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REVIEWS OF Tennessee Tech University IN Tennessee

Lincoln Head

Loved my time at Tech! Graduated in 1993 right at the explosion of restaurants that we all heard rumors of during the 80's. Now there are tons of places to go and all the dorms are renovated and they are building a new Athletic Center. Great professors and most classes are small and inviting. Best Engineering School in the South!

Jason Stafford

Nice to check out and drive through the campus, brings back good memories. Go Tech!

Ryan Peplinski

J Thaxton

Dixie Mcbroom

Ang L

Beautiful campus with nice memories

Zoey McCoy

It is a awesome place

WouldYou Rather

Brian Allen


Fabiano Ambrosio

Emily Brewer

Great school

Gabs Jane

I love this place. love this school. My favorite place to be

Dakota Randolph

Jennifer Smithwick

I graduated way before tech became the big school it is now. We toured recently with our soon to be freashman and couldn’t believe how awesome campus was. Nice buildings and everyone we met was super nice.

Holly Jenkins

Nora Vicsek

K Chickenhawk268

Alexandra Mathis

I grew up around here


Jenna Kenshin

Joseph Anoa

I'm not a student of this university, but I really love as well as fell this place from the heart core.

VrDauh Priiest

Seth Haynes

I am constantly grateful for the business department here not just for the academics but all the networking events they host. I would definitely recommend looking into Tech.

Monica Beasley

Definitely worth it!

Mike Bolan

It's been a good college so far

Kevin McPeak

Tennessee Tech is in a class of its own. The quality of education found here is unparalleled by any other institution of its kind. I truly believe I received an education just as valuable as any around, and in some cases for a third or a quarter of the price. I can now say I'll graduate debt free in May with the skills necessary to excel in a graduate school environment. Just remember that in any situation, you only get out what you put in. Tech embodies that well.

Stephanie Long


Josh Johnson

Ronda Phillips

Beautiful campus. set with the mountains all around.

Rezvi Ahmed

Jim Carr

Big supercool campus. Helpful staff friendly.Adviser was very helpful. My son says he likes his classes

Khalid Shaltaf

Great college

Sachin Bhatiya


Crazygamer 5445

I love tn tec

Nikhil Mane


Malinda Brown

Burton Williams

Class of 1981.

Felicia H

Rosa Pereles

Great place to be!

Sippin Coffeee

Staff was iffy, my daughter said she had an ok time. Not worth the money and traveling time. We live in Seattle.

Kimmy Whittington

Absolutely best four years of my life. So thankful I chose Tech. I am leaving debt free and with a degree in hand! I would recommend this great University to anyone.

Annie Reed

Love this college!

Jess Thegeologist

I graduated with an Earth Sciences degree from TTU in 2011, and it was a great launching point for me to start as a geologist. I left there with a solid foundation in geology, plus I really enjoyed the other elective classes I took while there. I really enjoyed working on my Sr. thesis, and am ever grateful that most of the upper level classes included field components. Tuition was less than other state schools at the time, but the education was high quality. I solidly believe that you get out what you put into school, and I worked really hard when I was at Tech, so I had a stellar experience. Go Tech!

Benjamin Tomlin

Worst parking experience you'll ever have in your life, but otherwise is the cheapest way to get a 4 year degree in Tennessee. Good VA program.

Philip Hoyt

It's a beautiful campus and the education that you get there is excellent

Stacie Summers

Great teachers. Unfortunately the rest of the employees don't seem too interested in actually helping their students. Better make sure all your credits are good to go and accepted if you're transferring because they arent going to help you when you find out later they actually weren't. They wouldn't accept half of mine (after being told everything was fine). No real help from the financial aid office and rude staff from their business office (Bethany). If you go to Tech, hope your experience was better than mine. So disappointed.

Christopher Brown

I currently go to school here, and its decent. You will learn very important material and have a degree that counts. The reason I only gave it 3 stars is due to its current condition. Many of the buildings remain run down to a point you do not want to enter them. There are cockroaches all over the place. Due to constructions the parking situation is an utter nightmare. The dorms are way over priced, as well as the parking passes and meal plans. Also double check anything your adviser tells you to do if you do come here. I took 2 courses recommended by my adviser and was told that it would count as a science sequence for my degree only to find out that those 2 courses would not count after I had taken them. So as long as you can get past looks and having to figure things out on your own, this place is actually pretty decent. Good teachers, a degree that counts, and a decently cheap price for what your getting out of it.

isaac lambert

I'm doing research on colleges this is the 4th college on my list. The reviews are terrible, most are google users and cannot be trusted. Those who rate poorly have truth to it but arent all the same cases for people. im planning on being a electrical enginerring, Job program: Electrical and engineering the website is easy to use and amazing sources to complete my career i hope to attend.

Vicente Del Campo

ryan colon

Simon Sickle

Brandon Stephens

Kim M

Mike McElhaney

Great school .....................................................................................................................................................................................................

Bach Ghassan

Very good

rosey kat

James Rutledge

GREAT university! The professors in the music department are always willing to help and want you to succeed. But, if you attend, be weary about the financial aid office. They are terrible, and make simple tasks 10 times more difficult then it should.

Dezi Conatser

Joey Baxter

Kay savage

Motel Life

U.S. News and World Reports has named TTU the best college in the South for the money--14 years in a row. GO EAGLES!


