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REVIEWS OF Bob Jones University IN South Carolina

Tory J Almond

The education I received was great. The teachers knew their stuff. However, the spiritual direction of the school was oppressive on my personal views. The theology taught was difficult to handle after several years of university and I ended up switching to a university 30 minutes North that lined up closer to my biblical theology. Just because a place has a high job placement (for me it was the education department initially), doesn't mean you can put up with all the extra stuff that goes along with it. I would suggest making sure you are 100% in line with BJU's beliefs and doctrine before attending or else you will become bitter and resentful. Both a sin I have had to ask repentance for.

Sam Martinez

Great school but not for people who do not want to work hard. Challenging but amazing.

ch'r chouchou

Hyunjoo Kim

timothy hutchings

James Splawn

I count it an honor to have attended BJU. I got the foundation to support my biblical worldview. I also received an excellent education which prepared me to be successful in my career choice. I graduated in 1982 and I'm proud to say that I earned my college degree with the help of caring and devoted faculty who loved God. The faculty and staff were committed to serving others . I hear a lot about all the rules at BJU and I can't help but smile because the rules were consistent with my Christian convictions. I attended almost four and a half years and never go a single demerit to God's glory.

Hyunwoo Kim

mar garcia

Audrey Kalin

This place is a cult... the people that go there are brainwashed!

Jared D

Great place to grow in your relationship with Christ. So many people hate this school, most likely because they were offended by 1 person, so they judge the whole book by the cover. I've heard great things about this school, and have been there MANY times. Great Christian people who love you and love God! A truly amazing place!

Pam Sutton

Cecillia Hackett

Riley John

Ben Cure


great Christian school for God-centered christianity ^^

Ezio Fujiwara

Biggus Dickus

As a Pastafarian, I got to admit, my ideologies have been changed, for better or worse. I grew up in a very strict, conservative Christian home but never grew in my faith. I was atheist for most of my life.My parents convinced me to go to this cult, I mean academic institution. Immeditately, I was questioned and challenged about my beliefs, or rather non-beliefs. Needless to say, I stayed. I sold "illegal" stuff such as Harry Potter books and movies. I even started a band. We covered hits such as Katy Perry's "Firework" or Justin Bieber's "'Boyfriend." BJU is an interesting experience. Apply at your risk.

Josiah Wiggins

Lauriana Cojocaru

BJU is a University that honors the Lord and helps its students grow more and more in knowledge of Him.

Bryce Caster

Beautifully maintained campus with nice grounds. The buildings, while pristine, seem outdated architecturally. Also the dining halls close at 7pm. While I would definitely not choose to attend this institution, there are people who want to.

Haven Mumm

Trent Pearson

Jon D

Overall, I received a great education at Bob Jones. I was able to graduate with a degree in accounting in four years (150 credits, typically a 5 year degree at most colleges). The faculty helped me transfer in credits from a community college and worked with me to make sure I got in the classes I needed. I found a job in a large accounting firm immediately upon graduation. Also, the accounting knowledge I received allowed me to sit and pass the entire CPA exam with 5 months of graduation. In addition, the Christian experience and faculty (despite what others say) were exception in my opinion. However, there is one backdraw I am aware of, if you are do not fare well with rules, authority, or Christianity in general, this place is not for you.

Andrew Price

This is a great place with caring teachers who honestly care about their students and want to provide a rigorous academic experience for them. I love being a student here. I am an Information Technology student. All of my Computer Science and Information Technology professors are incredible and push me to learn, but also care about me personally. The school is now regionally accredited, which tremendously helps all students who want to transfer or further their education.

Tim Lewis

David Friend

Bob Jones is a great university with multiple degrees that prepare you for life. I am a current student and I can tell you this school is amazing if you want to get a quality degree while growing in your walk with Christ.

