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REVIEWS OF Maryville College IN Tennessee

Becky Sankner

I graduated from Maryville many years ago and am very grateful to have attended this school. I received a solid academic foundation as well as strong spiritual and moral support. These preparations served me well as I attained my master of science and Ph.D. degrees and saw my career through to its completion. In my work, I have met other Maryville alums who have had the same feeling about this fine school.

Jac Cas

Liberal professors with an agenda to screw up the students. The president of this college and most of the staff are very rude, unhelpful and unprofessional. The tuition is extremely expensive and the scholarships are given to whoever the financial office personally chooses unfairly. The disability office should be called "they don't care about nobody other than themselves especially a disabled person". This college is no supporter of students with disabilities. They don't care about nobody. They have Zero compassion only to the liberal minded. Don't go to that college and give your money in the worst college in this area. Their reputation is false.

Ashley West

Quang Huy Trần

Roman Lay

Stacey Wilner

Katrina Foster

Laurel S

I graduated Maryville College in 2009 and I loved it. The community of student, staff and faculty is close-knit and there are lots of great clubs and organizations to get involved in. Classes are small and professors care about their students more because they have less students than in most undergrad public institutions. All students write a senior thesis and take comprehensive exams, so you really leave with a lot of academic experience so you are ready for a job or grad school. Yes, the tuition is expensive, but Maryville offers a lot of scholarships so people who don't think they can afford to go there often can. Just make sure that you really understand what you are signing onto in regards to student loans, which is good advice for an entering freshman at any college.

Robin Harrill

Great College

Donald Parker

Ashley Ramirez

Paula Hering


Josh!!! Smith

Mary Beth Roberts

Pero Brittz

Jacob Haskew

Amber Burley

Autumn Brown

I graduated in 2015. MC is an amazing school. It's a community, and the professors actually know your name and care about you and your goals. I received a great education. My only complaint is that I wish Maryville offered graduate degrees. I went to a larger University for my Masters and the corporate feel was so offputting. The financial aid at MC helps so much. I paid less for my 4 year degree at MC than I did for my 1 year graduate degree at the University after considering the financial aid I received.

Jacob Steward

A triflin' liberal arts college. My wife went for one semester and their professors are self-righteous fools, and their office staff are incompetent and unhelpful.

jla luther


Ashleigh Oatts

I graduated from Maryville College in 2007 and had a fantastic experience. It provided me with all the training I needed to get into graduate school (and I received a teaching assistantship), and I was much better prepared for the writing and research than many my peers because I had a thesis and comprehensive exams already under my belt. While the price tag looks expensive, a vast majority of students receive financial aid. Professors are very student-oriented, and very willing to set aside time to talk about class or planning for the future. Plus, you get to see the Smoky Mountains almost every day (weather permitting)- how do you beat that for a college experience?

