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REVIEWS OF Platt College IN Oklahoma

Pertrise Ellis

I went to Dallas location they all about money thought financial aid help me for my program they charged me for stallment and consolidated loans how I get in debt 3 months I went on a maternity leave they say I couldn't finish my class untill I pay for the days I missed and these loans still on my credit all about money


I graduated here at Platt college with an associates degree and I couldn’t be anymore disappointed. Horrible service! I gave up expecting to receive a phone after leaving 20+ messages. After attending the school, I was receiving phone calls from the I-3 group which is apparently partnered with Platt College but Platt has never heard of them. Many of the instructors are a disgrace. One of the instructors was being investigated by the police for stealing from a foster charity & not always honest. Another looked like he was on drugs, picked favorites and treated the others like garbage. There is a extremely high turn over rate in employees. To give everyone an idea, we went through 3 librarians, 2 new financial aid employees, 2 new supervisors, 2 career/resume employees, and so on. I did not receive the mentoring and assistance that I needed. My knife kit was stolen in the college and there was nothing Platt could do for me. I’m trying to get information regarding my financial repayment and Platt failed to contact me back. Because of the lowest customer service, I had to walk into the school after my internship was over to get information when the graduation ceremony was since it got rescheduled. I went through 2 years of hell in this college. I regret ever coming here. Any hope of finding a decent paying job in the culinary field after graduation at Platt is a hit or miss. Save your money and find a different school. Platt College is not worth it. I don’t want anybody to ever go through what I went through.

S. Harris

The caliber of educational instruction being delivered at this proprietary school is less than stellar. The repeatedly low first time NCLEX pass rates indicate that the school isn’t properly preparing students with the knowledge that they need to be successful on this exam. Although I am a graduate, I would not recommend this program.

Thomasine Stevens

Dave Miller

awesome handmade, homemade artistry. Love the food, staff, and students. While you're over in that area skip the 45 minute wait for the "manure of Italy" at Olive Garden and the food born illness at Dead Lobster and go try a fine dining experience that is reasonable and memorable.

steven vaughn

The Executive Director is awesome!

Micah Briggs

Shisha Carter

This is the worst school ever !!! I have never been so disappointed I would never recommend anybody to come to this school the admissions make you feel like this is where you should be , they make you feel like everyone at this campus is amazing ! But really there not I started MA on January 22nd of 2019 where I thought I was starting my future not only did I just happened to walk in and apply at platt by I was recommended by a friend who has went and graduated from platt as a RMA I had an instructor name Megan who clearly had no experience of teaching a class who I had a conversation with about my test because she had me studying a Kahoot! With questions that wasn’t even on the test who was very disrespectful and did not want to hear anything I had to say not only did she try to blow me off but she told me bye as of I needed to stop talking to her and then told another new student that was sitting behind her that she was going to get me kicked out the program which I found very disrespectful not only do I come to class and do as I’m supposed being that I have a good grade of a 83.7% total grade I’m being treated unfairly Now on Wednesday of 03/27/19 me and another student was just talking and having a friendly conversation me and that student was talking very loud but we didn’t know it was going to escalate to where someone had told the director of the school by the name of Rebecca vough that I had threatened to fight one of the students which that was never the case not only did the director make me miss class but she needed to investigate what happened the student who I had a conversation with even admitted and wrote a statement stating that , that wasn’t true and we even hugged it out in the lobby which platt should think about having cameras I even have a copy which I sent to the president of the school which is Dean who failed me as a person to tell me that I couldn’t come back until after 30 days which not only did I emailed him about the state but I also had texts messages of another student telling the student who confessed not to take up for me which I find very disturbing not only did that student write the statement but she had witnesses who had signed there name proving that there was no argument and no threats being made As of 04/2/2019 I had received a call from Dean and Kelly stating that they had made the decision of putting me on a 30 day suspension to come back which means I would miss a whole mode and to catch up on a new one once I return dean stated to me that even though me and that student who both had the same statement which clearly sounds like he didn’t care about that he stated that other students made statements which he would not tell me what was said or who said anything but we all know that they made all that up because there’s no way you have A an B who said that’s not what happened this school treats students unfairly and don’t have the respect to show for nothing I will Never go back to this school again and I won’t recommend anybody else they can’t even get a star from me if they want students to come To there school they should do more better and treating students as Equal I hope corporate see’s this because platt college is horrible

Lenette Tidwell

Nice staff

Mónica Marin

Pierce Wood

Dorenzo Frost

Jason Cox

Would go if had time and money

bo Brown

Pretty good school

Jessie Bustos

This place is a waste of your time and money if your going the dental assistant route , none of there classes count in the dental world that charge you 15k to 18k for an dental permit which is (50.00) if you call your self and a x-ray license which is 25.00 after you pass the class but just a little bug in your ear Go to France Tuttle they way less and you get way more and there actually credited by the dental association so the things you learn there you can actually use in the field . Thank me later

Karl Dean

Steven Hall

Great friend was physically assaulted by the staff when going to work through financial aid.

Vicki Hernandez


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