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REVIEWS OF Baylor College of Medicine IN Texas

Laura Laguna

Receptionist for Jennifer O Okoh MD is the only reason I won't go to this place. Worst service I've had.

Juana garcia

I had my tummy tuck done with one of the residents and she was awesome...she did a great job


Great medical school. Well known for producing the best brightest doctors in the country.

Hugh Yiewpiebe

Outstanding nurses and doctors. Great team overall

Elyse Oakley

Suhrab Kurbanov

Best place to do phd.

queenofmeanest meanie

One is way too high for Baylor clinics. The physicians are stuck on their egos. They don't want to look at current x-rays and other films online but insist that I have some more done. I have chronic asthma and I have requested and been refused a nebulizer. I am told to have a PFT test done, which I have done and several times my so-called physician has cancelled my appointment three times only to tell me that she or another physician will see me in September. I was in the middle of a stroke and I called Baylor only to be told that my Dr. will call me. I told them that EMTs was on their way and they said, so. THE HELL WITH BAYLOR. BEVERLY GOODWIN

Denise Delong

Raghu Chandramohan

Maria Alejandra Grisales

I’m very pleased with the customer service, Paula helped us to get a referral promptly . Thank you!

Olivia dufour

Caitlin Calder

Our daughter has received fantastic treatment through Baylor at Texas Children's Hospital. Genetics helped us to diagnose the rare disease in our daughter, something we never thought we would find. We have seen Baylor physicians in neurology, gynecology, gastroenterology, genetics, ophthalmology, and otorhinolaryngology (ENT). Each specialist has been knowledgeable, respectful, and has treated our child with care and dignity.

Maria Martinez

Richard Shelton


Zhuang Jin

hello three

really good phone operator, yes really good phone operator

Danielle LaBare

Infusion center for non oncology patients moved to McNair building. They are unorganized and late. I’ve been sitting here waiting for an infusion for over an hour.

Roland Garcia

Dr Lydia Sharp is absolutely useless, she is has no compassion for the patients. She will not do anything to help you. Furthermore, she will tell you that there are “no known cures to help with your situation “ over and over. She is by far the worst medicinal experience I’ve ever had, please do yourself a favor and steer clear from Baylor and more importantly Dr Sharp. She will do absolutely nothing for you. I assure you, if I could give this practice 0 stars I would, however this particular site only allows a 1 Star which is extremely high for this practice and so called Doctor.

Dk Q

Billing crooks. Can't communicate effectively with insurance. Bills you incorrectly. Takes your money and does whatever they want with it. If you have a remaining balance, they will take the money that is rightfully yours after an EOB adjustment and pay your remaining balance with it. Physicians have not been caring or competent. (One even held my appointment back because they had an impromptu news interview. Tells me that she cares more about their TV appearance.) My relationship as a patient has now been forfeit. I will be going elsewhere for my care.

Vika Grishakova

Daniel Valenzuela

James Harrison

I want people Nation Wide to know the excellence in surgical care I Got from THE LUNG INSTITUTE- Baylor College of Medicine/CHI St.Lukes Hospital TEXAS HEART INSTITUTE in the Texas Medical Center-Houston,Texas with DR.SEAN GROTH & DR.DAVID SUGERBAKER. I had a large calcified broncholith the size of a golf ball, eroding into my airway, and my pulmonary artery RT. Side. After a CT, the Dr.s were working on a plan and I went home for 2 weeks, started coughing up blood clots. Rushed to the ER, At St.Lukes. admitted and sch. For surgery following a.m. at 6 AM, 1st a broncoscope was going to be used to see If it could be removed thru my airway. My wife said that Dr. Came out in 15 min. 615 AM, said No way, to large, to close to pulmonary artery, turned it over to the Surgical team, I was in surgery almost 19hrs. My wife said about 7 PM the nurse leasion came out and said I was hemmorraging bad and They were calling in another Surgeon, my pulmonary artery was torn getting calcium deposit out, a VATS procedure was being done till this point, DR. SUGERBAKER was called in, he took over, did an open throacodomy, Took out my Right lung and did the vascular surgery on my pulmonary artery. Wife was crying and very upset, said the Dr.s came into the consulting room at 1245 AM, looked beat, the ICU after this type of surgery They don't allow anyone in for 24 hrs. Explained that I would be on a ventilator But Dr. Sugerbaker made an exception and allowed her to stay by my side. These Dr.s absolutely SAVED MY LIFE! I had to have 14 units of blood that's 2 blood transfusions, Plus other blood plasma/platelets. 14 days of ICU, St Luke's nurses on this Surgical ICU were the best. Jan. 19th 2017 till today Dec. 28th 2017, doing good. Still some surgical incision pain, and limits on breathing upon heavy exertion, But I Got lucky to get these Dr.s. If you have any lung, esoughgus, or thoracic issues, These SURGRONS ARE THE BEST. DONT COMPROMISE YOUR HEALTH, DEMAND THE BEST!

