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REVIEWS OF Oregon College of Oriental Medicine IN Oregon

Kevin M

Went 5 times. They kept switching me between acupuncturists. Never solved anything and i paid over $100 dollars for nothing

Sum Ting Wong

Rae Ringwood

While some may shy away from student clinics I have found that my experiences at OCOM have been outstanding. Scheduling at the Hollywood clinic has been easy and the staff are really pleasant; I have not been to the other campus. The supervising staff is attentive and kind, it's hard to imagine going somewhere else. I like the exchange of benefiting students and likewise getting quality treatments. It truly does feel like a win win and a truly holistic practice.

Dennis Everett

Marley K

Seriously considering attending. I took a tour and loved the experiences that this school provides it's students. Also, their acupuncture is discounted compared to other facilities!!

Heaven Nunez


OCOM produces great acupuncturists. I have had a great experience with the interns. However, it is hard to make and keep appointments at the NW clinic. The medical receptionists are unable to manage the schedule or open new patient accounts. At one point there were two files on me, which made it difficult to keep track of my treatment plan and herbs. I have mixed feelings about recommending OCOM

Revoe Robinson

Emery Olson

Andrew Justice

Best place to go for treatment! It's only $25 for Acupuncture or Tuina (Chinese medical massage). It's a school for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). They do ask strange questions but it's not to "break you" as one person commented. It's to learn about what is causing your illness/imbalance. TCM has been around several thousand years for a good reason .. it works!! Students are under supervision and advisement don't be nervous. :)

Veronica Santiago

They ask you like a million questions. Its not the typical questions you are usually asked. I believe the point of the questions is to break you down for no other reason than the students sadistic enjoyment. Its a no win situation. If you say no they get jealous and if you say yes they treat you like a major ho.One subject they bring up is if your libido is healthy and normal. Personally, I am not sexually active and have not been for a while and choose not to be . I felt her feathers ruffle at this question and sensed it was a big source of contention. The woman who chooses not to be sexually active at at all and the scantily dressed student. I lied and told her my libido was normal and healthy in effort just to skip over the subject I was not there to be treated for in the first place. She held this against me like some moral failure. If you say you aren't they get really jealous and if you say you are they treat you like a major ho. It is a no win situation over there.

Mariana Lopez

Andrew Wildwood

Richard Johnson

The school itself is located in one of the most degraded areas of the city, dozens of homeless people struggling wander around the vicinity visibly strung out. A school once known for prestige and innovation has now slipped largely due to failures in administration. The appointments are OK. Would not attend as student or come back for treatment.


Dina Guppy

Beautiful new building, excellent customer service, for $35 it's simply cannot be beat! These guys have helped me beat two sinus infections naturally!

Heather Carey

anupa timalsina

Levi Campbell

Marie Micherlange Winkler

Akna Ballam

have been getting acupuncture recently. I am no newbie to acupuncture having had it done for many years. One thing I do know is the acupuncturist should not stab you really hard with the needles as if she is taking her frustrations of the day out on your precious skin. They claim the student acupuncturists are in their last year of school. They certainly do dress like a college girls gone wild video. At the Hollywood clinic on NE Tillamook every single acupuncturist, including the doctor, wore short skirts and stockings. I just would like to point out that in the middle of November it is rather cold; however, they seem to have some dress code going here. What these short skirt and lingerie wearing acupuncturist do upon your first visit is make you fill out a form about fifteen pages long. You would think you are buying a house or something. Then for about forty-five minutes of the ninety minute visit they go over the fifteen page form you are required to fill out. My stabbing acupuncturist did not seem particularly sincere about the very personal nature of the questions she asked. She seemed more like she was on the clock and wanted to go home. At the end of the forty-five minute interrogation your student acupuncturist consults with the doctor for a few minutes to decide the best treatment. For all new patients they do a "mini" treatment of acupuncture which is only a couple of minutes long. If you are into in-depth interrogations and enjoy personal questions of up to fifteen years in the past by an overworked short skirt and stocking wearing student acupuncturist you will really like this clinic. The interrogation is not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to try this place for acupuncture but maybe you will enjoy it.

Kali Luna Hilton

I used to go to an acupuncture school clinic in Oakland. It was the best acupuncture Ive ever had. So I decided to try OCOM. The supervising Dr. was totally clueless about my condition. I felt worse after treatment for the first time ever. The student was nice but asked so many questions I was there for 2 hours and only got 10 minutes of needles. Basically I felt I was paying for her education not my treatment. It was a waste of time.

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