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REVIEWS OF Penn State University IN Pennsylvania

Amy Gonaro

Nice school, my kids go there

Ryan McCartney

Great campus! Beware of parking tickets though!

Lucas Fabian Hackl

Great place if you want to do research in gravity: I'm a graduate student in the gravity group and believe that it was a great choice to come here. Beside the excellent research, State College is a nice town (maybe a bit small) and has almost everything one can wish for - due to its size everything is also nearby. The Penn State Campus is really pretty and sometimes I just go to the Aboretum to think about my research.

Harshit Patel

Wonderful university with excellent faculty and mentorship that enables students to lay a strong foundation for future success.

Sarah Kacowicz

It's a great university. The campus is very nice!! Is good watch when is summer and people are playing some sports.

Aaron DeArmitt

Best university ever!

Ed D

One of the great universities in the world.

Wendy Walker Cushing

LOVE everything about this school. My daughter will be attending this year 2013 as a freshman. Every time I have been on campus I've received such a warm welcome. They are so warm and thoughtful and helpful to parents as well as students. I feel that she will be receiving the best education she can at Penn State University.

Robson Machado

As a grad student at the Food Science Department I could not be happier. I cannot talk for the maybe hundreds of other departments, but at lease in our dept and as far as I know in the College of Agriculture, most people are happy with their programs. And then we have State College... awesome city to live if you like small cities...

Hayden Hall

Let’s go PSU

Irene Chiu

Wellllll, Great college & fabulous campus

Steve Powell

One of the finest University Campuses I have ever been too. I graduated in 1985 and did not appreciate the beauty of the buildings and grounds until years later.

Ivan Rogers II

Great college, great staff, and beautiful scenery this is probably one of the best schools you can attend

Jairam Vanamala

Wonderful campus and awesome people. Inspires you to learn and grow.

Ryan Chiu

An experience where what you get what you put in. The university is home to world renowned professors and academics in all fields of study, especially so in degrees especially related to the Sciences, Technlogies, and Agriculture. The quality of education mostly falls upon one's ability to tap the resources there are to offer. It is quite easy to miss out and fall short in the Penn State community if you choose to rest on your laurels. I would highly recommend this university to anyone who wants a strong job network and education as well as those who have the drive to make the most of their time both educational and socially.

Yial McYial

Who doesn't love PSU? WE ARE!!

Elizabeth Garcia

School does care about you! Whatever happens to their students doesn't matter to them, would never recommend this University! I'm disgusted!

Keisha Deeds

A good campus. :)

Will Fullerton

Very useful and applied specialized courses in my field (Materials Science). Lots to do and a fun time if you meet the right people.

Krishna Gadia

Amazing school. Loads of things to do.

Lauren Razawich

Best 4 years of my life! I received a wonderful education while I also learned important life lessons. There is never a dull moment in Happy Valley. I'm convinced that there is no place with as much school pride as PSU. I will forever bleed blue and white. We are!

Eduard Ivashchuk

The campus is pretty nice and they are always expanding.

Mirac MDK

Wish to be on their wrestling team one day will come true

Marissa Storhaug

The academic side of this school is ultimately the reason I choose it. In the medical classes I am pushed by some of the most knowledgeable and awarded professors. I feel prepared for a higher degree and I'm excited for the future. I don't doubt why it is ranked number one amongst job recruiters. I'll be Penn State proud forever.


If you are looking for a Big school with many people and activities, this is very solid choice you can make. People are fun and amicable. Also, this school's capability and fame in researching field is impressive.

Zoe Mullins

Great school and campus

Ravinder Kumar

i wanna email id for purchasing mushroom mother culture

Ravi Rao

Great university in every way! Good science/medicine program with strong research base.

tod hodgkin

online schooling is really bad! it takes for ever for a teacher to might help there student! 3 of my teachers doesn't help at all!


I have received a great education from Penn State University at affordable tuition compared to other colleges around. I'm well pleased with the quality of education I received from Penn State. Professors were very knowledgeable and willing to help you. Consider tutoring services on your Penn State campus. They have valuable resources to help you to become successful student! Great opportunities to meet new friends and attend a variety of clubs and events on Penn State campus. Best of luck to all of future prospective students at Penn State! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree Nursing. I did very well and Penn State nursing has did a wonderful job with helping me to prepare myself for the NCLEX. For future nursing students, consider Penn State as your choice for great quality of nursing education!!

niranjan yardi

awesome university! :)

Cody Wilson

Great school.

