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REVIEWS OF Drexel University IN Pennsylvania

Sandra Jilek

my mom goes here now Ocean

arman moseni

Shame on you Drexel Univ for honoring the extrimist Noam Chomsky!! Arman Mosseni

Ryan McCartney

Very nice building and great updated classrooms!

Matt Nelson

great college/co-op experience !!

Chris Lee

Oh my gosh!!! it's so gooooooooooooooooood!

M Patel

Rachel T

Interviewed with Jennifer Brown as a transfer student. Extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Though I didn’t receive my decision on the spot, I received additional and detailed information on the next step to becoming a Drexel student.

Keith Carpenter

Waste of time and money

Michael Miller

Teachers try to brainwash students into their own beliefs. Shame on Drexel.

Yodit Kidane

Nothing but a big hype. Don't understand why this school gets so much hype. It's not even Ivy league. Jacked up tuition rates just like every other College/ University in Pennsylvania. Even if I had a free ride or full schoLarship to this institution I'd spend my free ticket at a real Ivy league school. Not some knock off wannabe. I think community college is better. I'd rather be illiterate than ever entertain this institution. Thank God I never made the mistake of ever attending this school. I learned my lesson at another dump in P.A..

Jean Dam

The Professor asking for White Genocide and calling the Las Vegas Mass Murder Trumpism paints a vivid picture of what to expect from this University.

Michael Luckenbill

Drexel has a nice campus in the heart of university city.

Zain Zaidi

Crush puple

If u want going to Temple, please come to here. If u want waste ur money. Welcome to Drexel university. I can't believe that the university library no fax machine. When you need help your advisor like a mute. No matter what, the stupid thing is you can't imagine will happen what and. Oh..the most important thing is dorms and stupid rules. Everything is nightmare. But philly is best city if this campus is out

Jonathan Kreamer, EIT

They provided a fantastic opportunity for a great education...what students decide to do with this is on them. It's fast paced and challenging -- you'll likely hate it while you're there -- but in the end, the coops and staff make the experience worth it if you're willing to put the time and effort in.

Haoyang Chen

good education

Travis Barker

Took the tour and I wasn't impressed. I guess my bar is set to high

Michael Quinn

Disgusted and offended, while researching schools to continue my education I found that there is a proffessor who is a white male calling for white genocide. Research this before going to this racist university. I would never pay to go to a school where a proffessor is calling for my death due to my race, I dont see getting good grades in his class.


Drexel has a prof named Maher who glorifies mass shootings and the murder of white people. He is sick and this man is still there. It's been more than once. They must have the same stance as him since they keep him on. A very sick man!

Ernest Willman

The best decision I have ever had. The quality of education and faculty are so marvelous! Online education is top notch quality with Drexel. Their access service is very good!

Abdullah Miami

I don't understand why people just say bad words about Drexel. Surely they saw nothing, they didn't try the many opportunities that Drexel provide to its students, from co op to study abroad, ect.


I hope all of you who are spending your time and money to get your degree, realize that now a degree from Drexel is laughable and worse than useless.

Jordan Sparks

Justin Jennings

Great school but its not easy

Chris DeMartine

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program at the Drexel LeBow College of Business is fantastic for professionals seeking a collaborative environment that emphasizes applied learning. Their leadership is understanding of the work and family obligations students have to balance during their continuing education journey -- and the program reflects that understanding with various perks that ease the burden.

Romelle P

I am under the care of Dr. Corey K. Ruth, MD for Orthopedics and he is awesome!! The staff is very friendly and helpful. They get you in, and out, not rushing you, I guess the scheduling is done to perfection. I love it !!!

Junke Tan

Very poor service and respond time from some of the staffs at ISSS.

Justin Maslin

Celeste M

It was the right fit for my son.

Kimberlee Massey

I considered drexel, but the public media actions of their professor has deterred my investment in their program. It does not matter what my political views are, the outright lack of respect taints his professionalism. It is not the kind of professional I want to be

Павел Берестов

(Translated by Google) My wife is studying here and since she is studying from morning to night, I constantly go hungry. (Original) У меня тут учится жена и так как она учится с утра до ночи, то я постоянно хожу голодный.

