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REVIEWS OF Columbia International University IN South Carolina

Katie Jones

I loved and greatly benefited from my experience at CIU. I know personally that I grew leaps and bounds in my four years there. Educationally the classes helped me form a solid biblical foundation from which I now teach the girls I disciple. Spiritually so many of the faculty and staff loved and invested in me as I was figuring out life as a college student. I am a better person because I attended CIU and would 100% recommend the school.

Jermaine Connelly

CIU was a place where my worldview was expanded. Grateful for the experience.

Gabriel Butler

zachary Hinson

CIU is a no good school. You can not trust the Chaplins for anything. I would NEVER think of attending CIU again. If i know how crappy some of the staff was I would not have worked so hard to get in, They lied to me and slandered my name and they lied and stole money from my friend. If i could give less than one star I would

Maria Nielsen

Craig E. Bacon

I have so many complaints against CIU, but I will keep this review centered on the ways in which they fail to be successful at even being a University. For years now, CIU has been in dire financial trouble. Their response has, consistently, been clandestine firings of staff, cutting staff salaries, and firing/not renewing faculty. You can't run a good University without good faculty, but CIU continually cuts down their teachers while expanding their sports program. They are undermining their ability to exist as a University, and they are also undermining their ability to keep their doors open as a business. I could not in good faith recommend CIU to anyone as a good place to study or work.

Shane Veldhuizen

Debbie Blendermann

The best 2-1/2 years of my life! Attended the grad school '80-'82. Between the teachings of Buck Hatch, Larry Crabb and the fabulous students, it was a small taste of heaven. I felt like God was smiling down on the place and almost tangible. I've never felt so loved by God in my life! I loved the emphasis on prayer and I even loved that the classes were difficult (especially Dr. Larson, AKA the crusher) as I learned SO much! I saw one girl gave a low rating as it was a "bubble" that didn't prepare you for the "real" world. I had already spent time in the real world and can't think of better preparation than getting to know God and His Word intimately.

Vera Gaulden

Paola Rivera

Steven Gibson

CIU was a great experience! My four years there educated me from a biblical worldview, provided me a strong foundation of faith, and left me with lasting friendships.

Ed Butler

I spent from spring 1988 to summer 1993 in the college and graduate school at CIU and loved it. The professors bent over backwards to assist students. The coursework was rigorous and life changing, and it has provided me with the training to be supportive in my local church as well as teach English to adult immigrants and refugees in Syracuse, NY, a university in Cheboksary, Russia, a government school in Kampong Chhanang, Cambodia, and to adults in Havana, Cuba. I deeply appreciate the time and effort my professors invested in my life.and the godly example they were to me.

Kate Sape

CIU has a longstanding history of covering up the truth, getting rid of "inconvenient" people, and making absurd decisions regarding the future of the school. I do not recommend this school to anyone. I loved some of the staff/professors there, but most of them are gone and the school has slid even further into being a reprehensible organization that supports anti-semitic, anti-black, anti-Mexican hate speech and abusive individuals.

Jules Trox

Class of 1978 - Still struggle with the guilt and shame that was inflicted upon me from this school. Years of therapy! The University, College at the time I attended, was a secluded bubble that did not prepare you for the real world out there. I have found a more fulfilling way of life that is not full of ridiculous rules that make no sense, beliefs that are narrow and make God small, and is all inclusive. I urge you to discover who you are before you allow a cult school like this to wash your brain!

Tretonia Ashford

Joshua Skaggs

Ralph Strickland

As with any university or college - several exemplary professors can make the institution a joy to be at. Kudos and props go out to Old-Shine, Grant and Dr. Sam (the reasons why I rate 4 stars instead of three). With that said, most often it's the other majority of professors which make one question the practicality of attending a "Christian" college - given how subjective, dispassionate and impractical the teaching methods of some are. Would help if all would get on the same sheet of (proverbial) music when teaching and/or reinforcing Biblical doctrine. UPDATE 04/12/2014: My eldest informed me that this dated review has a typo... apologies to David Oleshine: התנצלותי

Patrick Weed

Elise Hatfield

Happy to change/delete my review when the school has increased transparency. Had many good experiences there with other classmates and professors, but the current leadership needs to become transparent about their decision-making.

