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REVIEWS OF Tennessee State University IN Tennessee

Willie Stewart

I'm an extremely "benefit of the doubt" kinda of individual. Yet it's remarkable how a collegiate institution excels in areas such as: lack of communication, disregard for student input, inefficiency of staff, lack of diligent staff, staff misconduct, the list truly continues. I'd highly advise alternate universities and staff positions else where.

Nick Murdic

Tennessee State University is an asset to the City of Nashville as it is the city's only public university. I have had very negative experiences there and many positive experiences too. The admin structure appears to be top heavy, leaving more essential areas staffed thin, this is why I believe administrative operations run slowly at times. I have encountered less than professional staff members but teaching faculty has been excellent. The Early Learning Center Staff is excellent as well. I have read comments about the area. While the area isn't the best, it is going through a urbal renewal and, for better or worse, the landscape is rapidly changing. Tips for incoming students: Keep copies of everything; be persistent in the face of adversity; and most importantly, remain calm and professional even in the rare occasion when staff members aren't.

David Harrell

Tennessee's top Racist University !!!

Dheyaa Alsubaihawi

Julian E

Great School, I graduated last year and have no regrets!!!!

Samuel Foster

I love my HBCU

Bradford Beard

Cool environment.

Arthrax Anthex

The college itself is pretty big and comfortable, but man the dorms rooms! (the ones at Hale Hall) are even worse than motels! You do get used to it over time, but the first time though.

T Mart

Andrew Harrell

Unhelpful staff and lack of communication

Black king YO

to slow with things got to be alot more fasterdo not request anything thats not theirs .GOD first, family, friends and ya really aint looking like nothing to even step a foot to me some of ya thinking that they look like something need get somewhere and sit down touch any song writing that belongs to me i close you down is how you law maker.I can close your business down if it aint ran right like it should let it get dry. you can lose your job you let them rasise they mouth to make money in their community.should smack ya ass in the face playing with me. Naw you gone make it up to me that's who I cauae this whole world ho down.

Deborah Williamson

I 'm so glad I went to TSU (Deborah Williamson) class of 1978 from Memphis, TN. My nephew (Destin Williams) completed his degree from Tennessee State University class of 2002. Destin's deceased father (Gilbert Williams) graduated in the mid 1970's an oustanding TSU basketball player. Gilbert later became an international basketball player in Venezula. My son (Michael Burnett) is currently a junior at TSU and states this is the best thing that could have ever happen to him. TSU Artisocrat of Band set the tone for many black colleges while being the first black college to perform on national TV during a NFL halftime show in the early 1960's. A lot of schools and colleges try to be the like TSU that's ok because TSU has performed all over the world and everyone just loves them. My laundry room is TSU decorated! Our blood bleeds T...S...U...


David Boyd

Zharea Walker

I am now currently enrolled here and I can say I was just like you...listening to all the bad stories (false) and how this wasn't anything but a party school. I decided to look past all of the negativity and attend TSU and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! The atmosphere is so welcoming!! Everyone talks to one another (even if they don't know you) The teachers are very in depth with their classes and wants to ensure that every student understands. The President is very active on this campus and I see her very often. Miss TSU- Tyra Laster is also very active and down to earth!!! I'm absolutely glad I chose The Tennessee State University as my school of choice!! Also...THE BAND....1 WORD... AWESOME!!!!!!

Kisha Nance

Abraham Derbo

Great school and great people. At TSU, everyday is different right place to learn

arnett haines

I̷L̷o̷v̷e̷ Y̷o̷u̷ ÃнỚÐ

Ross B.

Tatiana Rose

Anthony Moore

Jada Wilson

adel ali

Chyenne Ariel

When trying to enroll, the lady answering the phone for the office of admissions was very rude and disrespectful. She spoke over me when I was asking questions and also hung up the phone on me twice. Not to mention, she answered the phone laughing and blew my question off completely. Made it so difficult to enroll that I actually chose another school. Very unprofessional, didn't want to take the chance.

