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REVIEWS OF Northampton Community College IN Pennsylvania

Brittany Leidy

Lexi S.

Tiffany Pint

Affordable college with the option to live on campus. The school is extremely helpful. They offer tutoring and anything to help us pass. They have plenty of clubs to make your profile look better. I've been going here for years part time and I love it.

Chyna Evans

I'm attending this year

A mogram

nice college

James Moyer

Kat Ward

I'm currently moving into my second semester at this college and let me just begin with one of my Intro to Computers professors. For starters, my professor wasn't even a professor. He was one of the IT guys on campus that they just picked to teach this class. He taught us well, but was terrible at inputting the grades for our assignments, thus making us "fail". Overall, my professor was a nice guy, cracked a few jokes every once in a while to make the class more enjoyable, and was somewhat easy to speak to about things. But like I stated above, he was terrible at inputting grades. Our final grades for the Fall 2015 Semester came out online about a month ago. He put in my final grade as failing, even though at least 65% of my assignments from MyITLab (an online application that taught us how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) were not input into Blackboard, where our final grade is calculated and posted. I contacted my professor via email immediately about the situation, because the final grade that is shown, is holding me back from applying to FSU. It's been about a month since emailing him, so NCC advised me to contact the dean via email. So I did as I was told and explained my situation to the dean via email. The dean answered me within 24 hours of me contacting her, and told me that she would let my professor know that I had contacted her about the situation. Not even 5 hours later of receiving the message from the dean, my professor FINALLY answered me. In his email, he said that he only input the Word grades from MyITLab, and put the Excel and Powerpoint grades in a spreadsheet. (sounds rather odd, if you ask me. if the assignments were completed, why would they not be included in my final grade?) He also accused me of not being in class on the review days for the final when final grades were individually discussed, even though I was 120% there and we even discussed my grades on those dates. Overall, I am not impressed with this college. It's a great place to go if you're trying to save money, or you don't know what you want to major in, etc. Other than that, I'd advise you to not go here.

Cave Arnold

A nice community college. Cost is much less than others since we live in Northampton county.

Elcaballoelcaballo Elcaballoelcaballo

alvaro belmonte

Lowrie Burton

Very clean school

L P Williams

This is one of the worst colleges that I have ever taken classes at and I have taken classes at many schools. They are in this education business for the money not for the student.

Katelyn Martini

Lorena Lozano

Best college experience.


Sheryl P

Professors are amazing, prices are reasonable, and the RN program is highly respected by the hospitals in the area.

Tina Unger

I enjoyed my time here for the most part. The teachers are generally very good and seem passionate about they're work. I didn't care for some of the teachers though and the library staff was a little rude, but they might be different now. Maybe they just didn't like my tattoos, i don't know. But the cafeteria food was good. Not a million choices when I was there but everything tastes great that they did have.. For the most part the campus facilities are nice. The dorms aren't huge but neat and clean, and very good conditions to live in with fully functioning heat, AC, and plumbing.

Malikh Emad Malikh

Calista Costenbader

Ian Morrissey

Wendy Disla


Daryl Tweed

Best School I've Only been in the schol for 2 Semesters and I already feel good about it

Hannah S.

Laysa Puello

William Termini

Rick Troscianecki

Professors I've had seem to really care about their students learning, and go above and beyond for them. The busar's office needs to get a bit more organized as far as updating their records. Overall one of the best CCs in the area.

kamal khan

I am an international student at major is emergency services administration. Its wonderful community college.very clean and all the staff are very helpful Great place to start your college education. It's a beautiful campus filled with wonderful professors Ave staff.

