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The university has an excellent freshman orientation program. If you're already a mature senior coming out of highschool, don't live in the dorms with other freshmen. They will bring you down and probably get you kicked out of school by association. Chose to live with juniors and seniors who will teach you new things, or live in a "learning environment" so that you're with people in a similar major to yours or you're with people who enjoy an area you may struggle with like math and English writing. The academic advisors generally know every resource and are able to contact anyone that may help you. So keep emailing them. Pipeline mt and d2l are important to get familiar with. This school has awesome school spirit and loads of tradition, especially within the band, Greek life and geology museum. Just get involved and you'll fit into the most complex university there could probably be. Gets four stars because it's an up and coming university, nearly making a name for itself and continuing to excel in every part of it. It's my fourth year and there is constant progression here. Lots of exchange students and unique points if view to learn. But the best point of view to become familiar with is that of Johnny Rhule, a professor. Don't miss him in the student Union building or in front if the library. Keep asking questions and the people at MTSU can help you. One stop isn't streamlined yet, they make you check in and wait to be told to turn in your document to the business office instead of letting you walk down the hall as soon as you come in and turn it in. That part still needs to get worked out, where those who know where to put their documents can go down to the office and turn it in without waiting for so long. Every college within the university has its own way of helping students get the most out of college. The best college which helps students succeed that I've had experience with us the College of business. There are lots of resume workshops, professional testimonials, career fairs, etiquette classes and scholarships for certain classes/majors. The experiential learning classes are amazing and marketing is only my minor. So even the college in my major doesn't help students that much. The best part, the workshops in other colleges are for every student so if there's a subject you're interested in, visit the building that represents the subject and see what the events are posted on the walls or in front of major lecture halls. Ask the main office/ main professor for their list of events. I went to a mass communications seminar to learn about what they do. Then i saw the preview for a student movie being submitted to a contest. So just do whatever you want to get the most out of your education. So many resources. Ask your academic advisor (faculty advisor for your major, specifically) to help you find what you're interested in, then ask students in the building that you like and keep talking to the people around you. Find the smart, kind, and helpful people and be their friend. Don't give up on talking to people who may be able to help you and be open minded toward anyone because in a campus like this, you'll never know who will be worth talking to even if at first they seem quiet, the quiet ones usually have the hugest insight on life. Don't give up.

Lost Soul

Josh Carlson

This is a great University with a clean appearance, friendly people, and many useful amenities.


Gabriel Fancher

Great school with friendly staff and wise professors.

Kerri Lovell

Nice campus

Emily Webb

Bruce Comer Jr

Lovely campus.

Taylor W

It's the biggest school in Middle Tennessee

Brian Buff

Went to school here as a working professional. There is nowhere else I would consider going to school in the middle Tennessee area for the purpose of getting a business degree. Devote yourself to your studies, work hard, and network well and you will be rewarded with a solid career alongside peers who spent much more to be in the same position as you.

Alyssa Whitten

Tiffany Fantine

Great campus.

Johnny Drake

Too many people

Amar A

The programs that MTSU offers are good. Does it care about their international students? I would say no. Because what the international students pay is more important than the services and the assistance they hope to get.

Valair Shabilla

Al Manji Salim

it is the best Uni for Accounting and Aerospace. you would not regret coming to MTSU, its not only fun, its also a great future.

Jacob Harrell


It's a horrible college and is out of touch with students.

Suan Tuang


JohnMack G

The largest University, by student population, in the State, offers numerous terminal degrees in a broad spectrum of disciplines some of which are world-class and unique. MTSU is also ranked nationally in several NCAA Div I sports and known for its support of, and participation in, local and regional cultural and business activities.