Joe Roman

The student loan debt you will accumulate is not worth it !!

Ashley Hinton

I attended Drexel and I can honestly say this was the worst choice I've made in a school choice. My professors were pretty decent, but the staff are not helpful and they talk to you like you should know certain things already. I pay this damn school every month on time because I have a balance due, and they won't release my transcripts even though I am paying them upward $125 per month. Which are payments that I am never late paying. I can honestly say I regret this decision and really should have went with my first choice which was Temple and my second choice being Cheyney. The one thing that i did love was it was fast track learning.

Xinwei Kang

One day a dragon always a dragon. Great engineering school, the campus is small though

Matt Hanson

Claus Von Bülow II

You should be shut down in disgrace ! how dare you employ this communist professor who says such vil filth about white people ! this country has gone nuts ! this man should be terminated at once ! what are you doing even employing known communists to poison the minds of the youth ! this dirt bag is a danger to society and America ! he should be arrested and jailed !

Connor Levesque

Drexel is my #1 college choice. They're campus is abundant with cultured life, scholar opportunities, and social events.

StockTrading d-_-b

Morgan Dudkewitz

(Translated by Google) He has. (Original) Ha.

John Wilson

I think the college should lose it's federal funding if it doesn't fire that race baiting professor . It should be stripped of all it's accreditation and dissolved and it's property and all of the contents should be auctioned off and the money given to the people of the state . The buildings should be demolished and all metals that may be in the buildings sold to the the highest bidder .

Nicholas Savino

Great opportunities if you look for them. Extremely fast-paced but well worth it. Co-op program is pretty effective.

Bob Stark

Horrible to think a professor can say whatever he wants about "wanting to vomit" because a soldier was given a plane not assigned to him. And the college saying he said it on his own time and doesn't reflect the views of the college. What a joke, don't think for a minute he hasn't popped his propiganda beliefs in class here and there. I graduated college and know exactly how some professors get. I guess some people can do no wrong. Since he is such a tough guy, why doesn't he have the balls to go another country. See how far his mouth gets him. DON'T GO TO DREXEL.


so good

David Lopresti

Alykhan Lalani

Great campus! Love the dragon mascot and modern buildings!

Jack Cohen

Come here only if you want a terrible college experience and enjoy having professors that cannot teach to save their lives.

Rui Bian

No funding for phd

Steve Pisani

A short review does not give the education and opportunities I have received from Drexel justice.

Muscle Powderr


Onyeka Udoye

I was very interested in applying to this school but not after all the bad reviews I saw

Peter Jewell

Did undergrad simultaneous BS/MS, and am working on a PhD here, all in engineering. Its a good school. Pricey, but if you get a scholarship it can really help. The Co-Op program is a definite plus, but the cost is a turnoff to a lot of people.

Mishaal A Alshahrani


Will not grant me a degree as they wouldn't offer another term extension beyond the allowed time limit for completion!

Erin Drennen

As at Drexel student- i hate it! Everything sucks the only reason I am not transferring is because the credits are weird and cause of coops. I feel so stuck and miserable here

John Ellis

Co-Op can't be beat, but lack of summer off I'd a bit of a bummer and as a Chemical Engineering major, the physics department that teaches freshman engineers needs some serious improvement

lin li

great school

Anamika tuntuni

Ayy Lmao

Apparently they're OK with hate speech, professors who advocate "white genocide" and proudly proclaim how the massacre of white people during the Haitian revolution was a good thing.

Syed Waqas Haider Bokhari

A great university to attend! Co-ops have no comparison! :)

Jobin Thomas

Adrian Stanton

Drexel was a great experience, but if you are a financial need student I would NOT recommend going there. Even with a scholarship It was very difficult to make ends meet. Working 40 hours a week and struggling for five years will not be fun, and it only takes away from the experience. Furthermore, If you have any kind of financial hold on your account you can not get transcripts or even participate in Co-op.

