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REVIEWS OF South Carolina State University IN South Carolina

Donshai O'leary

Adrian Valdez

This is a university that is prestigious, and that truly trains outstanding people to become great teachers. However,it is imperative that you follow what you learn in order to be a successful educator and do not detour from the instructions of these well experienced professors. I am a proud graduate of this university and I will love it to the day I die. If one allows themselves to, they can grow into a mature adult and be able to go out and conquer the world because you will gain the educational knowledge needed to do so. This university has a history of fighting for civil right causes and has an opportunity for any student who attends to better themselves spiritually, educationally, and morally . I highly recommend this outstanding university; the only limit to improving and bettering oneself is you. SCSU will help you achieve your goals. Let’s Go Phi Beta Sigma! Let’s Go Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!

shae ellerbe

It’s a great experience! I wouldn’t steer you wrong !

Ebony Cooper

I will forever love this school! My big sister graduated from this lovely school. Full of love and energy. My favorite HBCU!

Ned Ned

Trish Bond

Tonya Bellamy

Rashad Harrison

Rivers Baldridge Jr

Ashante Baldwin

Brittany Harrison

Jerren Campbell

The financial Aid office is terrible. They NEVER answer, they don't return phone calls, they don't provide accurate information about financial aid status.....It is a strong possibility I will attend another institution that cares about its applicants.

Deviante Davis

Edmond Smalls

Anthony Williams

I love SCSU! I have three degrees from there and is currently working on my fourth! I am also a member of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Spring 12! Yo! to the good Nupes!

Jerel Palmer

I currently attend this illustrious historical black college university (HBCU) and I love it. Yes we're experiencing some financial issues but we will not lose our accreditation. #WeAreSCState.

rosie star

to be honest i read many reviews and they seemed kinda bad because its with the crime mean there were good reviews a little but i would NEVER consider coming to that school tho.

Jeffery Hamilton

Simonah Cooper

vi vb

Deja Murray

MaKai Somone

South Carolina State University is a great school. If they shut it down, just think of how many hearts that will be broken. I really hope that SCSU get back where it needs to be. Please, we need many Black colleges in our community these days. SCSU has been here for over 100 years. Please dont shut it down. Many people have graduated from this university. Just think about it. There are many memorable moments that happened at state. For example, The Smith - Hammond- Middleton Auditorium was built in honor of the three college students that were killed during the Orangeburg Massacre. Another memory was also our Beloved Eddie Moe jr. He marched every year in the Christmas Parade, and any other activities that SCSU marching Band participated in. If you close down state, there will no longer be a Youth Day or many other activities. Where has all the money gone to? Why should they give the president a 50,000 raise? That money could have been used to pay off their debts. Where is all the money from football game and other activities? SCSU needs a new President and Board. To fix the problem at state, we have to get rid of the one who caused all these problems. There should also be payroll cuts too. Just ask Clemson to buy it out. The name of the college can still be South Carolina State University, but it is just ran under Clemson University. Please read my ideas and take them into consideration. Remember, #WEARESCSTATE !

Taiwo Biotidara

Eric Ford

Just a few words of advice to parents who attending college visits with your children remain open-minded let your kids decide where they like to continue their education beyond high school. I understand as a parent myself who sent my only child to college nearly 4 years ago, that you want the best for your child but you must also understand that where your child decides to go it be their decision and not yours. They are the ones who will be there for four years and not you. It's all about what's a good fit for them not a good fit for you. Not everyone equipped to handle attending a HBCU nor PWI, small or large. Remember what's looks good with your eyes is good behind closed doors. The same nastiness you may see at a HBCU, you might not visibly see at a PWI but that doesn't mean there isn't any. Rich white kids are just as nasty if not the nastiest. I'm a proud graduate of a HBCU (NCAT) the education you will receive from one will be like no other. I have no regrets. If I had it all to do over again today I would still choice a HBCU over a PWI any day. What I learned at NCA&T better prepared me to be successful in graduate school at UNC and pharmD degree 10 plus yrs afterwards from UNC. My last request is be supportive wherever your child decides to go, because it will be their experiences and not yours.