Taylor Pledger

It seems like a very cool school

Clyde Bond Jr

A great education and friends for life!!!

James E Lauderdale Jr

Think. Work. Serve.

Mo Mehio

Former undergrad engineering student from UTK, finishing my last semester at TSU as mechanical. I love this place, and its engineering school is very underrated; the staff care a lot about your personal education, and they have unique ways of approaching the material that make engineering a lot easier to understand, as opposed to other universities where it's curriculum-based. The rest of the university is really pleasant to walk through and isn't very hilly. Most of all, the people here, particularly in engineering, are super friendly and amicable, which makes things a lot less stressful throughout the courses' progressions. Campus is also really easy to navigate and walk through, as there aren't many hills here. Highly recommended, particularly if you're going in as a STEM major. However, the only (and major) downside to going here is, especially if you're a commuter, that TSU is probably the most inconvenient place in Nashville in terms of closing/opening late for inclement weather. There have been several instances like last week where there would be half an hour until classes start, when I will still be trying to drive over to campus, and midway TSU decides to cancel classes. It is horribly inconvenient for commuter students, who make a large (if not the majority) count of the student and staff bodies.

kelligurlrock To k

Afnan Felimban

Tiffany Patterson


The class instructors have been back to back world class credentials for my two years. Some other faculty can be a distraction since we have kids coming from all over, not just southern ways. But that is this area problem. The educated college kids and Profs don't see color only any longer. The uneducated kids and staff do stick out though. But sadly also aren't here more than a semester or so. I’ve had a great experience so far overall. Ten stars to instructors and classmates, three for other. I love TSU! - ♥️one of our white girls

Andy McNutt

Seems to be good for students straight out of high school, but very user-unfriendly for older non-traditional students.

Joe Rollins

James huckle

And as you can see most reviews are "google user" so I wouldn't be surprise if the staff is actually rating the school themselves, but this school is horrible. The staff is rude, unprofessional, and could care less about the overall wellbeing of the students as long as you pay tuition. The campus police are nonexistent they partake in activities I'm almost positive should not be happening. One of my friends was assaulted and the swept the case under the rug, never filed documents, and never followed up with the case. The financial aid staff takes money from out-of-state students and applies it to in-state students accounts (ie. workstudy, loans, etc.) because that is 90% of their student population. The department staff never answer phones, emails, and their office hours are false advertisement. The bursars office has lost money and payments sent to them and their reply is "sorry" followed by never answering the phones again. They have personally lost housing payments of mine 2 years straight which resulted in me losing housing and or paying double. This school almost lost its accreditation and really they should have because half of the students don't go to class but the professors past them anyway because of their "friendships." This is by far one of the biggest mistakes and bad choices I have ever made in my life. Had I known the undermining and the unprofessionalism this school advocates I would have never committed to it. I have been here since my freshman year and due to their "credit equivalency" scheme I could not transfer. The tuition is definitely not worth the education you are paying for. The professors are more concerned with being "cool" then actually teaching and the administration staff is more concerned with being paid then actually helping the student body. I hate the school after graduating I never will return (Now I understand why Oprah didn't), I hate the staff, and the president has yet to follow up the duties of Dr. Shields who I believe made the biggest changes now TSU is back where it started from since her departure. Anyone considering this school as a secondary education PLEASE DONT.

mina ramzy

Justin Anderson

carnelius Eldridge

All the people giving TSU 5 stars please hear us parents and students who are currently attending. It is the worst mistake I and my daughter made. Her entire freshman year has been ruined she is a resident of Wilson hall and that place needs to shut down and torn down and rebuilt. And when you voice your opinion about the issues then you are the problem. NO I'm not the issue as long as TSU is getting federal/state and my hard earned dollars they will have to do BETTER. Financial Aid is a joke can never reach anyone and don't send an email because you will never get an answer. Thanks for NOTHING TSU but we are done after this Spring semester.

Millicent Williams

I love my HBCU because it's rich in history and culture. The Aumni Organizations as well as the Staff and the Student Body shows evidence of the passion that shown throughout the city and the community.