Arjun Madhavan

Danton Blackburn

Professor that advocates killing. Not cool.


Glad we chose Drexel. My daughter loves it.

Denise Mullin

My son was accepted into the engineering program as part of the largest incoming freshman class. He was given every hard class they could think of (freshmen don't get to pick their classes) and left after that first year. Please think twice before attending this school. Because they do trimesters, very few credits transfer. I might as well have dropped $50,000 in the trash can.

Justin DeLisio

College is stressful. Beautiful University and extremely knowledgeable staff. Sometimes the labs can be of poor quality.


A University with blatantly racist Professors, stay away!

Sagrey Turjo

Always heard about this campus. Always wanted to come and visit it. The campus is Very beautiful with a great resources. The campus is so huge within a large area that it will take you hours to visit all the buildings And buildings are very beautiful and historic. Love the campus.

Martin D Misenhimer

Free speech is one thing but teaching our young students to hate a race of people and disrespect our military is difficult to defend. As a former Navy Corpsman and a Hahnemann Medical College graduate (1959) I will no longer recommend Drexel to my friends and patients.

Holly Bridgman


L Fontaine

WDB Highlights

yea so like i was there and then the professor started to yell at me and called for a genocide of my race??

Jeff Finigan

Dear Drexel Professor that wanted to vomit because someone gave a uniformed veteran their 1st class seat. Nevertheless if this country was under atack, this 22 year veteran would stand behinds you in a gun fight. Literally behind you with my rifle resting on your shoulder

kevin welsh

Terrible school, all they want is your money. They will screw you over on whatever fees they can. They do not care about their students. I suggest anyone who thinks about going here to look else where. There are way better colleges than this one. If possible I would give this place a negative rating.

Jeff Weeks

Austin Dawson

three stars


Go Dragons!

Kamar Robinson

Eric Mazzali

Racist professors and terrible management that takes no action to remove staff that promote genocide.

Leif Malm

I am a student here in my 4rth of 5 years going for a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Drexel has a great program, if challenging, but the best part is definitely the coops with most programs completing a full year and a half (3 x 6 Month cycles) in actual job experience. Quarter system takes a bit of getting used to but I've come to enjoy the fast paced learning. Not for everyone but if you are looking for hands on work in the field during education Drexel is one of the best.

Enterprise Holdings

Larry Underwood

Professors that promote racist violence. Deplorable.

alex foppoli

I was going to go and had already figured out my tuition plan, however I am now scared of attending due to the racist white genocide professor. Will I be killed on campus?


Wohoo the sister scholl

Alyssa Farrell

Tuition is high, but the school has a great reputation! Unfortunately I will not be attending. The faculty is very nice, but it wasnt enough to convince me to stay.

Monica Onyeanuna

I love Drexel University.

Carbo Kuo

This is not upenn. Don't be fooled.

Sad Panda is Sad

Any university that allows for racists like George Ciccariello to continue working should be shut down. I plan to transfer away from Drexel for the following semester.

Kevin Johnson

Went to school here...while you may feel like you are getting the drexel shaft you are actually getting an education that will benefit you. The tuition is a bit steep, admittedly, but coop is something you cannot beat. I also love having drexel coops at my job now, they generally do great work.

Christopher Perkins

i think it is a great school to attend

The Beast

It's extremely worrying that a professor working at your university preaches for white genocide and holds communist ideals. This is unacceptable conduct.