Brian Jordan

Great sports facilities that they let AYSO use to practice and play games on

Megan Sparkes

It has a big reputation that it simply does not uphold plus it is very expensive with tuition hovering around $40,000 dollars and increasing every year to pay for renovations. The Dean of Students requires all students to live on campus for all 4 years paying around $10,000 for room and board. The only way to get around this is if you are married, have children, live with legal guardians, or happen to be a 5th year senior. If you choose to live off campus without approval you might get charged for room and board anyway as a punishment. A large portion of tuition monies goes toward making the Career Center "better" meaning more career fairs, events, staff, and a fancy new office space. Unfortunately, the Career Center is not very helpful. For example, they told me to look at job listing websites (basic common sense), gave me a resume template (told me to copy it), and lastly they did nothing to help me network for a job after graduation. At one career fair there were a total of 4 employers and volunteer/internship recruiters who turned me away for not having a major they were looking for. The student body at this school is a hit and miss. Some are nice people you will make friends with while others are rude, backstabbing, opinionated, and judgmental. My roommates made me uncomfortable, as if I were an outcast. The two of them conspired against me and called a mandatory mediation supervised by the RA of the building who took sides against me. One roommate even tried to get me to repent my sins for not being a virgin and anotyer verbally yelled at my mom then ran down the hall crying and ended up getting her banned from my building simply because she came to visit me without getting their permission. As professors go, some plan important rehearsals, concerts, and events last minute on the itinerary and expect any other obligations you comitted to prior to such changes to be dissolved. In addition, some professors are not very understanding and place academia as the highest priority--no excuses even if you have to work a job to help family or make ends meet. Although I made good grades and attained a BA and a minor, I still couldn't get a decent-paying job because Maryville College fails to prepare students for the job market--it is more of a graduate school preparatory college. As a side note, many of teachers and persons of stature within the college show favoritism so expect this if you are considering attending. Every Freshman is required to purchase the most expensive meal plan. Any leftover meal credits are not transferable to the next semester. I tried to allow a fellow student to eat with me at lunch one day and swipe for their meal. I was not allowed because students of Maryville College are not allowed to give away any more than three swipes per semester. Taste-wise the food is very cafeteria-like; it only gets better when the college shows-off to prospective students. Course material lists only come out a week before classes start so you will have no choice but to buy the expensive copies from the campus bookstore unless you ask your professor ahead of time. The school is very divided politically and trpically voicing an unpopular opinion could result in verbal abuse. Ultimately make your own choice. Not everyone's experience is the same but I wanted to share my experience so that you can hear a different opinion.


Latronis Rowan

I’d advise no one to work there well if your young black handsome and wanna make an honest living Maryville is full of racist crooks that’s my opion and my review I work there three days and asked a student to stop throwing trash while I was picking it up he went and reported something totally different I was called off work by security not to get my side of the story but was met with Maryville City police to search me for narcotics

Ginger Coleman

Made an appointment to talk to an enrollment counselor. No one showed or called for the appointment. The next day I was called 3 times with no messages left and then again the day after. I answered and it was a telemarketer for the college asking if I wanted to speak with and enrollment counselor. When I told her what happened she could’ve cared less and hung up. Very unprofessional. If this is how enrolling is then I am due the classes are not better and possibly worse. Please don’t waste your money or time - I definitely won’t

jane doe

A liberal hippie commune if I ever experienced one. Every class is permeated with sociological undertones. I personally did not go to college to pursue sociology so this was rather annoying. They preach acceptance and open mindedness no matter what class your in. I am an open minded adult who accepts everyone. I did not appreciate it being shoved down my throat every single class. Look out if you disagree with or take a different view than the professors. You just might receive an email basically telling you that you're close minded and you need to do more research in a very passive aggressive manner. Also, social life is nonexistent as each professor treats their class like its the only one you're taking. Homework, projects, papers and out of classroom requirements are rigorous and make it impossible to do anything but chain yourself to a desk. I left in the middle of a semester due to receiving an email like the one mentioned above. If you don't want to enjoy college and don't enjoy open conversations but instead being called closed minded for not seeing eye to eye with your professors then by all means apply to Maryville College today. ;)

Chris Hauge

Rosa Marie Badgett

Deanna Hurst

David Sturchio

Great education and great personal experience. Through networking with department professors I had an amazing job immediately after graduation.

Casey T


Great college option if it meets what your career path is.

William Blanden

Jessica Watson

My son just finished his freshman year. It's a great school in a beautiful area.


Preston Fields

An excellent school. Maryville College has outstanding faculty and dedicated staff. Don't let the price tag scare you off, their financial aid is generous.

David Gruver

This place lets male students use the women’s restrooms if they feel like it. I would not allow my daughter to attend there for that reason...

Mary Platillero-Howard

Jen Rock

Brandon Moore

Tabitha kangoro

Kameron Graves

Matthew Wood

My sister toured it and recommends it! It is the best in the south. :-) GO SCOTS

Hiury Lisboa


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