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REVIEWS OF Lewis & Clark College IN Oregon

Charles Bosse

Though more expensive than other options, the teacher prep/MEd. program at Lewis and Clark stands out as the best in the area, and one of the best in the western states. Getting my degree here meant that educators as far away as Massachusetts knew that I had been in a top notch and well rounded education program, and the connections made through the program opened doors where other programs would have left me wanting.

Maria sanchez

tisha steiner

Varga-D. I-H.

Johnny Crain

John Vick


Aaron Kelly

Beautiful grounds and campus and great educational programs that are progressive yet still pragmatic.

Farah Alansari

Great place to study in, the teachers are amaziingg tooo.

Erik Olson

Nice campus

Alexander Rivera

Joshua Holt

Chris Stone

Beautiful campus and a pretty comprehensive program of study. I think LC biggest contribution to their students is how much they care and support each and every student. Their grad programs are pretty top notch, as well.

Tommie Spain

Kyle Sugden

Nice college ages between 18 to 21 years

weiro Maddie / aka house plant trash/

This place is like my second home. Sadly I am to young to attend the college, but my father works at the college so I know it inside and out. I have so many memories attached to this college. Its a beautiful and lively place. Everyone was so kind. Employees and students. The campus is absolutely gorgeous. I would "explore" till it was time to go home. Even if I already knew where everything was. There always seemed to be something new to surprise me with. It is my dream college and I highly recommend it. Its certainly a place of comfort for me, ans I hope its that way for others too. Don't be afraid to make great memories at this college! Studnt, employee or not! Lewis and Clark college is such a wonderful place. Its my second home in my heart, and I'm hoping someday it really will be my second home. I have no complaints, all I have gotten from this school is awesome memories that have shaped me into the person I am today. (Even if I haven't necessarily attended. I'm super close though! Its my goal in life to go here!) (The photo is from the cafeteria...the studnts definitely have a sense of humor lol)

Diana Wiener

Ten years after graduation and I can honestly say I still use the writing and analytical skills I honed at Lewis & Clark every day in my work. Nothing has benefited me as much, professionally or personally, as my undergraduate degree from L&C, and I transferred in from another well-ranked peer liberal arts school. For parents and students anxious about the post-graduation debt and job hunting, I can assure you -- I have no trouble paying my undergraduate loans and my degree in history has not hindered my career in IT/web development, where my strong writing and communication skills are a rare and desperately needed commodity. L&C alumni have strong relationships with and recommendations from our professors that serve us in our post-collegiate endeavors, whether those are toward a graduate degree or job-oriented opportunities.My class peers are doctors, attorneys, running non-profits and small businesses of their own, artists, published writers, and consultants, and they are almost uniformly professionally and personally successful. Lewis & Clark provides a once in a lifetime experience that is decidedly worth the cost.

Alex Varga

Absolutely gorgeous campus


Great place

Illia Hayes

michael lyman

Just went to visit the campus which is beautiful! Can’t comment on the education because I could never afford to go there!!

Rishi Javia

Emee Pumarega

I am reviewing for EVENT SPACE ONLY. A truly unique event site only 10 minutes from downtown: European styled gardens, stone structures, many many photo opportunities for weddings. Only drawback is, as it is 100% outdoors (except for restrooms and classrooms used as green rooms/dressing rooms), quite a bit of infrastructure is needed to be brought in for a successful event. But if budget is not an issue, this is a jewel of an event site and with good planning, and makes for an unforgettable event experience.

Maddie Riley

Matthias Schwab

Nice, small, landscaped campus with a mix of eclectic buildings.

Maggie Patterson

Beautiful place


Tali Lerner

Great place and great tours! Merry with students and their admissions representatives. They were very helpful and very nice.

Mashari Alaraifi

Brendon Shih

carlos avendano

A great college and good campus

Lark Os

A liberal arts college in the beautiful pacific north west. Offering a wonderful array of majors, with professors that challenge students to think outside the box, and make connections through multidisciplinary studies.

ad di

nice campus and people.

Natoryia Arnold

Andrew Graven

Beautiful campus, trees everywhere!

Susie D

I wonder if most of the reviews on this site are written by the L&C marketing team, as the marketing team did tend to oversell the school when we were making our college selection. The care and support that the school talks about, as well as one reviewer here described, is simply not there. We were told that Freshmen would be ushered into campus life by upperclassmen. That never happened. Academic counselors don't appear to consider the individual circumstances of students .For instance, L&C does NOT have a first year chemistry class (101), but requires Freshmen that are interested in a science major to take Chem 155 in their first semester . How could a counselor advise first year college students that never had chemistry in high school to take this class? Wouldn't it have been better to advise them to take 101 at home over the summer before fall semester? Or even better, why doesn't L&C offer a chem 101 class? Several students were teaching themselves the fundamentals of chemistry from the Internet, just to understand the terms being used in class. Many freshmen in this position had panic attacks and others just gave up, leaving a hole in their schedules. Campus events are not properly advertised. The college says that they have a Web portal where students can get all the info they need. Unfortunately, it isn't kept up regularly and there doesn't appear to be other means of getting information---like maybe notices in the dorms or from the RA. If Freshmen want to learn about Portland, they do it on their own. You'd think that the college would promote cultural events in town a little more. There are some really good teachers at L&C, as well as some not-so-good. Some are approachable and helpful, while others don't take time to listen and seem to have the same pat answers for everyone. Some of the programs seem to be designed so that it would be difficult for students to transfer out, requiring courses that other leading college don't require. Even still, at least six Freshmen I know are transferring out after the first year. It is ridiculously difficult for students or parents to reach the administrative staff---calls from parents go to voice mails and seldom if ever get returned, and emails seem to go into cyberspace for an indeterminate period of time. From my experience, the majority of the student body appear to be stoners, and if you don't smoke or drink you're either left out, or you learn to smoke and drink just to NOT feel like an outcast. There isn't much school spirit or leadership. If you are even slightly reserved and not the gregarious type, Lewis and Clark can offer a cold, lonely and dreary experience. Looking forward to a new start someplace else.

Edie-Ann Davis


Shh ean

M. Lu

Christina Collada

trustafarians. Really expensive tuition, and the cafeteria food is Bon Appetite which is ok. The classes are small, and they do have a lot of good teachers. I really hope they get rid of the rule that requires students to live on campus for their freshman & sophomore years, because that is dumb. People just do drugs on campus and then get in trouble for it and get depressed because of the crappy institutional cinder block walls dorms.

Meso Jab

I like the study environment here at Lewis & Clark. As an International student, it's quite different from other school that I attended before.

Guy Crilly

Lily Dragon

The people here are #1

Keiko Shieber

Alejandro Cuba Ruiz

Keming Yu

(Translated by Google) The campus is very beautiful, the professor is very enthusiastic, the office is decorated in antiques, and the first time I saw the real stove. (Original) 校园非常漂亮,教授非常热心,办公室装修古色古香,第一次看到真正的火炉。

Fahad Almutairi

David Eby Inspired Musician

Robert Reaser

Ted Wittman

Really nice campus that I suggest you take walk around even if your not attending. I wondered for a few hours during a holiday for the students and very much enjoyed the historic buildings and well flourished landscape.

Abolitionist Society Of The Oregon Coast

Ben whitehead


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