Very bad school the tution is low and education is cheap

Sean Montgomery

Kasey Vaughn

Jonah Aberle

Bobby Adams

Nothing but praise for this University! No matter what program of study you are seeking, the faculty and staff truly set this campus apart from other universities by their genuine care for the students.

Pavan Kumar


I hate this place. The professors are unfair in group work and you pay triple what you would pay at a better more notable university that takes pride in their students. Every professor must do research, which is the problem. They are so dedicated to their research that they care little to none about the classes that they are paid to teach. This is by far the worst university I have ever attended and will transfer after one single semester. If I could give zero stars I would, however, one is the minimum so one it is.

Procoro Torrez

Aiden Brown

Popular out in the open high-tech high-quality

Ian crowder

Ryan Lane

Alli Johnson

Bradley Meador

Get experience at this university. Loved every minute.

Dustin Jackson

Lee Matthews

Mark Brown

Jada Davenport

Good college classes are good pretty cheap tuition !! Nice atmosphere and everything the only real con to this school is construction and parking. There’s so much stuff getting built, renovated, and so on and the parking is RIDICULOUS!! However all that aside this place is awesome #TechYeah !!!

Kyle Thomsen

For what you pay for your education at TTU, the quality of the education received is rather good. Granted, I can only claim to know much about the physics and math departments, but they are both very good, especially considering the limited resources that the university is afforded. While other schools do have more opportunities available to students to continue their studies (and thereby more competition among students), TTU is an excellent undergraduate institution, making the transition into further academics or careers as smooth as possible. That being said, the university is not without its faults. It is sometimes the case that the administration acts contrary to the needs of the university (for example, attaching extra fees to tuition for paying somewhat well-known artists to perform at the university each semester and giving away a limited number of tickets for free to students who, for the most part, resell the tickets for a profit). While this level of ineptitude is not unique to TTU's administration, it is possible to overlook this in light of the quality of education offered.

Micheal Henry

braylon Alexander

Shawn Awesome

Michael Koon

Pros: Good college, priced right, accessible, on campus Starbucks Cons: Parking lacks a lot to be desired

Alex O'Neill

Muna Muna

Dana Caylor

Ebraheem Almohammad

Gregory S LaRue

Quality school. Graduated in 1999 and would recommend to anyone

Lucy Rice

Angela Carter

I'm in my Junior year of the Whitson-Hester Nursing Program. This school cares about their graduates. Ive attended college elsewhere. Great school with wonderful possibilities!

Milan Barot

Jon Matlock

I loved my whole time at Tennessee Tech. I wouldn't trade my four years here for anything. Even checking on their tuition rates now, I would still say that this is one of the more affordable state schools in Tennessee. I highly encourage anyone who decides to go here to be involved in a campus organization while attending, and make sure that it's something meaningful.

Kevin Matthews

Andrew Coats


Kendra Burris

joe fro


Katelin Golden

Savannah Taylor

Jean Gustave DELAMOU

(Translated by Google) Special (Original) Spécial


Worst college ever. Complete scam.

Destin Vantine

Zach Blakeley

Thearon Archer

Elise Moore

Best practical engineering school in TN

Hannah Bratton

McKenzie Storey

abandon all hope ye who enroll here

Kevin Kimbrough


Troy Rogers

Anthony Paradis

Chris Tenbarge

Jessica Elizabeth

I graduated from the 2+2 teaching program with my bachelor's degree several years ago. I only had to navigate the campus a few times, and I liked the size and area okay. I highly recommend the 2+2 program for a bachelor in education and to test for licensure. The professors were extremely helpful. I am now interested in adding endorsements to my license. After reaching out to a variety of schools, and speaking with an advisor at TTU I chose to pursue endorsements through TTU. I was told that if I take five classes I would be eligible to test for three endorsements. I was given a reasonable path and provided with good options. After following the path necessary to get to the point of registration, I again spoke with the advisor. I was then told a different story about the available classes and amount of time it would take to complete these classes. For example, for the fall semester only one of the five classes is available. I was also told that I would actually only be eligible for two endorsements not the three we had previously discussed. That completely changes the plans I had to complete these five classes within the time frame I need to complete them in, and make it feasible financially. I feel mislead by my first conversation with the advisor. I feel like she used sales tactics rather than honestly describing what TTU had available. This has been a discouraging process for myself and for my family members who were considering TTU for college courses. My advice is to get EVERYTHING in writing up front.

Thomas Fitzmaurice

I want to go there

Under pressure Pressure washing

Kylie Gibson

Really nice campus! Beautiful Victorian style buildings & friendly people all around!

Andy Corum

I graduated in 1995. I am a proud alumnus, but realize that the school has grown and things have changed greatly. I had (for the most part) wonderful professors that were dedicated to their field of study and their students. I had to work very hard for every single thing I obtained. It may not be as much that way now because of the growth, so - I'm not sure how the inner dynamics are in the classroom setting now. It's a great community, I'm proud of my education. Tech isn't easy - but, if you cross that line and obtain that goal - it is totally worth it.

John Stieferman

Tanner is awesome. He has gladly answered any and all questions I have asked of him. He is very knowledgeable about his business. So if anyone needs his expertise give him a call.


Great school

Rayan Alnjjar

it's great, but kind of hard college

Justin Medley

Devin Wiggins

This place is awesome!! I am a Boys State. One in a life time event

Marynia Harris

10/10 would recommend to a friend. GO VOLS!


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