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REVIEWS OF York College of Pennsylvania IN Pennsylvania

Alan Bocchini

Food Service is best around.

Jay Weisenberger

Yoko Enomoto

Newville Gettysburg

Jr Reid

Nikita Volodin


Steven Rubenstein

The education quality much like the cost was very cheap. Transferred in bc i didn't have to re-apply and if not for all the great friends I made there and the fact I already transferred I accepted the adjunct profs and lack of culture. I have a diploma card.

Ronald Wolfe

I graduated from here in 1984, Since that time the campus has grown alot, added much more parking, nicer facilties, first class sports facilties, even better professors yet maintains the interaction with students that it is famous for. I am very proud of the advance York College has made. This College appears to be a University. PS> THe tution although increased markably, it is stil a very good value.

Shanya Moritz

Mike Potter

Jeff Sweitzer

Aminul Fahad


Brendan M.

When I went there the nickname for the dining hall was scurv.

Haley Myers

Wonderful school with wonderful professors! Small class sizes allow for more individualized learning and great friendships to be formed!

Maria Drz

Graduated with my B.S. in Nursing from YCP in 2006. I believe I got a top notch Nursing education from them. I was very well prepared to enter my field and prepared for my Nursing boards. I have nothing but fond memories of my 4 years spent in York, PA. Awesome professors and met amazing people out there! As a bonus, this school tuition is pretty affordable ( or at least used to be) and I did not come out of school with a crazy student loan amount.

Tykadreon Lawrence

Michael Crumling

Horribly overpriced, and at least 3 people per month are robbed while walking to or from campus, most at gun point.

Stormy Joey

Carey Cassidy

Wonderful school. State of the art athletic facilities. The lacrosse team is the best, everyone loves the players and coaches. They are top dog on campus from what I hear.

Maribel Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) tremendous Colleg (Original) Tremendo Colleg

Tim breen

Pierre Mouradian

Solid education with real life experience.

Buck Shockley

Benjamin Colon

Wonderful school and education. When you compare what YCP has to offer versus others schools this is a no brainer. Wish they had a football team though. They have come a long way since I attended there. The athletic programs and facilities are improving immensely and are gaining regional acceptance as a school not to take lightly. Go spartans

Christina Rowley

Got my undergrad degree in Marketing from York College. I appreciated the real world experience of the professors. They elaborated on theories from the textbooks by providing context based on what they actually saw and experienced in the industry. Facilities are immaculate and are constantly being improved!

Suzi Burt

I will be graduating from York College in the winter of 2013 with a degree in History and I cannot say enough about YCP. I love the experiences and the faculty at York, all of my history professors are published authors that are very involved in their field and conduct international trips at least two times a year. I have gotten a lot of great feedback about career choices from my academic advisor and from the department as well. The growth on campus, of buildings and students, is impressive. York College is currently building a new business center and has a dedicated 10 year growth plan for buildings and enrollment. I'm sure some people have had negative experiences with the school, and people at the school, but I have had a great time learning and growing at York College.

Damaris Rodriguez

Family oriented

Dawn Heft

If you're looking for an adjunct professor education, this is your school!! I don't think they employ real professors, and the advisors are overworked and frankly useless. Spend your money elsewhere.. We learned the hard way.. Also, make sure you get receipts for EVERYTHING!!! The business office is not the best at record keeping. You can also expect to get parking tickets on a regular basis. The campus is not the safest; there have been several attacks at gunpoint recently. We were so happy at first, but the school has gone downhill.. There is a mass exodus of capable staff, and one has to question why??? **UPDATE** - During the last snow storm my son had to go to work. He walked out to his car to find the plowers plowing him in. He kindly asked if they could plow the snow beyond his car as he had to go to work. The workmen answered "no" and my son had to dig himself out with his bare hands while the plowers kept plowing. Folks, think twice about sending your loved ones to the school. Everything this school represents is meanspirited and disjointed.

