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REVIEWS OF Bryan College IN Tennessee

Cassie-Marie Demme

I loved my experience at Bryan more than I could ever explain to anyone, but this is not the same college that I attended. There are still some really great faculty and staff here, but the current president and certain members of the Board of Trustees are running this place into the ground. I once was excited about the prospect of my children growing up and attending Bryan themselves, but I fear that if the board and the president are not removed, Bryan College will not only cease to exist as its alumni remember it, but might cease to exist at all. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend anyone attending this college as it is today.

Bria Taylor

I applied to Bryan’s MBA program in October 2018. My application has been sitting in the system for review since then and has been “locked for review” for 3 months (now January 2019). I never received any acceptance letter or notification declining my acceptance to the program. I have called twice to ask about the status, and I also emailed my admissions counselor twice for any information. All emails have been unanswered to date. That’s fine. I applied to an AACSB accredited program elsewhere and I am on track to graduate in 14 months. That application/acceptance process took one week from start to finish. I am glad I was accepted to a school that has their act together.

Brooklyn Calfee

Warning! Bryan College is not military friendly! They will force you to drop classes and owe tuition due to missing class for MANDATORY military obligations. I thought Bryan was a college that cared, very disappointed.

Paul-Lance Thomas

Jonathan Jicks

Bryan College is the best choice for Baccalaureate & Business Graduate Education in Southeast Tennessee. I earned my Bachelor of Science, and MBA from this school. The MBA program is extraordinary! Bryan is also affordable, comparable to state schools in the area. Bryan College is the best!

Will Grones

Spencer Long

Angela Wharton

Carrie Mullins

As am alumna, it is very sad that I can no longer recommend Bryan College. Many years ago, it was a wonderful place and the faculty and staff impacted my life greatly. Unfortunately, the president that was brought in in 2003 has set the school on a sharp and grievous decline. Unethical behavior runs rampant-please Google news stories about the college. I can no longer recommend the college to anyone, but will reconsider my position at such a time as Dr. Livesay is removed.

S.E. Henderson

Robert O'Donnell

Staci Gibby

Brian Arner

Nick Goss

Love the campus and love the school

A Bruner

I am a 1988 graduate of Bryan College. I had a great experience but unfortunately things have changed drastically since the time the current president was hired. I can no longer recommend Bryan with a clear conscience. Do some googling about Stephen Livesay and Wayne Cropp.

Terry Copeland

I am an Alumni of the college, but would not under any circumstance recomend this school to anyone until the current President Dr Livesay has resigned and the members of the Board of trustees resign as well. They have destroyed this great institution with the iron fisted leadership they have employed.

Justus Stout

Had a wonderful time there, but graduated in 2011 and wouldn't suggest any student place himself under the authority of current leadership. Ungodly decisions continue to be made that conflict with the "Christ Above All" motto. Wait until leadership changes out, then give it a second look.

Ryan purp


Kali Richardson

Molly Sutton

It is with a heavy heart that I must give my beloved Alma Mater a 1 star rating. Bryan holds so many wonderful memories for me, including Chorale tours, serving on SGA, leading an orientation group, performing in Hilltop Players, playing intramurals, studying, learning, making lifelong friendships and meeting my now husband. I was the Judson Rudd Testimony and Influence Award winner and a P.A. Boyd Award winner my senior year (which I say not to boast, but to give you a picture of how involved I was with so many aspects of the college). I spent time in professors' homes, served the community on MLK Service Days, and the list goes on. Bryan was my dream, my life, my happy memories. I wish I could say it is the same place as when I was there (2006-2010), but even while I was there, the foundations for the troubled state the college finds itself in now were being laid. Because of the prideful, narrow-minded, power-abusing, hateful and evil leadership that is now in place, countless faculty and staff have lost their jobs, programs have been cut, finances have been ruined, and the motto of the college, "Christ Above All", has been blatantly disregarded. Until the current president and board of trustees resign or leave, I cannot recommend this college to anyone. Not even my own daughter. It is not the same place it used to be -Christ centered, intellectually sound (by examining all sides and viewpoints to see that the Bible is the answer), Biblically solid, a warm community- but instead has turned into an institution who should just go ahead and change their motto to "Livesay above all". Livesay's way or the highway (job termination, for example, should you dare to speak the truth). God help us.