Anita Zimmerman

I graduated from BJU with an accounting degree, worked for years at one of the big 4 accounting firms, and have had my own CPA firm now for many years. I received a stellar education and my degree from BJU was never a problem. I am glad, however, that the University is seeking (and may have by now) regional accreditation, since it is an important "stamp of approval" in the educational world. It's interesting to see that many of the reviews here are 5 star or 1 star. 5-star being those who appreciated, not only the great education they received at BJU, but also its Biblical World view. Most of the 1-Star reviews seemed to focus, not on poor educational standards, but on a disgust for the Christian standards they found intolerable. It is amazing to me that anyone coming to Bob Jones would not have taken the time to research its educational philosophy, world view, and yes, even its rules of conduct. If you don't agree with them, then don't come. Bob Jones is not a perfect place, but I appreciate the fact that the administration, while holding fast to doctrine, is taking the emphasis off of the "rules" and focusing more on meeting students needs through godly guidance and encouragement. They now have intercollegiate sports, women can wear slacks, men can have facial hair, students of different races are allowed to date, music standards have expanded to include contemporary composers such as the Gettys -- the list of positive changes goes on and on. (Those not acquainted with the "old" BJU can have no appreciation for how significant these changes actually are!) I am thankful for the education I received at BJU, but more importantly, I appreciate the spiritual and life lessons that were drilled into me for four years. I learned the importance of striving for excellence in everything that I do, since all of life, whether teaching a Sunday School class, working on Excel spreadsheet, or stitching a quilt is to be done for the Glory of God. I learned the importance of prayer. I learned the importance of sharing Christ with a world so desperately in need of Him. For these things, I will be eternally (correct word here) grateful.

Bethany Holden

Iletha Wynn

best school ever nice people

Steven Adams


Valerie Francia

I received two degrees from the school (2014, 2016) and had an excellent overall experience - I grew spiritually, academically, emotionally, etc. and I've had success in work because of it. To address some of the issues brought up by low reviews: 1) Accreditation/Sub-Par Education/"Brainwashing": BJU has both regional SACSCOC accreditation and national TRACS accreditation. Their educational standards have always been high and their core liberal arts curriculum is excellent preparation for any workplace. The accreditation process has only strengthened already strong programs. Check it out for yourself before relying on random internet reviews. As for the "brainwashing" charge, the school has always been unabashedly Christian. They were started because they wanted to give Christian students higher education from a Christian perspective. But their motto has always been, "teach students how to think, not what to think." If you think you'll get an unbiased education anywhere, you're deluded. Every school teaches from some view of the world, but you hope that they teach you to be open-minded and look at the evidence. That's what BJU does. I was never told to believe baseless assertions without proof. Most textbooks used are the secular standards for those classes. 2) Strict Standards/Legalism/Cult: Again, this school was created for conservative Christians. If you're not a Christian who takes your faith seriously, you'll struggle here. That's just the bottom line. Doesn't make it a bad or oppressive school or a cult. It's tailored to help someone grow in all areas of life. If you don't want training in other areas than just academics, don't go here or you'll find it somewhat intrusive. But if you want to grow spiritually, grow some discipline, and become an adult, come. You won't agree with everything, but just know that coming in. Also - women can wear pants, students can go off campus without adult supervision, and in general everything feels super normal on campus aside from people being nicer and looking a bit nicer than normal. 3) Racism/Intolerance: The school had racist policies in the past. So did most schools. Clemson didn't admit black students until 1960, USC until 1963, Furman until 1964. Their inter-racial dating policy gets a lot of attention, and it was wrong. But it was also put into place long before black students were admitted as a response to an Asian parent's concern. Yes, they kept it for far too long. Yes, they dug in their heels to defend it to the Supreme Court. Yes, they've apologized for it over and over. And yes, it's been almost 20 years since it was lifted and the school isn't racist. In fact, in the wake of a shooting of a police officer in Greenville (whose parents teach at BJU), the student body signed a prayer banner for the black teenager who shot him and then killed himself. I should know, because I got to deliver that banner, and they sent out an article I wrote about the incident to the whole school (in the Greenville News) The school is still working on eliminating unconscious bias (like every organization), but overall has made major steps in the right direction. 4) Treatment of Women: Women are not taught to "be sheep" as one reviewer commented. As a woman, I was invested in, taught to be a leader, given leadership opportunities, taught to think critically, to speak up, to debate, to fight for what's right. Sure, not everyone at the school respects women in leadership like they ought to (like every organization literally everywhere), but it's an emphasis from the top down to change that culture. Hopefully these comments help you in making the decision of whether to consider the school. It's certainly not for everyone and it has problems like every university you might choose to attend, but it's certainly not the place people have made it out to be. Go with an open mind and heart.

Rusty R.


Doug Wright

Beautiful campus and very friendly people.

Marlessa Southern

Thank you for an incredible total eclipse experience! Unforgettable! Beautiful campus and very kind people!

James Shealy

I was a student there until last fall, i left because of the bigotry and horrible people in control. However, the students for the most part are great. The IT/Computer Science/Math/Bible professors I had were amazing. The current president is awesome, just a few bad people made my time there a living hell.