Alissa Patterson

Tuition is definitely a plus because it is no where near as expensive as other colleges and universities. They do offer tutoring for free which they are very helpful there as well. But, I am disappointed with the professionalism and way that certain departments handle their students. I am a physically handicap student and I do have a state-issued handicap placard for parking in the state of Pennsylvania. I also have a parking pass issued per semester by the school. Now, the problem I have is I cannot get parking in the lot closest to all of my classes. There are only 4 spots available in the one lot and one is reserved for one of the staff members. I've been trying to get specialized parking, but no one has contacted me or has helped me actually get a spot yet. Another issue I have is that security was always rude to me. I had to call up on a car parked in handicap without a state-issued placard/license plate and the person at security's desk was giving me attitude and was huffing and puffing on the phone towards me, she said to me, "I guess I'll have someone take a look down there," and no one came, so I left without going to class. My mom drops me off most of the time and security would not let us in the parking lot so my mom can drop me off and yelled at us saying we can't be dropping off in the parking lot. Which makes no sense how are you supposed to get to class without being dropped off in a parking lot? Last semester, I did not receive my tuition paper in the mail and by that time the tuition due date had passed, so I ended up having to pay a fee for each class and extra money, which was not my fault. I lost my student ID once and went to make a new one, the machine was broke at the time and I told the lady do not make my ID without me here, she ended up making my ID and told me I had to pay a fee for losing my ID and making a new one, when I told her not to make it without my permission. She told me I had to pay $10.00 and that is not a lot to pay for, which I found rude because since I am handicap I don't work and pay tuition on my own. Every person situation is different $10.00 to her might not be a lot, but for me I don't have $10.00 just like that. The only place that is really kind and helpful is Bursar's office. I have never had a problem with any of the staff in there. They are always trying to help and make sure you do not leave frustrated. In fact, when I went to Bursar about my ID issue, he ended up dropping the charge because of the messed up situation. Kind of disappointed in the college, and it is extremely hard to get into any of their programs like nursing and sonography. Lastly, tech support is a pain because they do not know what they're doing most of the time. I am constantly transferred to different people and told to contact my professor about my issue with the system. But, my professor tells me to contact support.

A1# jokes

Am aspire to go into this great college but no information about it, please can someone help me out

Jasmine Garmony

At Northampton community College I was taking nursing courses and I liked how the school was concerned with my studies. The teachers worked one on one with me. The teacher showed me how to get to the tutoring and involved in activities.

Richard Marcano

Friendly atmosphere, awesome veteran support.

Tonia kidd


To be honest I came over from edu. I wasn't built for the 4 year balchalors degree. So when I transferred over to NCC they did teach me alot about what I studied and I have to say the experience here is only as good as you apply yourself. If you give it your all you'll benefit tremendously.

corc henry

Very veryb Good

Benjamin Bovard

Awesome college, awesome people, cheap price, first-rate education

Naadira Burke

Sarah Stokes

Mary charni

Bob Stevens

What every community college should aspire to be.

Marios Lazarou

Renee Lilly

The best place to start!

Oliver Paulino

Great place to start your college education. It's a beautiful campus filled with wonderful professors Ave staff.


Perla Taveras

Ethan Hummel

Took 2 classes in the summer semester and all I can say is positive things about the college. Everyone was so willing to help out if you were having trouble in a class as well as having good staff. Would definitely recommend.


No problems with the people there, but the biggest problem with this place is that it's REALLY easy to get a good grade. Didn't study once. I did 2 years to get my AA degree, came out with a 3.10 GPA and learned absolutely nothing. Seriously. My math tests were even multiple choice LOL. For my operating systems class, I had to take screenshots of operating systems that I downloaded on Virtual box, I copied & pasted them right off google & got a 90%. Didn't install a single operating system. Those are just 2 examples. Most of the teachers there are very lenient on grading. I didn't deserve most of the grades I got. I'm living proof that just because you have a decent GPA and a diploma doesn't mean that you know your stuff. You get what you pay for, and it's cheap. It's not a high quality education by any stretch of the imagination. Want my advice? Take your gen ed classes there, and if you're interested in nursing, computer science, etc. go to Penn State, or some other 4 year college.

Tony Mai

Jadden Mitchell

Carrie P

This is certainly one of the better community colleges - Google it. It's a fine place to get all your gen-eds out of the way if you're transferring over to a 4yr college - you'd almost be a fool not too as all the credits (for my situation) transferred to Penn State which I paid a fraction of PSU tuition for. Like anywhere, there are great, mediocre, and poor teachers - but I'd have to say the majority of them at NCC are on the upper 2/3 of that scale. The text books used here are the same that are used at Penn State. You get out what you put in. You will learn if you make the effort - or you can certainly search on answers to just about anything and just coast - that's your choice.

