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REVIEWS OF Knight Campus - Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) IN Rhode Island

Allison Tougas

I don't understand why the lighting in the parking-lot is so poor. The school could have added more lights, but instead they worry about updating the inside of the building. I do not enjoy walking to the building because students driving in are high-beaming me because they can not see. Not to mention I have almost been struck by vehicles several times because of the poor lighting. Just one more issue that proves this school does not care about the students. The new rotary is more lite up than the parking... I mean come on.

Kevin Novell


Totally disgusted with CCRI. The administrators do not care about students. They dont care how hard some students work towards their career goal. They are all about making money and that's it. I'd much rather pay for an education through New England Tech or University than go to school for free at CCRI. CCRI needs to change their policy and need to acknowledge that not all students have an easy life outside of college .

Cameron Sipka

go pay teachers 1,000's of dollars just for them to give you a link to teach yourself online. whenever you complain they say this is how students want it. bull, this is how the book and test companies want it. at least everyone is getting rich off me. this society is a JOKE.

Richard Herist

A great place to learn

Stephanie Wong

Kino Yin

Nora Fries

Friendly staff. A great resource for RI.

Andrew Clarkin

Yudelquy Castillo

Ahmad Al-Badry

My great time was her Best college I attend in my life. I was here in 1987-1988 I studied computer science.

Christina James

Jacob B

I attended CCRI from beginning 2015- mid 2017. During this time I can say that I was thoroughly disappointed. During the second semester of my freshmen year my grandmother fell deathly ill. This destroyed me, and prevented me from going to class. However, due to the timing of this illness, I was not allowed to simply drop courses. Instead I was charged for the entire bill and received failing grades in all but one class. When I tried to make arrangements with the professors to have them send me the work via email or digitally only ONE of FOUR was kind hearted enough to agree. The others simply waived me away and dropped me from the course for lack of attendance. This entire experience nearly discouraged me from attending school altogether. However, since leaving CCRI, I have been attending another school (University not community college) that actually cares about its students and wants them to succeed. I am now THE (singular) top performing student in my major for my class. TLDR; Don't attend here. They don't want to see you succeed and would rather give up on students then be compassionate when hard times hit.

Erin McDonnell

Drew Ford

Lots of parking available. Good amount of classes after normal hours so if you are working full time it's ok.

Jeremy Moore

Whatever you do, don't go to this school. The staff and students are jerks. The students aren't friendly at all and only care about hanging a lanyard out of their pocket and bragging about having jobs and owning cars.


R Wheeler

An Alumni graduate of this

Elvin Turcios

Static Jones

Superstar Brandon

I love the fact that I'm pursuing an education at this college. Plus, if you can't afford to pay for college, you can apply for financial aid, and they'll help you. Oh, and, the Wi-Fi connectivity is really bad inside

Basim Anabtawi

Jae Bradburd

I am not a school type of person. With that being said, I graduated from CCRI and now have a wonderful career.

Merline Checo

Love the Warwick campus. I feel safe and it’s very student friendly.

Neil Perdomo

I’m writing this review not on the academic values of the college but more on its infrastructure. Specifically the parking lot. It’s ridiculous. At night it’s basically pitch black and finding somewhere to park is such a pain. The inside of the college looks and feels like a prison and it’s honestly depressing.

Jim Pecora

A wonderful Community Collage, great common areas for this Rhode Island Mineral Hunters Club Show. End of October each year.

Matt Sudman

this place is the worst. Every department from financial aid, Bursar, and guidance are there to make sure it costs as much as possible. No one is interested in helping kids learn and they make it as difficult as possible. Do not go here. Its a waste of time and now I am worse off then before.

Savannah Ruiz

Love this campus! All the staff are so helpful and the school is easy to get around.

Hannah Ross

Signing up for school here has been one of the most frustrating and dysfunctional processes I’ve been through. Most of the staff is very unhelpful and rude. I’m always being passed on to other people and it’s clear no one cares when I just need some information. I’ve been to a different community college and it wasn’t even half as bad as this experience.


Graduate here! Whoop whoop! I worked damn near hard for it too! I have learned so much from some amazing professors, such as Elizabeth burns, Zackery Kerigan, Michael Burdon, The biology department. Of course their are bad individuals, but so are there everywhere else. People, we live in a universe WE DO NOT control and that can be scary, trust me I know! I have dealt with some cruel heartless advisors but I did not give up and found a great advisor named Pamela who pushed me to get over my hurdle so that now I have been able to graduate! Thank you to the police officers now in the building to keep students safe from any danger even though there has not been any immediate danger thus far. Thank you again Community College of Rhode Island for allowing me to get on my feet and move forward with my life! Remember this, we cannot control the 90% of the outside world: but we CAN control the 10% internal self. Be great !

Magdalis Dias

Isaac Addai


Stephanie Hessmann

Patricia D

My teenage daughter is taking drivers ed classes at the Warwick Knight campus. The instructor she has is spending more time telling children that tape is not a crime unless found guilty in a court of law & that leukemia is an insignificant disease unless the person gets a blow to the head. My daughter is beyond uncomfortable & getting quite traumatized by this instructors inappropriate & incensitive communications to the class. Not to mention she is a survivor of a leukemia scare she had as a very young child. His insensitivity towards not only females but clearly most people in general is not adequate enough to be instructing any class. I’ve tried to reach out to anyone at the campus for assistance in resolving this matter to only be left on hold for 45 min then disconnected. This is just unacceptable on all levels

Odithe Rudio

M. DS.

Great education i recieved here

stephanie wahlers

Licia Andrade Semedo

Great communication!

Lori Wulff

A great school. Has a great variety of career choice. I attended in 1995

Lexi Bear

Parking is horrible, sexual assault is popular, elevators feel like they are breaking, there’s thousands of cameras yet people are getting stabbed, try a different school perhaps a university...

Paul Chacon

Clean and secure

Trinayse Ward

this place sucks

Casey Hogan

Not a bad school to go to!

Katie Dawson


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