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Tay ThaGoat

I am a graduate from Benedict College. I will not sugar coat anything but I will say the pros and the cons.From my freshman year attending they were good for the first few months. Then I started seeing mold through the bathroom and rust all over all the showers,sinks etc.My sophomore and junior year it was every dorm infested with roaches. When I moved out the put me in oak which is the honor form my room with 2 other girls had been infested with roaches and the dorm director said it would be a few days till the exterminator will come . The. A few weeks went by still no exterminator so my rooms and went And set bombs off which killed them for a short time. I moved to the freshman dorm. However there have been some proffers and deans that have helped me along the way with the cafe and our dorms. I will thank those lovely people . But the new president Dr.Artis she is trying her best to do things however with my believe of them being short of funds I think it may be progressing to get better bet it will Definitely take time . So advise everyone who wants to come here please GO SEE the college first. Ask them if you can see all the dorms .

PoeticLY JustifiED

I am Benedict College Graduate and I’m so proud of my Alma Mater

Malcolm Hammonds

this school is not a place that it used to be. the food is horrible also they give you class that has nothing to do with your major. with all of that this school cant even give money back that was supposed to be given back I recommend that nobody come to this unless you want poor service.

Christina Wilburn

wesley palmore

One of the greatest college in America for Criminal justice majors, Army ROTC, and great place to be a student athlete! BC Track!!!

tarica young

Eric Rumpf.

jephte severe

Asia Camp

Benedict.... You guys still don't have a better system for ordering transcripts??!!! I hate to put down my school but seriously... It's 2017!!! Find a way for alumni and current students to order transcripts online without sending someone my credit card information!!!

Stephen Zinnerman

My Alma mater..simply put, I wouldn't be able to love the career I was molded for without Benedict. We were taught to "create a career, not to apply for one"

LaBria Grant

First coming to Benedict College I honestly didn't know what to expect on this journey. I was hesitant, nervous and felt like "this isn't what college's look like on TV." It also didn't help that I started second semester so as I was coming in, people already had their set of friends and I was trying to figure out where I fit in at. I then realized that I couldn't just stay to myself so I got involved with activities on campus such as BC Underground and community life becoming an RHA. As I opened up to my fellow peers, formed lifelong bonds with people, and learned how much love and support I had from my professors, I can say my experience at Benedict has been a good one. Now with graduation approaching, I'm taking all my knowledge and applying it towards my future and of course grad school. I'm proud to call this my Alma mater and be a Tiger!

Gee Jay

Howard Dunn

This is a parent of a Benedict College Student; If you are considering sending your son or daughter to this school. DON"T. It is the most poorly managed facility I have ever seen. I tried to persuade my daughter not to attend this college after reading 50 or 60 reviews online. Now she is wishing she had listened to me. I cannot understand where the money is going at this college. Someone needs to investigate the financials to see whether it is just inept management or whether money is being siphoned off for the directors of the school Today we found out, that the room mate of my daughter has been complaining to the school nurse about bites she is receiving and the school nurse said it is not bed bugs. She decided to go to the hospital and the hospital told her it was definitely Bed Bugs. The other thing is the facility is in poor repair and for the prices this college charges, it is a travesty. We are considering hiring an attorney and seeing what can be done. But, buyer BEWARE. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR FAMILY TO ATTEND THIS COLLEGE.

Arnold Warren


Rod Casey


My niece have had several grants given to her from our church but every time she goes to the bookstore the $500 is NOT available. Financial Aid is the one who assigned the money to her books for this semester and last but again the money is not available. Where is it? This really deters me from recommending any students that I am often mentoring to to any HBCU's if this is an example of how these type of schools operate.

Raylan Givens

I've seen Walmarts that are bigger. Higher education? What, the roof?

Trice Washington

Little cuz goes there school pretty damn big he plays football

Chellyyy Williams

Xion Goldsmith

This school is the the best . The president of the school is amazing

cristian palacios cordoba

Court Patri

Jeff Patton

OLE BC I miss this place, a real HBCU, you can have fun, you can learn and you can get in some mess ... choose wisely, but all around it wasn't a bad place to be, this school will give anybody a shot at getting a degree 2nd chances count

Sublime Existence

As an Alumnus of Benedict College I would say Benedict is a dynamic institution and an even better choice! The reality is that its not the perfect school for everyone, but if you're looking to take advantage of a great opportunity and have some defining experiences BC is a great choice! It is not a school you should come to just because mom wants you out of the house. If that's your largest aspiration then you'll FAIL and you wont enjoy the experience very much. I've met some of the most accomplished and talented professors at this institution. Not to mention, the family felt environment nurtures you but prepares you for the world! I'm super proud of my HBCU. I cant wait to see what else is in store for BC!