Brenn B

Ahh Drexel, my Alma Mater. Here are some random thoughts: * Expensive. For the tuition they charge, I felt I could have gotten an equivalent education elsewhere for a lot cheaper. I think the people in Upper Management are trying to make DU appealing to a lot of paying customers(i.e., students). Hey, they have to get the money somehow for all the new buildings they are building. * Location is good, right in University City. Right next to Penn. You'll always find something to do, Public transportation makes it easy to navigate around. Lot of food trucks, and a nice food court at Penn and other nice resturants. * Facilties are ok, at least when I went. I know they made improvements and built new buildings. Gym is nice. Computer system is ok, at least for Macs. Campus is not that big. Main buildings are Main Building(!), buildings around the Quad, Library, Gym, etc. The building where your classes are going to be held are pretty much centralized in the buildings I just mentioned. * If you're trying to get accepted to Drexel, you have a good chance of getting in, even if you were average in High School. As I said before, they are trying to appeal themselves to a lot of paying customers(you, the student). Examples: The Online School, Medical School, ISchool, numerous commercials, Drexel in Sacramento. Yes, Drexel, the money making machine. I believe the accepatance rate is around 70%. * Seems like there was a high turnover of students after my first year. Not sure about now. Many people cannot handle the 10 week terms at Drexel. There were people I never saw again after my first year. * Apathetic administration - you will experience the "shaft"! If there is ever an error on your bill or records, you will experience a lot of red tape and attitude. * Student body is diverse, and ethnic groups tend to stick together. Frats seem to be popular(most located in Powelton Village). There was some racial tension when I went there. * Cafteria food is so-so. Better food at the Food Trucks, to be honest. * Finally, Co-op is one of the best things about Drexel and some people would say the only good thing about going to Drexel. I don't know about that, but treasure those co-ops and choose the right one. They will help you immensely in the future. All in all, a good undergraduate experience. I cannot give Drexel a low score. I am proud to be a Dragon. Would I do it all over again? Hmmm..........Make sure you do your research first.

Jen Ogorzalek

Great school!

Robert South

How do you think it's ok to allow one of your staff to wish for a white genocide? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Tom Burns

Expensive school. Coops are what you live for. Gets you the experience you need that will get you hired upon graduation. Most students don't go on to grad school because of this.

Lara Kleiner

Racist university, where professors demand "white genocide". I wouldn't recommend this university to no student at all. It offers racism but no education.

Nikhil Singh

Fantastic college!!

mark spina

A great experience.

Jim Blount

Great school.

Jason Smith

This alleged 'college' openly retains racists and 'Professor' advocating murder.

Ken Hannold

Associate Professor George Ciccariello-Maher tweeted just hours after the massacre “white people and men” will go on shooting sprees “when they don’t get what they want.”

nicol cherian

Good education

Irfan Parkar

Okayish place

Austin Wilson

I do not personally attend any of he classes here at Drexel, so I can not say anything class wise. The campus seems to be a little bit sketchy, but over all the Drexel does offer you the city feel in the heart of Philly.

Christopher Reesman

Great educational experience! I would highly recommend it.

Eng. MZS

(Translated by Google) Anas annoyed by Drexel Mayby studying for several reasons (Original) انس متضايق من دركسل مايبي يدرس لسبب ضروف عده

Shawnlisa Nevels

For Wayne

Leonardo Rolim

Surprisingly good University, presenting a good amount of development and a few excellent professors. The co-op opportunities are very interesting, a great idea and implementation. It is, however, a very expensive education, leading to a lower prestige/cost relationship. To become a top-ranked University, Drexel still needs a lot of branding through student achievement - combined with school pride, which could be much stronger - and research projects/applications with high visibility. Both could be reached with benefits to bring more top-level students and professors and with good money usage (because there is a lot of it) and cooperations for project funding.

