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REVIEWS OF University of South Carolina Upstate IN South Carolina

Terence Thompson

Very nice school. Dealt with the girls softball team an the coaches. Very nice group of people.

Jessy W

official. madison

That is cool


Well im here.

Kelly Butler

I didn't really want to give it 1 star, only because of the NASTY, OUTDATED DORM ROOMS. The carpet down the halls to the dorm rooms are stained, snelly, and unvacumned. My daughter has had the worse experience at the Magnolia. The trash room is locked, so they have nowhere to empty their trash. students have piled their trash up in cans outside from of building. My daughter has had to pay for an apartment 500.00 month. The showers are all stopped up and hair and filth stands in the showers. every time my daughter tried to report it, she was told she was being disrespectful by reporting it.

Richard Sears

Max Amende

Vera Turner

My daughter is enjoying the campus life.

Alexis Sibley


I’m impressed with the admissions/enrollment office staff. I’m a transfer student who had a whole bunch of loose ends to tie before registering. I walked in at 4:40, and it looked like they’d been crazy busy all day. I walked out the door at 5:15 with everything ready for me to register classes. The whole staff was excellent, and Ira in particular stayed 15 minutes late to make sure everything I needed from them was complete. Looking forward to the semester. As an update, their technological infrastructure is horrific. Emails to instructors get sent to their junk folder, printer network can’t handle so much as a single color picture without crashing, and issues with email or anything else is handled like a hot potato between departments. Needs some serious attention.

Pauline Copeland

Tiontay Bradford

This college is a joke, I hate that I even transferred here. I should of looked at these reviews before I even thought about attending. I'm going to try my best to get out this university. The staff here always gives you the run around, seems very uneducated and not much helpful to make your transfer goes as smooth as possible. I hate this school already and I haven't even started yet till next week. Plus if you are a veteran you basically have to do everything yourself, they don't know their job and you have to figure out everything on your own. Something is always missing. They are clueless. I can't tell you how many times I had to take trips up there because my phone calls were never returned and I'm not even a current student yet, or they tell you your good to start school in the upcoming semester then something else pops up you need in order to start. This whole transition has been a major headache for me.

Edgar Martinez

Jackie Lee

shayne the mane

This sucks because I did not get anything jk

Google User

This state & everything about it is the sadist state I have ever had the sad misfortune of coming to. The people r uneducated & racist. They r very immature & imatation. Pretend to be friendly but it's a joke. Do u r self a huge favour & avoid Upstate South Carolina at all costs. U move here u will regret it

Jeremy Hicks

Love this school. Great faculty who really care! One of the greatest on SC!

Patrick Regan

Jeffrey Tate

My alma mater.

Irina Summey

Received my Bachelors of Science. Loved attending. They made it easy to return back to school after having been out for 2 years. Small campus to where you won't get lost but big enough to meet new people. Also, affordable tuition.

Katherine Lewis


Sam Johnson

Wonderful University with great programs to choose from. Huge campus.


tyler cummings

Shayla B.

C Mill

Any1 can get a degree there. If you fail its because you just didnt show up to class. If you failed to graduate and tried then you legit dont deserve one. There are always rumors about getting a football team. We shall see...

Tyleak Clark

It's a great area and everyone seems friendly.

Roger Turner

Jasmine Coleman


Jacqueline Allen

The financial aid department is too busy gossiping to actually process any paperwork. My husband submitted his paperwork (because each year he "randomly" gets selected for verification) back in April and by July the financial aid office still had not processed his paperwork. This caused him to lose out on a few grants. They decided to wait until mid summer to notify me of my satisfactory academic progress and decided last minute I wasn't eligible for financial aid until I made an appeal (this was after my financial aid had been released to my student account). Unfortunately I was out of town and unable to get to their office to do anything about it until 2 days before classes started. Part of the problem was that this new system they switched to had calculated my credits incorrectly--the only thing any of the representatives were able to tell me is that "the system says" that you have XX amount of credits. After arguing for a day they finally fixed It, but wouldn't admit there was a problem. It didn't do any good since they changed their policy and I still had to appeal. Then they tell me I can set up a payment plan on line to skip the long wait in the office; I sign into my account and it tells me no payment plans are available for my account. If I weren't a senior I would transfer, and at this point USC Upstate has left such a bad taste in my mouth I would rather go to Clemson! (no offense Clemson fans). If you like headaches this is the school for you! The tuition continues to rise and the service keeps going down hill. Oh they also charge $140 per semester for a technology fee but are too cheap to replace the one printer in the HEC building so that I might actually be able to use it-yet we have cool Spartan heads painted on the roads in our parking lot and are getting cool new medians. I can't wait to graduate and be done with this place! I will say that Dr. Gibb in the nursing department is an absolute blessing!

