrison

Ivan Diaz

Iukea Chaput

There website is horrific and none of their systems are tied into one another. Also registering for classes is very very very very hard DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!

Behailu Zeleke

Isaac Bandah

Slow service on Admissions and Registrars part took them 3 weeks to transfer a transfer a transcript. I was assured it would me done in 24 hours do not recommend this college at all !!!

T Rey

Ryan Mccarty

Tried calling to talk to someone. Never answered and waisted my time. Terrible school! Will not be enrolling again.

Elizabeth Li

I met some of the greatest people who also ended up transferring with me here. Very diverse group of students. Got all my basic classes done here and transferred with minimal problems - Remember to check with the uni you're transferring to since not all unis are the same. Beware that since it's a community college, they tend to teach broadly and a lot of subjects instead of a few subjects in deep at a uni, so if transferring, you'll need to pick out which subjects are relevant. It's a hit or miss with professors: some are nice and helpful, others are just plain awful. Don't hold back on end of the semester reviews, those count and can make a difference.

Adheesh Kadiresan

They taught me 1+1=5. They are the smartest people ever!

The Fare Player

Gabriel Jimenez

The education here is great! Most of the professors are super passionate about what they teach and care about their students!!! Staff in advising, financial aid, admissions, and cashiers are all really awesome as well!! Definitely recommend going here!

Loren Wilkerson

The nursing program is a joke. Don't be fooled by the sparkles of the new health science building, and the "Center of Excellence" designation. I spent a semester in the program, and had the absolute worst semester of my life dealing with negative professors treating and talking to us like elementary school kids! Not to mention their testing environments were ridiculous, and grading is purely subjective! Especially for the skills tests. Professors do NOT advocate for students like they claim, and just because you turn in your work... does not mean you will get a grade. I've had professors lose my stuff, then call me a liar during a meeting with her and the level coordinator while listening to them tell me how I'm irresponsible, then turn around days later and find my work, then not apologize!!! Check your work. Most likely you got another student's work back by accident since they have no accountability for the professors. Integrity?!?! Forget about it! The Dean and the Provost completely dismissed our issues (yes more than one student, and issue). If you have a second choice... Please do yourself a HUGE favor and go somewhere else!!! My positive and exciting time in my life turned into a living hell in this one semester here in nursing school!!! I am transferring to a bachelor program, and refuse to go back.

Andrea Jones

Great Comments College, good professors and nice installations.

Carolina Cruz

The Advising and the financial aid Office this Morning, July 22, 2019 was terrible, at least the two ladies that I got. I waited like an hour between both offices and got dismissed in less than 5 minutes in each one. Both ladies had no answer for me specifically for my very simple question. Can I take the class? Will financial aid cover it? At Advising I got interrupted between my sentence. At financial aid she wasn’t willing to help plus didn’t seem to know the answer. I asked who I could go to. Well it was them but she didn’t know for sure. I left so confused. I’m crossing my fingers financial aid covers my class. We go there for answers and they aren’t willing to help or they don’t know the answers nor do they ask someone for help.

Riley Flores

Great campus and with the additions coming soon I can only see it getting better. Also there is great faculty.

Sarah Walker

It Really is True that this college does not really teach you anything, and you get thought what you already know. It’s like high school. It sucks don’t go here. It’s an embarrassment.

Eric Hawkins

Justin Duncan

The web site is horrendous, and I had two teachers in four semesters that spoke (what I wound deem) acceptable English. It felt like 13th grade, and the registrar office is a slow nightmare. Please do not enroll at this school, at any level. Every class I enrolled in had subjective grading, that was explained to me as being a "bell" curve. Which had a resemblance to, what I believe to be, SOCIALISM; however, everything I know about the subject was self-taught. I deeply regret associating myself with this institution and can only serve as a warning to others. Rant over: God bless.

mohamad Yamen meideh el beik

Thenhan Ngo

Spring 2019 Graduation hold on May 17 but on May 18 my final grade still not updated on my Transcript. How did students graduate when final grade is not available by the Graduation Ceremony date?

hunter werlla

It's ok

Shani Williams

I just started online clases things are going ok. The Academic advisors are rude, condescending , and very unhelpful. Basically do your own research because the advisors are not going to assist you with choosing the best classes.

Colin Miller

Hassan Barzani

Collin College was not too bad at all. Definitely has so much potential to go great things for sure. Attended here off an on from 2006-2009. Eventually graduating from Collin and transferring to UTSA. Graduated from UTSA and attending graduate school. Finished my first Master Degree from Southern New Hampshire University. Now attending Crown College for my second and final Masters. Finally, Collin does transfer all of your classes globally.