Zac Hayes

Kristen Baisley

From the perspective of the Teacher Education department - Bob Jones has an excellent program, highly valued by Greenville public and private schools who frequently hire new teachers immediately after their graduation. From the perspective of the Fine Arts - Bob Jones has excellent relationships with the Greenville art community and is nationally known for their amazing Living Gallery productions, Shakespeare plays, choral and instrumental programs, and their Museum & Gallery both on campus and at Heritage Green downtown. From the perspective of the Christian Community - Bob Jones is a conservative, Christian institution fighting to maintain a godly atmosphere, and to apologize and rectify past wrongs. They are not perfect, but they are striving for excellence.

David J. Bell

My family lives here and attended college here too, and it is an incredible place to visit and live in. It is definitely a unique place in the world, but it's a good rest from the noise and problems of the world. In academics the quality is top-notch, and the spiritual care is genuine from the faculty. Finally, the campus is a great hub for art of all kinds: musicals, operas, plays, concerts, etc. I definitely recommend going, even if it's just to take a walk! It's a beautiful campus, and people are more than happy to help.

Carly Johnson

Great school

Ryan Phillips


Rebecca Clark

Matthew Kennedy

I grew up in BJU and BJA circles, and yes I grew up in a conservative Christian home, but I wasn't "isolated" from the world...I spent a lot of time at the University, and enjoyed it greatly. Yes, much of it will be considered strict by most folks who didn't grow up in that type of's not all religious dogma, much of it, as stated in the student handbook, is to develop a sense of professionalism, some of it, in my opinion, is also just carrying over bits and pieces of culture from an era long ago, such as when the university was founded. People also need to consider what they want from their college experience and education...if you're going into the ministry, this is most definitely a great school..even if you don't agree with all of the "rules", the knowledge and scriptural doctrine you learn will be thorough, and from a conservative, uncompromising viewpoint. If that's what you want, I think you should look into it, and see if the "rules" effect you, or if you're willing to "put up" with it until graduation, in order to receive that biblical background. I can tell you that after spending so much time here, it is NOT as bad as some people say...but if you come from a non religious or religiously/socially liberal background, it's gonna be a culture shock to you....If you come from a strict fundamentalist background, it may even seem liberating to you. I'll be the first to admit, I don't agree with ALL of the rules, some of them I feel are just over the top...but it's really not that big of a deal...I enjoy SOME rock music and some secular movies..that's probably the only thing I really have to give up, as a student. I'm not a graduate, but many of my friends are BJU graduates. Most are in the ministry, Some of them work in skilled trades, some are teachers, some in other professions, after obtaining liberal arts degrees. All are very effective, and they're all doing ok. Everyone I've ever met at BJU was very nice, very kind, for the most part, with rare exception. This is a university that puts Christ first, and that's something people must realize when choosing their college...I can tell you the high school and college academics I've taken from BJA and BJU were very rigorous, The high school courses were tougher than my first year courses at a secular college. As far as accreditation, I know many BJU grads have gone on to earn their advanced degrees at many various private and public secular universities without too much of a hassle....many of those have graduated and have become very influential in their fields..I suppose it also depends upon what field you're going in to, and what college you attend for your advance degree. I certainly hope BJU gains regional accreditation soon, I think that would be greatly beneficial to the school and to it's graduates. As for myself and most of my friends, we never sought to get into trouble, drink, party, or act wild and crazy, we had no issues at all with BJU, we enjoyed our time there, and most of us listened to secular music, AND Christian music, secular movies and TV, just lived normal lives as youngsters in the late 90's and early 2000's. We were all still serious about our faith and sound doctrine, we were all still committed to the cause of Christ, and we all considered BJU to be a major positive contributor in our lives.

Angela Imai

Great place. Good spirit within the student body. Everyone is friendly. Good preaching