Katie Sosa

They don't care about your education, only their paychecks

Arnold Henry

I graduated from NCC in 2018 with my certificate and I'm going back this fall to get my Associate in Applied Sciences. When I attended the first time, I was nervous on how, not the professors, but the younger students would act towards me being an older students. I was wrong. They were really nice and very helpful. The NCC staff and faculty were great. I had no problem fitting in into the college life. The college helped me then and now with the financing and setting up my class schedule. They even helped me with the transportation problems I was having at the time. This was a most rewarding experience I have and you will, too.

Xena Yates

I really enjoyed the time I took general courses here, It was really a great atmosphere to be part of. The renovations they did awhile back really made it feel like a real school. i even went back to take some culinary classes for the heck of it. I had figured it's a nice little school why not learns something I'm interested in. I also enjoyed being in some art classes too. There are great non-credit courses for people who just really like to learn and enrich their life.

Yvette Kearse-Meachum

brandy martinez

Mitchell Indelicato

Jon Tice

Very nice staff

Thomas Baytala

Ajai Abi

Julian Smith

I like it here it's a great community college.

Jeff Wolfe

City Mail

The great college of every time, specially the professors, environment and activities in the college.


Cia Holder

It's an amazing school. Great professors, excellent resources but their bursar office needs more organization.

Zaviyon Davis

Financial Aid office is terrible and unorganized and The financial aid director is very unprofessional as well as the Dean of Students. I recommend plenty of people to enroll to this school but never again.

Quisqueya Bernabel

Jodi Stepongzi

Carolina Bustamante

the most amazing experience in my life. Best programs! love it

Samantha MacDormott

it is a great opportunity! my mother loves it too!

Nas Charms

This School is grimy and they like to take away your Financial aid and drop your classes. Also they accuse you're not paying your tuition at the beginning of the following semester to screw you over. Poor excuse for a higher education institution.

Iremain Anonymous

These people wonder why their retention and graduation rates are so low. They make things IMPOSSIBLE to get done, half the online teachers are rude and lazy. And the ladies that answer the phones clearly have zero personality for being the voice of the college.

Robin Lang

Danielle Couture

Great campus with amazing professors and education programs.

Lili Ilieva

Josue Acosta

Alyssa Zodkoy

Classes wise and teachers, this school is great!! Classes will transfer basically anywhere but they really need to get themselves together when it comes to financial aid and registering for classes and all that. ESPECIALLY between the Monroe and Bethlehem campuses. One desk at one place tells me one thing and another place is telling me something else. So confusing and frustrating running back and fourth. I TRIED to use my college fund and they looked at me like I had three heads. So ridiculous...and then they told me that they're doing me a favor trying to help me even though they work in the financial aid office. Always a headache trying to get the money aspect of school situated even though I do the same thing every year.

Patricia Antonick

Shamiyah Durham

Jeann Chhloo

Rayn Fianna

Jelly Bean

The Community College itself is a wonderful place, the professors are great, and I thought highly of this school until I was accepted into the nursing department. I had the most horrific experience. First of all, they tell you that this is a difficult program, competitive, and intense. However, they accept people who do not meet the requirements. They also accepted me before I even finished Biology. They have no pre-requisites. When you first start the program, they tell you that they refuse to teach you Math. They also have no prerequisite Math requirements. They also tell you that you will never pass and that basically your stupid. They also insinuate that if you do not score highly on your Math test, you are lazy ! They give you 5 books to study over the summer, but they do not explain anything to you in detail until you start the program and invested the money! They tell you, you need a 75 to pass the class, and anything less in an F. They are negative and do not welcome you positively as a successful student. It is a horrible disgrace that such a program exists at a wonderful, caring institution! This is not the Community College I know! Think twice before choosing this Major!

Pedro Nunez

My favorite place to study and get funny, I love it.

Antonio Carbone

bakebba ceesay

I’m aspiring to study Hospitality at Northampton Community College. Can anyone tell me how he/she experienced in the Hospitality field please?