Purusharth Tomar

I joined Drexel University as a Computer Science major with a sole aim to take transfer to a better institution. The only two things that I liked at Drexel was :- 1. Scholarship and Financial Aid 2. Math faculty (Dimitri, Jason and Pavel Grinfield) The CS lectures were aweful, so was the CS faculty. I had a 4 GPA for 3 continuous quarters (that's how long I stayed here). CS 164 was a course which taught Javascript language. However, I knew more JavaScript before taking the course than I came out learning after the course. Totally confusing. Popyack was my professor. CS 171 and 172 were fine, just because I had prior experience with C++. In 8 out of 10 lectures I fell asleep, because they were extremely boring. The professor made no eye contact what so ever. Half of the time what he says would make no sense. The labs don't really help you out, they are poorly designed. Most labs will take more time than the time allotted. You'll have to go home with extra work. The university is fraud and extremely unmanaged. There's no infrastructure compared to the good colleges. Small football field. The area is not safe at all. You keep hearing this person got shot, that person got robbed, raped etc. They do not maintain student to faculty ratio. Classes are oversized and poorly air conditioned. Drexel course registration system is very poor. Generally by the time your registration time starts most of the classes you had planned to take would be full. Leaving you sweating and worried early in the morning (around 7 am). There's something called Drexel Central at Drexel, which helps you out with general/administrative/financial aid questions. I emailed them many a times, however, out of 5 emails, I only got reply to 3 of them. Bad service. (They say they maintain a well-designed database system for all the messages/inquiries/support). They compare themselves to UPenn. (Yes, you can laugh). Also, some professors say that Drexel Dragons are much better than UPenn students. (Laugh again). Extremely expensive. (So much money for nothin'. In fact, the tuition is more than that of UPenn which is an Ivey League) There are two places where you can go and have meals, and hang out with friends too. However, the food options there is so limited that it's better you rather eat at other places and waste all your meal swipes for which you are paying about $ 2000 per quarter. Even with meal swipes you don't get everything (basically the good things). For most of the things you can't use meal swipes. For meal swipe, at one of the locations, for example you can buy Pepppperrrronnnni Pizza (You can guess the quality of the pizza! The worst pepperoni is served here.) The free refill cups are extremely small. When I joined in the Fall the cups had a good size of 16 oz, but as time flew the cups became smaller and smaller. They are now half (may be even lesser) of what they used to be. The books for the courses are at extremely high price, and are hardly used. Drexel maintains rating and review system for course and faculy, however, though it is hardly ever evaluated. (But they will send you a million emails asking you to complete course/faculty rating/review). For example, one of the Pfysics professors at Drexel, who is pathetic at teaching, asks the students to buy books if they are taking the course compulsorily, still continues this practice of making them buy books, even after so many reviews having been done against it. No action taken by Drexel. The dorm life is not bad. Except that the washrooms, toilets are not cleaned on a daily basis. The kitchen is always dirty. Laundry room is always full. Well, they do have a Subway, but the quality of service provided there is extremely poor. The guy there literally just throws everything you tell him on the bread, such that when the bread is folded, 1/4th of the sandwich comes out. Chick fil A at Drexel unlike at all other locations does not provide free refills. Again they are charging you so much for nothing. Never consider going here.


I want to be a future cop or NBA player and this school seems right

Kyle B

Disgusting, racist, employees.

Gary Roberts

A professor at this University wants white genocide... enough said.

Presa Canario

Elizabeth Cohen

It's good for some people but not for everyone. It's best for the Fast Track Medical Programs and Engineering, but other than it's that not worth the ridiculously expensive tuition at all. The internet is incredibly unreliable, the professors are jerks and could care less if they are being fair, and finally, Drexel wants as much of your money as possible. I am a freshman here and after a term and a half I am throwing in the towel. It is literally a trap. Avoid this school at all costs. Even the co-op program is not worth all of the hoops you have to jump through just to attend here. I would like my money back, I am so disappointed at how this school has such a great reputation but once you get here they could care less about you. I am transferring and I could not be happier for making that decision.

Tushar Chawla

A complete waste of time other than the co-ops. Could have been better off without a college.

Erin Schaffer

Unhappy. Very expensive. Nobody really cared about the success of non-traditional students, despite professing to care. Need to finish filing my disability complaint with them, but believe me, if you're not a WASP then don't bother -- nobody will understand what you need or take interest in you, much less try to help you make your career work.

Raghavendra Saralaya

Daniel Patraca

Exelent univercity

Hunter Hays


Zac Childs

I mean Rudolph Weaver went here. Doesn't get much better than that

Edward Camp

This University employs a proffesor that called for the extermination of an entire race. Did they immediately fire him? No, they called him in for a meeting.