John Pic

I hate this rascist red neck rural college. This college charged me $98 in damages I am absolutely not responsible for. So before I moved into the dorm you have to sign an inventory indicating any damages inside the dorm. I never indicated on the inventory that the chair inside the room was broken. I didnt know until I used the chair. The chair was broken well before I moved into the dorm. MTSU charged my account at the end of the semester for the broken chair. I was furious and refused to pay for it and will continue to battle the university over it. The university has not considered my arguement and has most certainly treated it very unfairly. My roommate was never charged. But yet I was. If indeed someone did break it, then how do they know who did it? Do no consider MTSU as your choice college. You may end up paying for stupid parking tickets and other little fees that add up like I did. This college is not about educating students but rather taking as much money as possible from the student. Never will I come back to this college. I hope other students will follow suit. I will work to encourage prospective students to not attend this college. I hope to save them from the injustices they may expeirence at this college.

Jilliana Hernandez

Isaiah Bragdon

Bryce Mashburn

Smooth Rapids

Great school, students, and staff!


MTSU is a fine university, and certainly is one worth recommending. Offering so many curriculums to pursue degrees in, the college should be an option for at least every in-state student to consider. While a considerable amount of departments dwarf in comparison to some of MTSU'S more well-known fields in terms of both funding and quality, many departments seem exceptional to be a part of. Many extra curricular activities are available to make the college experience more lively and welcoming. The college even boasts its own student-run radio station with interest meetings being held at the beginning of each semester for students wanting their own shows. While some may criticize how construction is always present, the results are truly great. The newer additions to campus are extremely welcoming. Facilities such as the library boast four levels with hundreds of thousands of books alongside research materials and equipment. However, many sections of the university still feel outdated, most notably the west side. More parking lots and a parking garage have also been added in recent years to accomodate a lack of campus parking. Living off campus, I can't comment on student housing and food options. However, I do know that campus offers several fast-food chains in addition to cafeterias, while the university itself is surrounded by numerous food options for students living on campus.

Ashlee Tomlinson

Todd Martin

I just completed my first orientation and registration at MTSU yesterday. The process was smooth and pain free. My adviser was phenomenal. I have not attended college in almost 20 years and was extremely happy to find that most of my old classes transferred. I fully expected to have to take a CISC class as well as US History 1 and 2 for my gen ed. Well I was completely amazed that my adviser had already got approval to substitute those classes with ones I had already taken ( Western Civ 1 and 2, which were required gen ed 20 years ago). I am very much looking forward to finishing my degree at MTSU. I will update this review after classes have started this fall.

gregory jones

Molly Cummings

Jeremy B

Russell Porter

What a waste of time and money. I have been struggling to keep my fiancee in school and not working so she can focus on her studies. But you don't have enough teachers in the IT department. One professor teaching several high level classes. Quality sucks. If she doesn't get this done I will have to leave he because of the crippling student debt she will face while she can't work the job. Because of MTSU this has been dragged out a whole extra year. Can't take this class or that class because there is no one to teach it or who can tech it is overloaded. Administration sucks. You ruin lives trying to turn a profit. Lately you have been importing so many thugs from Shelby county. You have seriously risked the safety of Murfreesboro. But you have made it clear that you don't give a dam because profit. Thanks for ruining 2 lives.

Brady Turner


Arnav Mohan

Taylor Geffre

Love this campus! There are good and bad professors, they have a lot of food choices, they have activities and events on campus all year around, the advisors in the Psychology department are very helpful especially Amy Foster, they also …

Google User M

MTSU is an expensive University for the quality of the courses that it offers. There have been only a handful of instructors who are having an up-to-date knowledge of their field and are very active in conducting research. 2. MTSU has a typical habit of charging you for every little thing. One of my friends, who is also a student at this univ., won a credit card in a tournament which was held by the university. The next day when they went to the business office to get their gift card they were told that they need to pay a $10 for the tax and fee!!!!!! I have hundreds of similar examples, but I don't have the time to write down each one of them. 3. The graduate students who are funded by univ. are way underpaid (based on the very basic expenses that each individual living in Murfreesboro has) in comparison to other, similar ranking, universities. 4. Student advisors are not helpful at all. The only thing that happens at their point is that you have to make an appointment before the new semester and tell them the classes you want to take or they help you with that. That is allllllllll the thing that these student ADVISORs do. I have also asked my advisor to give me tips on how to study better, etc......... But they themselves are not enough educated or very relatable to the job they have. 5. You can use the counseling service for free for a limited time and then you have to pay for the rest of the sessions yourself. I personally rather spend more money and visit a better counseling service off-campus. Or maybe the counselor that I had sessions with was not educated enough! 6. The only thing that I like about this place is that the MTSU police is working hard to keep the campus safe.