Adam K.

Jayrohn Felder

south carolina state university is the best college i love the campus and the football team and i love the greek althought i never seen them i still love them

Sweet Enforcer

South Carolina State University is a great school if you take advantage of your opportunities while there and maintain a good GPA. As an alumnus, I have been afforded the opportunities to go on to graduate school and obtain graduate degrees from big research universities as well as work within private industry, academics and the government. Please disregard the negative reviews. This university gave me the solid educational foundation that I needed to move on to success after graduation. I listened to my professors, who for the most part were great with the exception of a few. I took advantage of research opportunities, internships, and other opps that shaped me into a well-rounded graduate that was competitive for both the workforce and graduate school. I am very appreciative of having matriculated at SC State and I graduated in 4 years without going to summer school. So it can be done if you are serious about your academics. And yes, I did have a great social life. Just prioritize and you will be fine. Warning- do not waste your time in class, follow the instructions your professor gives you and learn to adapt. Not every class or professor will be the same. Thank you SC State and the College of Science Mathematics Engineering and Technology -CSMET! Go Bulldogs!

Arthur Duncan


E. S

Wonderful school with great times for everybody I ever knew from there

Crystal Stroman

Travis Glover


Sani_ babygirl

Raekwon Hymes

Denise Myers

Shontel Thomas

Very bad school, leave condoms in class room and kids also smoke inside of them.

Bert Uy

Matt R.

Willie Washington

Sagen Bishop

Best decision I ever made, was to attend South Carolina State University. The Education Department is known to create top notch teachers, I graduated in December and had people calling me! Every one who graduated from the education department with me ended up in a classroom. I landed in a great school with a wonderful staff. I always reflect on classes that I attended, the professors, and all the hard work that got me where I am now. SC State made my goals a reality. While opening my eyes to my history, my people, our flaws, our achievements, and our ability to conquer despite being rumoured about, and told we are nothing, are violent, and have poor work ethic. Every school has flaws, but because we are a HBCU, We will prosper, and flourish, through of all the pressure.


This school will very likely lose its accreditation or shut down because it simply cannot manage its finances. How many times has SC State been on probation now? What a joke.

Alisha Hilton

Awesome institution, I am an enrolled agent,entrepreneur and,licensed through, The Internal Revenue Service in all, 50 States due to this institution and a Corporation owner due to this school.And I'm not,bragging just very happy ,due to these opportunities in life.

keianna davis

Perita Cooper

Ronald Williams

Earned an Education degree from here last semester. Loved my experience! Its a tight-knit family atmosphere and the instructors are awesome. Service and support could've been a little better, but that's most offices. I wouldn't have gone anywhere else!

Kolby Gamertv

Jasmine Weaver

Ionut H

Great value education

Sabrina Matthews

I became a decent adult here. Love these hallowed halls and palmettos!

LaTanya Lucas

I drove down from DC for the Bulldog Fest/Open House & TICKETS were a mandatory thing, LIES. Unorganized, late beginnings, instead of doing small groups for tours they separated the parents & children and the parents didn't get to tour. What us parents got was a mile walk from SHM to the Leroy Daniels Bldg but that was changed once we all walked up there, we were stuffed into an auditorium in the Engineering building with standing room only. This was not planned very well & had the left hand knew what the right hand was doing we would have simply been asked to move closer while in the SHM building but instead the poor communication ruffled feathers with myself & family members of other students. The Q&A was joke, too many unanswered questions which would make me not want to send my child to this "illustrious university" as too many put it. Upon returning from the student tour my son said it was a large & very ghetto campus and knowing him this wouldn't want to be where he laid his head every night because he wouldn't feel safe.

Anthony Brooking

Google User

Please just pick up the phones! I have been trying to reach the registrar's office for 3 days. I even tried calling other departments to be transferred (finally got one to answer) and I was told that they get the same response when they call, NO ANSWER. If other staff members on the campus can not get a call through, then outsiders don't stand a chance. This type of poor customer service stunts the growth of the university that I love. I understand why they are in such poor conditions...self destruction. They will never recover until they start operating like a first class university.