michelle scott

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would!!!!! Dr Smaglo is the worst doctor I have ever come across. These people are supposed to care about your wellness and show some compassion and sympathy. My mother needed a biopsy for stage four pancreatic cancer before they could help her in anyway. So we tried to get the biopsy done and the paperwork he and his nurse, carol, gave us to call, was in fact WRONG paperwork. The precious time me and my mother do not have.. for an entire month straight back and forth with these people and no one could help us! Come to find out, he could have had her admitted to the ER AND HAD THE BIOPSY done sooner but dr Smaglo never informed us of any other places we could go to have this done so we could start treatment ASAP. He just kept telling me to call “dr argawal on the paperwork” I had called this place more than ten times and they told me that he doesn’t even perform these type of biopsies. I’m no doctor and I could tell you she was already past stage one and two and needed immediate treatment. They had cat scans pet scans mris several other tests to show how sick she is and she needed some help and they refused to help us. I called up there every day in the month of June and went up there personally to talk to his nurse carol about the biopsy not being able to be completed and tried to get more information of where else we could go but all carol did was re highlight and circle the referral to get the biopsy done and did not give me alternatives of where to go or anything. It makes me sick to my stomach that I even tried to continue to work with these people, I knew something was wrong when week by week went by and no one could return any of my phone calls. The wait on the telephone lines are a joke in itself!!! I’m only leaving this review so I can hopefully help someone else who has someone who is really ill even think about using this place- DO NOT DO IT. Please go somewhere else. I am disgusted with the expiernece I received with the receptionists at the front, to the doctor I visited, dr Smaglo and carol, to anyone on telephone lines when I called. Please, if you are Ill or know anyone who wants to use this place or is even thinking about it, do not do it. They will kill you!!!! Makes me want to throw up the way they treat their patients. My mother does not take pain medication and Dr Smaglo prescribed her 2mg Dilaudid and told her to take one every two hours for pain. She took one and could not even stay awake. All he cared about was to dope her up and kill her. -Michelle Scott

M Tello

Saw dr. Miguel Montero what a nice guy. His credentials are massive.

Flossy Smith

Beautiful new state of the art facility with excellent professional staff and physicians.

Tricia Jones

Thomas Reiff

The nurses and doctors are very good. Dr. Smaglo is outstanding and has been great at directing my chemo. The difficulty is with the billing. They will take and hold your prepayment long after you have meet all of your out of pocket expenses causing you to pay more out of pocket then your insurance policy states you should. I am waiting now for this to be resolved. I will add to this review the names of those that help to resolve the issue and those that don't.

Eason peng

(Translated by Google) Medical school is located in the medical center, convenient transportation, to the park also 10 minutes walk! As a visiting scholar, where the learning atmosphere is very strong, the whole school is a laboratory, very surprising! The experimental study is very good, the school is strict! (Original) 医学院位于医学中心,交通方便,到公园也就10分钟步行!作为一个访问学者,这里的学习氛围非常浓厚,整个学校都是实验室,非常的让人惊讶!实验研究非常出色,学校严格!

Jannatul Ferdus

Simon Han

María Isabel Perdigones Gil

Adam N Johanna Samaniego

Hashim Zaidi

Top Tier Breakfast Tacos

Wanga West

Maggie Smythe

Daphne C

Yasir Jaff

Not recommended I rather to die then visit here worst hospital worst staff

Dawg R

Abhimanyu Ajay

Natalia Hollins

Great experience with the staff.