Zhongjing Li

Decent academic and sport school. However, life expense is fairly high as a college town. Seems to be pushed up by the realtor developers, who might pay the school as return in favor. Commuting is a problem too. Buses are always packed in school days. Parking lots on campus are up to a mile to your building. Constant traffic jams in and near campus. Town roads are narrow and curvy, especially Atherton and Park.

Jeff Patel


Ryan Overa

good running back in saquon barkley

Chichi Channel

Beautiful campus with rich history.

Jacob Vaux

Very nice campus, good programs

Beresford Pratt

Penn State is an internationally acclaimed research institution. It has one of the world largest collegiate networks, and a plethora of studies/majors/ focuses for its large body of scholars. They have an amazing athletic program, and Penn State is very well known for football, volleyball, wrestling, hockey, and much more. But all that side the largest organization on the campus is the nation's biggest student run philanthropy THON for the kids suffering from cancer. Penn State does it the right matter what others think... Penn State Pride!! I am Penn State Proud...WE ARE!!

Paul Ernst

Currently attending. I am loving every minute of it!

Sush Joshi

Visited The Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania. My son was selected for Masters studies in this great university. This is a research oriented major public university founded in 1855, having many campuses and facilities throughout Pennsylvania.

Hassan Ansari

Penn State is one of the finest academic institutions in the world. The professors I had were really passionate and were full of knowledge. I felt that the education I received was not only rigorous, but also extremely relevant to the real world.

Zakaria Sven

Best College!! one of the greatest schools in USA. Haven't seen other colleges but this is definitely the best one.

Christopher Santana

Filled with white kids smh

Alexandria Solt

Penn State University opened doors to me and enabled me to succeed upon graduation. Only those who have partaken in the University in some way can truly "rate" the school. Our football program and the actions of a few do not overshadow the overwhelmingly positive attributes of Penn State. It is true that almost everyone knows someone who attended the university and there is a reason for that...excellence. I am forever proud of my alma mater and will always stay Penn State strong.

Sa Lee

Beware of online degree programs. I took two grad level classes in GIS and remote sensing through the John Dutton institute e-campus. At $2,500 a course, the classes delivered minimal content with apathetic instructors. I decided not to continue toward grad certificate because the investment wasn't worth it. It's very unfortunate that Penn State seems to be like many for profit school's out to make money without delivering a quality product at the expense of students looking to gain skills and better their careers.

Craig Tollting

It was great, except for all the football coaches trying to chase down the young boys. That was kind of a downer.


Bless up, brother. Welcome to Penn State.

Aaron Rape

I wish that I could go back. It's such a charming Totten!

Yu-Wei Hsia

Nice and beautiful place for study!

Donald Trump

One star for Dr. Halnon, her behavior is abhorrent.

Alex Hall

The best 4 years of your life.

Lucas Klenovich

Great place.

Michelle P

Fun, but demands hard work. Was a great experience!

Rob Vargo

Best campus in the world!

Juan Gaviria

Great school! They call it happy valley for a reason


Beautiful campus

Justin Merrell

WE ARE! PENN STATE! Great university as any other, still going to find your typical expected problems.

John O'Donald

Big university in a small town, plenty of opportunities and resources for everyone. If you take full advantage and get involved it will certainly be an unforgettable experience. The university gets smaller the more you join clubs and activities and make them your own.