Sarah Allene Bailey

Abby Reamsnyder

CIU is not a perfect place but it is a good good place. It is a place to grow in your walk with the Lord and to grow in biblical community, striving alongside brothers and sisters in Christ.

John Wills

Johanna Tatlow

You can find a handful of good professors here, for who's mentorship I have been grateful. But the school has had major financial issues, which they've attempted to fix by hiking tuition, and expanding their sports program, getting rid of their best professors. Their recent hires for administration seem politically driven, and not in the best interest of the students' learning.

Maverick Media

*****Beware*****Very difficult time working with folks there. Extremely harsh and subjective grading and great difficulty in dealing with various issues. Their graduates also make under the national average after graduation. Apparently, good paying companies don't want to hire their graduates. I would avoid this university at all cost if you want to be taken seriously. I also noticed that they have a number of bad reviews. This is another indication that there are big problems with structure and administration which tends to extend throughout the organization.

Justin Novello

Chris Sabol

This school has lost a lot of it's quality over the past few years and this is shown in its blindly blundering through finances and continuing to dump money into the appearance of the school and a sports program that no one wanted in the first place and one that the majority of students don't even attend the games to. CIU continually cuts staff that disagrees with the direction that they view as important and thus destroy the integrity of the school. One of the biggest things I had a huge problem with was one of my friends was reported for eating at hooters and had to go on "trial of peers" for his sexual lust and desire and during that trial of peers the chaplin / dean revealed confidential personal information about that student to peers which then used that information to distribute hate towards him. The lack of integrity and manipulation of people is hard to take. CIU has even sent out messages to alumni to have them rate the school as 5 stars on google so that they appear to be a better school than what they are. They continue to cut staff / use money for things they did not say they were going to use it for / and lie to students and rob them of their money / and tell their professors that during staff meeting their opinion means nothing and they are to just agree or risk being "let go". The positive side of my review is that their professors are solid Christians and live out the Christian life very well. A lot of professors want to invest in your life and help mentor you and your walk ( sadly these professors are the ones that continue to be "let go" while the admin rarely gets cut which is completely backwards) I feel for anyone wanting to pursue a missions major their because they let go a very highly recommended missions prof which is one of the only reasons to attend ciu for missions. I hope and pray for the direction of the school but as an alumni I will not be able to give a penny to them because of the lack of trust and breach of trust they have demonstrated in the past.... maybe that will change in the future.

Joanna Mroczek

Scott McKinney

80% ignorant, 20% arrogant

Michelle Panchuk

Their failure to respond adequately to scandals or sincerely apologize for wrongdoing is the primary reason for the low review. However, CIU also has a long history of lack of transparency, financial problems, and poor leadership.

J Burks

The school is the real deal: prayful, friendly, firm on the Bible and academics....

xu sen

Lovely, non-denominations, biblical, friendly professors and staff. Good enough for me.

Minister Demetrius Wharton Sr.


Marissa Lynn

CIU is a wonderful place to grow in Christ and to prepare for your future. Scripture is integrated in to every class and the staff and faculty are incredible role models and friends. Living on campus is a blast and there are so many great opportunities for friendship and leadership.

Joshua Turbeville


After 4 years our daughter graduated from here in 2013. She loved it.

Rich White

Class of '94 and '01. Sure it was expensive, but the education was excellent for the most part. The faculty and staff showed me grace in many areas especially in my lack of academic preparation. There were quite a few faculty and staff who really showed interest in me because they knew what it meant to be made in God's image. The school guards carefully the Word of God. I would encourage anyone to think about coming here to see for themselves.

Parker Schmid

I love this place. The small campus makes dining, residence halls, and classes all easily accessible from one another. CIU also has an 'overlook' of sorts that is over the athletic fields which is really beautiful at sunset. This is a great college for anyone looking for a small college with great faculty.

Julian Hague

Good place good people.

Jason Brower

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