Awn Only You

I graduate high school in 2020, so I looking for college, I want to know this college have studying for photography or art design??. . . Please comment for telling me! Thank your

Hebert Lucas

Bryan Bailey

Brian Holt

Cheap, delicious food for college students living on a dime. It can get busy at times but if you live within walking distance, take-out is always the better option.

Ericka Quenzer

Sandip Singh

Shane Rouzer

One of Pennsylvania's best schools for Nursing.

Dan Zdanoff

Rey White

I graduated from York College in 1974, and I have to say I received a first rate education that prepared me for grad school several years later. I received a BA in English and worked in the marketing and public relations sector for ten years before deciding to teach full time. I received my Masters of Science degree in education from Nova Southeastern University and taught for 30 years. Now that I'm retired, I think fondly of my York College Professors who inspired me to become an educator.

Jackie Rippert

jason Zabady

It’s a good school but I went when it was $12,000 a year. Colleges are way too expensive and unless your going to be a Doctor or lawyer it may not make sense financially to go. The student loans will crush you so think very hard and make sure you found something your passionate about otherwise the next 25 yrs will be miserable.

JettBa 22

C Dierdorff

avi tetro

Dylan Maddox

Don’t know anything about this place. I’ve never been. I hear Joe Massaro used to crush grinder here. If you are into that type of thing. I personally like tinder and, occasional, Uber hookup.

Melinda Tice

I absolutely loved attending York College. The classes they provided and the professors who taught them were the Best of the Best! York also kept up with student life and involvement, there was always something to do on campus or if you needed help with homework they even had a Learning Center to help you out. York College is also the perfect location to everything in the York Area, and the internship opportunities that they could provide students were steps ahead of other colleges. Love the school and its people!

Bryan R

Update Jan. 2018: I’m disappointed to see that the graduation ceremony has changed little since I left 10 years ago. The school still utilizes a giant circus tent for graduation, and organization for the event as only minimally improved. The overall experience of York College is an outstanding one, but the graduation ceremony still requires improvement. **I graduated in 2008 and I must say, the only thing about York that I regretted was not having a football team to cheer for. Aside from that it was a good experience, solid professors, and overall a good education.

Catie Jones

I graduated in 2004 and I absolutely LOVED York! I loved the size of the classes and personalized attention you recieved from the professors (I was even tutored by one personally!) the professors really take their time to guide you and to make sure that you are understanding the lessons. The tuition was affordable especially for a private college!! The social life was awesome too. Tons of fun frats & bars to go to. The parties were always so fun and the drinks were always super cheap! I lived on Jessop Place, which wasn't the safest street. But to be honest, if you want to live off campus, you are taking a risk. Living on campus is great but when I was there, it was a dry campus, so I opted to live off campus my Junior & Senior year. The house I lived in was robbed once (we left the door unlocked, which wasn't very smart) but other than that I didn't have any issues with my house. All in all, I would say York was a great experience, and you better believe that I will be highly recommending my children go to my Alma Mater. :)

Hugh Sebra

Derrick Toomey

I've if the best private colleges in the country!!

KettleCornPop 13

The Artist

This place is really racist! If you're spanish don't even dare to apply for a job with then. I been Applying for a job in here since the beggining of 2017 last year and everytime they are hiring and i said am puerto rican they always said the position is full when in reality they are hiring. Don't try to educate students when can't educate yourselves you racist bastards!

Noah Kuczkowski

Decent acedemics but terrible student life. Campus staff and authorities do not take student safety and well being seriously. I had no choice but to leave the school when my safety was threatened by other students and the college didn’t believe and blatantly ignored my requests for help, I hope nobody else has to endure what I have in my time there.

Ruben Marrero

Snow mountain

nascar pony express acapella

SBCOH Molodezh

Educational college, professors are gteat

Coleen Colson

Cattie Jones

Kevin Byrnes

Niman Niman


Margie Hickey

Kate Lauer


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