Kenneth Compton

I just wasted 1/2 hour trying to set up My Chart account and the code does not work and can't get help on a Saturday. I know my zip and date of birth so it must be my secret code. Nice job Baylor. Ken

Steven Merito

(Translated by Google) I would like to schedule an open appointment with a specialist in muscular dystrophy. (Original) quisiera programar una cita abierta con un especialista en distrofia muscular .

Scott Badley


Yichao Shen

Jordan Durant

Sadie Elstner

Top Notch.

Marlon Rivas

Excellent school

Marianne Galati

Eeriel Constantine

The architecture and decor could use a bright and calming update, but a great place to explore the sciences, right in the heart of the medical plaza

Nicholas Randall

Horrid place to get medical procedures done. I went to the urology department at 7200 Cambridge St. for an appointment with a doctor about the urology issues I had been having, which was useless because the doctor couldn't give me a diagnosis without more tests, which could have been scheduled first in the first place! That's only the beginning of the incompetency and redundancy of the BCM system. I went back for the tests and then waited two hours after my last test for the results, which I had been promised same-day. I finally asked the front desk and the doctor saw me, saying the staff had forgotten to notify him that my tests were done. Great. I then was told I needed to schedule another test for my kidneys and a follow up doctor's visit. I go downstairs to the Radiology department and ask to schedule the appointment. The receptionist says I have to wait for the scheduling person. This is ridiculous- why split up those jobs? Finally, I walk out to pay for parking and see an employee "assisting" people at the ticketing/parking machine. I don't know why BCM is paying someone to do a job that's already been automated. Such a waste.

Best Motivational Speaker

Johnie Watson

shamirah dirden

They Workers Are Rude And Should Be Fired .

Catherine Smith

I have been seeing Dr. Toombs and she prescribed medications to a pharmacy a month ago. The receptionist at the pharmacy kept calling for the doctor for weeks. No response over the phone, fax and letter. I don't recommend Dr. Suzette Toombs.(FYI I still waiting for the medication and order.)

Patricio Campos

(Translated by Google) Baylor is a great school, its faculty, technology and facilities are first class, it was a great personal experience as an intern. (Original) Baylor es una gran escuela, su cuerpo docente,tecnologia e instalaciones es de primer nivel, fue una gran experiencia personal como pasante.

Blessing Luu

Terrible experience on my last visit in April 2016. I decided to leave Dr. Camille Marie Leugers at Baylor (Kirby) and took all of my medical record to see a better physician close to my office who genuinely cares for their patients. Dr. Leugers is incompetent, absolutely rude and unethical. DO NOT recommend! I have wanted to give feedback to BCM website but there isn’t a way to do it.


(Translated by Google) Xie Yahui (Original) 謝雅惠

Rushil Mistry

Great school for medicine.

rick wyliee

Slow service

Claude Murugen


With all due respect you are not including some of the Notable Alumni. I would like to mention three that for some unexplained reason are not included : George P. Noon, well known by all of you, there is no need to mention all his qualities , in my humble opinion he is a high class of human being, one of the best surgeons that have ever practiced in Houston, a researcher, etc etc......The other two that should be included in your list are Dr. Richard Wallace and Dr. David Griffith, both Professors of Medicine at the University of Texas in Tyler. They are widely recognized as experts in Mycobacterial Diseases. You will not find in this country and probably the world researchers of the same caliber , particularly in Non- Tuberculous Mycobacterial Diseases . They deserve to be recognized as Baylor Notable Alumni. JOSE LOZANO, M.D.