Victor roman

Krysten Moody

Chris Jones

Great fun

Mike Hartman

Marian C. Mendoza

Steven Simpson

I met my wife at MTSU, and my wonderful time in Murfreesboro convinced me to remain in the state of Tennessee post-graduation to begin my career. I would recommend it to anyone.

Andrew Russo

I Graduated back in 2009, so my review is a refection of that time. I honestly enjoyed my time here for the most part. I was in the Aerospace program and thought it was very well done. However, they lose a star, because after I graduated I felt like I was cutoff. Though, they claim to help students get jobs after graduation, they really don't. After 6 years of working retail I finally received a worth while job, and it's not even in the Aerospace industry. They lose another star because crime was very bad here. Theft (my bike was stolen), people getting cut by a knife, and even a shooting or two. It'll always have place in my heart, I'll always be a Blue Raider, but if I had a chance to go back knowing what I know, I'd pick a different college.


not enough bread 0/10

Willow Clark

EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. This is now the SECOND semester I have been forced to miss due to mistakes and misinformation on the schools end. Literally NO ONE seems to know the actual policies and procedures of registration. If I had a dollar for the number of times I've been given one answer only to be told by the next person that the last person was wrong, I could pay off my student loans.. If you choose to apply, keep a record of EVERYTHING, RECORD your conversations and double check that your counselor knows what they're talking about.

Adam Chiaravalle

Spencer Bird

Only bad part is the parking

mostafa Howaidy

Madison Brown

my sister goes there and she said it is awesome

Laura West

Justin Harrell

Amelia Shaw

Nick White

Marx Winters

Wendy Trejo

Robert Scribner

James Caughman

Erin Gardner

The classes are not as big as people say - especially if you are in the Honors College, classes have 10-25 people. All of my professors have gone out of their way to help students gain internship experience and do well. It's a great school with tons of classes and opportunities!

Phedre Welch


Darnell McCurdy II

Although I've graduated from MTSU in 2013 I feel like this is THE university to attend in this state. Magnificent campus life, not far from Nashville, great opportunities for development throughout the campus and around the city. The only thing I really don't like about the area though is traffic. But hey, its been 4 years, maybe that has changed...

Chris Reitmeyer

Writing based on my time at MTSU 2010-2012. I loved most of my classes and professors. I did a lot of looking up reviews before hand to make sure I got the most out of the courses I took. However as other people have admitted, the parking tickets are a bit insane and some of the RAs at the time could've been a little more inclusive, I felt like. I went for Recording Industry: Audio Engineer path, and while most of the classes were fascinating and teachers that sometimes admittedly went on strangely, worldly, fun tangents that helped me grow to think about things other than just music differently. It was a mostly fun time, especially being in Band of Blue. Professor Cornish will always be my favorite teacher in all of my 14 1/2 years in the TN Education system! However, while I had all this fun, I will say that some of my RIM specific teachers unfortunately made me realize that without connections even as just an engineer, you've got nothing in the industry. I'm not the best networker with new people. My social anxiety and other mental illnesses make it kind of hard to want to go talk to new people sometimes, and as someone with no family connections and friend who barely had any recording industry musical talent, let alone connections, I just found this all really discouraging. I still kept at it as I had been playing more instruments and recording more music I had made than anyone I had ever known since I was a young kid, goofing off with a tiny Casio keyboard. Still, one day it kind of caught up with me. While I passed most of my classes, I had been struggling to do much better than Cs in the majority because I had lost focus. It came time to have a required meeting with an adviser, who I had never met or spoken to before, and he basically just said "you're gonna have to start over." Not any real advice about which courses specifically I needed to improve, or anything like that because some classes through out my first 2 years, I excelled at and got A's in. Just start over; good luck and have a nice day, practically. I was so frustrated that any effort I was putting in went out the door. I had been paying for my own school since the second semester of my Freshman year and to hear that ruined any sense of motivation I had. I started to skip classes out of frustration, lost a lot of my love of creating music, and eventually just dropped out completely because I knew I was wasting my money accruing debt through loans and just directly paying for classes with summer income. So I left and immediately returned to the company I had been working with seasonally since graduating high school and worked on call until they gave me a full time position as a teller. I worked up the ranks to IT Help Desk, and am still here improving all the time. So the point is, I'm okay now, but those two moments ruined a huge part of who I was for the majority of my life. I hope no one in that program or any other experiences that kind of thing, because it was really disappointing. I don't think that the school is deserving of the 1 star rating for the petty reasons people have been saying here, but I can't really forgive it for what happened to me to give it a 5 either. Under the right circumstances, I could easily see it potentially being a 5 for someone else, but for me, because of that entire experience, I have to go with 3.

