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REVIEWS OF Pacific University IN Oregon

yvonne chow

Michael Paul

Very disappointed that Kris Steffl was allowed to post regarding the quality of Pacific University based on his "experience" applying for jobs via their online postings. First, we have no way of knowing if he was actually qualified for any of the positions he applied for (which means the online system may have automatically rejected his applications) and, second, rather than actually contacting anyone at Pacific University directly - person to person - to determine the status of his applications, he sent emails addressed "to whom it may concern/persons unknown" with the expectation that someone, who did not know him and had never had any contact with him, would reply. If the "several positions" he applied for over the web were so important to him, he should have identified someone in HR and called them directly. Sounds like a typical Millennial who thinks that the world and important decisions are made via the internet and email, direct person to person contact is unnecessary.

Charisma Miranda

My daughter attends this school located in Forest Grove, Oregon. The professors, school grounds, dorms, cafeteria, all offers the best! They even special order the type of bread your kids want! We are happy with the college choice we've made, but more importantly my daughter will finish school in less than 4 years! Way better than the school choices in CA. We love Pacific U!!!

Brian Vargas

Taylor Downs

It looks so cool

Sam Morrison

Kathie Hadley

Emerald Stander

EDIT: After updating my address online, I noticed a few weeks later that it had not actually been updated. I called the Helpdesk who told me that they had been having issues with the site. They offered to transfer me over to the mailing department to see if they had received my mail. Donna Hepler was SO HELPFUL and empathetic to the hassle I've been through for something so simple. She took down my information and contacted the person who sent the mail (something I have been trying to do.) She was successful and now my issue is resolved! I have updated my review to 3 stars because Donna deserves 10 stars and everyone else I spoke with deserves less than 1. Thank you so much, Donna! TL;DR: Pacific made a simple address change very, very difficult. Evidently for an address change, it takes 3+ people and they still make the client do it themselves. I transferred from Pacific due to their outrageous tuition. My first year there was fine, the instructors were nice and helpful, the campus was pretty. I was only able to stay one year because they increased tuition by several thousands of dollars when I was barely able to scrape by. I honestly wish I never came here. My husband is an alumni of Pacific and they call him about one a week (and have since he graduated) asking for donations. It's insane how money-hungry this college is. Anyways, 5 years after I left, my old roommate emailed me to let me know Pacific had sent some mail to my old address. I figured I would give them a quick call, let them know I moved like 3 years ago, and have them update their records. First, I call the Business Office. They're the ones who sent the mail, so they can probably update it, right? Nope! They tell me the only people who can update it is the Registrar's office. Okay, cool, just transfer me and I can talk to them. Surprise! The Registrar's Office also apparently can't update addresses. You have to go online to do it. But, since I haven't been a student for over 5 years, I have no idea what my login information is which means I have to call the tech support. They tell me, "Oh, your account has been deactivated since you haven't signed in for a long time." Wow, okay, great, I know, thanks. They ended up reactivating me (which takes a couple hours) and having me update it online. WONDERFUL, THANK YOU PACIFIC. SO EFFICIENT.

Paco Hadley

Rachel Patrick

Proud alumni! Such a great school with amazing staff and students! Beautiful historic campus located in the heart of Forest Grove Oregon.

Jasmine Redgrave

Ka Ren Kim

The school itself has great professors and classes, however, t I do have a few issues with the way things are. First of all, I cannot help but voice disappointment with the wifi connection on Clark, 3rd floor. It's been nearly a semester and the issue hasn't been fixed! It should have been taken care of a while back, since I've heard from a few other students that the wifi has not been great in years past as well. The sporadic connection has made me and my friends completely lose several online assignments, and when it's the night before, you can imagine how stressful that can be. I also find it unreasonable that those of us without ethernet ports are asked to buy adapters. I am NOT going to buy a $40 cable when I was guaranteed wifi for a $12,000 housing plan. Second, I'd like to bring up food quality. More than once I have walked out of the UC with oil drenched food sitting uneasily in my gut. The lack of menu variety and just how poorly the food is made has made many, MANY of the girls on my floor sick to the point where they would be skipping meals because they're scared that their stomach will disagree with them. Other than the everyday salad and sandwich, there are NO healthy alternatives. Its honestly very disappointing. Pizza, Hamburgers, Fries, the sketchy oil- meat section, and the same old tacos or greek food, all heavy. PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, have some REAL fresh food! Vegetarian options aren't very high either and the fruit is never ripe! Third and last: I am unsatisfied with how the General Chemistry course is run. All we do is work in a workbook that we have to PAY FOR all class. It's hard to keep up! I could just pay a tutor and work out of a workbook myself and it would be cheaper. I rather have our professors give us actual lectures that use the textbook we had to buy and then show examples and have us try a few on our own. It would also be amazing if we could have time to take real notes since I feel our minds grasp more when we have time to write things out. All in all, that class isn't worth what I'm paying in my opinion.

Tim OBrien

Dustin Ooley

Biased 5-star review from alumni.

Jakub Hannon

Best college

Victor Connelly


Simply Lily

Bryan Yoshinaga

zhao wang

Chansa Victor Chongo

gay for chae

It was awesome

Hayden Edwards

Jessica M.

Jordan Catmull

Anastasia Bennett

BG Rides

Great stadium. Ok parking. Great covered stadium seating. Fields in great shape. Score board has a big screen TV. The track around the field is in great shape. Plenty of restaurants around the stadium also. Happen to see a couple rainbows also.

Dale Close

John Coon

Pacific University Vietnam

Blake Swan

Aimee Stanaland

wendi payne

Christopher Torres

J Williams

Beautiful campus with lots of history.

Mu Al

Diane Tyler

Beautiful campus. Very helpful and accommodating in all aspects regarding my sons enrollment and education. I am confident he's comfortable in his new academic and athletic roles

Wanda Furs

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