Timothy Fary

Heather Wombwell

Jacob Griffin

Tracy Whitaker

Everyone fromAdmissions, Financial Aid, and Advising has been so welcoming and helpful from the start. I am blessed to be a part of this college.

Jessica Tameler

This school was once a place where diversity of thought and ideas was appreciated and encouraged. Daily it is becoming a fundamentalist haven where anyone who speaks out is silenced by relocation or direct firing. The leadership is driving this school into the ground.

Malcolm Fary

Kasie Lindley

Jimmy Albright

Cassandra Meyers

I have witnessed this place going downhill and it makes me sad.

Chris Vukin

Such great views on campus nestled up in the hills.


I graduated from Bryan College with a B.S. in Business Administration (concentration in economics/finance) in 2017. I am also getting my MBA at Bryan for free using their difference maker program. I am now a financial analyst at one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. I can personally say that going to Bryan College was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Bryan has prepared me very well for the professional world. The faculty and staff are some of the best people you will ever meet. I am thankful to my professors, my coach, and mentors who challenged me as a young man to be more Christ-like. The community is definitely the best part of the school. Being a small college, it is easy to get plugged in and find a good group of friends. Take advantage of the many groups on campus. I ran cross country and track and was on the Worldview Initiative team. Dayton is also a great place for outdoor lovers. If you love hiking, camping, or swimming you will love Pocket Wilderness which is 5 mins away. There are more than 15 miles of trail and two waterfalls. If you are looking for a tight knit community, professors that care, and beautiful scenery then Bryan is the place.

Kristen Ewton

Absolutely horrible. My experience was horrible, I got pregnant during my time at Bryan and they were not helpful to work with me at all, even though I was in heart failure and on bed rest from 11 weeks. After I had my baby, and was healing from all of the complications from my pregnancy, I tried to go back but they would not allow me to complete my courses without paying my $5k in loans that I used for BOOKS. Who has $5k laying around to just pay all at once? Well, I didn’t. So. They were extremely rude and difficult and it has been an act of Congress to even get in touch with anyone to set up payment plans. I hate these people and will never recommend them.

Lexa Morgan

Its sad to see what this school has become. Please do your research before even thinking about applying here. Which is to say, you'll find a better place to get your education. You deserve it.

Kimberly Johnson

I have been trying to get ahold of more help with Ministering & sharing the LOVE of Jesus to any of the unbeliever's who've NEVER even heard about Him, so I'm HOPEFULLY gonna be getting a return call from Bryan in the morning!!!!!

yesthatnagia .

What does familiarity breed? Contempt. Attending this school was a fast track to losing my faith -- though whether that's a bad or good thing depends on your perspective, I guess.

Rose dowling

Ok illegals from Honduras started whining about Honduras again! This is a college graduation and I don't care what the Honduras people are going thru! Bryan should not have someone talk about Honduras problems in a graduation! It will be like talking about the holocaust at a wedding! Bryan you should be ashamed !!

Meleah Smith

I loved what Bryan College used to be but President Livesay and the Board of Trustees have turned it into a place that I cannot recommend to anyone. The current administration is autocratic without accountability as everyone who has asked in love and tried to make a different was fired or finally resigned when they realized their voice would not make a difference. Just since 2012, the college has lost 110 faculty, staff or trustees. The administration also covered up a professor being arrested in a sex sting for soliciting a minor by saying that the professor had "gone on to other opportunities."

Joseph Elijah McGowan

I love this school I spent my Freshman year at, before transferring to a university with ROTC. However, it's current leadership has little regard for putting "Christ Above All," or even for basic ethics and legality. From draconian censorship, to attempting to cover up the sex crimes of a professor, to a 90% vote of no confidence in the President by the faculty that the board still ignored, President Livesay has proven himself again and again to be a threat to the survival of the Bryan College we know and love.

k Park

Our family found Bryan College to be VERY disorganized in many respects! If you are looking to take dual enrollment classes online, look elsewhere. The format, communication and logistical organization were very poor compared to other online classes. The poor experiences with the dual enrollment and admissions were the deciding factors in my son not seeking a collegiate degree from Bryan. We really had high hopes for Bryan. We were disappointed :(