pu su

Hate to do it, but I'm going to have to agree with some of what Mark said. I think I owe it to my Alma Mater and native-state to try to make it better through constructive criticism. Penn State main-campus' strength is not necessarily it's personal-touch. Although I graduated from this institution and do have some fond memories and appreciate the experience, I definitely came-in optimistic, social, confident and left not necessarily so, somewhat socially-awkward and feeling disconnected from people around me. I think I even regressed in-terms of health-habits and life-skills. Not only is this school huge, but State College itself is somewhat isolated (Happy Valley) from the rest-of the world. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps, things have changed since I graduated, but for all of the money that is spent on administration and staff, something could be done to make sure that every single student is made to feel connected and like more than just a number. The branch-campuses definitely do a better job of this in my-experience. I completed a graduate degree from a Penn State branch-campus several years later and actually felt the care and quality of instruction was much better without sacrificing rigor across the board. I would suggest that if a student is considering Penn State, to pay-close attention to the effect that campus-size has on the students' experience (if that isn't obvious -- as it wasn't to me as an idealistic and focused teenager who grew-up brainwashed by the Penn State brand). That being said, it is what it is and there are advantages to being at main-campus. If you do go to main for your undergrad and you think you might have trouble adjusting to the size, be certain to stay on-campus for as long-as-possible, get and stay involved in something that connects you to a group of people outside of your normal academic and social activities, the more the better. Whatever you like to do with other people, find an organization that does it, and if it doesn't exist, create it. The quality of your experience depends on it. I think this is just as important as the academics or partying at a school like this in my mind. My experience with career services after attending every single career fair aside from one during my four years at Penn State, mirrors my other experience. While it's nice to dress-up and get some practice pitching yourself at these fairs, I did not feel that career services did anything that I couldn't do more effectively myself and on my own. It merely contributed to that feeling of being just another number. We may be Penn State, but we can do a better job of encouraging uniqueness, inclusivity, and caring for the individual.

Garrett Morgan

A great place to get a college education! I really love being part of this university...especially the Animal Science department!

Stephen Jones

Not a big fan of Paterno hiding a rapist pedophiliac, but have to say the college and the program have responded and done there best to move on, and a return to respectability.

Vincent Fox

They are overpriced and put athletics before academics. I had to go through a branch campus before I could go to the main campus and the branch campuses didn't have the classes that I needed.

Angelina D

Graduated with BA in English Writing and a minor in technical writing. I had the opportunity to write for the college paper and learned so much at the University about many subjects. Despite the scandals that occurred with the football couches, I will always be proud to be a Nittany Lion fan. It's an amazing school with vast opportunities.

Jake Eff

Sandusky was covered for ... over decades. Where is Ray Gricar?! This institution is disgusting. They murder and rape boys.

Jack Radley

This place sucks man. My friend goes here. Says he hates it. Go to the University of Maryland. So much better.

Matt Kressin

It's sad to see some of these negative reviews. Penn State is a world class university that has tremendous resources, if you choose to take advantage. I'm guessing those people didn't. My major was top 5 in the country, our facilities are second to none and the professors literally wrote the books you will use in class. I had experts in nearly every engineering class I took. We also had a brand new building with a factory floor. Looking back, they had a ton of resources that I wish I took advantage of. The campus is beautiful and very safe (especially compared to our peers in the northeast!). There is also a tremendous social scene that is a mixed blessing. When you graduate, you will have a support network that's larger than almost any in our country, and you will find PSU friends everywhere. I even met PSU alums while hiking the Grand Canyon- one gave me the score of the game! If you need a professor to hold your hand or make you do homework, or you can't handle a weed-out course 8AM M-W-F, consider going somewhere else. Also just like any large university, they use too many TA's to teach classes, class sizes are often too big, and tuition rates spiraled out of control recently. PSU is especially stingy with scholarships. Too many of the math and science professors were not fluent enough in English. The dorms are old and there is not much to do around town. Those gripes are minor and common at most big schools. All in all, Penn State is what you make of it. If you live in PA you're not going to find a better value. I would go here again in a heartbeat. WE ARE!

Jordan Makins

* love the campus * great communal feel * has an abundance of school pride and connectivity between staff and students * easy to achieve your goals and be successful at * has a large name recognition globally and not simply within the USA * has a incredible social aspect * caters well for international students requirements * has a great support structure for students of all background coming in

Altagracia Aviles


Nelson Santos

I could not complain about Penn State. Kudos!

Zhenzihao Zhang

Great place to be for graduate study. The best university possibly in terms of environment for petroleum engineers.

Kevin Coldiron

great academics and athletics

Andrew Bradshaw

Really solid school, but, like any, you must make things work for it to be so. Hard work and a lot of study has led me to a high GPA thus far, but I would be doing very poorly with less effort. Additionally, though the school is huge, meeting people is relatively easy and becoming involved takes little work. The complaints of a large school with little interaction between faculty and students is hogwash- the student just has to actually attend office hours or reach out to his professor to begin that engagement. I have had a great experience with professors when unable to understand something or when needing time on a project. State College is a wonderful college setting, as well.

