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REVIEWS OF Meharry Medical College IN Tennessee

Alvin Smith

Great, professionally managed experience.

Keantre Young

Haven't had a chance to visit but I am very curious on the pricing to have wisdom teeth removed and fitting for a partial

Tim Kyle

about 8 years ago I utilized Meharry Dental College to extract my teeth and provide dentures. AMAZING FACILITY. Since that time, I have had NO need for adjustment, utilize very little dental adhesive (2 small drops on upper and lower) and have had no issues. GREAT WORK from staff and Students. I DO NOT KNOW HOW IT COULD BE BETTER!!

Jason Antwi-Appah

The students / residents are very professional.

Crystal Felton

Gregory Adodo

Shajuan Joyner

David Motoban

"Worship of God Through Service to Mankind". I also interviewed at Meharry. This institution unlike most is humble enough to recognize the existence of a God and will do whatever is necessary to serve those who have been neglected by our society for way too long. Great job Meharry!!

Tonya Micah

Saved my sister's life. What more can I say.

Angel Ray


Kehinde Idowu

Thanks Meharry

Angie Maria

Tammy Arnold

Amanda Christopher

I dont know much about this school but my. Chid was a paitient of one. Its gradiates william terral jr. He gave her differnt reasons why she was haveing headaches -administration cramps, sinus,sleeping wild, need to stuf her pillow under her head right- until she died with brain cancer . this man has no respect for his seems he became a doctor for status - not to help. People especially children. My soul and heart has been crushed and my future is. Gone

Carloyn Jordan


I WOULD NOT, WOULD NOT referral care to the OB GYN clinic at Me Harry medical group!!!!!. I wouldn't even referral care to a pregnant DOG here!. Horrible, horrible, horrible, just horrible customer service care at the OB GYN clinic!!!!. Please pregnant mom's look elsewhere before being in your last trimester!!!!!!.

Kevin Black

I interviewed at this fine institution and enjoyed my experience!

Jordan I

David Anyadike

tatyana arnold

Kay White

Jean Giga

Billing office is working so bad. They are not helpful. They do not answer phones or call back. I am waiting for a refund for almost 3 months! Never go there again!!!

Mary Gates

Sasha Brown

Great place

Ikenna Okafor

Great school and professional students!

Kerolos Saeid

It's horrible service , that's all I can say

Richard Holbrook

Pulled two teeth and did an amazing job! Love the staff and was a great experience!

prince leonard

Go elsewhere if you can even carribean SGU/AUA are posting strong matches lately. Their pass rate fell to 67% and they started a useless attendance policy which keeps students 8-5 with useless lectures not relevant to board style preparation. So u work so hard only to redo when time comes for step 1. Technology is low not up to date. No respect for student views and time,very disorganised administration. Administrators are out of touch with modern way of running schools. This place really should be your last resort. If I were to do again I would rather spend one more year to get in elsewhere. Its not worth the cost

David Underwood

Took my $70 and tried to tell me to go somewhere else. Kept my $70, did nothing, said go talk to the surgeon in 16 days. I had a tooth infection and overcrowding. They really expected me to just suffer for 16 days. They still have my $70

Daniel LeBlanc

Do not come here unless you have too.


I wanna go there

Kelly Ackley

Kathy Travis

Rickie Monroe

Matthew Carver

Carol Leoffler

the experience was extremely horrible. I met with one doctor, dr. watt, who was excellent. unfortunately he finished his tenure before my second visit. after the first visit everything was misunderstood misplaced mishandled. dr. watt took the original mold tried to do a root canal found the root had calcified left a portion of my tooth to build a temp around but had to stop because it was after 5 pm. the next visit and next doctor built a temp around the spike left by dr. watt and sent me home to return in two weeks. went back and the doctor who was removing the temp removed the spike dr. watt had left. that doctor put in a make shift spike and brought in the crown. the crown is the size of my two front teeth. the put it in anyway and told me to come back in a week and they would make it permanent. I did not sleep for two nights as the tooth was pushing against the other teeth. I could not even chew pasta. the crown is longer than my two front teeth as well as being too wide. went back today to try and explain this to the doctor. they brought the head of the department in to tell me I had a gap they had to fill with a larger tooth. I explained there had never been a gap my tooth just split two weeks prior to my first visit. she told me she had been a dentist for 30 years and did not need to be told about my teeth. she said I had a gap. I said no ma'am it split right before my visit. she went and got my mold and told me I had a gap and once again I explained about the split. she then told me she was giving me a refund and deleting my information and to go find another dentist...... I've only had these teeth for 65 years and have spent probably 10,000.00 to keep the teeth I have. never ever in my life have I been treated so poorly by any physician or dentist. I am left with a temp tooth that doesn't fit my mouth and an experience no one should ever encounter.