Keela Rosebure

Latesia Mitchell

Koko Alajmi



Sheneka Davis

Over the years, I have heard many students complain about the administration at Tennessee State University. Many of the students that have complained have felt that they were powerless to their situation and gave up on their fight for what they knew was right. It’s challenging for me as an adult to consistently sit back and watch our money that we pay for a quality education get wasted because of “Power”. The power that I speak of is the one that faculty holds which includes any one that is a part of the administration. Attending an HBCU is a dream that many African American children are taught at an early age. The sad part is that so many times, the same institutions that were designed for us, fail us! What is our recourse in this matter. Typically we find ourselves talking to other students that feel just as powerless as we do. We then attempt to go up the channel and speak with those whom we feel can give us relief from our situation. When we go up the channel, typically via emails, we are ignored and disregarded. Our situation goes to the back of the line as if it’s not important. However it’s important for us to pay tuition and when we don’t, they quickly purge us. Emails at Tennessee State University are ignored. We’re not even worthy of getting a response that takes two minutes to type. It can easily be something as simple as, I am in receipt of your message. Acknowledgment is respect that anyone should be worthy of. There should never be a time where you are facing a challenging issue, and you are completely ignored by the administration that holds the most power. The President’s Office!!! I as a 2nd year Graduate Student now share those same emotions. The problem with this is it starts to mentally affect you, especially when your grades are on the line and you’re starting to realize that the 45,000 plus that you have spent on an education is going to waste. Stress levels and anxiety starts to elevate to an even higher level when you’re four months from graduation and the emails that need to be read and responded to has been neglected by the MOST powerful administration on campus and that’s the office of the President and it’s board members. Today I am posting this in hopes that someone sees it and take the many complaints that’s being overlooked serious. I have been fighting with the administration of TSU since 11-26-2018, but to be honest the issue started in August 2018. The issue that I’m fighting about is not minuscule! It’s is very complaint and lawsuit worthy? A Frustrated, Mentally Drained Graduate Student, Sheneka Davis

Jai Kinley

I currently attend TSU! & I hate it. It’s not how I imagined an HBCU to be. The financial aid office is very unorganized and they never return emails. I turned in all my paperwork in on time before the fall semester was approaching and now …

Wally Luckeydoo

I went went to TSU to get an endorsement for teaching. It was affordable and it seemed like I could be done within a year. My classes were online. I finished the program, only to be told that I couldn't be endorsed by them and I would have to find another institution. It wasted my time and my money. The reason they could not endorse me is because they didn't turn some paperwork in on time. This place is unorganized. To accomplish anything at this institution you have to do it yourself. You will spend a lot of time on the phone and you won't be able to reach the right people. I did not get my money back. STAY AWAY!

Trina Henderson

Courtney Lippett

College of Health Science is a joke!

Serwan Tayib

Pamela Sims

Tervell V. Smith

I graduate in December, great school, great vibe, beautiful campus and awesome people, The staff have been amazing these past four years. I recommend checking it out.

Laura Brown

This school is truly a nightmare I don't know where to begin. The staff (not including the professors) are rude, hate their jobs and not willing to help you. THE SCHOOL IS EXTREMELY UNORGANIZED they will lose all your documents . I rather shoot myself in the foot then deal with their Financial Hell Office which don't get me started on . that . The only thing This school wants is your Money they will waste your time trust me don't go . I left this school after a month and boy was I glad I did .

terri Thompson

Victoria T


One of the best universities in the country.

Kendric Dartis

Talia Lewis

robert ,gill

Terrence Caldwell

Tradition-rich HBCU located on the Cumberland's fertile shore. Distinguished alumni, legendary band and sports, with nationally recognized engineering program.

Lisa Harrison

Effua Ampadu

Kaiden Drain

Worlds best HBCU Love AOB

Amber Baldwin

The staff in the financial aid office are extremely rude . There is a mismanagement of funds. They do not stick to the academic calendar schedule. Worst school ever.

Lakesha Taylor

Upcoming Sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering, I love this school and everything it has to offer !