Colleen Chrien

I fell in love with Penn State when I first went to visit. It was a fantastic school and I loved my 4 years there. Great atmosphere, great people. We are...!!!!

Nicholas Breslove

I went to NYU for grad school, and I have many associates that went to the top universities in this country. Penn State is just as good as any of those. In some ways it's even better because the experience can be whatever you want to have. If you want to be the best in your chosen career path, or if you want to have an amazingly fun day and night throughout Spring, Summer and Fall, then you can have that. Live a life well lived, keep your GPA above 3.8, network with fellow students, professors, alumni, get great internships, plan your short and long term future, and always keep your goals in mind. Cheers

Rami Madadin

Penn State provides the right mixture of Academics, athletics life, and social life. Reputation is way higher than its rank (which is already high). I truly enjoyed my time there, and will always continue to support the school. We Are...

Mike Guenther

Best School Ever

Max Petrosky

After you read Mark Leach's scathing one-star review, read this next. I'm sorry your son had a bad experience, but you can't make such sweeping generalizations about such a large institution. It's very misleading, but thankfully no one looks to Google reviews to see what school to apply to. Yes, some staff in specific departments may have not been helpful (which is inevitable when there's thousands of them), but from my experience and all of the alumnus I know, it's utter nonsense to assert that the entire faculty and staff is apathetic. Hell, the most helpful and friendly professor I've had was one neck-deep in his own economics research. My advisors told me exactly what was needed to graduate. Maybe your son couldn't adjust to the big school atmosphere or college life itself. Big deal, maybe he should have transferred if it was that bad. And bringing up the football scandal is completely irrelevant to whatever happened with your son.

George Furst

This is a truly great school. It has a large number of departments and most are highly respected throughout the world. I now live in Korea and am a professor there. My Penn State degree is very respected. I majored in geochemistry and found that department an excellent atmosphere for both undergraduate students and graduate students. Also took courses in computer science and digital electronics as well as physics and chemistry. The wonderful thing about the university is the wealth of excellent professors in the departments. You may major in one field but to acquire a well rounded education as this school is prepared to teach you and round out your education. I highly recommend this school for both undergraduate and graduate education. Also the surrounding environment is excellent. This does not feel like a city university. The whole region is centered around this school. There are many companies that were founded by graduates of the school and many opportunities for jobs after your graduation. Also I enjoy caving and hiking and there are many state parks nearby and caves in the karst valleys for which Pennsylvania is famous for. The nearest commercial cave is Penn’s Cave located about 20minutes from the university. It is well worth the visit as it is one of the few caves you visit in a boat! All in all Penn State University could not be better places to provide a well rounded education. I highly recommend it!

Donald Simon

Because Penn State officials do little about fraternity hazing and alcohol abuse involved this will continue and more beautiful smart young adults will become addicts and will die. This is not confined to Penn State yet Penn State has the opportunity to STOP hazing through various means and become at great national leader in this area instead of an enabler of this type of behavior. Though Penn State has a policy in place about this, the possible disciplinary action wording seems weak to me. The policy could state that all students witnessing this behavior that do not notify the police immediately will be expelled permanently. Furthermore the State of Pa only treats this as a third degree misdemeanor. Penn State could lobby Pa. legislators to increase changes and penalties.

Steffany Malarik

I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and loved my experience here.

Elana Hollon

Known as a "public ivy" for a reason. Expect tough academics and to work hard for your grades. Top public university, in my opinion.

Aaron Dobbins Jr.

I will always and forever love you dear Old State. FTG always and forever

Justin Tripoli

i love it here, i love it more than home. The teachers know what they are doing and are always there to help.

Michael Lee

World Class institution ranked number 1 in the nation by Wall Street Journal for getting you a job after graduation. The reason is students that go to PSU actually have to work for their grades. That's right you actually have to wake up very early each day get dressed and walk a mile to class in all kinds of weather. Then once you arrive in class the competition is fierce. You are surrounded by some of the best and the brightest students in the world. This is not a place to get coddled you have to get up, get out, compete, and be motivated to achieve each and every day. Another extremely important point is that you need to declare your major early and more importantly you need to pick a strong Major that will land you a job> for example >Information Science and Technology, the relatively new Computer Science school. At PSU there is something for everyone, its a WONDERFUL university but it is what you make of it. If you are looking for a high paying job upon graduation , Then look no further. If your looking for a university that coddles its student's like a day care then pick a much smaller school like Villanova, way more expensive but you get more attention from your professors. Penn State professors are more like a real world boss. Your expected to be there every day on time ready to work. Hope this helps.