Madison Burnett

nathan johnson

I am an alumnus of the school and would recommend attending another school until it replaces the leadership. The administration has greatly mismanaged money and Bryan College almost failed to be accredited in 2014 because of it. There are several articles reviewing the corruption and malpractice that has gone on at Bryan for the last 5 years. Do not go to this school. It is an unstable environment and a degree there will not mean much.

rajeesh c

Jordan Blanchard

I feel the need to shed some light on how great of a college this place truly is. I am honored to say that I am a 2014 alumna & previous employee of Bryan College. Bryan has some incredible things going for it that should not be neglected. The professors care about thoroughly educating students while also taking to heart the importance of reflecting Christ in all aspects of creation via their lectures. They care passionately about their students having a deep relationship with their Creator & understanding their faith. The staff & faculty take the same values to heart in that they seek to reflect Christ to students through their warm & welcoming presence on campus. They are consistently thinking of ways to better the college while keeping our motto "Christ Above All" first & foremost. For those who think they are doing an inadequate job, I humbly ask that you remember how difficult their positions can be at times. Not only do faculty & staff have to make decisions that reflect Christ but they must also maintain a professional manner & business-like mindset so that as a school they can continue to live out their mission & provide financial aid for students, jobs for employees, etc. For alumni saying how great of a time they had at Bryan a few years back but can't recommend it now because of current leadership, I would like to kindly remind them that Dr. Livesay was the president of Bryan during their time there. It's not the leadership that defines the experiences that students have at Bryan, but the students themselves that decide what to make of their time there. As a student at Bryan during the creation vs evolution controversy, I can say that there were students still enjoying their time at Bryan despite the issues at hand & students who decided to create more drama & dissension than necessary. That's not to say it wasn't a hard time for the Bryan community but the drama & malice only magnified the division between students/faculty vs administration. At the end of the day, whether you believe in creation or evolution or both, we are all Christians & one body and need to act as such. The most discouraging thing about Bryan right now is the alumni. The majority of them are handling issues without grace & being fairly malicious. This reminds me of when Paul spoke of dissension in the church. While alumni are entitled to an opinion, there is a Christ-like way to display that. Malice has no place among Christians & reflects poorly on Christianity. We are called to be like Christ & instead we are tearing each other down viciously. I am sorry to say, but I have seen such misrepresentations of Christianity among alumni & former professors & staff members, whether that's praying for the downfall of Dr. Livesay, creating prayer groups that disgrace the whole meaning of prayer, creating Twitter accounts that mock current leadership, distracting current students by discouraging them not to attend Bryan, & attacking Bryan family on Facebook. Bryan alumni aren't hurting Dr. Livesay; they're hurting other alumni, employees, friends, & family. The Enemy doesn't have to do anything to destroy Bryan College; we are doing it all on our own. At the end of it all, the point is clear & simple: our lives as Christians are meant to reflect Christ to a dying world. Nothing else matters in the light of eternity. Christ was not malicious or full of contempt; He was kind, compassionate, & humble to those who couldn't do Him any good & those who hated Him. He acted out of love; always love. Christ is what the world needs to see more now than anything. Christ is what needs to be reflected at Bryan regardless of disagreements, opinions, or issues. Only then do we reflect our motto: "Christ Above All". In conclusion, I would strongly recommend Bryan College to any prospective student or employee for this one reason: despite its setbacks & shortcomings, at the heart & soul of Bryan College is the genuine desire to put Christ above all & that's what really matters.

Isaac Bohannon

Melissa Grauman

As an alumni from 2004 I will state, despite my amazing experience at this school, it is not what itnonce was. It is under the leadership of a man making very unchristlike like decisions. Under current leadership Bryan College is not a place where "Christ is above all." Do not consider this college until current leadership has been replaced.


I graduated in 1969 and those 4 years were some of the best in my life. I made life-time friends and still stay in touch with many. I love Bryan College and my time there. It gave me a direction that is Christ centered and I love returning for home-comings and seeing the improvements.

Jonathan Creasy

Bryan was a wonderful place around 2011, but the administration has corrupted what good experiences I had there. Until there is a change in leadership, specifically a new President, I will not be recommending my alma mater to anyone.

Raina Vathis

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