Brian C. Browley

Michelle Zea

D. L.

Rich in history and tradition go Tigers!

Kay Mallet

gamer tv sergio

Jaleesa Mcgowan

Rachel Frost

Love TSU

Tony Brown

Tsu stand for Tennessee suck universal!! Nobody owe yall nothing!! Stop been mad all the time get your education move on with your life!!!

Ben Ton

jessy jordan

Disorganized. Idiotic. Poorly managed. If I could give zero stars I would. Employees don't care about students or their success. Most employees would fit in with the employees at the dmv. It's cheaper than most universities for a reason. You get what you pay for. TSU's bad reputation will follow you after graduation and lower your chances of getting a job.

David Garner

Good school!

Towahana Perdue

Stephen Cole

Best desicion I've made. The engineering department is really open towards students and professors make time for you where necessary.

Debra Foulkes

I loved this school ! It was inspiring, challenging, and I enjoyed the experience! Tsu grad. 1987

Aseel Ashkan

Antwaun Johnson

Ronald Anderson

I graduated from TSU in 1970. Completed a successful corporate career as a result of the Bachelor degree earned at TSU. Did obtain a Master of Arts degree from Indiana Weslyan University in 2014, however this was well after concluding my corporate career.

Danny Leon

Wouldn't let me in without an ID. Literally just wanted to ask about admissions. Literally no other college I've visited does this

Alexis Sheppard

TSU has the worst financial aid office. I’ve been calling and visiting the office for weeks now and have been told countless lies. Refunds were supposed to be posted September 3 and we still haven’t received them. I visited financial aid on September 16 and was told it would be processed in 3-5 days. I went back today, September 27, and was told it wasn’t put in until September 24. When I asked why, I was told by the employee, that she had no answers. This is unacceptable!

Trina Hawkins

Very unorganized and rude to people. Could not keep up with papers and tuition was always changing. They didn’t have rooms for returning students they slept in lounge areas. Terrible experience at TSU.

nash muzavi

First visit with the family. Extraordinary campus, lively.

Tiesha Carter

Andrew Osose Ojeabulu

My friend is in this place

Dyamond Griggs

Keva jones

Out of town people do not go here You will get no correct information from anyone This is one step high school , very ghetto , in a bad area, It's not worth going here , if you care about your love one education , The bathroom in the dorms are nasty and dirtie, They really need to work on information when you need it, I'm so glad my daughter is not going back ,

count de hamadi

Everyone keeps saying you guys are trash and you guys are located near Memphis Tennessee. And thanks for cleaning up underneath that old bridge.

Tevin Mitchell

Faith Johnson

Diamond Rolls

Awesomeness!!! This is the only word I can use for this University. Wonderful campus life and good food also. What more can a man ask for. Plus good educators who are actually willing to help you grasp the concepts. it is also not a gated community so I'd be careful walking around at night. then again that's everywhere right.

marilyn diggs

Matt Carrasquillo

Currently attending this school and I do not like it one bit. This school is full of some of the most racially bitter people I've ever met. On more than one occasion I've listened to discussions that include how all whites are such bad people and how cop killing to them is a good thing? I don't know what kind of stuff they're smoking but obviously it's screwing with their brains! Last semester I had 3 teachers so absorbed in politics in their class that I could hardly see through their BS to actually learn anything. I don't know why but the teachers can't seem to stop preaching how right their political party is over everyone else's. God forbid your opinions differs then you get alienated in class as the gun nut or extremist for saying something like "I don't like the President" I've actually been called racist for stating my opinion on how I don't agree with the President's policies. Funny thing is I'm not even white I'm a light skinned Hispanic but to them it doesn't matter I'm a white racist to them. So yeah this school is not welcoming at all It's sad to say this but if you're Republican you don't belong and if you're not willing to have other people's politics shoved down your throat then don't go here. School is for learning, it's not for having other people's beliefs shoved down your throat we all have different opinions and beliefs and this school fails to understand that. I'll be switching schools next semester.