Al Phillips

First off, in the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of the class of ’75, so this is a truly ancient reflection. I transferred from a junior college in Fla. so I could continue my Aerospace major and receive a Bachelor’s degree. It was a wise decision. Classes were sized right, instructors truly dedicated and the people friendly. I have nothing but fond memories and good things to say about my experience. So what has happened in Murfreesboro since then? Well, according to the more recent alums I have talked to and this website, lots. To you who are now attending, my gosh I wish I had it so good. Dig up some old pics taken of the campus in the 70s. Notice any improvements? And the Aerospace Program- night and day difference. In short MTSU is doing a better job of educating its students and providing for their needs. Oh, to be young again. Of course it does seem there are some real issues that need to be addressed. The complaints about inept administration are distressing. Worse was the comment about crime- knife and gun- yikes! And then there is the common complaint running through all colleges (at least the ones my kids went to). Advisors don’t keep the students on track and the necessary courses aren’t available when they are needed. No excuses regarding the course availability, but by the time a student is a junior they should be able to read the college handbook and figure out what they need to graduate. I mean if they can’t … So, MT, as I believe you now like to call yourself, you have taken many steps forward and a few steps back. Keep up the good work.

Shirley Campbell

Madeleine Wood


Tony Brown

Mtsu stand for must turn sexy understand lol!! This school use to be cool and had friendly people!! Now all the Poe people coming from all around the world!! Peace to the ones who get there bachler or master degree!!!!!!!

Michael R. Haynor

Ruhul Amin

Aston Goldsworthy

Beware of MSN FNP nursing program if you are a male student. Women's health clinical is required and unless you know someone in obgyn good luck. Over 200 "we don't take male interns" when I called sites on the list of approved sites for TN. School just says just keep trying. So I sit out a term and wait.

Ben Franklin

This school is great when you first look at it. Great campus, good programs, majors, etc. But the admissions/business office/whoever does all of the background, office type work are TERRIBLE. Not a semester went by that they didn't tried to charge me for something extra. Or I would be told one thing (you won't be charged, it's an even transaction to switch these classes) and then, AFTER I'VE BEEN CHARGED, the next person says something entirely different (oh no, they shouldn't have said that, you are charged and we can't change it). It is absolutely ridiculous how they get away with so much. I understand that many students rely on financial aid or maybe their parents pay for their school, which is great, but some students pay out of pocket and when we are being randomly charged hundreds of dollars for things we were told we wouldn't be, EVERY SEMESTER, it is pretty life altering in a bad way. It's outright criminal in my opinion. And do not even get me started on the "advisers". Guys, DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR ADVISERS. I'm convinced not even one of them knows ANYTHING about scheduling or graduation requirements. I have had multiple friends and classmates not be able to graduate because an adviser failed to advise them on something extremely important and necessary. Email your adviser at least 6 times a semester if you're getting close to graduation. Confirm that there's nothing more you need to do to graduate all the time. I have a friend midway through his last semester who, at my urging, emailed his adviser one last time to confirm he'd done everything he needs to do to graduate and his adviser tells him he has another class to take. Seriously? They sit down with you and spell it out at the beginning of your last semester. How can they not know things of this importance? All in all, I wouldn't go back if I had to do it again. I'd go anywhere else. MTSU sucks.