Karim Kabbaj

I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend. The courses are relevant and the lessons learned are very applicable in the real world. The networking opportunity is undeniable. You will encounter countless Penn State Alumni holding high positions in many organizations. Penn State is a highly recognized and reputable institution. When I say I'm from Penn State, the respect it commands can't be ignored. Forever Proud to be a Penn Stater! WE ARE!!!

Frank T

Penn State UP is one of the best college experiences out there. It's the perfect combination of elite academics and athletics. I still look back on my time there with so many fond memories. It's hard to describe the seemingly countless things that make PSU so special. It's the professors, the beautiful campus, the family feel, the pride, the incredible facilities, etc.... It's everything. Anyway, I hope that one day my children will have the privilege of being accepted. As always, Penn State proud.

Keith Saroka

Great university

Jessy Rubbert

penn state is DOPEAF y'all str8 h8rs

Qifeng Liu

Gorgeous campus with friendly students and people

Jennifer Massenburg

As a alumni, Penn State taught me some great life lesson. I received a great education and life long sisters. T pi. WE ARE PENN STATE.

Derek Xia

The campus is very beautiful in a nice small city.

Mark Leach

If I could give a review of less than one star I would do so. The recent fiasco involving the football program is just the tip of the iceberg as far as I am concerned with this institution. My experience after four years of having my son on campus is that negligence, insensitivity and apathy permeates this school on many different levels. I sent my son to Penn State with great expectations after touring the campus and seeing all the facilities. He was an honors student with A's in AP courses taken at Pittsburgh, bright, dependable and excited for a new experience. That same person after four years (and no degree), at Penn State is confused, frustrated, lacks confidence and has no idea where to go from here. The guidance is non-existent, the staff either is clueless or simply does not care about the students attending this school. Once the tuition check goes through the kids are forgotten until the next bill hits the internet. I know it is a large school, and there are a lot of kids in that kind of environment. However, my son could have been dead for all the interest they showed in regard to attendance, guidance and career planning. If you value your children, if your expectation is that the school you send them to will be at least a little responsible for their welfare and their education while they attend school, then Penn State is not the place. Don't waste your money or your children's time, look elsewhere.


Great University. The Staff, Faculty, and Students are all very helpful. I highly recommend the University.


One of the best Public Schools. A public Ivy school. Great for all engineering courses in grad level. And a welcoming school for international students.


Excellent university to be part of with a stunning campus.

Alec Bittner

Penn State has a lovely campus to walk around and sightsee. I am a PSU alumni and really enjoyed my time as a Penn State student. I just wish it didn't cost so much.

Frank Henry

Incredible school! It's one of the best universities in the country for elite academics and athletics. They work hard and play hard at PSU. Penn State will always hold a place close to my heart. As always, Penn State proud.

Damien Cherico

We are! Penn State is a great university for all types of degrees especially engineering. The campus is beautiful and the town and quaint and very accessible. I love Penn State abs think of it as my second home.

Adnan Alladin

Great university with a great student body. Ice cream here is the best and parking prices are reasonable.


This is an overrated university with ignorant students and alumni.

Halid Toksoz

im 12 but i used to live near here, there used to be a great gyro place, dunno if its still there though, i like potatoes, pennsylvania was awesome

Jason Mattia

Best place on Earth

Christopher Reesman

Best experience of my life. Great professors, challenging courses, fun atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great college experience!

I Challenge

Never been here. But since early high school I knew I wanted to play for Penn State. Since my time has come to past I'm now training my three boys mentally and physically. Academics first of course. Get ready Penn State. They are already racking up big achievements.

Daivy P. Dambreville, Esq.

Great school, great campus, great all around.

bob rutter

I bleed blue and white. WE ARE PENN STATE 76

Phil Peterman

Went to graduate school in physics here. This university has it all: a great campus, faculty, sense of community, and cutting edge research.

Utku Gokalp

Penn state university very High quality education

Kari Stump

Best yet

Holly Munford Bloe



The things this place allowed to happen disgusts me! I don't even know how people can attend this school.

