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200 High Service Ave, North Providence, RI 02904, United States Located in: Our Lady of Fatima Hospital: Perry Keith Arthu MD

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REVIEWS OF Saint Joseph School of Nursing IN Rhode Island

William Vitale

Tricia Attruia

I'm a graduate from this school. I chose to apply here because they had a reputation- a reputation of making you an RN way before you hit the floor with your eyes wide open , scared as anything. How? We had Clinical, took care of patients.... on DAY ONE... so 3-4 straight years of clinical experience is unheard of. Other programs get 1 semester maybe 2,, and they are poof** RNs, off to the hospital to learn THEN, on the floor, AT THEIR JOB, " how to be a nurse".... the St Joes grads were all settled in, had all of the clinical tasks mastered,and we were ready to get out there and take a full patient load and learn even more nursing practice. We basically had pick of any job we wanted, including critical care . It's a small local hospital program, but it has a reputation. We were in demand . We weren't nervous wrecks on out first day , because we had been doing it for 3 years allready , in addition to the extensive coursework . Together, not clinical then courses-- we did it simultaneously. It was brutal, nobody worked . They looked down on it. They required perfection in nursing practice. You demonstrated that, or they kindly ( sometimes not so kindly lol) said, goodbye and good luck to you. It was rough. It was hard. 3/4 of most classes drop. I made it . I made it to the end, I graduated at the top of my class from a rigorous program. I gained knowledge and wisdom from nurses who dedicated their whole lives to be exceptional nurses, and then to produce exceptional nurses. I admire them all and am grateful to have learned from all of them. And... I made it!!! I made it from a quality school of nursing, not a diploma mill. If this school hands you a diploma? Be proud and know you deserved and EARNED it!!! Do not get the wrong idea about mean nurse wratechets as instructors who left you to your own devices-- oh no you received many times one on one instruction... you had to pay attention, you had to put the work in, and they would bend over backwards to help you grasp something you might have had trouble with .they expected professionalism, preparing us for our chosen careers. We learned it. The best thing I've ever done is enroll in nursing school, we are nurses for life.They instilled the most important thing to us nursing students, in my opinion-- " you will NEVER stop learning as a nurse, it's impossible-- if you think you have nothing to learn, and you know it all? Run, Turn in your license and hang up that scope"I'll never forget and I'm forever humble in my practice. I'm a proud graduate of St Joseph School of Nursing!!!


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