Bryant Thomas

It has buildings and you can learn things in them. Just learn this: student loans sucks.

Andrew Sobocinski

Horrendous service to the students. As a transient student from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, I received NO AID despite my good standing. Also NO information on classes, materials, or scheduling after the hassle of a …


Too bad they import third world homophobic bullies. I never experienced homophobia growing up in Tennessee until I came here. When I complained about the homophobic harassment and threats, staff said I had to be "understanding"... beyond shameful

kaylea phillips

If you like being harassed by “Christians” while trying to walk to class and them yelling at you that you’re going to hell if you’re lgbt+ or alike then sure!! Go ahead. I chose MTSU specifically because it wasn’t a Christian based college like Belmont or Lipscomb. I find it amazing that MTSU allows these people to come and continue to yell, harass, and shame their students; some in which are going through very fragile times. I am not PAYING to get yelled at and embarrassed by some random guy on a stool telling me my soul is going to hell. I pay thousands to get my higher education not to get harassed. I respect those religious groups on campus who don’t scream in your face but state that anyone is welcome to join their service, like any group on campus, it’s about respect. Beside this I enjoy most of not all my professors and if it weren’t for them I would give this campus a one star

Hammad Mumtaz

Did my Masters from MTSU. Great experience... Loved the atmosphere. They had a nice mix of historic and modern buildings on campus.

Chelsea Ward

Professors have been great. Administration is a mess, I have spent so much time running circles trying to get financial aid, schedules, etc. sorted out. I have been disappointed in so much incorrect information. I feel like I was mislead with information, by the admins, that enticed me to go here and it was all false information. I have a 4.0 so I am doing more than my part.

Phamthi Minhtien

Zaria Jones

Javaris Jamar Javarison-Lamar

Proud alumni. Was proud to represent this school in the East-West Bowl.

Starla Tellis

Michael Ketzner

Great University!

Timothy Fultz

Kay DeFreese

Great school of higher learning. I got my degree there.

Michael Counter

I attended class at MTSU last semester. Let me start by saying good luck during registration. I spend HOURS wasting my time to get told things were completer that weren't. I was required to pay extra fees because the school told me I could not begin classes unless I paid because of a mistake they made. During the middle of the semester I took a new job. I had to withdrawal from a class. I was told I would receive 25% of my paid tuition as a refund. This did NOT happen. No one is on the same page at this facility! I will be transferring schools due to my experience. I will state that the professors were good! Everything that happened negative had nothing to do with them. If you choose to go to school here, make sure people are not telling you what you want to hear. Make sure you double check everything!

Thomas Gammons

Psycho Liberty

Dorinda Hunter

Nice campus but some of the professors are whacky and unreasonable.

Matt Carrasquillo

So far the experience here is okay, there are things that annoy me but you can't really avoid them in college. One of those things namely is some teachers are very disrespectful to their students and they treat their students like they're idiots. Another thing that can't be avoided is teachers forcing their political beliefs down your throat. I go to college to learn not listen to politics in classes that have zero to do with politics, be professional or don't be a teacher at all.

Thomas Williams

Greg Adkins

Danielle Carpenter

thank you

Sara Bellmore

Fantastic science programs!

Brian Scocchio

One of the best veteran friendly universities in the country.