Melany Whiddon

In February I saw a Neurologist at Baylor unfortunately i do not remember his name. He was very professional and told me my brain does not produce melatonian. I was struck by lightning at age 10. He referred me to have a sleep study. I had to put it off due to the health of other family members. I went to the sleep center yesterday and started talking to a very kind PA. The doctor came in and was so rude that it was absolutely unbelieveable. Again i was so upset i forgot his name. Even the PA seemed stunned. This doctor must have gotten his degree from Dr. Suess. He told me everything the neurologist told me was incorrect. He told me he would make me an appointment for a sleep study after being treated like i was i told him to forget it i wouldn’t be back. I would if the doctor i spoke to last year did sleep studies. My friend was with me and just a mortified as i was. Truly unbelieveable. I had so much hope of being helped. I will add the nice doctors name along with the one i saw on Thursday on Monday when i can get them. Truely a very horrible experience. To have one doctor from the same estabishlement to call the other one a liar. Just inbelieveable. So upset. I am 63 years old and have never been treated this badly by medical personal. Baylor has my number i hope they call and follow up on this.

Matthew Stephen Reddoch

A top medical program. Could not ask to be somewhere better.

David Antonio Henriquez


Johnny Fuentez

Doctor and staff very professional and friendly they make you feel good when you're stressed out and they also give you advice that makes you feel better,I feel stressed out when I go for my follow up,and I feel great when I leave.they are the best!.

Anna Russo

My experience with Baylor College of Medicine has been totally frustrating, time consuming and after two months starting with Dr. Hanson, who referred me to Dr. Paily, who referred me to Dr. Basava, I am still sitting here with my pain and NO HELP. I waited six weeks for my first consultation with Dr. Basava and now she expects me to re-arrange my life because she only does the procedure she says I need on Monday mornings and I have a firm comitment on Mondays. This is a sad, inhuman system that needs to change. Baylor College of Medicine works in a machine system that eliminates compassion or efficiency.

Félix Daniel Castillo

FrankV.2 V.8

Juan Maravilla

george umeadi

Unequal opportunities discriminate

Meredith Macfadyen

Vincenzo Paolillo

Gary Glover

Alice Matoba is the most unprofessional doctor I've ever been around. My mother had an appointment and 2 hours later she finally shows up blowing enough smoke up our rears to start a fire. She reminded me of Obama blaming everything and everyone else on being late. Then she wants to start some test that take 2+ hours starting at 5:15 in the afternoon. My advise is find another specialist which is what we did.

Ashley Rodrigues

Scott Coulter

Very dishonest billing practices. Was told $0 out of pocket for the procedure. Received three separate bills totaling $1,600.

Justin Riojas

Danny Farrow

J Ponce

Not recommend, first time being there some of the staff members are racists and unprofessional.


Jon W

It was terrible didn't know what he was doing, did something totally different than my other dermatologist who is way more experienced,. I've had the procedure done many times with the dermatologist who actually has more than two years of experience . They Caused me to get a staph infection

Martha S.

My first visit at the Oncology department was remarkable. I was taken in within 15 minutes. That never happened at MD Anderson! Had to wait for a couple of hours there. The staff was very welcoming and I love this place!

hello two

called in, the phone operator said they are in lunch break, leave a massage and call me back later. 5 days later still not call back, i wonder how mach she eat.

Phillip Wilson

Great orthopedic staff!

Umar Farooq

Muhammed Akhtar

They are horrible. I even don't know why Baylor is regarded so high.

Caroline Ewan

DO NOT GO HERE. They do not care about their patients. I have a chronic illness that needed an infusion treatment and THEY FORGOT TO CALL IN THE MEDICATION. I waited 2 months and finally went to the office in person and they still hadn’t done it. Meanwhile my disease is getting worse by the day and they are just twiddling their thumbs doing God knows what. Now, 4 months later I finally have an appointment tomorrow for the infusion and they submitted the insurance authorization TOO LATE so they called me to cancel the appointment. UNBELIEVABLE. What kind of health institution is this? I will be transferring to Methodist to get out of this nightmare. Do not waste your time here. The people that work here cannot do their iob. -Caroline Ewan

luz giraldo

kamal chakhalov

Was referred by my doctor, they called me left voicemail, when i called back they couldnt find me in their system. Customer service is just the WORST. I was told i would get called back same day by a supervisor, noone called back. I called them back and same person picked up still couldnt find me in their system. Just over all bad experience. Wouldn’t recommend anyone to go here, as you can see the rest of the 1 star reviews other people left. You guys just suck. Improve your system and also customer service skills.

Gao Wang

5 stars for my 5-year PhD experience!


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