Mitchell Feagin

Admissions staff is absolutely terrible. Nice enough people, but don't have a clue what they are doing. I called 29 times in a row before I finally spoke to a human being. It wasn't busy, it just rang and rang and rang and then cut me off. Twice someone actually answered but then immediately hung up without saying anything. This started because the admissions office incorrectly marked me as an out of state student, when in fact I'm a Collin County resident and always have been. In their attempt to charge me 3x what I actually owed, I figured it out and was redirected to admissions. Apparently only they can change your residency status. Fair enough, except they REFUSE to answer the phone! Either get enough staff to help the one person up there working both walk-ins and phone calls, or get quality people that know how to multi-task. Absolutely horrible! At this point I'd rather spend a bit more of my money elsewhere than deal with their foolishness. Add: I just realized that their reviews on Google are so bad, that Google doesn't post their score. Ouch!

Troy Magic

This is a Dumb College, it is clean but you don’t get taught much. Teaching is just like high school The library is nice, I like the private rooms, but it so tight on space. There are some hippies in the entertainment center that Burst the TV volume playing Mortal Kombat, dragon, Spider-Man, YouTube. They should eliminate the game consoles. Another issue is these hippies bring there own Speakers and play music, while there is a tv in the room with some Nana Gameshow, with speakers in the room playing a 42 minute playlist, and the gaming from both the Xbox and the ps4. That is⬇️ Xbox PS4, PS4 music Tv Granny show, Room audio playlist, Student Bluetooth speaker, Sometimes a second Bluetooth speaker is playing from 10 ft from the other ⬆️ These all Just need to be taken out and be just like the library. Piece and Quite so I can do my work. I talked to the guy who office of the entertainment center, and does nothing to help out the situation. He is creeping on a lot of people. There is this one shaggy hair kid he looks like he’s 16 looks like a high schooler he should not be here. He brings his own ps3 and takes over the ps4 space. this is not his house. The Workout area it nice it could use a little Clean up with some Ferbreez. The Weights need to be cleaned, the treadmills need to be washed. The locker rooms need some of That Furbreez. There needs to be more stalls in all the men’s restroom on the main building. The black toilets look amazing in the library. The science building is the cleanest building on campus. The library second cleanest Building Main building 3rd and most nastiest building on campus. That’s the halls, the Fountain, the chairs.....more and more...

Gabrielle Durham

Gabriela Agüero

WORST COLLEGE EVER! They ask so much information that it's ridiculous. They make you waste your time and they just want your money. Went to this school previously and they accepted all my transcripts, when I recently tried to go back my transcripts were not good enough. They made me drop all my classes and pay them since they only gave me just 70% of my money back, considering classes just started 3 days ago. Also, I sent emails to so many different people and had to wait weeks for a response. IF I COULD I WOULD GIVE THEM ZERO STAR. Definitely DONT GO TO THIS COLLEGE. There are so many other colleges and universities around that are much better.

Jon Brovina

Horrible scholarship program. I transferred from here last semester to UNT and (applied/got awarded) a foundation scholarship which was then later denied because i wasn't considered a collin student. I have been taking concurrent courses which means that i take classes at collin while still going to unt. It would have been nice to have some consideration for this scholarship because it could have given me financial relief. The funny thing is that i was just awarded this scholarship and wanted to ask the coordinator Ms. Davis if i can use it, however, she said that i cant have it and must decline the offer. I just wish these people worked better with their students. The professors are great but the administration is a cruel joke. If i was awarded this scholarship and then told that i must reject it then this is not a school i want to be affiliated with.



Mykaila Potts


Lindsay Wellington

I was Phi Theta Kappa at Collin College back in 2007, and it was my dream to teach Art History one day at the beautiful school who had given me so much (once I earned my BA and MA of course). After one semester instructing in the classroom here however (and enduring the experience of being a set-up, scape-goat teacher for a super unsavory, undisciplined and systematically undermining offshoot of a High School no other faculty member could tolerate, i.e. Blue Ridge and their idea of a ‘dual credit’ program), all I can say is this: the organization/communication deficit and leadership mime-show of Collin Present is something I wish I did not know now, for it poisons my memory but nevertheless is true as of this moment; and the political Roomba of suppsed community egalit’e - making a mockery of both said term and the teachers bearing its grossly mal-defined cross across the suburb-scape of academic greed, negligent practices, and forced political correctness for the sake of excess funding (where no such force is needed), have rendered the institution another example of where ‘the emperor has no clothes’, so to speak. Sure, it is a financially sound investment for your children barely beginning to spread their collegiate wings, but unless you are a well fed cat ready to ride the damn Roomba yourself, you may want to spread your own seasoned wings for the sake of seeking a different berth for your young learner.


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