Jeff Burton

Dibet Hotchkin

Scarlett Fears

Sam Morton

I went to Bob Jones University for the 2014-2015 school year as a pre-med major. The school and administration are very nice...but they require you to undergo 'biblical counseling' if you act in any way that they do not approve of. This is understandable, but the counseling sessions are hosted by Bible major grad students and these students are obligated to repeat anything you say that they think the higher-ups would want to know. In addition, they value compliance to rules over understanding the rules or the reasons for them. When I asked about the purposes of various rules (respectfully), I was given no answers except a reprimand. I can respect rules, but I cannot respect an organization that keeps rules in place simply as an expression of enforcing discipline. Even the RAs and much of the mid-level administration care little for the rules, and typically let things slide, which creates an attitude of disrespect for the authority of the school. The school is not regionally accredited. Note: This is the important accreditation, not the national one that they advertise. (EDIT: As of the 2019 school year, this is no longer the case and they are now regionally accredited.) Their med-school acceptance rate is inflated because they remove anyone from the major if the faculty deem them unlikely to make it into a med school. I eventually discovered a passion for biology..and realized that Bob Jones University could not help me get into a biology grad school, because they teach young-earth creationism. Any grad school for biology simply would not accept someone who had been trained in that tradition of belief, rather than from an evolution-based perspective. Regardless of the validity of the belief, there is no future in the life sciences for most people who attend this school. Disregard any attempts by the admissions counselors to convince you that a science (or many other) degree from BJU can get you into grad school in a secular institution whose own subsequent degree could help you get a job outside of Christian circles. If you get a degree from BJU, make sure your plan is to continue working in the Christian community. Nothing wrong with that, but it's something young people are not aware of that can seriously hurt their future careers. Finally, keep in mind that credits do not transfer from BJU to any school that isn't Christian. As anything but a religious/music/art major of some kind, your options for transfer are: PCC, Liberty University, and a couple other small colleges much like BJU (EDIT: Again, no longer the case due to accreditation, though many of their credits still might not transfer for other reasons). As a personal recommendation to other prospective students: If you don't think you can live comfortably under the rules, please don't go. You will be out several thousand dollars and a great deal of stress, not to mention a year of your life. Trust me, pick someplace else. I had to go against my parents' wishes to get out, and it was the best choice I have ever made. I escaped, and you can too. UPDATE: I'm now a junior attending Appalachian State University, getting a B.S. in biology with a concentration in science. I plan to teach science to middle- and high-school students. Having some years of science training under my belt, I can say that Bob Jones University does not teach science to a standard which would prepare them for a future in any science. They teach it through memorization--science is a way of thinking about the world which can supplement both everyday life and a life of faith. Without that fundamental basis for their teaching, Bob Jones University is not an acceptable option for a science education, regardless of their faith base. There are better options that surpass Bob Jones in educational quality without compromising the beliefs of their students.

Gus Orellana

(Translated by Google) Excellent place for young people to study with knowledge of GOD. (Original) Excelente lugar para que los joves estudien con conocimiento de DIOS.

Caleb Kline

This is a great school if you want to study your field from a solid biblical worldview. BJU takes an intentionally Christian approach to all that they do and have high academic standards. The university also takes an interest in developing the student outside of the classroom to be disciplined and professional.

Teresa Wesley

Elaine Lewis

Great place. Very affordable!!

Lauren Elizabeth

Terry Holden

Great place to learn & grow

Robert Marcello

Superior Christian University

Daniel Brosnan

Harrison Beckmann

If you want a school where you can receive a quality education from a principled, Christian perspective, then go to BJU. The faculty are dedicated and hardworking. The programs are challenging and prepare graduates for work in many fields. Are there flaws? Of course, because the school run by humans. Some may not agree with all the rules (I sure don't). There are a lot of myths flying around on the internet about how awful it is, but don't knock it until you've at least talked to someone who has actually been there and graduated without getting in major trouble, or better yet, have visited yourself. It isn't for everyone, but it is a good place. The overwhelming majority of the people on campus show Christ-like love and a desire to better themselves and those around them. No, you can't get drunk on the weekends, but you aren't really going to college to drink... are you?

Abby Bloom

Jessica Hilton

Bob Jones University is an amazing place that has changed my life. In addition to teaching top quality courses and providing a unified, student centered atmosphere, Bob Jones focuses on teaching students to become more and more like Jesus Christ every day. This has strengthened my relationship with God and changed my perspective in so many ways.

Amanda Willson

Nicholas Repholz

It's pretty comical when people describe BJU as "a North Korean Military Camp." I'm a current student and I think the rules and restrictions are reasonable. Most rules, like being clean-shaven, are just in place to teach you to become …

Garret R

It's just great, like fountain inn, "it's a great place to live"

Joshua Goodwin

Jonathan Overstreet

Reading the reviews is making me mad. Bob Jones is a true fundamental Christian University. The staff is sincere, and honest. Other reviews call BJ narrow minded. I call it Biblical. They call BJ bigoted. I will call it high standards. They call BJ unnecessarily strict. I call BJ biblically strict. Having lived there for a while, and having parents that lived there, I can testify to the the honest, scriptural work that Bob Jones University does. Also, you will see many people complaining about BJ not having regional accreditation. However, on July 15, 2017, BJ was granted regional accreditation by the SACACOC.