Grimmer Henderson

Kelly Camper

I am a proud Alumni of Benedict College. A Graduate of the class of 1992 and a member of the illustrious Sorority known as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Gamma Upsilon Chapter. My foundation as a young adult started at Benedict. My goal was to go to college and get my degree, but I never dreamed that my college experience at Benedict would surpass my expectations. I gained lifelong friendship with friends of 30 + years. With the caring support and understanding from the professors and staff, I received my Bachelor's degree in biology and built my career in the medical profession . Because of Benedict I am who I am as a strong, intelligent, confident woman who loves her Alma Mater. #IAMBENEDICT

Marc Kyle

This College Right Here Is Beyond Terrible, Im currently a student here and when i tell you it feels like im in jail, there are many roaches in the dorm halls and there is mold in the bathroom, the officials in charge doesnt care one cent about you, they give you classes that has nothing to do with your major, Campus Police are brutal and will arrest you for things that doesnt pose a threat, The Cafe Food Is Also Terrible Mostly Being Undercooked and the sad part is that i could keep going on and on about how the school is , If You are Seeing This Before You Attend Here , DONT COME !!! , Once You Come Its A Trap , They Dont Transfer All Of Your Credits.

patricia davis

I had the worst experience as a parent to a child who use to go there. I was trying to get his transcript so he would be able to attend another college. The young lady at the transcript office was really polite but once I went to the financial aid office it turn to like I was dumb and didn't know the reason why I came there. I mean it don't take a scientist to realize you can't get a transcript if you owe a debt so that's why I was sent there. The guy at the front desk was rude and not professional at all, he said to much that wasn't call for and I really do advise parents to check this college out before letting your child enter there. Just remember where ever you work always be polite and represent your job or company with the up most dignity.

Toni Price

Beautiful grounds building pretty modern and I heard great things about it, an my son attach Benedict College.

S Tolbert

Abubeker Abdullahi

Glenda Reyes

Nasir Khan owner

The best

sheria w illiams

Alyssa McNeil

Jhoneri Montaño Delgado

Jack Cole

I did not go here, but I would not recommend going here, as I discovered it on a Washington monthly article titled "America's Worst Colleges", taking the number one spot on one list because of the dismal amount of degrees awarded to part-time and transfer students and the high percentage of students who borrow. Whatever kind of college you were hoping to find, this is not it.

Taylar Sims

Parents and students BEWARE of the school!! I attend here now and I am currently working on transferring. Tuition is sky high! ($28,000 a year) living conditions is horrible food is horrible and a couple of the staff members are unhelpful also. All this school does is take your money and have you in high debt! Be careful you guys

Dane Acena

Paul Rupert Smithson

Smith Pugh

Predis Walker

At the student sign in much better this year :-)

Russell Ampbell

Great School I am 4th gen grad. Mom was 1st Ms. ..

Annie Tinsley

Merian Friday

buggles buggles

Definitely one of the SHITTIEST (not a word but still), yes, SHITTIEST schools I have ever been to. President Swinton is an idiot and a selfish, self-centered criminal. The school staff are just all of Swinton's little puppets who try to keep you in debt with the school for as long as possible. Most professors at Benedict College are either underpaid or they lack the qualifications needed to even teach elementary students. Scholarships are a pigment of your imagination. Half the students who go to Benedict, stop going to class by the fourth week of school. It is saddening to see a black community and college greatly deteriorate due to the criminal ways the President is running the school. Question, how does unworthy President Swinton create so much wealth and no reinvest some of it into his school? Swinton = criminal, idiot, and a danger to his surrounding community.

solomon oladele

I currently go here, and let me tell u it isn’t worth it! I recommend you attend another institution. Just because your mom or cousin or best friend went here doesn’t mean you should

Kymm Hunter

Excellent College with a Great Academic Program!


This is one of the worst schools in the US. It's not exactly cheap, either. The college literally "gives a diploma to those who try", but somehow 58% of students still leave after the first year. 70% of student won't graduate. It also has one of the highest HIV rates in the US, just saying...

Willie Hampton

Bc. Shows favortism even staff and are dead they and to change their attitude toward the public and especially those that know them outside of my God father frmchief and dean Charles Austin chief of campus police Haywood Bazemore capt Gregory Ballamy banned me after a professor and student threat me use to love bc now hate it very being

Ana Elliott

Maryanne Lockman

Did you have to put up those horrible pics up with a ladder, and buffer what's in the pics to represent the school?

Shana Mccray

I am currently a student heading toward graduation from Benedict. This school is what you make it. I can honestly say YES it does have its issues and definitely needs to be fixed up to health and safety codes. But my overall experience has been fairly great. The education I received here is what matters to me most. I am happy to be a Benedict Tiger! I did not stay on campus so that is why I feel my experience was fairly good.


Mattie Aikens

If you can go to a different school this school is full of

johnboy jupiter1

Dana Lawson

ed futch

Edwin Lee

Dr. Sybil Dione Rosado

John Smith

Thomas Squire


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