Lawrence Qiu

Building is one of the centers of Penn State. It has a lot of history and is a must-see if you come visit PSU. You won't be disappointed.

Nick B

Excellent military veterans services. Yellow ribbon program, clubs, events and more makes transitioning to the civilian world much easier.

Richard Hench

Class, class, class. What a fine school!

Gregg Lantz

You get what you give. There are a lot of opportunities for those who decide to work for them. Once you get in your major the classes are smaller. Summer classes are always smaller, class sizes can be as small as 8 students. If you need help in a subject, take a summer course.

Tyler Lipshutz

Best College. Haven't seen other colleges but this is definitely the best one.


The Penn State online program or World Campus is a money-making, love-less program. Online programs are highly lucrative endeavors for universities, maximize the number of students per class to get more $$$. The Master's of Education in Children's Literature at Penn State stands out as a program in which students in general are not remembered by their professors and are just nameless tuition payers who receive grades. It's really sad as this is potentially such a unique program - I wish I would have known this before I began. The program doesn't care about their students or their names - just the tuition dollars. I switched to a different distance/online master's program and my experience is really different - the professors know who I am and actually are innovative problem-solvers who are willing to support student's learning. Sometimes the more prestigious programs like Penn State actually are less value - lesson learned. The professors/instructors at the Penn State online program are so overloaded they just don't care - students are just a random names on a computer screen. It was a really disappointing experience with Penn State. They charge a steep tuition, provide assignments impersonally online, and then deliver a diploma. No care or support. I advise talking over the phone or skype with the program coordinator or a professor of online masters program (not just email) to get a better feel for the program before beginning.

Mwazr A

If I could go back in time and do my college life again, I would come to Penn State again. Amazing academics. I am not a sports person but its great in here. The only catch is, you have to work hard to stay good. But hey, you are in one of the top universities of the world!

Catherine Benincasa

Good games and creamery and dance open and closing ceremonies

Paul LeVan

The students are so zoned into the phones that it's really not safe to drive through the campus. I found out by accident when I was doing road work near the school and needed a restroom and made a wrong turn into the campus. None of them batted an eye when I'd want to turn in to turn around or when I stopped at a stop sign. I almost got several students at several different areas as they crossed the road outside of cross walks. To even turn around I had to cut students off. Carefully of course.

Nick E

Absolutely vile. No amount of marketing BS and doublespeak will wash away the heinous crimes of the child rapists and frat killers (and their many defenders at the school).

Anirban Goswami

Excellent college, has good facilities, and excellent Alumni, and infrastructure.

Zachary Zechman

Lots of great guys!

Nancy Watson

We ARE - PENNSTATE!! I have never found a group of people that make you feel like a part of a community more than the folks at PENNSTATE- I was an adult student several years ago and decided to go back to school. I never imagined that 7 short years later I wails be alumni and be working for the university. I live this place.

F. Joseph Pollock

One of the world's premier public universities.

Sky Zone


Christine Ramsey

Awesome school. Great teachers for the most part, and really helpful administration.

Rudy Hamdani

I love the trees in the campus and walking around campus its such a beautiful memory

Henry Banner

Great school

No One

Penn State does not care about you at all. I was at the police station and a young woman came in inquiring about a parking permit. She said that the people in the Bursa office had sent her there because she couldn't afford a parking permit for the next semester. Their resolution–return the pass now and we will only charge a little over half of the original price. Then don't park on campus anymore or we will ticket you. Also, don't come back next semester. So after she had already paid $15,000 for a semester (and possibly much more for previous semesters) she was forced to drop out over a couple hundred dollars. This has convinced me that Penn State does not care the least about their students, only their profit.

Atip Lawanprasert

Good university. With the friendly environment for every international students. Great experience that everyone should try and get into!

Khalid Aljashmi

Great city for education

Byong Hun Jeon


Barry Hsiao

we are penn state !!!

Vacation Sensei

Spent a weekend at state college watching Penn State vs Wisconsin 2018. Such the legendary football atmosphere in the northeast. When there check it out. Be well vacationsensei

Marc Merritt

PSU. High quality education comparable to Ivy League, but without the Ivy League price. Proud of my alma mater.

m b

neat school, jsut dont bring the kids

Luke Haruki

At Penn State University, students run down Mifflin Street naked the weekend before finals to relieve stress.