Shawn Goff

I attended this school from kindergarten through college and loved every minute of my God-centered education. My wife and children have all attended Bob Jones as well!

Chris P

Heart for the LORD, it is too bad that so many misunderstand the standards. Beautiful campus as well.

Paul Schmutzler

I have mixed opinions on my alma mater, but overall my experience was a net positive. After graduation, I found that I was better prepared for my chosen career field than many people I ended up working with. They were surprised at the breadth of my training from a 4-year liberal arts school.

Jeffrey Hawley

Ronald Freels

This institution is focused on education and providing an experience other than drinking and partying. If you are looking to have a "good time" you might want to consider another university. Many do not agree with their methods and no one said you have to, if you went there and did not enjoy your time there, it was your fault for not doing your homework, not theirs.

Danny Peterson

christa pelc

The only way I can summarize my time at BJU: I never knew how awful people were until I came here.

Justin Garrison

A university that didn't admit blacks until 1970 and banned interracial dating until 2000 AND opposes equal rights for all people in marriage is NOT a true university. This is not an educational environment. This institution is merely a place that makes people more ignorant and gives them a degree.

Lil homie

trinity barton

Rod Bell

This is a very special place, if you are wanting to be challenged and equipped for God's calling on your life then BJU is the place for you. I am very grateful for the preaching and the godly influences at Bob Jones. My daughters have chosen to attend BJU and I am so excited for them. If you have never visited the campus, just go and you will see, it is a very special place.

Mark Davis

Gabe Willis

Tim Graham

Delightful school, faculty and students. We have found it a very loving environment and the faculty to be enthusiastic and well-skilled in teaching their various disciplines.

John Miller

Michael Ketzner

Why would you choose to go here??

Jeff Beach

Great education from the Christian worldview.

Jeremy Kramer


Zachary Taylor

Matthew Woznick

jeff chapman

Most if not every one of these "Christian" university the degree is not recognized when you want to go to a different school in the future so you are wasting your time and money

Betty Lou

Andrew Carter


Loraine Perkins

Both of my kids are getting an excellent education at Bob Jones!

neal hill

Jennifer Boyd

Caleb Nelson

I love BJU. I got engaged back-campus, my parents, brother, and wife are all alumni, and I have unqualified respect for the faculty and staff. This is a great university. Also, I attend or watch online every one of their musical and dramatic performances; you should too!

Kerri Revoir

So pretty, I stopped in looking for legal Aid, everyone in your town is lively & happy. When I get my Apple ID back I have pictures for you! Your town.

JD Miller


Elwood Groves

After ten years as a student, graduate student, and staff member at BJU, I have grown to love the people here. It's not perfect, but it's a shining example of a Christian liberal arts institution of higher learning. And in spite of what some people think, professors here really do broaden your intellectual viewpoints in addition to instilling a love for God and His Word.

Andrea June

Ashton Harris

Chloe Smith

Jørn Jacobsen

Philip Knox

Elizabeth Morrison

Loved my experience here as a student. I never felt that my values were belittled, but was daily encouraged to get into God's Word, to become more like Jesus Christ, and to reflect Him in the workplace.


Lane Camfield

Incredible School. Really amazing education! They really prepare you for the future. Teachers really care for you, unlike most colleges. It is now also accredited!! The student body is amazing and I would highly recommend going to college here.

Naomi Mann

Beautiful campus. Beautiful hearts. Beautiful mission.

Larry Simonson

Very supportive school, if you're into that sort of thing. My finger slipped, meant to say 5 stars.

Louis Barnwell


This school isn't accredited, so it's diplomas are worthless. Women can't wear pants. Students can't leave campus without an adult. Interracial relationships were just recently approved. Dancing is banned, although the Bible actually praises it. Please don't waste your money on this cult.

Stephen Cobb

Hannah Gardner

Kevin Cook

Jane E T Mayberry

Lucinda Barbosa

I don't know how to explain why but I just plainly DO NOT RECCOMMEND THIS SCHOOL

Ben Hicks

Have been here for the last seven years and have been challenged and grown so much. Tremendously thankful for the many who have invested in me and pointed me to Christ. I wouldn't be half the person I am today without BJU.

Nick Repholz

I just finished my first year there and I can say that this is a truly God-blessed place.