Jeremy Mabary

Great governors school program

Eldridge Alexander

Tyler S

Biggest school in TN

healthy with maiosha

I am a MTSU graduator but i did only take my last year of study there i was a transfer student! I can say that people who work in the financial aid department specially people who mentioned that they worked for 17 years in this dept. they know nothing about there job. Literally, nothing at all. however new people who solved my problem know way better! other than that its a great school

Tim Reeves

Best place ever

Matt Poston


They don't care about students. I always get a different answer when talking to MTone stop for anything, even something as simple as "have you received my financial aid?". Advisors will only go as far as scheduling, they won't work with you if you have a medical emergency. Most teachers "teach" with no curriculum and you have no grading rubic. Yes, that's right you'll have to know everything before class starts. So good luck if you plan to attend. ALSO!!!! The parking... if you are a day student, you'll be ticketed $25 even if you park in your designated parking area, even teachers!!! $25 a day for 14 weeks you do the math... Be aware!!! I could write a more lengthy review but I don't want to waste any more time on MTSU filth!!!

Key Squared

Daniel Fisher

There are some alright professors and a few that stand out. The worst part by far is the parking and traffic. I’d say just under half of the parking on campus, that isn’t a mile away from most academic buildings is reserved for staff which is absolutely insane considering it takes 30 minuets to get through traffic.

Aurora Carlisle

Graduated in four years debt free thanks to their scholarships, went straight into a salaried position. Amazing advisors and professors, great campus recreation, and great food helped me graduate on time but sad to leave!!

Lexbit Story

Keg Stahand

Run. Run away.

Awad Ghobrial

yang li

Shenghua Ni

Large campus.

Becky Vorabouth

Sherry Zhang

Melinda Delancy

Great atmosphere


The Paladin Misthios

Great place that doesn't cost as much as other universities to get a degree from. Good atmosphere and it is always improving.

Harrison Hinchion

Robert Wilson

From a student perspective, i had two very separate but great experiences as a student at MTSU '08 and grad school alum in '11. Both times i was fortunate enough to be heavily inolved on campus due to the program activities available to me as a student and as a a student worker and grad assistant later on. Wouldn't do much different if i had chance to do it over again which i admit I find pretty surprising. Would recommend MTSU to any prospective student with some caveats. 1) live within nice walking distance to campus. Wish this was easier, and MTSU invested and lobbied city more for quality housing and pedestrian infrastructure nearby instead of cookie cutter apartments, parking lots, and strip malls that arent easy to walk to and from, but this was a big deal and had a huge positive impact in my experience. UTK, NCSU, and Ohio State are some schools that do this well though some of that is just accidental, time of economic development, or smart zoning but still...2) ensure the program you're interested in has activities that connect you to faculty, other students, and the professional community. The more organic that is, the better. That, in my opinion, had the biggest impact on creating strong lasting friendships, a connection to the field, forming professional relationships interal to department and college and external. None of this hurt in finding a job or in finding quality feedback on my school work outside of grades, 3) work on campus if possible or a place nearby that hires lots of students. One of best ways to meet other students outside your major and your normal circles. As far as education goes, that's a big deal often overlooked and parties and core classes rarely get the job done unless there is a lab or open hours shared space aspect to the coursework. I wouldn't consider myself extroverted or outgoing. So, these three things helped a lot or I just got really lucky and attribute it to these three things. From an alumni perspective 10 years on, I've worked in or with higher ed for 5 years now, and I can truly say from my experiences with hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the globe including many 'top tier' universities, MTSU as an organization has some real strengths and a lot of potential. On the job prep side of education, some of the most professional, prepared, and capable people I've worked with have been MTSU alum both in healthcare industry and higher ed and their majors run the gamet. If it increased its research output, its integration within Murfreesboro and residence options, and updated its brand, it'd stop being one of the region's best kept secrets.