Aidan Toole

Awesome school!

Thomas B. Smith

Good school

Keith Kelly

I wouldn't spend $1 sending my children to this school if they are employing Professors like George Ciccariello-Maher! Guilt by association - you are who you associate yourself with!

Joshua Cohen

Would ordinarily give 4 stars, but there are a lot of ridiculous reviews here of people who have never set foot on Drexel's campus. The school is actually quite good, especially if you know what you want to do going in.

Michael Annucci

A little pricey, but definitely worth it with the co-op program. Once I got past the general engineering professors, I was able to learn a lot more as they care more about students in the upper level classes. This is a very challenged school, but the reward for graduating is great.

Rene Hübl


Jonathan Muller

Kia S

My experience at Drexel University was horrible. It's all about business and the staff at Drexel don't really care about their students. All they care about is getting that tuition money that's basically it! Plus Drexel is too expensive and for the money, I would think they would offer more but they don't. I decided to leave them and go to Temple University, which is way better and cheaper in my pockets. Temple has so much more helpful resources than Drexel. Overall, I don't recommend applying for Drexel University.....they suck!! Temple University is wayyyy better!

Tenzin Rinyon

LoveLiveServe goes there

Jaidev Ramakrishna

Attend only if you are prepared to slog your ass off, and if you have deep pockets. There is no such thing as an easy ride over here. The pace is deadly, and you never really have any down time. But what you get is an exceedingly rigorous education that will stand you in good stead anywhere in the real world.

Montana Stomski

I was only there for three nights on a trip and I hated it the rooms smelt gross there’s no lights in the room and the staff there are mean and talk like you should know everything before they even tell you. I got a information session with some of the staff for the university and they couldn’t even answer my basic questions like what percent of students live on campus. She was very mean and didn’t let us ask any questions about the college. Overall I’m happy I only had to stay there for 3 nights because it was that bad also the food is the same thing everyday.

Lauren Reisinger

Drexel is a wonderful school for someone who wants small class sizes, a personal relationship with their professors, and the freedom to guide your own educational path. Drexel allowed me to study abroad multiple times and was very accommodating to transfer credits. I tested out of the highest language class they had, so they created a one-on-one class just for me! GREAT university.

Search of Abroad

gorgeous and innovative university in the world.

Sean Treston

Great school!

mike rush

Poor values

Tahir Semih Ozcelik

Loved Drexel!

Russell Dodson

It is appalling that this university would call for the mass murder of any race or ethnicity. If it were not the white race being singled out this representative of the university would have been fired immediately.

Mokshat Sood

Moh4mmed AL-jhne

Jeff Brower

Only been here in passing, but everyone I know who goes here says it is a great school.

Steven Ngan

Chad Johnson

I applied to multiple grad programs around the country and was accepted here. I will certainly my NOT be attending this institution!

Jaime Gines Morales

It's fine

Terence Tuhinanshu

Loved my time there. Enjoyed all the Professors, the students, the subjects, the facilities, the exposure, the discussions. Best years of my life.

Fengwei Gu

David G

Garbage university run by some self-righteous libtards who don't understand anything about how the world works. They are more intrested in forcing their beliefs on you. If you dont agree with thier outrageous ideas the teachers will hold a grudge against you and it will show in your grades. Please do not make the mistake of attending this school. Ps I am also very ashamed to say that the college professor who said he wanted to puke when a man gave up a seat for one our service men is a professor here. Shame on you Drexel

Jonathan Cheng

Strong engineering program and stellar coop program.

Michael Alicastro

Overall poor environment to learn in with narrow minded professors, poor conditions to expand thinking and get exposure to different thinking. Even for less $$ there are far better schools to attend.

Helder Ferreira

Knowledge intelligent proffers

Michael Di

Traye Gillis


Ankur Singh


Erdem Yildirim

Eye opening experience

Azin Asili

Loved my time at University here

Zhihao Zhang


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