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Cindy Wheetman

I love this school!! The learning leads work really great with the students to make sure they understand what you want and you understand what they are doing. Vey talented students, love my "future professional" who has been doing my hair for months now. This isn't a place that gets you in and out real quick, doesn't bother me because it's "my time" whether it's a 1 or 2 hours but if you want a quick cut this may not be the place for you. My mother found this place when they were on Atwells Ave good memories, as it was "our girls time".

Patricia Brogna

Kyle Hidenfelter

Brian Smith

My son has been battling with bullying and depression for a while now all because he is different in our community. Last week he was given completely tickets to a video game competition that he wanted to check out. As soon as we get in the building my son sees all the people and starts getting anxious. A group of guys in matching uniforms walk passed him and then one of them stops turns around and walks up to my son to check on son shares that he’s nervous around people and they invite him to join them if he would like. He introduces himself to me as Jake and I explained to him that he is bullied often at school for being different. This random man shared his story about being bullied also to my son , but he concluded with how everything got better once he found out he was not different in a bad way just was around the wrong people. He shared that he started cosmetology school only a short while ago and already has he been able to find happiness with people that do accept you. I’m only sharing this here because I did not know how to find you but I wanted to say thank you because I can’t remember when my son was as happy as he has been sense. I am even more excited because this is the first time I’ve ever seen my son wont to go out to to find a place to expand his future when he graduates in a couple years. He already is excited to visit your school to meet other people that share similar interest as his own. Again I can’t thank you enough, and we are glad you where able to find your happy place. You will definitely be seeing us come in for our hair needs as this is the type of people we need in our world.

jenny arocho

what I will say is that my experience with them was horrible . Very unprofessional not the students but the front desk staff..

Rashmi Prakash

karen larsen


Rebecca Tartaglia

Amazing yo watch everyone learn and grow as cosmetologists!!!

Lisa Neufeld

Aiyana has always gone above and beyond. My cut, color, and style always come out looking spectacular. Everyone adored my hairdo. I can't thank her enough.

kristen hopkins

Rose Rezendes

Jeff Jotz

Vicky was fantastic! She did an excellent job on my hair and knew exactly what looked good. Looking forward to my next visit.

Christina Valliere

Wonderful staff and service! The staff and students are very dedicated to listening to your needs!

Caitland Cabral

Had a blast. The only downfall was it took forever! My appointment was at 9:45am and I didn't get out till 3pm. The pricing on the website is mis guiding I didn't expect to pay 95$ on a place that is also a school! Will not be going back.

Kimberly Wilcox

Ana Markasyan

I came here for haircuts several times, and even solicited my friends to come here. The haircuts were always pretty good. Yes, they take a long time, but I always expect this from students because they're learning. I have patience and always reserved an hour or more for a haircut. I kept coming here many times because I love contributing to someone's education while getting a great deal on a haircut. It's a win-win for everybody. But yesterday, I got the nastiest treatment... I was in a supermarket in the middle of the day when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. I picked up the phone and a girl started telling me about a Paul Mitchell promotion. I had a hard time hearing her on the phone (you know, I was in a loud supermarket) plus I couldn't really talk at the moment because I was in the middle of balancing my phone to my ear, my shopping cart, and a grocery list. A promotion was the last thing on my mind at the moment. So I began saying to the girl that I'm sorry, I'm in the middle of something and can't talk right now. Before I could finish my sentence and tell her to call me back later, SHE HUNG UP ON ME!!! How rude. Not only that, she had the most depressed tone of voice. I know it's not fun calling people but that's the job you signed up for. Calls like this turn people off rather than increase your business. I suggest you take her off this job and get someone happier to call people. I'm not sure if I want to come back now...

Jacob White

Kate B

I have been getting my hair cut at the Paul Mitchell school in Cranston since they were in their first location on Atwood Ave. Everyone is great....the students do a really good job and their learning leaders are readily available to assist, supervise and problem solve as needed. I go every 4-5 weeks and highly recommend them!

Joseph Calcagno

Disgusting. No supervision.

Debra Christy

Melonie was excellent and offered wonderful suggestions and tips.

Carol Gelsomino

Nadine did a wonderful job under the guidance of one of her teachers--she was extremely personable and invested in making sure I was happy with my haircut! Thanks!

Anthony Arruda

RUNNNN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!! WORST experience ever!! It took 2 hours to put in highlights which turned out bleached white! They had to put toner in which then turned my hair dark brown with no highlights! I was suppose to get a haircut and blow dry but I was too scared to let them cut my hair. Then to top it off the receptionist was so rude and had such an attitude when I told her I was disappointed in the service. They had the nerve to charge me an Additional $20 to pay for the extra bleach and toner they used to fix their mistakes!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! 3 HOURS WASTED THAT I WILL NEVER GET BACK!!

Bella Garces

Kyon Piche

Been going for many years now. Always happy with my results. I have never had any problems with rudeness or attitude from any of the many students I have seen. Ask for phase 2 student.

Ruth Rios

I've been there a few times. Jake, my stylist is AWESOME. Very professional, clean, great place to get all of your beauty needs. The professor's there make you feel comfortable.

Roxanne Stern

I just want to complement the "future professional" who has been working on my style over the past several months, "Allie." She can shape my hair very well. It's important that hair stylists know how to cut and shape as well as how to do perms and coloring. Allie has done well with my hard-to-manage hair.

marion fath

Diani Desantos

I went to Paul Mitchell for the first time to get my eyebrows wax. The wax was extremely hot and left my eyebrows burning. Now I have a burnt mark under my eyebrows . I regret going there

ashley medeiros


I had a Groupon that offered a haircut, conditioning treatment & highlights. I told the student how many inches I wanted my hair to be cut but she cut it a LOT shorter than I asked her. When I told the teacher about it she didn't care & said "don't worry hair grows back." When I asked for angles in the front of my face the student completely messed up & it's uneven & extremly choppy. Even after toning my hair after the highlights it had a green tinge to it. When I rebooked to get it toned they wanted me to pay for the toner even thought their policy is to fix it for free. I ended up paying an extra 55 dollars for a botched haircut & green tinged hair. Just remember they are students & do not have much experience. Essentially the customers are guinea pigs. Just beware of them & remember they're cheap for a reason.