Mykel H

Great University and Business School- 'The George' Under the leadership of the outstanding visionary, the Distinguished Chancellor Emeritus Dr. John C. Stockwell, USC Upstate has expanded and developed and is poised to play an essential role as in the soon and spectacular growth of Spartanburg County. Michael Hamze, MBA in Finance

Katherine Sartori

Seth Cook

Worst Place and Worst Team EVER!!!!!! Clemson kicks their butt

Matthew Woznick

_Russ _10103_

SKeen Queen

Davis Engeler

I completed the Computer Science and Mathematics Bachelor's at USC Upstate. Overall, I have appreciated the quality of these degree programs, but can not speak for the others. I think the school has a pretty campus and haven't had any unreasonable problems with administration.

RandomRye !

This Friday we are coming yo usc

Brandon Rose


Went for a walk around campus on my own, the classrooms and building interiors look like ones you'd find in high school, not in a state university. Lawn is very well kept, but the interiors of buildings are very dirty.

Sarah Faye

Honestly, this is probably a great school. Except for housing. If something comes up and you have to move out in the middle of the year and have to break your “housing contract” you still have to pay 40% of housing for the next semester. The real problem is they will kick you out if you do not make your payments (still being charged the 40%). Also, their academics are ridiculous. They legit make it impossible for you to be successful unless you spend the whole semester studying for one single class.

Ms Flynn

Totally Love Pie

Scott Polhamus

Austin Blanchard

I recommend only going here after getting ur prerequisites somewhere else. Living on campus is horrible, always too loud, fighting over washer and dryers, and have a lot of interior problems. Some professors are amazing while most are horrific. There is one anatomy professor that has a 75% drop rate and she continues to teach poorly with no consequences. There is a lot of bad things at upstate but they do have a good counseling service and a good tutoring service. Though the tuition continues to rise, if u transfer from another school you might enjoy it. Warning:This is an extremely boring area with little to do. Most kids are stuck on campus sitting in dorms doing nothing.

Doug Alexander

Jake Hennett

Great local university offering a solid education, but lacking administration. For its size, USC Upstate offers an impressive number of courses, specializing in education and nursing. The vast majority of professors employed at Upstate are talented individuals and gifted teachers, very skilled at imparting knowledge on students. The actual grounds and structures of Upstate are well kept up, and consistently being updated, improved, and added on. As an alumnus, I am thoroughly happy with the education that I received at Upstate. My only complaint about Upstate is the administrative department. Admissions, financial aid, and any other non-education portion of the school seems disconnected and completely unaware. I frequently had to call or stop by to address what seemed to be extremely minor issues, only to spend hours running around to find a fix. My wife applied, never received an acceptance letter, but she later received a confirmation of financial aid. Never assume they've handled an issue that you have any concerns about. USC Upstate is a great school, one that I will continually offer my support for. However, they could definitely improve the admissions department, and all other administrative facets of the school. Stay on top of any issues before they become urgent and you should do just fine here.

Emily Jones

I hate to even give one star to this crappy place that calls itself an institution. Thankfully I did not have to attend this joke of a college, but merely enrolled to take a class to transfer back to my college. However, after tuition, they said I still owed over $200 in nursing course and technology fees for a medical terminology course. I refused to pay them and dropped the class, and still two years later I am receiving a bill for these fees! I have reached out to several people to get this resolved with no luck and now they are threatening to send it to a collections agency. I have paid this $200, but they will be hearing from a lawyer soon enough. This is poor management and administration and poor treatment of students. I have never had problems like this with any other school or university I have attended. Never. I pity anyone that attends this school.

Rob James

Jacqueline Capers

Wish I could do 0 stars...Just because Dr Colleen Kilgore is such a horrible, unreasonable instructor. Many students have reported her and they still fail to act. When you go in to DEBT to pay instructors' salaries, you don't deserve to be treated less than.

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