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REVIEWS OF Valley Forge Military Academy and College IN Pennsylvania

Юлия Андрюнина

shaderra williams

Brian Murphy

xu chengtian

worst school 厄尔 seen

Kenneth Mitchell


This was the best time of my young life. I learned honor, responsibility and respect of all people no matter their color or religion. I earned top of my class in mathematics and science, two medals I cherish to this day. God bless America, God bless VFMA. I went on to graduate from the Wharton School with a solid foundation. Gold Stars forever! Peter Breuninger.

Ethan Romano

Anything the tell you at orientation and touring is only a half truth this place is only a husk of what it used to be with cadets climbing over one another for rank and those who do have rank being terribly under qualified many of the rules regulations and tridotions are under unforced. When people refuse to follow the rules nothing really happens they try and punish them but when they refuse to do their punishment nothin happens they don't kick people out and many people just don't care to try and fix it including the staff The truth is this place is so desperate for money that it ruins the idea of tridition honor and high standards that this place parades around

Where in the World is Kate?

My son went there when it was all male. He needed that environmrnt. Sometimes he liked it. Sometimes he hated it. In hindsight, I think it added to his character and helped form the outstanding man he is today. He is completely self-made, self-starter, loyal and continous learner. Totally, successful on all levels. Like all things, It's what you make it. Either lemons or lemonaid, just like life its your choice. Thanks Valley Forge!

Hope McGill

Linda Gould

Edwin Rodriguez

Horrible Place. Would not recommend visiting. Ever.

Lawrence Mangan


gaming withJ

Amazing school recommend to so many other talented kids willing towork and strive

David Angelotti

Jessica Carreras

No common courtesy or respect is taught from this school. I’ve seen Public schoolers act a lot better.

Diego Lopez

Mike P

My son went to this school as an incoming freshman. He had a horrible experience. The lack of leadership in the barracks was awful. My son experienced hazing, bulling, was beat up several times and nothing was ever done to the students who committed the crimes. It got so bad we had to pull him out of there two months prior to the year end. He tried hard to do the right thing at all times and never got into trouble. He passed his Plebe with no problem and was often told by his TAC officers that he was the best cadet in the barracks. The bad cadets had no accountability and the TAC Officers were either too lazy to do anything about it or just got so fed up with the problems they quit their job. This school takes any derelict that comes off of the street but they don't know how to handle the kids. If you are thinking of sending your child to a military academy, my advice is you look elsewhere. My son became really scarred because of this bad school and it's taken medication and one year of therapy to get him back in shape. VFMAC might have been a great school before but not today.

Brian Farrell

jason orellana

Im down


Bruce J. Allen

BSA Camporee was amazing. But really cold!

Ghazal Albakri

Marilyn Hope

Iibbra Sharan

i hate

Sophia.savage Carrera

Robin Lahiri

Joseph Ricca

The Academy was host to the 106th Boy Scout Valley Forge Encampment. The boys had a taste of what General Washington and his Continental Army endured during the winter of 1777-1778. The Academy was a fantastic host, the Scouts are very grateful. The grounds are beautiful.

Alexys Red Bear

John ONeill

Best experience of my life! I am back for my 20 year reunion and proud of the life lessons the school instilled in me. Also one of the most beautiful campuses one will experience. Thank you Valley Forge Military Academy.

Da Arč

nothing but LAIRS, CHEATS AND SCUM BAGS. Nothing else.

ivan faltas


Christopher Onesti

Civil Air Patrol, Squadron 1007's Awards Banquet was hosted by Valley Forge Military Academy and College on Saturday November 17, 2018. It was a wonderful venue, delicious catering and amazing staff! We highly recommend them if you have an event that needs hosting/catering!

Leonard Bezar

Minerva Gonzalez

Jake Bullock

David Perez Webel

Sarah Rini Effendi RICE

My youngest brother is a very nice person. However being the youngest brother he has grown up having trouble undestanding responsibility. When he was not doing well at Pepperdine, he agreed to go to Valley Forge to finish his Bachelors degree. I am the sister of a dearest brother who saw my brother had a life changing experience at this school. My nephew is planning on attending Valley Forge Academy as soon as he graduate high school.

Sarabi Ashworth

john ramos goes here

George De Esch

King Davis


Life changing

Daymon warren

Jeffrey Davis

Can't wait to return for my 45th reunion. Went from the Academy into the Navy and had an incredible career as a result of my time at Valley Forge.

Efrain Tolentino

Rosemary Browne

Jaimie Van Antwerp

Douglas Jones

Aaron Lock

Valley Forge Military Academy got me ready for Military service within the Navy. I'm currently at the Naval Academy and I'll tell ya, going to VFMA helped so much in regards to introducing me to a military enviroment, academic standings, and being successful overall. I would highly recommend this academy. For anyone enrolling, I say to you this: Make this experience the best you can. You can try to get out of things but in the end, everything there is there to help and benefit you.

barbara merkin

We are the proud parents of our son who has attended Valley Forge Military academy for 3 years. His experience has been fruitful and he has matured in many ways from good character to making wiser decisions. The discipline of working hard and follow-thru have afforded him to get a job, his license and the respect of his older brothers. We are so grateful for the chain of command and the teaching that takes place at Valley Forge instilling positive learning techniques and teamwork. Thanks again to all the staff and faculty that dedicate their lives to these young men.

Maotang Qian

Reggie Dowling

Nobody Nobody

Tanner Howe

David Johnothan McMichael

Kenneth Allen

Best and Best!

Carl Goebel

Michael Jones

albert Lin

Joshua Keyes

VFMA got me to college and the tools I learned while there got me through college. Then from college I have recently become apart of a Large investment company, so was the education worth it? Absolutely.


joel bonilla

Michael Pollack

Cheryl Mixson

Louis Cuebas

Best times of my life at this school. It offered a lot which make me the man I am today.

Tarik Charles


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