Andrew Champ

Steph Schaefer

I left Bob Jones University after two years of being a student. I was not afforded privacy as the dorm rooms had no lock, which meant anyone could walk in to my room. The school requires all students to attend chapel and 25 demerits are given for skipping out. The school also has an annual "Bible Conference" for which skipping can mean being expelled. I almost never saw freedom of expression, especially in the art and theatre departments. Dancing is not allowed, neither is any music other than classical and choral. I was told that my speech on the benefits of choosing natural birth was inappropriate because there were men in the class. I was questioned by the dorm supervisor about my personal religious beliefs, and forced to submit a form about why I should be allowed to go to a very conservative Lutheran church, just because Lutheranism does not conform to Fundamentalism. Once, I brought up the topic of my belief in the veneration of the saints and the Virgin Mary to a group of friends, and one of them got up and walked away. Every year students are required to fill out a spiritual self-evaluation form to be looked over and questioned by another student in the "Discipleship Group," which was a required spiritual prayer meeting at 10:30 every night. If my skirt did not come below my kneecaps I was told to change on the basis of "protecting my Christian brothers from being a stumbling block." I had two open-minded friends, out of the three thousand students. So I left, and I'm happier than ever.

Zyri Prince

Hell Not

Isaiah Ship


elle haze

beautiful campus! go!

Raf Ayala

D A Bruton

My dad went to this place to be a pastor in 1952 by the way I born in greenville s.c in November 10,1952 and God Bless

Caleb Miller

Donald Rodgers

The campus is full of friendly delightful people. I have never met a graduate of this University who was not a truly exceptionally high quality person. Additionally their Christmas display is beautiful and they have a fabulous Art Museum.


Louis Hensler

Brooke Crowder

Don Gaul

Excellent Christian college

Samuel Barnard

I'm a current student and have really grown under the ministry of Bob Jones. I've seen many friends get saved or make a genuine renewal of salvation here. The chapel messages are powerful, and the staff truly care about the spiritual and …

Elizabeth Park

At the time I attended, I thought it WAS God's special place. Most of the "godly" people I knew attended there, and we were bussed up to the campus at every opportunity. Growing up in a restrictive religious environment, I actually felt more free there, with all its bizarre rules, than I did at home. Many aspects of cult life could be found there, but I had never been allowed to question, so I could not see it. I spent 7 years getting not only an unaccredited undergraduate degree, but an unaccredited masters degree. I do not work in that field of study. I've spent the last 7-10 years detoxing from the dangerous religious teachings I received there. I cannot recommend it to anyone. Are there well-meaning, nice people there? Absolutely. But eating junk with good intentions will still affect your health. I am happy to be far out of the BJU orbit, free to live my life without regard to the BJU network. They have covered up for too many abusers to last much longer, IMO. The anemic "changes" they are currently making are too little, WAY too late, and far too cosmetic to save them. Getting a mascot and some sports gear doesn't make you a real university.

Gabriel Gibson


Fun place

Abigail Arevalo

Jared Messer

Joanna Mattson

Bob Jones made me the loneliest person in the world. I felt shunned by everyone for not being a bible thumping brainwashed idiot. Anyone I met who would have a honest and open conversation with me didn't last, because the administration doesn't tolerate voicing one's openmindedness. Talking about anything biblically contoversial was discouraged because we were not allowed to discover the truth through Research and debate. Don't waste your time or money on this crap University go somewhere where you are encouraged to learn as much as you can.

Donald Allston

Jake Hennett

Unnecessarily religious university geared at indoctrinating students, while simultaneously preventing them from going elsewhere to continue their education. I have no problem with religious universities in general. They allow followers of a certain religion to gather around others of similar belief, while obtaining a degree to better prepare themselves for a career. However, Bob Jones is not like most religious universities. Bob Jones does not allow students to leave campus, except with adult supervision. Dates with a significant other are frowned upon and strongly dissuaded. Credits obtained at Bob Jones do not transfer to other universities, so students are forced to finish their degree here or start over from scratch elsewhere. This university operates solely on brainwashing and indoctrinating young and impressionable minds to accept the world and religion as it is, never questioning why. A university is supposed to bestow knowledge and potential on students, but Bob Jones does not. Avoid this school at all cost.

Erik Hansen

Their Science program is stellar. Cool to see how it continues to grow!

Miguel Lopez

Josh Pate

Michael Santopietro

Rob James

Nice people, just a little too legalistic for my tastes. Immaculate campus and extensive art collection.

Olivia Heffernan

ABBurne Burne

The name tho

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