Ann Simbron

I have never had a problem with any of the students working on my hair. I have been going to the school for 3 years. Love the treatment I have received and the prices.

Karen Rose

I went for the first time with a Groupon. My stylist was Kelly and she was wonderful! The dye job is beautiful, my hair cut was perfect and she was very professional and personable. I rebooked a return appointment with with Kelly. I can't wait to see what great thing she does next!

cassandra dorton

I booked a 9:45am appt at the salon. I wanted platinum hair. The girl did baby highlights instead. I wasn't happy with the way it looked (it was nowhwre bear blonde nor a solid color) so they had a new girl fix it since the first girl had to leave. The new girl redid it, cut my hair and didn't even put ANY layers like I asked. And guess What? Still just highlights, no platinum or solid color anywhere AND WORST PART is you can still see the line from the old hair dye regrowth. I paid over a hundred dollars and ten hours in a chair for my scalp to be red and my hair to feel like straw. The girl rushed through the end and didn't even finish blow drying it. I have NEVER had such a horrible experience at a salon! :(

Ashley B

Elizabeth Lasorsa

Avery was fantastic! I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. After a great consult I walked out looking fabulous. Highly recommend the teachers are right there every step of the way ...

chris kerfoot

Brianna DiNapoli

Love how my hair came out here ! I went from a dead looking brown/blonde to red and I love it!

Caroline Oneil

I had an awful experience at my recent hair appt. Appt was with stage 1. I usually always do stage 2 an now I know why. When your getting a foil an your doing high an low lights an the student says Oh do I put both high an low in one bowl??? I knew there were going to be problems an yes there were problems. I think that student was not ready to work on the floor at all yet! Also was unable to do a round layer cut??? Had no idea what she was doing... Pretty basic cut.... Scary. I think student Emily needs to hit the books before heading back out on the floor.. Wow still can't believe it....Awful. An to think the teacher Rhoda who had to do a lot of my cut thought the foil came out good. Well Rhoda you have Emily highlight your hair next time. I bet you won't. Awful

Delta Ayres

Gerry Turbeville

Amy was wonderful. She will be a great professional when she graduates in December. My color and haircut turned out great. I enjoyed having two shampoos. Will most definitely return.

Sunila Bhave

Please do not go for a student haircut. The student was very sweet and tried her best but she was not trained enough to deal with a real person. The instructor abandoned the student and disappeared half way through the haircut and the student was clueless about how to proceed. After I complained another instructor clumsily finished my haircut and I left with uneven hair.

Michelle Sherman

Ally was FANTASTIC! She was friendly, eager, and did a really great job on my cut and highlights. I'd definitely see her again!

Jennifer Torres

I've had an EXCELLENT Experience EVERY SINGLE Time. NOTHING LESS. I dyed My hair at home & made a total mess of My haircolor like a genius. FreakedOUT. Called THEM & They were TOTAL Lifesavers. Luis was The Student at that time & did an absolute PHENOMENAL job. Simply incredible. NOT ONLY did He FIX it, THAT was The BEST color I've EVER had. EVERYONE there does an excellent job EVERY TIME. Cut & color is just done so professionally. Considering Their ONLY Students?? They're AWESOME. I've NEVER had ANY Negative experiences. EVER. Everyone has ALWAYS been very friendly, polite & professional. I've ALWAYS been an extremely satisfied Customer. And THAT is The UNDERSTATEMENT of The MILLENIUM. I'm ALWAYS in there, so I KNOW what I'm talking ABOUT. So if You are looking for a great haircut, color or ANYTHING else as such... I would DEFINITELY give Paul Mitchell a try. I'm POSITIVE You will ALSO have a VERY positive experience...

Gianna Paul

We went to have a haircut and also my daughter had her hair highlighted. Everyone was extremely nice and took their time to assure that the customer was pleased with what they were doing. The teacher also oversaw the entire process. Very pleased with the results and would return back again.

Molly Leonard

Absolutely horrible experience! I went in for a haircut and balyage. I was told by the teacher that my hair would not be able to be balyaged because it was too dark, even though the ends of my hair were blonde! Then i recieved a very uneven haircut which wasnt checked by a teacher after the student cut it. After about 3 hours of wasted time I left with a awful brunette dye job and uneven haircut. I am very dissatisfied with the service will not be returning!! Dont bother trying to save money by going here instead of a normal salon it just isn't worth it! I do a better job dying my hair at home with boxed dye and I'm not even a cosmotologist !!!!!!

Pavua Lor

It was a terrible experience. Worst place I have ever been to. All the students were rude. The teacher was ignorant and rude as well. Every time I had a question he gave an attitude or an annoyed face. Didn't even get the hair color I wanted. Was not a relaxing experience. walked in and felt the ignorant atmosphere right away. Never going back !

Mudassar Khatib

Kristina Fredericksen

I love the way my hair came out!! The girl was very professional and willing to try something new. The instructors are right there to assist and guide the students. They listened to my concerns and worked to make it a very positive experience. I brought both of my nieces and they had a wonderful time getting sassy new hair styles!

Lily Peckham

I did not like this place at all. The students had NO clue what they were doing. I specifically asked for what I wanted the day I booked the appointment and then the day of the student said she had no knowledge of how to do it. Really?

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