Victoria Ellis

I am going on my third year at MTSU and I absolutely love it here. We have a lot of newer buildings that look fantastic. This is so important because the atmosphere does matter. The surroundings make a GREAT learning environment. Especially our library. There are around 23,000 students enrolled and we are a diverse community. This also mean that everyone can easily find a community to belong in. :) You are more than likely to have awesome teachers.. Just make sure you research them first on Koofers. There are horrible teachers out there, just make sure to dodge them! Parking can be a pain, but keep in mind that some schools don't even have parking on their campus. I have been touring and looking for graduate schools and I still can't find one that I like more than MTSU!

Tyler Jirov



This university is way too big and overcrowded. A lot of my classes I ended up having to sit on the floor, because there weren't enough seats. I expected parking problems, but I didn't expect having to park literally a mile from my class. The university had buses to pick you up and bring into campus, but I often waited 30 mins for them to get to the bus stop. On another note, they have a really great library.


The Walmart of higher education in Tennessee, for sure. That said, I feel I got far more value than what I paid as an accounting major. Outstanding department when I was there I 2005-2009. Quality varies greatly by department, though, even within the same college. Think carefully before going here.

Haneen Samman

Where I got my master degree

Jacob T. Rex

First year here and I love it. Although they spend too much money trying to get people here and not enough maintaining the best facilities. The Rec Center and outdoor program are neglected as well as student housing. I could talk for hours about their problems but I have finals soon. Regardless I'm proud to be a Blue Raider!

Gideon Parry

They busted my bracket.

Pragya Nepal

Armando Mena

Kelli Stricker

Don't sign up for the dinning flex card during orientation .. VERY MISLEADING!!!


Excellent school with the rare opportunity to build great relationships with actual professors and not just be taught by young TA's like some of the "research universities". Once you get into your major department it's like a small school. Glad I went, and I got real good education.


Beware, Chapter 31 Veterans (Vocational Rehabilitation). While the university as a whole is veteran friendly, the campus bookstore is not. Recent policy changes there have made it difficult for you to use your benefits. Each time I have brought this up, I have been brushed off and told "that's the way it is." Now, don't let this deter you from attending MTSU, I have enjoyed my time here and it is a great school, but be aware this will be an issue and no one will care.

McKenzie Cote'

Very unhappy with the meal plan. I came in a freshman to mtsu last semester and signed up for the meal plan. There were students explaining how it worked and i thought at the time it sounded like a good deal. Little were we told that if you sign up for one semester you have to get it the second semester as well. I do not have a use for it and will be out $600. Very upset we were not told about this and that no one will help us.

Fredrick Spencer

Shelby Culver

Micha Astala

When I went there a few years ago (I graduated in '08), the school was very accommodating for those of us who don't fit in a mold. I started out as a RIM major, got candidacy, but then became more interested in finishing my degree (I had two years of classical music training from another college) and was able to graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Music, Entrepreneurship, and Recording Industry. The professors are amazing and I learned so, so much while I was there- everything I could hope to learn about the music industry, as well as how to write songs and charts and how to start my own businesses. I can't express how much my education at MTSU set me up to become the self-sufficient artist I am. The RIM department is second to none, and the Entrepreneurship department is one of the absolute best around. I had such a great experience at MTSU and would recommend it to anyone.

Jasmine Glass


Adam Sharrer

Very inexpensive. The quality education you can get here v. the price makes this a wonderful choice for all types of people. Also, has the largest campus in Tennessee. #BlueRaiders

Antonio Carrillo

A big university with awesome buildings!

Milton Lopez

Ashley Coker

If you are looking for a quality education at an affordable price, look no further than Middle Tennessee State University. MTSU is currently the largest public university in Tennessee, and for good reason. All the academic programs are solid, but MTSU really shines when it comes to their Aerospace program and all of their Media & Entertainment programs. Future pilots and journalism hopefuls should apply. I have encountered challenging courses, ample extracurricular opportunities and faculty that go above and beyond during my time at MTSU. And the location doesn't suck either. Murfreesboro is a cute little town, and most things you need can be found within in a 10-minute drive of campus. But if you're craving the big city, Nashville is only about 35 miles away. It's the best of both worlds. I only wish I could rate it higher.


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