Victoria Caycho

Great School and beautiful place to visit and stay....... It's awesome!

Gustavo Adolfo

It's university that's in the middle of nowhere. Expensive too.

Jason Ewing

They still think Jerry sandusky's a hero and the victims are the ones that was wrong

James Watson

Great college. Great town for shopping and drinking. If you're an ice cream fan, be sure to visit The Creamery. Some of the best ice cream around, anywhere.

Bonnie Hazel

i found the lost troop the heros grave site!

Colin Wilt


shanker mothkuri

Amazing university. A really great place for students. Visited the university to watch inter college football match. It's a more than a festival atmosphere. An amazing experience. It was a surprising crowd that filled the stadium. A great opening ceremony before the start of the match.

Keleigh Asbury

Grew up in State College, graduated with a B.S. in Health and Human Development, and now working for the Smeal College of Business. Ecstatic about this next phase of my life. Thanks PSU!

Nicólas C

Great school, intelligent and helpful staff. Great parties, nothing beats state college on game day! WE ARE!

Liz Tarnoff

Attending Penn State was the best decision I ever could have made. The PSU education and preparation for the work force has landed me in a prestigious role at a Forbes and Fortune Top 25 Best Places to Work very early on in my career. The networking opportunities and incredible reputation of this university will get you far if you capitalize on them. WE ARE!

Sagar Patel

Went to college awesome party college

Jackie Chan 3

Okay so I stop by here because I hear that there place here to buy more snicker bars. I need to replenish supply because of the 200 I lost earlier. Well I expected this place to be better but it turns out it even WORSE! I walk in and demand that they give me snicker immediatley and all they did was just loook confuse. So I go take poo poo on football field and suddenly I get shot at by 50 different people at once :( I will retreat from now

Jackson Ramos

The old football coach did something to me

cas 291

I am only giving a rating of 2 stars because of the social atmosphere. The social atmosphere is great: football games, plenty of activities to be found, friends are easy to make, etc. It's definitely a great place to discover who you are as an individual and what your interests are. Other than that, the academics (especially in the Eberly College of Science) are horrendous. Classes are entirely too big (even as you advance in your major, you will still be in big lecture halls), the majority of professors do not care about undergraduates (they would rather put their attention to their research and oftentimes will act nasty/apathetic towards students should you ask for help), active learning and critical thinking is not fostered in the majority of classes (your grade is based on exams that assess your ability to memorize insignificant details, not how you critically assess and apply your knowledge), and many of the advisers do not do their job of helping students transition into their major and provide guidance along the way. Many of the lab classes are based on outdated curriculum that bear very little coherence to classroom material (for example, doing an entire half semester's worth of work on siRNA in plants when we only spent 10 minutes talking about that in class) and many students leave class very confused about what is even going on in their experiments. There is too much emphasis on General Education requirements and not enough on classes within the major. For example, I wanted to take a Human Genetics class but sadly I could not because I did not have room in my schedule, as I was required to take a tedious English class (which focused on common-sense everyday things that one already knows [i.e. how to properly format margins, how to format web pages to make them aesthetic, etc.]). While I was there, I studied typically 5-6 hours everyday and tried to reach out to professors for help when I did not comprehend something. I would say approximately 70% of the time, I was met with condescending remarks and nasty/apathetic attitudes from professors. For all the money the school generates through research, you'd think they would invest more in their students with better facilities and instruction/curriculum. Sadly, they don't. Do yourself a favor: if you're out-of-state and are looking to major in science, do not waste more than $36K a year to attend this school. Education is meant to foster learning, critical thinking, and application of knowledge to real-life scenarios. Penn State Eberly College of Science fails to do this.

Daniel Gómez

One of the best universities in the United States. Excelent campus and faculty. The town is also a nice place for friends and parents to visit.

stinky boy


Alexander Riffer

Real nice school and athletics

Jose Alfredo Llerena

I never received admission letter (whether accepted or not) for IST PHD, and when I contacted graduate school I never got any response either. Seems like a great place to study

Gabriel J

Pennsylvania. Races Your state is no good

McDaniel Hamilton

I attended a professional training program at this location. The program was a great training opportunity for those in my professional career path to ensure that we have the skills we need to meet the continuing education requirements.


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