Todd Kertchaval

Its the best school ever outta Nashville Tennessee my brother goes there he loves and so do I especially football season is fun I'm thankful for tsu

Yinghao Zhang

Joe Arnold

I graduated here back in Fall 2017 with my BBA in Accounting. It's a rocky road dealing with staff; even during slow times outside of registration. I used to work in the college system, so I understand the workflow of how I am supposed to handle being a student (which offices to go to for help, who to ask help from, keeping track of specific documents I need to turn in, etc.). However, it was difficult to get help when needed. Some staff can be very rude and unhelpful if they ever answered their phone/email. I would also go to the main campus offices to try to talk to someone, and there were several occurrences where offices would be randomly closed without putting it in their voicemail or webpage. This is not helpful when you work full-time and have to take off work to go to campus. Aside from the nightmarish organization of student services, this is a really great university! Most of my professors were very passionate about their teaching, and actually showed willingness to help you if you are struggling or congratulate you if you are doing well. Going into upper-level accounting courses were tough, but rewarding, and I felt like the professors and classmates were there to support me all the way. What's also great about this university is how affordable it is. I managed to graduate here with no student loans. It's hard, but doable. I also appreciate the accreditation is the same as other local large universities. So if you are looking for an affordable and good university, check out TSU. Just be prepared to take off time, and prepare for some disappointments dealing with staff and admin.

Mr Anonymous

T.S.U. was and remains an E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T university! However, every year there are a small percentage of people who come here and have criminal intent. I refrain from calling them college students, because they don't fit the generic definition. These individuals "get accepted" to this school and like a cancer, they go about trying to live as if they are in Thug-Life Video game and spread their drugs, violence and fear over the accomplishments of our famous Alumna that spans over 100 years of blood, sweat, tears of injustice and even death! They only come here "to set up shop" and fulfill their vision of being a 'Baller'! "C'mon, Bruh.....You in college now! Get it together and don't give us a "bad name"!! How? By taking advantage of the opportunity TO SUCCEED at something nobody can take from you--earning A college degree and focus on a positive future! I am sick and tired of this phenomenon: They bring, what we call the "hood mentality" from "back home", instead of leaving that juvenile delinquent mentality in a dumpster "back home" set ablaze with other mentally debilitating vices. Not only does this small percentage of those bringing with them this 'hood mentality' manifest on campus, it detracts from the POSITIVE LEGACY T.S.U. was built upon! T.S.U. is an exceptional institution of higher learning, and we are tired of the "negative stereotypes" that have tarnished our name like graffiti maliciously sprayed over an iconic work of art! COME HERE TO BE A SERIOUS STUDENT OR DON'T COME HERE AT ALL!! COME TO DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE 'HOOD MENTALITY BACK HOME....BE SOMEBODY NOT ANOTHER NEGATIVE STEREOTYPE!! YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT!

Madeline Arroyo

Thank you for accepting my son❤

Rhonda Stewart


Kerry McFall


Natvarbhai Patel

Nicole Santos

Garnet Jack

As you may or may not know, it's as great HBCU that produces exceptional talent academically and athletically in spite of its underfunding by the state governing body. Imagine what if! What are you going to do about it?

Qüëëñ Tëë

I will be 16 going on 17 going into college and this is my choice of college

allison knight

Devon Sheppard

When transferring to this school I did not expect any help, being one of thousands of students. However, Dr. Beth Christian has been EXTREMELY HELPFUL, emailing me answers to my questions for the past five months! Some days we would email back and forth several times a day. Dr.Christian is a person who cares about each individual student and doesn't look at you like another number. She makes you feel like she cares and that you are important. I highly recommend her teaching program!

Donn Becky

I could write a long review but I'll keep it short. Do not attend here for any reason. Or stop attending now. This institution is absolutely horrid and is unworthy of even a single dime.

Toya Clemons

It was wonderful college

Shavin Nazi

Went into this school hoping to graduate with a BSN. They decided to give us a late notice about how they were no longer accepting students for their BSN program halfway through. Negative 5 stars

Chad Cooper

Levi Nesmith

Raynia LeBlanc

I called the office of undergraduate admissions because I had some questions on my application process, and the lady I talked to was very rude!