Justin Jamison

A wonderful training institution

Lisa Burnett

Vee Orr

Will not answer calls

Daijia Tyson

My visit was incredible. One of three historically black medical schools that is concentrated in educating African american doctors! The students take great pride in their history!!!!! :) # first choice for med school!!!

Lauren Sims

I'm interested in attending here but it is impossible to get someone to answer the phone or an email.

Magdy Mezara Hanna

The are very bad place and shocked to have such experience, my wife went to extract one of her tooth, my wife told me that it was done by student without being attained by Doctor. Doctor was just goes to her room to have a quick look from door and leaves. When we reached our home , and looked at her mouth we found out that they broken another tooth, we go back next day and talked to receptionist, she given us next day appointment without informing doctor, we came back next day doctor said that she can't work and needs 3 weeks for healing, we came today 21th of Nov . At 9 AM and my wife entered and was told that she will get filling and crown which will cost her money. I have talked to like 3 doctors lack of basics of dealing with their clients, they throw me to each other without excuses and arguing on how my wife's tooth looks before extraction. I never hear any apologies from them . And was just justifying that they are not the one who broken that tooth !!!. We had to accept their incomplete solution ( filling only ) as we can't afford crown costs . Sad to see this happens from such a name !!!!!.

juaken dumas

Registration folks n doctors nurses I have dealt with so far have been wonderful. Going the extra mile. Top notch!

Vance Fulcher

I give 3 stars because I have only been there one time to get an oral exam and bitewing xrays. The rep at the door must be new because he didn't seem to know his job description. I was there 35 minutes early and he told me to sit in the new patients orientation area but because he didn't give me the form to fill out people who were there after me were already in the line to pay the $65 or give them your insurance. I heard one of the supervisors tell him what he was supposed to do. Because of that many people who were there long after me were already getting their exams. I have high anxiety and this really made me anxious because when I finally made it to the information Window she said they may not have time to finish my exam and I live an hour away and was very anxious. Because of this I have to go to another appointment for them to make a treatment plan and I may be wrong but I understood that the treatment plan was part of my first visit. So I have to make an extra visit before they can work on my teeth. The people there were very nice and apologized. Because I went through all that I made my next appointment at 8 AM which will be hard on me to get up very early.

Thibisay Ruiz

II went last year and it was orrible to last 3 hours only on an x-ray and the girl who edited me attending asked for a lot of help because I did not know. they copied me $ 95. I did a cleaning here in franklin and it was $ 65 and it was like an hour y with x- ray.

Wow woww

Lawsuit Lawsuit Mega Lawsuit

Darrius Everson

Jan Childs

Terry Hobson

Mohamed Ahmed

Such a great school that makes you feel home. Interviewed here last week.

Okwudili Nwakobi

Stephanie Stoops

Is 1/2 star available because I am even pushing it with that! My experience on the phone and in person was horrible! I called 3x and left a message expecting them to call me back as the voicemail said but they never did so I took advantage of their walk in hours in hopes they could help me with my EMERGENCY! I was mistaken, everyone was running late and they had to call in employees to fill in for those hat weren't in and we all knew in the lobby, this lady came in on her day off and she better see someone coming in soon to let her go home. As a potential patient, hearing that is unacceptable. I was not greeted for 10 minutes and the lady up front made me feel like a nuisance and then they had the audacity to say they weren't seeing walk in patients due to lack in staff?? I spoke with someone yesterday that said they would take up to 2 patients and to make sure I was there early which I did, and then they didn't even want to bother with my emergency. Thanks for nothing Meharry! I won't be back!

Ryan Stradley

Helen Ussery

Be prepared to spend some time. It is a school. The students are terrific, their instructors very knowledgeable, and the prices can 't be beat


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