Rilley french


samantha farinacci

William Richiez

Just the place to be I love it.

Hillary Carrigan

Steve Celestino

Sure, maybe people had a decent experience attending classes here. Tell me many of you actually GOT A JOB after graduation? Got out of this "college" making ten bucks an hour and where i worked had a guy I graduated with working at the same place making the same amount I did. My "diploma" should have come with coupons. Don't even bother trying to make an appointment with them for job placement. They won't return your calls now that they have your money. This school should be called 13th grade because it's like high school only you never graduate and move on.

Ricki Frinzi

I'm a freshman at the college at the time of writing this review, and if I have to edit it throughout my time here I will, but for the most part my experiences at this college have been positive. Some of the food is a bit on the pricey side for its quality, specifically the pizza, but the subway-style hoagie bar is my go-to for lunch. The college has a great view on extracurricular activities and does its best to give as many students as possible a period from 11:00am-12:30pm to participate in clubs they sign up for. The teachers are generally good-natured, understanding, form individual bonds with their students, and in my experience have gone above what is expected to accommodate the needs of the class. The apartments on campus are a good option for on-campus living, though I can't speak for the dorms, and some of the policies in place about their meal plans being required for your first semester are ridiculous as they are expensive. They have a less-than-favorable policy that just began this year that gives each student a $25 print queue for the entire semester, and each page printed costs 10¢ and is only in black and white, and yet in the cost of the tuition you are charged a $500 technology fee that one would expect to cover a larger printing budget. The campus WiFi has decent range, though is not exceptionally fast, and the college website works about 80% of the time. Good option, but it's definitely a community college for sure.

Oscar Avila

Gustavo Adolfo

Great place to start on your college career. The fact it's also so cheap compared to other colleges, it's makes it a better place.

Daoni Fortune

Glenn Morra

My daughter did everything she was supposed to do for 2 classes in the summer, she currently attends penn state. Trying to courses to get ahead, then last minute adviser from monroe campus said she needed to take placement test which she did for penn state and isnt attended nhc, just to get ahead. Was told last minute. And still takes test and they say she cant out of greed she needs to take two classes over that she took. They dont care and I will not even send my son there now.

Nam H.

Jen T

Michelle Figueroa

meng li

Ashley Graham

Jeanette Logan

I filled out the online application. At the end it wanted me to review my answers. There was 1 mistake. No way to edit. At the top it said to use the table of contents to get back to it. There was no button anywhere. No back button. I couldn't submit it. So, it's gone. I called and spoke with several people that had no idea. They gave me computer help desk, but they dropped my call. Frustrated


Richard K

On Friday May 31 2019 I did a self-guided tour of Northampton Community College. This was my first visit to this spacious campus. The campus is located about ten miles from downtown Bethlehem in a suburban almost country-like setting. The campus looked very modern to me. I walked through the sports building and there was a fitness center which was closed that day. Not sure if the school has a pool. There is also a north campus across the street. Student housing and Alumni Hall are located here. There are many parking lots and the school has its own campus police force. I cannot comment on the school itself since I did not go here nor do I know anyone that did.

Rachele Santiago

Very amazing school . The student body and staff are all great ! The front office can get packed but everyone there genuinely cares .


I had no idea what I was doing with my life after high school, so I started out here to explore some options. I found the educational quality to be up to par to a public university in most cases (successful transfer to BloomU), and most of the professors at NCC were great - of particular note: Dr. Gelormo (o-chem), Dr. Burak(philosophy), Dr. Heath (geography), Jen Tabor (English), Dr. Lee-Bond (biology) Credits from NCC usually transfer just fine to any university in PA, especially PASSHE schools. If you want to make friends though, you have to get involved and join clubs/do activities (most people commute, so they have friends easily accessible - unlike going away to universities) I liked my experience here overall.

Andrew Rutkowski

Girls girls

Minerva Mallouhi

Michelle Singleton

My two sons are students there.They love it.

Mikey D

Only here because I have to take a certain major, don't come here they treat there students terribly and just want to nickle and dime u every chance they get. Awful school.

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