Negil Santana

Love it

sifat chowdhury

Marshae Scott

Worse school EVER!!! They may claim they care about the students but in reality they do not, all they care about is their money. They do not care if you live or die, as long as they get paid. Staff do not even like their jobs. There is extreme violence, bug infestations, and UNORGANIZATION!! They will do something wrong with your account and not care to fix it even though it is their fault. DO NOT COME HERE, I sincerely regret my decision.

Austin Hulslander

I was supposed to have been transferred here last fall as part of their community college transfer program. I went through all of the paperwork and kept asking when my classes would be put on record so I could sign up for classes. (everything I needed to take had prerequisites that my community college credits would satisfy) after being told repeatedly that it would be taken care of in time. Despite this, my transcript wasn't updated on time, the semester started and I was still unable to sign up. Furthermore, even if they got my transcript applied it wouldn't have mattered because the financial aid office also proved to be inept. I had submitted all of my documents on time and was sent one last thing to fill out on my computer. Each time it would come back a few days later saying the information was incorrect (it wasn't) I tried to contact the financial aid office and never heard anything back. Because of all of this my plans for the future got completely sidetracked. I had to take another job while I waited to get to a different school. Thanks to TSU's negligence I am also now unable to receive a community-college transfer scholarship because it has been too long since I left NSCC. I would not recommend anyone attend this school, administration is absolutely awful.

Rodney Woodman

Sharon Lewis

keshab subedi

A never again place.

Keith Moore

Outstanding the years I attended there.


As a Prideful Tiger, of Unfortunately 7yrs & counting, I love this place. Socially this is where it all begins, there are numerous of things 2 do, both on & off campus. I have participated in divers of campus functions, from talent shows, to gospel choir, bbqs, parades, intramural games, &more. Getting involved in organizations such as pep club, SGA, New Direction Gospel Choir, & freshman delegation are some of the basic every1 shld look into. Never say what's wrong unless you have done all the research & have all the information. If there is something of great concern, known that YOU Willed Great Power in fixing it, take the initial step 2 do sumthing about it, if not 4 you 4 the next generation, because here in the Land of Golden Sunshine, as I've experienced 1st hand STUDENTS MATTER MOST!! !

James Williams

Google User

Grayling Davis

Joey Mix

It is the best collage in the country!!!!

Tyler Jirov


Louis Holmes


Tia Monét

Christopher Guerrero

hi now bye and BE QUITE okay thank u

Ashely Galindo

DO NOT GO TO TSU. this is the worst school ever from the facultiy to the professors they have teaching, better yet attempting to teach the classes. No one has a sense of urgency or any professonalism. this is school should never be a choice but a last minute option. Teachers dont know how to teach but assume you should know. Faculty has no professionalism and no sense of urgency, but this seems to be a universal struggle for African Americans when operating a business. I see why the school is in so much trouble and the state has put different programs on lock. the school is a waste of time. it needs new management or just be shut down completely. I am just mad i cant give zero stars

JD Moore

Go Alabama A&M University Bulldogs!!

Denzel Johnson

T. Brown

BPtacocat Porter

Michael Fears

Andrew L

Pretty poor experience. Instruction was sub-par, engagement was minimal, and course offerings were extremely limited.

Matthew Kinnard

Received two degrees in Biology from TSU in the mid to late 1950s. Also eight siblings received at least one degree from TSU. Registration was always a nightmare but other than that, the faculty and staff were superb and went above and beyond to make sure that we succeeded and most of us did very well. I have no basis to compare the housing and teaching facilities with other institutions but apparently it was acceptable in that most of my contemporaries including yours truly, competed favorably at the Graduate level both nationally and internationally. "Long Live TSU".

Abdirahman Mohamed

Steve Williams

One of the best HBCU in the world

Keyla Brown

Ammini Menon

Donnie Malone

Tha Kidd Bre

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