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REVIEWS OF Linfield College IN Oregon

Pedro Luis

Tamra Sundell

Beautiful and wonderful experience.

Denis Avendano

Any institution that would no-platform an already booked speaker in Jordan B Peterson does not deserve the identifier of an institution of higher learning.

Ron Mills

Jordan Alexander

Alexis Rollins

Small private school with a strong sense of community. Professors willing to spend as much time as possible in and out of class time to ensure student's success. Beautiful campus.

Aaron Goodwin

Provides standard education programs for Bachelor degree seekers but with a reputation for stifling free speech and dissuading unapproved patterns of thought.

susan agrekippenhan

Riley Hooper

p p

Ryan Clark

Thomas Underhill

this administration is unprofessional and anti-intellectual, they think that college is some form of adult day care for wealthy kids.

Cheri Scott

Tyler Murphy

I'm guessing all these haters didn't graduate. Roll Cats


Richard Rahl ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Another college that is against free speech. Linfield will stifle speech with which it does not agree (i.e. conservative/libertarian). Dr. Jordan B. Peterson was scheduled to speak here and was uninvited at the 11th hour by the administration after lodging and travel reservations had been made. This college is a waste of money or worse. You are paying to be turned into a person with no capacity for original thought or any critical thinking skills as you will not be exposed to differing viewpoints or be equipped with any skills in logic or rhetoric.

carleen hussey

Angela Radonski /simmons

Debra Jones

Small space but contains all the items you might need. Knowable staff about the book stock and supplies. Some clothing.

Michael Nelson

Great education, great professors. You are what you make Linfield, you can be involved or not. Several clubs, social life, top notch athletics, and a place where you can easily make friends. You will not regret attending Linfield

John Williams

Freedom (of speech) vs Safety (from the wrong ideas). Diversity seems very important at this illiberal college; except diversity of thought. Depriving their students of the opportunity to hear Dr Jordan B Peterson is an act of intellectual barbarism.

Kelsey Ann Lyle

I love Linfield! Small classes and great professors.

Parker Wells

America's higher education system is in trouble and my experience at Linfield showed me why that is. The value of the degree does not match up to the cost and the campus culture is nothing to write home about. I would not recommend digital marketing and communication courses here. The program is underdeveloped. Textbooks from the early 2000's explaining how to buy ads on television don't cut it in today's world. It seems like the necessities of the job market today have passed many of these institutions by. Google offers a free Adwords certification program which has proven more valuable for my education and résumé than the Electronic Arts program offered by the college. You and your wallet are better off going elsewhere, or taking business courses at a community college and teaching yourself marketable skills with inexpensive online resources. Furthermore, I was at the center of the Jordan Peterson free speech controversy which took place on campus in April 2017. Peers, professors and administrators treated me and fellow club members with appalling toxic behavior. Few people inside the Linfield bubble were comfortable standing up against it, but the wider community let the college know that it was unnaceptable. There are some wonderful people at this college, especially in the music department, and I did have many positive experiences during my four years there. But as an investment for your future, and a doorway into the workforce, I would advise highschool graduates to steer clear.

Grace Dharmabhrata

For those who got disappointed by Linfield experience, I would offer to please give it time. It is very valuable education, there is eternal value & substance received there that as we go through life guide us in amazing way. I would not trade this for any material thing. To this day, I continue to encounter amazing transforming kindness & enlightenments in life just because I went there 20 years ago. They saved me in life difficult moments & disappointments. I thank all my humble Professors there. They remind me of Socrates' words, "wisest is he who knows he knows not." Thank you for talking to us, listening to us, believing in us & to make us know that we deserve it. I thank my eternal friends I met at Linfield too. Thank you for being so inspiring & beautiful wherever you are. I felt safe when I was there & I will send my kid there one day. I went there 20 years ago but was happy to attend one of the prof's grand lecture in Applied Physics & to find out that my prof's prof was there & that my prof too were Linfield students once & were grateful for Linfield. Wow!

Chayle Grover

Pat Gorman

Daughter attends currently. She and her friends love it; I learn from her course synopses when she returns home on break, and get to review her texts. The curriculum is excellent in liberal arts, improving in others. It's worth the cost, compared to other small colleges. I wish my parents had been able to afford to send me to Linfield, and care enough to consider offering to assist with teaching/ curriculum in my areas of expertise. Beautiful campus in a cool small town with great vibes. No Postgrad coursework offered, which encourages hiring teachers, not researchers. Changes the dynamic in mostly positive ways- generally better instruction and more individual attention, at the cost of raising the risk of staying current with what's going on in various specialties.

