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REVIEWS OF Girard College IN Pennsylvania

Tyler Hale

You'll be fine if you're not mentally ill.

richard jones

Very safe... nothing is perfect...most Administration is on the Up and Up, and the immediate Hands on Staff are student Focused...My wife and I have spent approximately 28 yrs., living and working, raising our 4 children and 23 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren, and while working in Residential & Educational Departments, we can Proudly say we successfully helped in raising a few 1000 Graduate's on this beautiful and safe Campus...and we are Thankful to God, and Girard College for the Experience...Hail Girard.


Horrible administration. 3 years of trying to enroll and yet the lady who will not be named does not return calls or emails to schedule appointments . They need new people working here. If the administration can not get it right. I can imagine what else is wrong here. I will let someone else know about this situation. Thank you for the run around, hopefully it isn't due to late night drinking. But hey everything happens for a reason.


Benetta Klar

Phillip Pettway

This institution was founded by money stolen from tousaint l'oveture.

Adeshina Tejan

Best school in the world in my opinion your kids will probably love it here

Keron IfyouC

We didn't really spend much time inside but we did enjoy the stay

Joseph Nicholson

Darrell Rogers

Carl Riley

Radio KIlla

Unhealthy. Mostly for poor parents which is a blessing

Crystal Brooks

This school is a piece of crap and its full of stupid kids that don't want to learn. There's nothing but a bunch of "ghetto" kids, trust me, I've attended for only a short time because the experience was horrible. Most of the children are bullies to less popular children and it's disgusting. I barely learned anything because children can't stop being so disrespectful to teachers. It definitely turned me from someone that was nice and friendly teenage girl to a mean and unwelcoming person because of the environment of that boarding school. The people below me are lying and they're only reviewing it 'good' because they've attended or worked in the school and don't want it to look bad. I would definitely NOT recommend bringing your child to this school if you want ANY good for him/her.

Evelyn Ferrer

So far I have personally known two people that have attended Girard College and due to their eagerness to learn, they have become two successfull young ladies. I highly recommend Girard College to anyone that wants the best for their children. It's worth the sacrifice!

Erika Malone

Great school, teachers and kids compared to public schools

Sedale Ziegler

Brenda Simmons

Im trying to put my family member in there now waiting for them to respond i heard its a really good school.for kids

Davis Pat

Rowan Willis

The school is a great opportunity

Tuan Le


thomas murphy

Arno Tsay, Jr.

Worst nachos I've ever had.

Tiffany Jones

Kim Kissen

Dayana Walton

Because they teach us diffrent things

Rene Hübl


Wayne McNeil

Excellent school if you want to learn. It's what you make it. I turned out just fine. I have earned 2 college degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and it all started at Girard College.

Idek Idek

Horrible school, the way the scholars treat each other is disgusting to even look at. The school isn't very clean either. The bathrooms have roaches crawling from the drains, and we're not talking tiny, we're talking giant disgusting creatures. The education is alright, I suppose the only difference is since the classes are not as full as a normal public schools are, the teacher is able to teach the students a bit better. For the meal plan, it doesn't seem to be very nutritional, it lacks on some vitamins and lacks in flavor. I do think that if a child were there for a semester, by the end of it they'd be at risk for obesity. I can assure you that this school has definitely went downhill from what it was ten years ago, to all future students and parents considering this school, I suggest to look elsewhere. This school will only make it hard on you and your child thus wasting your time.

Talib Randall


My son is excelling in a way that I know he would not a Philadelphia public school. He is in 3rd grade and is an honor student. Girard offers small class sizes ( 11-12 students ) science music an extensive library swim lessons private and class instrument lessons to name a few. Girard is preparing my son for a great future

A Stills

When the world that I knew did not care for me, the people at Girard College did. I would be dead or in jail had it not been for Stephen Girard and the legacy that he left behind. The core of who I am is founded on the love, honor, and respect that Girard College instilled in me. I am forever grateful and honored to be known as a Hummer! Amen.

Lorenzo Mendez

Danielle Rutherford

My time at Girard College has been pretty tough. I came to this school in 1st grade and I'm still here now. the kids can be sorta mean sometimes but we learned that they do that because they DON"T have many friends. Kids from all race comes to my school. Lots of visitors come to to see how the school is. Islamic,mexicans, etc... Everyone is welcomed. Steven Girard our founder f the school had died and his ONE request was to use his money ti make this school. We learn things from around the world,french,spainsh,art,math,ela,music,different sports around the world and etc! Our school has worked very hard to make us kids sucessful,and really to be completely honest, they have done a good job. We have a swim team,baseball team,girl/boy basketball team,track team,choir upperschool/middleschool/lowerschool, boy scouts, and lots of other things to that you can not imagine! This school Girard College may be the best school i have ever went to so far. I suggest you come visit by to! from your loving 7th grade student at girard, Danielle Rutherford

mitchell simon

Went there when MLK protested. This school always had the same problems...Perv's.. tons & tons of Bullying. Corrupt staff.

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