Rosa Reddish

Very good

LaShawn Espy

its where my cousin went to school, and he turned out pretty awesome, so its good with me


EJ Eaton

Education and Engineering programs have always been top notch. Perfect school for those students leaving home for the first time. Campus is beautiful and always well maintained.

Jadin Smith

Victaveus Douglas

You will get the best education

loris Gallishaw

My granddaughters graduation

Malachi Hanna

Matthew Woznick

Yaad-man Records

Rah T

Best place to EVER get an education! ❤

Sojourning TeddyBear

I attended SCSU from 2003-2007, and my experience was phenomenal! The teaching staff is first class, and they genuinely want to see each student become self sufficient and successful. The tools I was equipped with here have been pivotal in my success so far, and I use the foundation garnered from this great institution to further myself academically, professionally, and socially.

Peter Glen


Master Chief Tshepiso R


Phillip Gandy

Trevion Johnson

The best every

Ashley Serica

I am a very proud bulldog! This institution gave me so many great experiences, both educational and life. I am very appreciative to have had the opportunity to attend this university. I was a member of the Marching 101 Band, and a very active member in the University Bands, and my experience with that was memorable. Upon my graduation in 2016, people were calling me and I was immediately given my first position as an educator. I had many networking experiences while at South Carolina State University which has helped me tremendously for my career. Many of my professors were very close knit with me, and still stay in close contact with me, and vise versa. Despite what the media says about South Carolina State University, it triumphs through it all and has produced great alumni who are accomplishing and achieving outstanding goals. Signed, A Loyal Daughter.

Tianna Arnold

d b

Excellent career options


Some AMAZING people have graduated from this fine institution- my terrific Son for one! When he was a student there it was known as: SCSC. We have great memories of his attendance there!

Hndrxx 00

South Carolina State University is the worst college that is around they have awful staff financial aid is the worst this is the worst school that is around and the school has a terrible crime rate this is a college that need to torn down and forget about it

sairia brooks

Hydra McHugh hch

Chris Jordan

Meet lifelong friends and an amazing band!

Chanell Dingle

Most instructors, cafeteria staff, and office staff were helpful and respectful. There were some instances where employees from each of these departments were rude and petty. Overall, my experiences here helped me to mature spiritually as well as cognitively.


Levester Green II

Some of the BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE! It's where I realized my childhood dream of being a Radio Broadcasting, On~Air Personality, as Big City Joe, on The Educational Voice of South Carolina State, WSSB! I got to meet, & greet fellow students from all over the United States, & Territories, including from back home too (Washington DC) that I never knew up until then! It was a great, & grand experience that brought me closer to one side of my family roots, originating in South Carolina. I discovered there's a town down there that bears My family name of WHITMYER! Thanks South Carolina State University for all of the fond memories we've forged together over, & through the years including Lady Bulldog MEAC Championships~

Juan Carlos Fragoso León

Valarie Adams

keke dylan

let's go bulldog's

W. Bernard Cook

I am and a proud alumni of South Carolina State University but my recent experience trying to order my transcripts was terrible . I requested a transcript from South Carolina State and another college I attended both at the same time online. The other college's process went smoothly and within a day I received an email saying that my transcript was being mailed out. On the other hand, the process with South Carolina State gave me an error and would not process my request. Today I called South Carolina State to resolve the issue and hopefully complete the process over the phone or at least get some insight into what may have went wrong . I was transfer 4 times before speaking with Ms. G (Intentionally left out real name) in the Registrar's Office. She did not ask me for my name or any information but just proceeded to tell me that there was nothing that she could do and her advice was to try again online. I doubt that I would have been brushed off so easily by the other college if I had needed to call them in reference to the same issue. How can a college ask for money from their alumni and give them bad customer service? - concerned bulldog!

Adithya Mallela

Shonte Lockhart

Kevin Grant Sr

Shillem Mack

Non Wilson

Yes awesome

Techshia Mitchell Johnson

Carol Williams-Smith

Bulldog mom


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