Ashley Mumm

"Dr. Jordan Peterson’s scheduled talk at Linfield next Monday has been canceled after ASLC pulled funding for it due to stipulations not being met by Peterson and the event requester." Not really a matter of what he was going to say.

William Andersen

Linfield is relatively small Liberal Arts college with a beautiful campus. The bookstore is quite good for a college bookstore. Clean, good souvenirs, friendly staff.

Jason Flood

Dakoda Unger


Chrissy Shane

It's not a college - it's essentially an overpriced high school. Lack of communication and lack of community.

Cole Bixenman

Adam Cella

Heather MK

Drakhor T

Just another "liberal" college that won't allow different opinions, and values safe spaces over actual education.

Michael Morris

Zachary Sherlock

Always very friendly and helpful!

Ben Bangerter

A failure of intellectual diversity. When your administrators disinvited Dr. Peterson they discredited your institution as a place of learning and exposed it as a publicly subsidised centre for indoctrination. I hope in time you can repair the damage to your credibility. It's obvious what the first steps should be.

Maria Sandoval

Alvin Lai

The Power of a Small College.

Leslie Huerta

Victoria Armstrong

Owen Woods

Just a place to waste some money on an administration that buys their boats before funding the school. I am a current student and very displeased on the way the administration carries them selves. It is painfully obvious that they just do not care.

Brian Glas

The faculty and administration staff are welcoming and helpful.

nicole chase


If you think differently, don't come.


They lied to me. Even institutions should do what they say they will do.

Kosta Papastavros

Lisa Weidman

A wonderful place to go to college. Contact me if you want to study journalism, media, public relations or advertising!

Shay McClean


Horrible College. Not a place of for free expression. The administration at Linfield will have no problems de-platforming speakers if they find they may say something offensive. If your are a parent looking for a college where your kids will learn to flourish, Linfield it not the place for you. If however you wish your child to become a hypersensitive useless burden on society, then by all means.

Jesse Lowe

Ren'e Reeser

The Linefield collage has such a beautiful garden like landscape.Well maintaned historical study halls, dorms, and auditorium .Music fills the grounds with the watchful tall majestic clock tower that can be seen and heard from blocks away. Purple & White WildCats roam this area. Mostly you will see them out in the field (football field) that is! Ah ,don't ya just love a small town...

Joe K

A higher education that does not condone free speech or the pursuit of knowledge.

Daniel Chavez

Spend your money elsewhere.

Randy Grant

Dallas Edge

Go Cats

Garrett Archer

Best private college around!

Tyson Takeuchi


Lynda Gordon

Matthew Colt

Raul Nieves

Great overall experience

Gilberto Garibaldo

The old lady that I assume is the head supervisor has always been so inpatient and rude with everyone I've ever seen her interact with. She is snappy with her answers and just ruins the whole experience of renting or returning textbooks. Working with students employees and working student clients must have taken a really big toll on her because geez. Sucks I have to review the book store as a 1 star, I mean, if it was just a student employee I would of reviewed it with 4 stars because you expect employees to not always bring their A game, and I can usually find what ever I need in a hurry, but when it's someone who is higher up, it just runs the experience and makes you wonder if the employees have to deal with that attitude on a daily basis.

Michael Oberg

There are many aspects of a good school. One of the bedrock conditions of a good school is quality instructors who can communicate logical and educational ideas well. Dr Peterson is such a professor and was to be a guest of this college. Yet, out of fear that the information and reasoning he shares may offend, he was uninvited. Dr Peterson is only a threat to the confidence of modern artists, fascists, communists, and the post-modern authoritarians. So much of the protest surrounding him is absolutely groundless. He is an ally to all free people, including the minorities who wish to be free.

William Soderberg

Joni DeTrant

Taylor Baker

Disingenuous people run the place.

Tori Armstrong

Logan Lamb


eddy bonko

Glenn Jackson

Horrid Education. Admissions lie about the college to get your money. Completely a money trap. That's all they care about. If you go here, you WILL regret it. And end up in thousands of dollars in debt. Student body is unfriendly, judgmental and entirely like an overpriced high school. Completely regret my experience and can say the only reason anyone would join this high school is by being lied to by their plethora of deceiving advertisements to try to get your money from you. After a year, enough was truly enough. One of the biggest regrets you'll ever make.

Thomas Michael

Avoid at all costs!

Lance Rieck

Poor choice for those who believe in public inquiry. Banned Jordan Peterson from talking. Colleges were never designed to be safe spaces. Time to fire the cultural Marxists

Marvellee Azevedo

Nimo Ali

It has a pool and almost every thing you can think of

Keely Carolan

Justin Callaghan


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